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    • Buyer Evolution for Optimizing Managed Digital Services
      Buyer Evolution for Optimizing Managed Digital Services David Tapper, Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services Recorded: Oct 12 2017 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Firms are under growing pressure to transform into digital enterprises. Just consider that nearly 10% of U.S. firms expect to have an application provisioned in one day or less using cloud services. Or that enterprises need to respond to more event-driven situations, such as real-time price competition, product recalls, and cyberattacks. In addition to forcing enterprises to reevaluate the types of outsourced and managed services they consume, these types of market pressures are forcing service providers and outsourcers to make fundamental changes in their capabilities and offerings.

      This Web conference will use the IDC MaturityScape framework to evaluate the buyer evolution in utilizing managed digital services (including cloud, mobile, social, analytics, IoT, and cognitive) as well as the expectations that buyers will have of their service providers when it comes to helping them become mature users of these services.

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    • DevOps+ : Delivering Services Not Just Products
      DevOps+ : Delivering Services Not Just Products Akshay Anand, ITSM Service Architect & Product Manager, Axelos Recorded: Sep 21 2017 12:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • In this webinar, Akshay will discuss how ITIL Practitioners can help frame the value of ITSM to developers, and what processes & capabilities to look at adjusting first to enable faster software development & deployment.

      Speaker's BIO:

      Akshay Anand is a Product Development Manager at AXELOS®, working on the development of new guidance and research within the IT Service Management (ITSM) portfolio. He previously advised Fortune 100 clients on how to improve their ITSM capabilities, implemented toolsets such as Remedy and ServiceNow, and headed up global ITSM activities at Macmillan Publishing. He has spoken at numerous conferences, including Knowledge and DevOps Enterprise Summit, presenting case studies and thought leadership on ITIL, ITSM and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).
      More recently, Akshay has focused on bringing together Agile development teams and ITSM professionals to address challenges posed by emerging technologies and market shifts, for example the consumerisation of IT, and the rise of mobile and cloud computing.
      He has worked in many countries around the world, including India, USA, and UK. He infrequently tweets as @bloreboy, about ITIL, DevOps, food, and heavy metal.

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    • Fireside Chat: The Future of Customer Service & AI
      Fireside Chat: The Future of Customer Service & AI Mikhail Naumov, Co-Founder & CSO at DigitalGenius & Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert, Shepard Presentations Recorded: Sep 13 2017 5:30 pm UTC 39 mins
    • Join Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert, as he sits down with Mikhail Naumov, Co-Founder of DigitalGenius, to discuss best practices in customer service and how artificial intelligence will change the face of the industry as we know it.

      Tune it to learn about:
      * Core challenges in customer service today
      * Next generation of tools for agent efficiency
      * Chatbots vs Human+AI
      * AI’s contribution to better customer experience

      Host: Mikhail Naumov, Co-Founder & CSO at DigitalGenius

      Mikhail is focused on bringing practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence to customer service operations of growing companies and well established enterprises. A frequent speaker on the topics of emerging technology, artificial intelligence & entrepreneurship. He is a leading voice in the Human+AI movement, which focuses on the seamless interaction of human & machine intelligence in business applications and everyday life. Recognized as Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology,, Mikhail is passionate about bringing emerging technologies to life, through partnerships with global brands and platforms.

      Guest: Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert, Shepard Presentations

      Shep is the chief amazement officer of Shepard Presentations, a The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession. Recognized as one of the leading experts in customer service and experience, Shep works with companies who want to build loyal relations with their customers and employees. He has been published in hundreds of publications and is the author of numerous books including The Amazement Revolution and Amaze Every Customer Every Time.

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    • Why Enterprise Service Management Will Soon Become IT's Biggest Mandate
      Why Enterprise Service Management Will Soon Become IT's Biggest Mandate Jarod Greene, VP of Service Management Strategy Upcoming: Dec 14 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • As enterprise-wide business processes become increasingly digitized, IT has an opportunity to play a critical role in enabling line-of-business functions outside IT. At the same time, workforce demands for instantaneous and seamless self-service—as well as a single platform for request fulfillment—turn this opportunity into a mandate. Enter “Enterprise Service Management,” an approach that extends service management technology and practices across the enterprise, offering a single record of engagement for users, whether they require services from IT, Human Resources, Legal, Facilities, or any other business function.

