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    • App Deployment and Management with Sencha Space App Deployment and Management with Sencha Space Nick Harlow Recorded: Sep 4 2014 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • This 45 minute webinar explores how Sencha Space can help teams to deploy, secure, and manage HTML5 applications. We will cover the following topics, showing how easy it is to:
      Subscribe to Sencha Space
      Invite users to your organization in Sencha Space
      Manage and secure applications
      Deploy applications to your users on any supported device
      Revoke access to your sensitive data and applications
      Monitor the usage of your applications
      This webinar is a great place to find out how Sencha Space can help your organization deploy and manage applications and get any questions you may have about Sencha Space answered.

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    • How to keep Space, Power, and Cooling under Control How to keep Space, Power, and Cooling under Control Oliver Lindner, Head of Business Line DCIM, FNT Software Recorded: Jun 25 2014 2:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • Space, power, and cooling issues will increase swiftly in data center operations as a result of the ever growing demand for computing power, storage, and services. New high-density infrastructure designs, agile deployment methods, and rapid growth make it even more difficult to quantify the current capacity status and future requirements.

      See how you can improve the efficiency of your data center operations and how to leverage space, power, and cooling optimally in this interactive presentation.

      Learn how a modern DCIM tool facilitates managing a legacy site, a state of the art contemporary green design, or even hyperscale environments. The presentation provides solution examples for common use cases including fully BMS monitored and controlled sites and older facilities without sensors and device monitors. Whether you are operating your own site or using/offering colocation, the right tool puts all the information you need to manage and predict capacity and to control operational costs at your fingertips.

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    • Fostering research community through library spaces and services Fostering research community through library spaces and services Meris Mandernach, The Ohio State University; Danianne Mizzy, UNC Chapel Hill; Yvonne Nobis, University of Cambridge Recorded: Mar 31 2016 2:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • If you build (or offer) it, they will come …

      Find out why this maxim is only part of the solution when it comes to library spaces and services. Researchers and faculty do not have to leave their labs or offices to access the information they need to do their work. How then do you – as their librarian – connect with this critical user group? And how do libraries ensure that their research community is making the most of the resources available to them?

      In this webinar three experienced librarians, who are leading major initiatives within their universities, will discuss getting to know their research communities and outreach activities to engage various user groups. They will explore how services and a physical space, like a Research Commons within the library, can enhance collaboration, interdisciplinarity and raise the profile of the library. However, “if you build it, they will come” is just part of a broader outlook. Find out why it’s important to venture beyond the library to become a true partner in the academic life and research mission of your institution.


      - Different approaches for the library to engage with the research community
      - Setting up a research commons or maker space
      - High-impact services for researchers
      - Strategies for getting to know your stakeholders
      - Effective ways to communicate with your communities
      - The magic of cross-pollination

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    • White Space 24: Flash for submarines White Space 24: Flash for submarines Peter Judge, Max Smolaks, Bill Boyle Recorded: Dec 10 2015 9:25 am UTC 12 mins
    • This week on White Space, we look at Google’s major investment in wind and solar power, and discuss the significance of Western Digital’s new 10TB drive.

      We also look the reasons why Infinity SDC sold its flagship data center in Slough (near London) to its competitor Virtus.
      In other news, Alcatel-Lucent is going to lay submarine cable between New Zealand and Hawaii.

      Meanwhile the US government is finally putting a stop to NSA spying. Just kidding, the FREEDOM ACT makes minor changes to some NSA operations conducted on the US soil, but it’s mostly ‘business as usual’.

      And finally, we talk some more about HP and its cloud broker aspirations.

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    • White Space 22: Aftermath White Space 22: Aftermath Peter Judge, Max Smolaks, Bill Boyle, Cole Crawford Recorded: Nov 26 2015 6:00 pm UTC 17 mins
    • This week on White Space, we look back at the news from DCD Converged conference in London. We’ve also brought back a special guest - Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO and purveyor of unusual rack arrangements.

      We discuss various ways to reuse server heat and discover that Coca Cola is apparently using Internet of Things to develop new flavors of the sugary drink.

      Peter looks at the reasons behind the Telecity outage in the UK - but this outage has nothing on the recent data center fire in Azerbaijan, that left almost the entire country without access to the Internet.

      Also mentioned are the news about CA Technologies getting out of the DCIM business, the reinvention of liquid cooling company Iceotope and the fact that the US government has just discovered another 2000 data centers it didn’t know it had.

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    • White Space 21: Grand designs White Space 21: Grand designs Peter Judge, Max Smolaks, Bill Boyle Recorded: Nov 16 2015 2:10 pm UTC 15 mins
    • This week on White Space, we have data centers that float, data centers inside pyramids and data centers with ridiculously low PUE.
      Peter reports on his trip to Dublin for Host in Ireland conference: there’s news about subsea cables and a change of rhetoric from Ireland’s data protection commissioner.
      Bill details (hopefully) the last chapter in the saga of a Paris data center owned by Interxion.
      We also look at Amazon’s data protection gambit in Germany – the company simply handed over the running of AWS facilities to a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, in order to earn the trust of local customers.
      The episode concludes with some music box fun, courtesy of 4D Data Centres.

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    • Service Desk - Know Your Market Space Service Desk - Know Your Market Space Beverly Weed-Schertzer, IT Consultant, edifyIT Recorded: May 21 2015 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • The blueprint for a Service Desk isn’t a cookie cutter design that determines its performance quality by the number of tickets it handles. The Service Desk is a strategic function of the business and the dynamics to it’s performance success is fully know and understand the market space the Service Desk services.

      - Service Desk: Do you know “Who” your customer is? Image is everything and value is only as good as it’s visibility.
      - Service Desk is a strategic alliance to the business.
      - Is your Service Desk built for speed or accuracy?
      - Service Desk, beware of the ITIL® trap.
      - Managing the framework for reporting, using data for knowledge.

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