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    • Securing Information: How To Mitigate with a Data-Centric Security Strategy Securing Information: How To Mitigate with a Data-Centric Security Strategy Doug Cahill, Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Lynne Courts, VP of Marketing at Seclore Upcoming: Nov 2 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Organizations collaborating with third-party entities, where employees are sharing files with individuals outside of the organization, are facing security risks at unprecedented scale. These dynamics correlate to the need for security controls such as Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) to protect sensitive information when it travels outside of the corporate firewall.
      In this presentation, analyst Doug Cahill from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) will discuss the findings from a recent study where over 200 IT and Security Professionals shared their views on the challenges with external collaboration, and his recommendations for best practices. Lynne Courts, VP of Marketing from Seclore will share how to build a comprehensive data-centric security strategy with such technologies as next-generation EDRM.

      Join us and discover:

      - The most vulnerable information – what types of files are regularly shared externally that pose the greatest risks
      - Industry and analyst views on where shared sensitive data needs protecting, and what defences are most effective
      - How to best design a comprehensive data-centric security strategy for shared information that will protect data, meet compliance regulations and reduce your risks

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    • Get Your Cloud (Service) Strategy Right! Get Your Cloud (Service) Strategy Right! Martin Palmgren, IT Strategy and Transformation Executive @ .Communicate Recorded: Jun 29 2011 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • As you move to the cloud, ensure that you secure your IT Delivery apabilities with spelled out business objectives to which the IT organisation can deliver with an effective Service Strategy to leverage IT in the execution of the Business Strategy http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/29211 .

      Where security is important, and I would think twice on the data that I would choose to put on the cloud, Time to Market and Cost Effectiveness are the critical success factors.

      Time to Market should not only include “how fast do we get IT services set” but how can we leverage the business strategy execution with IT as we support the end to end delivery of new products / services to market.
      The impact of Cost Effectiveness can be measured only as Total Cost of Ownership with cost, consumption and chargeback is defined (Cloud Computing: Fluff or Lightening http://www.brighttalk.com/community/it-service-management/webcast/21892 ).

      We also need to define a clear IT Service Strategy with an “IT Business Model” (“This is how we deliver IT services to the business”) and a “Business (IT) Value proposition” (“This is how we support business objectives with services in a time to market perspective”).

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    • Making Content Work: How to Conduct a Content Strategy Audit Making Content Work: How to Conduct a Content Strategy Audit Corey Padveen, Director of Global Social Business Strategy, t2 Marketing International Recorded: Aug 14 2014 4:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Content marketing is an exciting concept that can generate a tremendous amount of success when executed correctly. For a lot of us, the issue is just that: we are not sure exactly how to execute a content marketing program. Suffice it to say that content marketing is the last step in the overall content creation process, and success with the process all comes down to your content strategy.

      In this session, we'll start off by going over exactly what the difference between content strategy and content marketing really is. Subsequently, we'll examine how to conduct a content strategy audit in order to ensure that our content is working towards helping us achieve our goals. Attendees will walk away with the necessary steps and action items to review key performance indicators related to their content, identify opportunities through the analysis of social data and optimize their content strategy based on the findings of their audit.

      Content marketing can be a cornerstone of success when it comes to your social business. In order for that to be the case, a fully optimized content strategy needs to be in place.

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    • Top 3 Strategies to Future-Proof Multi-Platform Endpoint Management Top 3 Strategies to Future-Proof Multi-Platform Endpoint Management Tim Williams - Director, Product Strategy Recorded: Nov 17 2015 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Are you ready for the next wave in endpoint computing? It’s multi-platform, multi-device, mobile, virtual, - get ready to gain control!

      Employees are no longer chained to desktops in one location, but constantly on the move, using a variety of devices, and accessing a multitude of applications. The dramatic growth of Apple technologies in the enterprise, coinciding with the growth of mobility, and the increase in employee-owned devices is making it more challenging for organizations to manage and secure their infrastructure.

      Join our webinar to learn about the top challenges and 3 strategies to manage and secure your cross-platform environment and future-proof your organization for the next wave.

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    • Winning ITSM: Strategies for Customer Engagement & Adoption Winning ITSM: Strategies for Customer Engagement & Adoption Phyllis Drucker, Linium Recorded: Apr 21 2015 3:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Cloud, Big Data, ITSM – all things we should be doing. Right?

      Perhaps. As IT professionals, we’re often so heads-down keeping the lights on that we forget why we’re doing all this work in the first place: Our CUSTOMERS! This session begins with offering some key reasons companies implement Service Management and how it can bring value to the organization, followed by implementation strategies that rely heavily on customer engagement. Listeners will be able to clearly envision where customer involvement is critical vs. those internal processes they can craft themselves.

      Key points of this session include:
      - Engaging customers in the processes of Service Strategy
      - The importance of customer involvement in Service Design
      - Adoption and buy-in for service improvement
      - The importance of the “service review” meeting

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    • Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Ready for the Post-Infrastructure Era? Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Ready for the Post-Infrastructure Era? Gartner Research VP Peter Firstbrook and Proofpoint SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy Ryan Kalember Recorded: Dec 3 2015 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • According to Gartner, organizations spend over 80% of their security product dollars on their networks and their endpoints. However, these spending priorities are increasingly at odds with the threat landscape: it’s been over a decade since network perimeter was declared dead, and with the advent of mobility and BYOD, endpoint security has become both more challenging and less relevant to stopping today’s threats. Advanced threats no longer target networks, servers or endpoints: they target users, the data they have access to, and the transactions they facilitate.

      Join Gartner Research VP Peter Firstbrook and Proofpoint SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy Ryan Kalember as they discuss how organizations can better position themselves to defend against advanced threats as they adjust to the cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly, and socially networked way their users work today.

      Join this webinar to learn:
      • The key stages in the evolution of a post-infrastructure approach to security
      • Strategies and tactics for dealing with post-infrastructure security challenges, from technologies to
      • Case studies in post-infrastructure threats, illustrated by cloud email, social media and mobile apps

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