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    • Detecting Network Threats: What Can Endpoint Data Tell You?
      Detecting Network Threats: What Can Endpoint Data Tell You? Greg Foss, Security Architect, LogRhythm & Chris Berninger, Senior Systems Engineer, Carbon Black Recorded: May 24 2017 12:00 am UTC 59 mins
    • Data-driven security is the future, but alarm fatigue and data overload continue to hold Security Operations teams back. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to organize and correlate data so you can simplify the threat hunting process and free up your resources to better detect, respond and neutralize advanced threats.

      In this webcast, Greg Foss, Security Architect at LogRhythm, and Chris Berninger, Senior Systems Engineer at Carbon Black, discuss how to proactively search for and detect threats in your network.

      You’ll learn:

      • To use endpoint data to gain visibility into your network and understand what’s really going on in your network
      • How LogRhythm SmartResponse can help orchestrate security operations
      • Threat hunting techniques using Carbon Black within LogRhythm

      Register now to discover how to use insights from endpoint data to best protect your organization from advanced attacks.

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    • Action GDPR: Finding Sensitive Data
      Action GDPR: Finding Sensitive Data Paul Garstang, Snr Manager EMEA - Data Security Group & Steve Holyer, EMEA Specialist - Data Security Group Recorded: May 24 2017 1:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is only a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, and their data governance practices.

      Join us for the second in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - this short session is all about accelerating Data Discovery & Classification, how to automate and put in place a repeatable 'near real time capability' with Informatica's Secure@Source.

      Secure@Source provides 360º visibility of sensitive data and analyses and ranks sensitive data risk. In the context of GDPR, it helps organisations understand where their sensitive data resides, which data stores contain high risk combinations and how it proliferates through the organisation.

      This session will cover:
      - Where to start with your sensitive data
      - How to identify potential data risks
      - Live Demo of Secure@Source

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    • Oracle Baselines and Benchmarks for the Business
      Oracle Baselines and Benchmarks for the Business Jonas Mason, Senior Consultant & Joe Grant, Principal Architect; House of Brick Technologies Recorded: May 23 2017 4:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Businesses sometime ignore Oracle database performance until poor performance impacts profitability, or the cost of Oracle licensing becomes significant. But this consideration frequently comes a bit late, and can cause tension between the business and technical staff.

      Hear how we have helped our clients bridge the gap between business needs and technical resources. Learn how using the right tools, like Statspack and AWR, can help identify performance trends and enable a healthy dialogue between the business, technical, DBA, developer, and infrastructure teams.

      Discover the importance of benchmarks in establishing baselines that:

      1) Facilitate performance troubleshooting
      2) Enable efficient use of existing hardware
      3) Inform the hardware and software requisition narrative

      Is the problem poorly performing hardware, misconfigured servers and instances, expensive SQL, and/or a lack of data life cycle management? An incorrect answer could place blame with the wrong department, increase frustration levels, and possibly result in higher hardware and software costs. So find the correct answer using the tools discussed in this webinar and facilitate a more cost effective and attainable solution for your business.

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    • GDPR: Global Implications of EU Legislation
      GDPR: Global Implications of EU Legislation Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery & Nima Baiati, Absolute Recorded: May 23 2017 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming, giving you less than 12 months to prepare. And it has major implications for every organization that processes EU personal data – regardless of where they are based.

      With the cost of non-compliance set at an astronomical 4% of global annual revenue – not to mention damage to reputation – the time to protect yourself is now.

      On May 23rd, join Absolute’s data protection experts alongside leading technology and compliance lawyer Jonathan Armstrong, as they share practical insights on the global implications of GDPR. Register today and learn:

      • GDPR compliance – what’s required and what’s at stake
      • Organizational steps you need to take now to avert disaster
      • The best security approaches to ensure compliance and protect your data – and your brand

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    • Route Fifty Navigator Awards 2017 Livestream
      Route Fifty Navigator Awards 2017 Livestream Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton Recorded: May 23 2017 2:15 pm UTC 120 mins
    • The Route Fifty Navigator Awards seeks to identify and highlight individuals and teams of state and local innovators, technologists, leaders, and rising stars who have demonstrated their ability to conceive and implement great ideas. In 2017 we are traveling across the country to talk with exceptional individuals about their collaborative skills, leadership styles, and innovative programs.

      On May 23, Route Fifty will be in Salt Lake City to highlight the innovations driving Utah’s state, county, and municipal governments. We’ll talk with state and local officials about what what makes these leaders, teams, and programs so successful, as well as what lessons can be applied governments across the country.