      Particularly with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the horizon, IT teams are racing to offer a unified approach to service delivery and management across the enterprise.

      In this webinar you’ll learn:
      * Why “enterprise service management” has emerged as a top IT imperative
      * Examples of top companies extending their service management practices across the organization
      * Practical steps for getting started with enterprise service management
      * How AI-enabled service management will reshape the organization forever

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    • Service Desk Consolidation: Lessons from the Trenches
      Service Desk Consolidation: Lessons from the Trenches Jamie Houlihan, Director of IT & Customer Care, Jenny Craig/Curves International; & Jarod Greene, Cherwell Recorded: Nov 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • According to a recent EMA study, fifty percent of organizations rely on multiple service desk solutions for IT service delivery and support. Disparate service desks can create a myriad of issues including poor governance and control, licensing and staffing inefficiencies, and an inconsistent and confusing customer experience.

      Join Cherwell and Jamie Houlihan of Jenny Craig/Curves International for a close look at service desk consolidation. Jamie will discuss the consolidation initiative she led when Jenny Craig and Curves International merged, and how her IT team was able to transform its approach to service delivery and elevate the end user experience as a result.

      In addition, you’ll learn:
      * The “why,” the “when,” and the “how” of a successful consolidation project
      * The types of challenges you’re likely to encounter along the way
      * Practical guidance for ensuring a successful outcome

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    • Empower Your Service Desk to Practice Business Relationship Management
      Empower Your Service Desk to Practice Business Relationship Management Andrea Kis, Service Management & Integration Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Recorded: Aug 15 2013 8:00 am UTC 42 mins
    • Service Desk 2.0 was one of the hot trends of 2012. I would like to keep the ball rolling and don’t let the momentum of this initiative drop. Let’s build on this new approach, on the ‘upgraded’ modernised service desk and think how we can empower them to consciously practice business relationship management in all shapes and forms. Learn how your service desk can shape the customer experience by not just providing but also maintaining excellent business relationships.

      Let’s discuss the pros and cons and the possible obstacles and how we can overcome them.

      We all need to understand what our customers really want, what is really important to them. Good business/customer relationship management is vital for the success and future of effective and modern IT Service Desks.

      Andrea Kis is an ITIL, Prince2 and Green IT qualified Service Management and Integration Consultant with a strong practical background and passion for Service Management.

      Andrea started her IT career in 2002 working in a multilingual IT help desk in Budapest, Hungary from where her journey to Service Management began. In Andrea’s own words she is a practitioner of best practices with a chameleon like skill of being able to adapt to and understand a wide variety of customers and clients.

      Before joining TCS, Andrea has worked in different industries in internal and outsourced roles working with the likes of EDS, BBC, Deutsche Bank and Macmillan Cancer Support.

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    • Celebrating 10 Years of Service Virtualization – A Look at What Lies Ahead
      Celebrating 10 Years of Service Virtualization – A Look at What Lies Ahead Theresa Lanowitz, Founder of industry analyst firm voke, Nate Lee Director of Product Management for Service Virtualization Recorded: Dec 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Transformational. Impactful. Defining. All of these words have been used to describe service virtualization – a technology so powerful that software engineering teams across the globe rely upon it to help protect their brand and their business.

      At 10 years old, service virtualization is now an established technology that has proven its value by:

      •Giving software engineering teams unrestricted access to incomplete or unavailable services to complete their tasks in the software lifecycle
      •Reducing defect reproduction time
      •Reducing the number of defects and increasing test coverage.

      Join Theresa Lanowitz, founder of industry analyst firm voke and author of the leading research on service virtualization and its impact in the enterprise, and Nate Lee Director of Product Management for Service Virtualization at CA Technologies to learn about why service virtualization is an absolute must for any organization that wants to compete in the digital landscape and about what service virtualization can do for software engineering teams in the future.

