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    • Can Public Clouds be suitable for traditional / legacy workloads? Can Public Clouds be suitable for traditional / legacy workloads? Jay Hibbin, Evangelist & Sales Director, Century Link Upcoming: May 3 2016 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    • Identifying workloads to move to the cloud can be tricky. You have dozens or hundreds of apps running in your organisation, and now that you’ve seen the operational efficiencies and agility available to you in the cloud, you’re tempted to move as many of them to the cloud as quickly as possible. As you’ll see in the examples below, cloud computing is indeed a good fit for many common workloads.This webcast will explore more about what you should consider before earmarking a workload for the cloud.

      During this webcast you will learn:
      - How to deal with unpredictable loads and gain the potential for explosive growth
      - How to deal with traffic fluctuation, whether its planning for cycles of playing or shopping, or with occasional, compute-intensive batch processing
      - How to manage public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, and your internal data centre managing all of them through one interface with a single set of tools and best practices

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    • Using virtual reality to engage big-ticket B2B buyers Using virtual reality to engage big-ticket B2B buyers Simon Lodge, senior creative strategist and David Chandler, director, strategic accounts Upcoming: May 5 2016 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Virtual reality is one of the most talked about marketing trends of the moment. Sceptics argue that the technology is over-hyped. But is it time for B2B brands to start thinking seriously about VR content?

      In this webinar, Simon and David cut to the chase. They highlight real examples of businesses using VR to deliver tangible benefits. And they explore the powerful contribution the technology can make to B2B marketing strategies. A specific area of focus will be sales and marketing surrounding high-value investments with long-tail consideration.

      Viewers will gain:

      Insight into potential B2B applications of VR.
      An understanding of how VR investment can add value and enhance top-of-funnel elimination.
      Ideas for enhancing customer service with VR technology.
      A realistic view of the investment and dedication required to get VR off the ground.

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    • PCI and Vulnerability Assessments - What’s Missing? PCI and Vulnerability Assessments - What’s Missing? Mike Pittenger, VP of Security Strategy, Black Duck Upcoming: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • All regulatory requirements (HIPAA, PCI, etc.) include a mandate for assessing vulnerabilities in systems that manage or store sensitive data. Organizations often opt to conduct vulnerability assessments on an annual, quarterly, or even monthly basis. But while vulnerability assessment tools can identify unpatched or misconfigured code bases, these tools overlook a large portion of an organization’s attack surface: known vulnerabilities in applications that are built in-house. These applications will not have public updates, nor will the thousands of open source components they utilize be included in public disclosures. This is concerning because over 6,000 vulnerabilities in open source projects have been reported since 2014. Register for this webinar to discover how to protect yourself.

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    • Using the Cloud for Speed-of-Thought Analytics on All Your Data Using the Cloud for Speed-of-Thought Analytics on All Your Data Snowflake Computing, Ask.com, Tableau Recorded: Apr 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • 1.5 TB of data per day? No problem! Learn how Ask.com turned to Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse combined with Tableau’s data visualization solution to address their challenges.

      Ask.com and its parent family of premium websites operate in an extremely competitive environment. To stand out in the crowd, the huge amounts of data generated by these websites needs to be analyzed to understand and monetize a wide variety of site traffic.

      Their challenges:
      Ask.com’s previous solution of Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse was limiting their analysts’ ability to bring together and analyze their data.
      - Significant amounts of custom processing to bring together data
      - Performance issues for data users due to concurrency and contention challenges
      - Several hours to incorporate new data into analytics.

      Join Ask.com, Snowflake Computing, and Tableau for an informative webinar where you’ll learn:
      - How Ask.com simplified their data infrastructure by eliminating the need for Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse
      - Why Ask.com’s analysts are able to explore and analyze data without the frustration of poor, inconsistent performance
      - How Ask.com’s widely distributed team of analysts can now access a single comprehensive view of data for better insights

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    • How to pick the right SAM tool? How to pick the right SAM tool? Barry Friedman, Global VP Vendor Alliances Upcoming: May 4 2016 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    • SAM has been touted as a way to mitigate license compliance risk but in actuality the true value lies in its ability to reduce software costs and maximize/optimize your software investment.
      Additionally, a critical component of a successful SAM program should also be measured by the value it delivers to others in the organization. The definition of “Others” depends on your organization and can include such areas as finance, Security, Help Desk, IT Service Management, HR, etc. This Webinar will focus on leveraging a structured methodology and a simple algorithm to capture the requirements presented by “others”, how to validate the tool’s ability to deliver on those requirements and how much weight they carry in the final selection ensuring all stakeholders need are met.