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    • Securing O365 Using AI-based Advanced Threat Protection
      Securing O365 Using AI-based Advanced Threat Protection Mike Bruchanski, Director of Product Management - Platform, Cylance & Karthik Venna, Product Manager, Bitglass Recorded: May 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Office 365 has garnered widespread adoption from enterprises due to its advantages such as ease of deployment, lower TCO, and high scalability. Additionally, it enables end-users to work and collaborate from anywhere and on any device. Although Office 365 enables IT to shift the burden for app and infrastructure to the cloud vendor, data security remains the responsibility of the enterprise. Given the limitations of native malware protection on Office 365, should the enterprise rely on Office 365 to protect their data from malware and ransomware?

      Join Bitglass and Cylance for a discussion on malware protection solutions for Office 365. We will cover the limitations of native Office 365 malware protection as well as the benefits of AI and machine learning based approaches. We will wrap up the session by discussing how CASBs, with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) capabilities, are uniquely positioned to protect cloud apps and end-points from malware attacks and proliferation.

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    • Venture Investing and Entrepreneurship with David Siegel
      Venture Investing and Entrepreneurship with David Siegel David Siegel, Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Recorded: May 24 2017 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • David has been an angel investor for 20 years and has worked with Steve Jobs, Ed Catmul, and others in Silicon Valley. He played a significant role in the development of the Worldwide Web, has written five books, and coaches startups. Last year he was a candidate to be the next dean of Stanford business school. This year, he’s starting his 22nd company.

      In this 60-minute webinar, you'll learn what really causes startups to fail, why you shouldn't build an MVP, explore how you can use Kanban to improve team coordination, why understanding your market is more important than understanding your product, raising money from crazy investors, why you shouldn't go to business school, and building an agile culture. Here are some of his writings:




      This webinar is for both early-stage investors and entrepreneurs at all levels.

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    • Simplify Disaster Recovery Plans with DataON & Windows Server 2016 SDS Solution
      Simplify Disaster Recovery Plans with DataON & Windows Server 2016 SDS Solution DataON – Howard Lo, Microsoft – Ned Pyle, Western Digital – Kris Menon, Mead & Hunt – Joseph Anich Recorded: May 25 2017 5:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • With the launch of Window Server 2016, new storage enhancements bring revolutionary new features within reach of every organization with its software-defined feature setup.

      Storage Replica is one of those new features in Windows Server 2016. For the first time, Windows Server offers the peace of mind of zero data loss, with the ability to synchronously protect data on different racks, floors, buildings, campuses, counties, and cities. Before and after a disaster strike, Storage Replica offers you the ability to switch workloads to safe locations prior to catastrophes when granted a few moments warning with no data loss.

      Mead & Hunt is a leading engineering firm that chose a DataON and Windows software-defined solution. They replaced their aging SAN with DataON CiB storage, optimized for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V in a ReFS environment.

      The webcast will explore the following topics:

      •How Mead & Hunt was able to consolidate and simplify their storage environment, eliminating increasing SAN maintenance costs while increasing performance

      •How Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016 allows you to setup storage-agnostic, block-level synchronous replication between clusters or servers for disaster recovery

      •Best practices on how to deploy Storage Replica, with real-world examples from Mead & Hunt’s deployment

      Presented by:
      DataON – Howard Lo, VP of Sales and Marketing
      Microsoft – Ned Pyle, Program Manager
      Western Digital – Kris Menon, Business Development Manager
      Mead & Hunt – Joseph Anich, Systems Administrator

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    • Hunting From Network to Endpoint (Hunter Spotlight)
      Hunting From Network to Endpoint (Hunter Spotlight) Ryan Nolette, Hunter and security technologist at Sqrrl Recorded: May 25 2017 6:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • Ryan Nolette, Sqrrl's hunter and security technologist, will break down:
      • Determining what endpoints to investigate in a hunt
      • Pivoting from network to endpoint investigations
      • Essential tools and best practices for endpoint hunting

      About the hunter:
      Ryan is Sqrrl's primary security technologist and expert. He has previously held a variety of roles including threat research, incident response consulting, and every level of security operations. With over a decade in the infosec field, Ryan has been on the product and operations side of companies such as Carbon Black, Crossbeam Systems, SecureWorks and Fidelity. Ryan has been an active speaker and writer on threat hunting and endpoint security.

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    • Data Protection in the Changing Payments Landscape
      Data Protection in the Changing Payments Landscape Smrithi Konanur Global Product Manager – Payments, Web, & Mobile, HPE Security – Data Security Recorded: May 23 2017 5:15 pm UTC 42 mins
    • With continued improvements in payments security through technologies such as P2PE and EMV, the PCI community has been effective at combating crime in a wide variety of financial institutions, retail environments and enterprises. As the use of stolen or fraudulent cards for in-person card present transactions becomes more difficult, criminals are shifting their focus to online activities. To stay ahead of the bad guys, merchants and institutions need tools that are specifically designed to address these challenges.

