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    • 10,000 steps; taking your career beyond your fitbit 10,000 steps; taking your career beyond your fitbit Lori Kleiman Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Recorded: May 18 2016 3:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Taking your career to the next level is not always as easy as doing a great job where you are today. Do you struggle with getting your managers attention? Do you feel stuck in compliance and administration? How do you expand your perspective and get the recognition you deserve? The answers lie in taking control of your own career. Moving to the next level often requires a different skill set then being just a great HR professional. This session will focus on what you need to do to be the strategic executive who is action-oriented and embraces technology to drive your personal career plan forward. Lori Kleiman will take you through four key components of development that include a strategic view of becoming a strategic executive who is proactive and technologically savvy as a way to get noticed.

      Looking at your career and your organization through a lens that provides options is the focus. You will spend time determining what is right for you - and your organization. We all talk about taking a seat at the table - but maybe that isn't right for you. You have options, and you want to be in the drivers seat ensuring they align with your goals - and those of your organization.

      This session is designed to empower you to integrate your HR career with the rest of the organization – and give you the voice to take your career anywhere you want to go!

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    • Taking a Design-Based Approach to Microservices Taking a Design-Based Approach to Microservices Mike Amundsen, Matt McLarty - CA API Academy Recorded: Apr 19 2016 11:15 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Microservices are taking the software engineering world by storm. This architectural style of decomposing applications into network-based services has been credited with increasing software delivery speed and improving scalability and resiliency at leading companies like Amazon and Netflix. With all the buzz around microservices, many organizations are jumping in with both feet. However, to succeed with a microservice architecture in the long run, you'll need to deal with the increasing complexity of your microservice-based software system as it grows. Taking a design-based approach from the outset will help you scale up more smoothly and establish a sustainable implementation.

      Watch this webcast presented in partnership with OReilly to learn the design principles, architectural practices and organizational considerations that will help you succeed with microservices over the long term. You'll walk away from this discussion with ideas and guidelines that will help you reap the benefits of a microservice architecture while avoiding its potential pitfalls.

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    • More Sales Start With Perfecting The Art of Taking A Job Order More Sales Start With Perfecting The Art of Taking A Job Order Dan Fisher Recorded: Jul 14 2015 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

      Part 2: Accelerate Past Your Competition By Improving How You Qualify Job Orders.

      What if there was a way to shorten your sales cycle from 25 days to 20 days? And imagine if instead of closing two or three job orders out of ten you could close five or even six or seven out of ten job orders? Combined, that would be a significant boost to your sales results, without having to exert additional prospecting time and energy. That is what we call working smart!

      Proven sales coach to staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will highlight the most important and often most overlooked qualification elements of taking a client requirement.

      Key learning experiences include:
      •How to establish yourself as an equal peer with your client (& why this is so critical)?
      •How you can change the playing field (change the client requirement)?
      •How to eliminate latency and avoid a stalled sales cycle?
      •How to leverage recruitment agency CRM software to drive consistent practices of taking a job order?

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