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    • Securing the Foundation to Secure the Cloud Securing the Foundation to Secure the Cloud J. Trent Adams, Director of Ecosystem Security, PayPal Upcoming: May 5 2016 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Secure clouds don't exist in a vacuum. The very nature of a secure cloud relies on effective standardized, interoperable, and scalable Internet security. As the cloud metaphor displaces the concept of proprietary point-to-point networked servers, the key to its value can be found in the interoperability of service protocols. Securing these connections requires understanding and deploying standards such as TLS HSTS, CT, CSP, DMARC, and FIDO. Each protocol addresses specific security concerns encountered when you extend your security perimeter to include external cloud services. Developing and deploying technologies like these requires a holistic view of the security landscape, and working within a robust Internet security ecosystem.

      Key Talking Points:

      - Cloud security relies on standardized Internet security protocols.

      - Developing Internet security protocols requires multistakeholder involvement.

      - Key areas of focus include securing: transport, content, communication, and authentication.

      - Case studies presented in developing CT, CSP, DMARC, FIDO, and TLS 1.3

      - Internet security is constantly evolving; adapt or perish.

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    • Why DevOps Won't Automate You Out of a Job Why DevOps Won't Automate You Out of a Job Jason Bloomberg, Industry Analyst and President of Intellyx & Pauly Comtois, VP of DevOps, Hearst Business Media Upcoming: May 4 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • As automation lightens the load on IT operations personnel, and the DevOps cultural shift brings dev and ops together, some ops people are worried about their jobs.

      Furthermore, as DevOps takes hold, other roles in the organization are set to transform. DevOps potentially reworks project management methodologies, so what about the project managers? DevOps flattens organizations, so should middle managers be worried?

      In this webinar, industry analyst and president of Intellyx Jason Bloomberg will set the stage with some broad observations about the organizational impact DevOps is having across enterprises.

      Next, Pauly Comtois, VP of DevOps at Hearst Business Media will join Jason for a thought-provoking, in-depth discussion of how DevOps impacts individual's roles within the organization, with some first-person stories of Hearst Business Media’s DevOps transformation.

      You will learn:
      - Potential starting points to mapping your own DevOps transformation
      - What non-technical groups and roles need to be part of any DevOps initiative – and methods for effective inclusion
      - New organizational approaches to structure and collaboration that empower instead of threaten
      - How to better manage business changes with DevOps strategies

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    • Integriertes Netzwerkmanagement: Einfach, automatisiert, sicher und stabil Integriertes Netzwerkmanagement: Einfach, automatisiert, sicher und stabil Tobias Balfanz, PreSales Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Allessandro Soloperto, Senior Consultant, ITC Recorded: Apr 29 2016 8:30 am UTC 55 mins
    • Die Anforderungen an die IT sind klar definiert: Anwendungen sollen schneller, qualitativ hochwertiger und fehlerfrei entwickelt und zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Diese Anforderungen können nur durch eine effektive Integration der IT-Werkzeuge erfüllt werden – auch im Netzwerk.

      Ist die heterogene Netzwerkinfrastruktur aufgebaut, muss diese sicher und stabil betrieben werden. Neben dem Fehler- und Verfügbarkeitsmanagement sind auch die Disziplinen Performance- und Traffic-Management, sowie das Konfigurationsmanagement in Kombination mit dem Compliance-Management zur Einhaltung von fremden und eigenen Richtlinien notwendig.

      Um die beschriebenen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken, gibt es viele unterschiedliche Werkzeuge. Typischerweise sind diese oft nicht – oder nur mangelhaft – integriert. Dies hat zur Folge, dass die reibungslose Netzwerküberwachung im laufenden Betrieb scheitert, da die Pflege der isolierten bzw. nicht integrierten Systeme sehr arbeitsintensiv ist. Eine oft verfolgte Best-of-Breed-Strategie ist hier also nicht zielführend.