      There are powerful solutions that enable organizations to securely protect payment transactions and retain control over their consumers’ buying experience, while integrating with existing payment flows. Join us to hear more about proven ways to safeguard sensitive crypto process and protect payment transactions while eliminating the exposure to sensitive cardholder data.

      Presenter: Smrithi Konanur
      Global Product Manager – Payments, Web, & Mobile, HPE Security – Data Security

      Smrithi Konanur has over 14 years of computer software industry experience including more than 7 years of experience in Payment Industry. Her main focus in her current role is providing data security solutions for PCI, P2PE, tokenization, PII, and PHI in different channels like in-store(POS systems), e-commerce/browser-based applications and other mobile applications. Her background ranges from technical product development, management, integration, product management, and product strategy. She holds a Masters in Computer Engineering and multiple management continuing education programs.

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    • Connected Healthcare: How to Prepare for Future Bandwidth Demand
      Connected Healthcare: How to Prepare for Future Bandwidth Demand Susan Larson, Marketing Communications Manager Recorded: May 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • The healthcare sector is experiencing explosive growth in bandwidth demand. From transmitting MRI images to wearable devices to video consultations, networks must work at higher-than-ever speeds to deliver services that ensure patient safety. It’s clear that this demand will continue to grow exponentially, putting more and more strain on your network infrastructure. Topics to be covered include:

      - How IP convergence is driving explosive growth in bandwidth demand, particularly in the healthcare sector
      - Healthcare requirements and trends that are contributing to ever-increasing need for more bandwidth
      - Cabling best practices that will help you avoid costly mitigation and/or reinstalls in the future

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    • Inside The New Generation of Phishing Attacks
      Inside The New Generation of Phishing Attacks Michael Landewe, Researcher, Avanan Cofounder Recorded: May 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • What we know and have trained users about phishing attacks has changed. Old methods no longer apply.

      IT teams have deployed filters and taught our users to detect phishing attacks by scanning for suspicious URLs, spoofed login pages, and unrecognized senders. We've told people to change passwords, turn on two factor authentication and watch for suspicious logins.

      None of these methods can defend against the next generation of automated, malicious API-based phishing attacks that are invisible to users and unmonitored by SaaS.

      Once exclusive to advanced state-sponsored actors, the recent Google Docs worm pushed this sophisticated method into the headlines.

      In this webinar we will dig deep into the next generation of phishing attack and describe the new methods every IT team must deploy to defend against them. Because the vulnerability is not unique to Google, we will also discuss Office 365, Box, Salesforce and other popular business apps.

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    • Cloud First: A New Competitive Advantage for Modern Enterprises
      Cloud First: A New Competitive Advantage for Modern Enterprises Todd Bernhard, Product Marketing Manager, CloudCheckr Recorded: May 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 19 mins
    • The cloud has the potential to eliminate overhead, waste, security risks, and human error, without the hassles of running a traditional data center. Savvy enterprises are taking a “Cloud First” approach to computing resources as a major competitive advantage, enabling organizations to stay lean and increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risks, and save money as they grow.

      During this webcast, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager Todd Bernhard will uncover why and how modern enterprises are transitioning to a Cloud First approach, including:

      - Going all-in with the cloud as a major competitive advantage

      - Understanding the differences between on-prem vs. operating in the cloud

      - Choosing the right cloud management tools to gain complete visibility

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    • How CloudCheckr Makes 1.7 Million EC2 Decisions Easy
      How CloudCheckr Makes 1.7 Million EC2 Decisions Easy Todd Bernhard, Product Marketing Manager, CloudCheckr Recorded: May 25 2017 5:00 pm UTC 20 mins
    • Choosing to move to the Cloud is a great decision, but it’s the first of many more decisions. You have to choose from 70 instance types, with 14 purchase options, running your choice of 4 operating systems, across dozens of availability zones and regions with distinct choices for tenancy and block storage. When you add it up, there are over a million options. In fact, Gartner has calculated that the number of decisions just for deploying an EC2 instance is over 1.7 million.

      It’s easy to make the wrong decisions and spend too much or be underprepared to meet demand. There’s only one way to make such decisions reliably and efficiently and that is to automate and follow best practices. In this in-depth discussion and demonstration, Todd Bernhard, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager, will show how to use CloudCheckr's Best Practices tool to manage costs.

      Join us for a "Deep Dive" into some of the 450+ Best Practice Checks offered by CloudCheckr to:

      - Make sure you are not paying for unused resources

      - Ensure the resources you are indeed using are being used at a high level of utilization

      - Identify areas where you can save money

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