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    • The Five C's of Service Catalog Management
      The Five C's of Service Catalog Management Julie Mohr, President and ITIL Service Expert, MindTheITGap Recorded: Apr 10 2013 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • The Five C's of Service Catalog Management: Customer, Communication, Commitment, Change, and Culture

      While the Service Catalog is one of the most important tools to understanding the value of a service provider, many implementations fail to tackle the important aspects of adoption. This session uncovers the critical role that the service catalog plays in organizational change. We will explore the important and often overlooked five C's of Service Catalog Management:

      * Developing a stronger understanding of the customer
      * Communication strategies
      * Establishing commitment from all stakeholders
      * Integrating the catalog into the change management process
      * Moving to a service-based culture

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    • Unlocking the Potential of Service Portfolios and Service Catalogues
      Unlocking the Potential of Service Portfolios and Service Catalogues Kevin Holland, Service Management Consultant Specialist Recorded: Dec 5 2012 9:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • Many organisations have created service portfolios and service catalogues that are just about IT – created under a ‘project’, and left to gather dust on a virtual shelf. Many more organisations have SLAs that focus on the performance of IT, but neglect the effect on the business. This presentation will destroy some myths, make you think differently, and give you the tools to continually improve both IT and the business by integrating portfolios, catalogues, and measures.

      Kevin is an experienced speaker on service management topics, with a reputation for providing pragmatic and thought provoking advice in an easily understood way. He has over 20 year’s hands-on experience of applying the theory in a wide range of sectors and sizes of organisations, most recently in the public sector. He is an APMG Senior Examiner and is actively involved in the delivery of the UK Governments ICT Strategy.

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    • Now We Are a Service Desk, We Don’t Have to Help Anymore!
      Now We Are a Service Desk, We Don’t Have to Help Anymore! Ivor Macfarlane, Service Management Specialist, IBM Recorded: Aug 7 2012 11:00 am UTC 33 mins
    • We’ve seen companies migrate from help desk, through service desk and on to titles like customer service centre. In some cases, along the way we have forgotten that the idea is to help. CIOs see the service desk as something every company must have, so therefore something they must deliver as cheaply as possible. In embracing technology and universal coverage have we lost some elements that would actually deliver better corporate effectiveness?

      Ivor had a wide ranging career in government employ – including forestry and prisons – ending up working at CCTA in the team that built ITIL. From 1999 he worked as an IT Service Management Consultant and Trainer, delivering training and seminars in every continent (except Antarctica). In 2007, Ivor joined IBM, where he supports IBM’s range of IT Service management deliverables, and evangelises about service management.

      A frequent speaker at events worldwide, he has spoken at service management events in 37 countries to date. He was an author for ITIL V3 and writes frequent articles and blogs on SM.

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    • How to Improve Service Delivery Performance with SIAM
      How to Improve Service Delivery Performance with SIAM Chris Pope, CSO, ServiceNow & Dan Stavola Enterprise Service Automation, Ernst & Young Recorded: May 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Managing the performance of multiple suppliers isn’t easy, especially if each has a unique sourcing agreement. Lack of visibility to metrics, issue tracking and subpar reporting across the ecosystem impacts performance as a whole—and not in a good way.
      But this doesn’t have to happen. With a SIAM framework, you can redefine the way you work with your suppliers to drive the quality of service up, while bringing costs down.
      Join our webinar to learn ways to improve supplier performance, including a firsthand success story from guest presenter Ernst & Young. From simplifying supplier management to providing more visibility and control, you’ll learn:
      · What it takes to make your SIAM project a success with outcome-based results

      · Best practices for on-boarding, off-boarding, measurement, and bid stages for SIAM

      · How Ernst & Young leveraged ServiceNow to deliver their SIAM solution and provide supplier visibility, reporting, and accountability for a major US bank

      · Platform integration, across instance bonding: data exchange, ticket sharing, and reporting

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