      Die Netzwerkmanagement-Lösung von Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), bestehend aus dem Network Node Manager i (NNMi) und dem Network Automation (NA), ist eine vollständig integrierte Softwarelösung, um die heutigen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken und die Arbeitsaufwände zu reduzieren.

      Erfahren Sie in unserem kostenfreien Live-Webinar mehr über die Lösung von HPE anhand von konkreten Anwendungsfällen unserer Kunden.

      Das Webinar findet in deutscher Sprache statt.

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    • How to Avoid the 5 Common Pitfalls in Optimizing User Experience How to Avoid the 5 Common Pitfalls in Optimizing User Experience CA Technologies Upcoming: May 5 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In today’s Application Economy, applications are your new first impression and your customers have high expectations. The quality of a customer’s experience is increasingly defined by the quality of the digital experience delivered to them. That means there are more opportunities to impress, as well as more pressure to provide an optimal experience. As the need to impress customers with a superior digital experience increases, so does the complexity and size of modern application architectures. Application Performance Management can help you deliver optimal digital experiences – but there are key considerations you must make when selecting a solution.

      In this webcast, we will explore:

      • The key challenges organizations face to deliver optimal digital experiences in an increasingly complex application environment.
      • How to best utilize Application Performance Management to increase visibility, decrease risk and reduce complexity.
      • Steps any organization can take to evaluate their current state and improve the quality of the digital experience they deliver.

      Featured speakers:
      • Kieran Taylor – Sr Director, Product & Solutions Marketing, APM & DevOps, CA Technologies
      • Josh Napier – Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA APM, CA Technologies

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    • How to Build a Perfect Setup & Business Model for Fibre Connectivity & Services How to Build a Perfect Setup & Business Model for Fibre Connectivity & Services Simon Osborne/Comptel, Dean Ramsay/Analysys Mason, James Wheatley/GE Energy Connections Recorded: Apr 29 2016 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • As a response to the never-ending bandwidth demand, CSPs are constantly enhancing their networks. Fiber brings superior transport capacity and quality compared to the other broadband media and has therefore become commonplace for CSPs.

      This is the first in a series of ‘Winning with Fibre’ webinars. Get a comprehensive outlook on the fibre market and learn how it builds a perfect business opportunity for CSPs. You will gain multiple viewpoints of and hands-on experiences on the topic in the course of the series.

      In this joint webinar with Comptel, Analysys Mason and GE Energy Connections, we will discuss the following topics:
      -Dean Ramsay, Senior Analyst from Analysys Mason, outlines the fiber market and services as well as how it opens great business avenues for CPS
      -James Wheatley, Product Line Manager from GE Energy Connections, shares experiences and lessons learnt from the global CSP market relating to the management of the physical fibre network across the entire plan, design, build, operate and maintain lifecycle
      -Simon Osborne, CTO of Comptel Service Orchestration, explains the key principles in the service delivery processes with which CSPs can run healthy business both today and in the future

      Sign up now to get a broad view on broadband!

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    • How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 David Hollway, Mike Brohoski, & Pang Ngernsupaluck Upcoming: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Together, Windows 10 and Intel deliver the productivity, security and manageability you need to advance your business.

      Intel and Microsoft have been collaborating for more than 30 years, creating technology that has changed the way we do business.

      With Windows 10, we’ve taken this partnership to a whole new level, with new hardware lighting up key Windows features that help you stay ahead of security threats, while making it easy for you to manage devices across your business.

      The new devices on Windows 10 and the new Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) deliver:
      •Better Productivity: Do more and be more productive with improved multi-tasking, less waiting, familiar interface and app compatibility
      •Better Security: Helps protect identity, data and devices against modern security threats
      •Better Manageability: Stay current with less effort, manage devices more effectively, remotely provision and deploy applications

      Watch this webcast to:
      •Discover Windows 10 productivity, security and manageability features that new hardware lights up
      •Learn more about the Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) and how it helps give time and money back to your company
      •Get additional resources to evaluate when it might be time for new devices and what devices are right for you

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