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    • Prioritising For Profit - Essential Time Management Strategies
      Prioritising For Profit - Essential Time Management Strategies Clare Evans, Personal & Business Coach, Time Management Recorded: May 5 2011 1:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • In the current economy, make sure you're making the best use of your time with proven strategies that will make a real difference to your productivity and profitability. How much are your current time habits really costing you and your business?

      - 90% of IFAs squander their time on ineffective activities
      - Office distractions add up to over 2 hours a day
      - 2 days a week are wasted on unproductive tasks
      - Over 50% of IFAs have a poor work/life balance.

      This information packed presentation will show you ways to reduce your time wasters, deal with distractions, improve your productivity, save an hour a day, get control of your time and increase your profitability.

      Clare Evans is a time management coach working with individuals and business owners. She is the author of the best selling "Time Management For Dummies" and she is regularly featured in the national press.

      To contact Clare and for more information, free resources and to register for a free Time Audit go to www.clareevans.co.uk.

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    • McAfee Real Time
      McAfee Real Time Bret Lenmark Recorded: Dec 11 2013 2:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • McAfee Real Time Advanced for ePolicy Orchestrator revolutionizes security systems management with rapid visibility into system data and immediate interventions. This powerful solution lets you use plain English within an ePO-based interface and workflow to find facts fast to exert control with confidence. From stalking worms and forbidden applications to large-scale remediation of noncompliance, Real Time Advanced empowers ePO administrators to proactively manage incident response, outbreaks, and compliance.

      What does this mean to your customers?

      • Instant Queries: Query every computer in your enterprise and get the answers back within seconds to reduce audit and data collection bottlenecks and increase the number of events you can respond to
      • Instant Actions: Reduce costly incident remediation and software distribution timelines from hours to minutes
      • ePO Integration: Leverages the known and trusted ePO console and workflow – no new interface to learn or headcount to add.
      • Plain English: Use a Google-like natural language interface to issue queries—no scripting or special expertise required—permitting prompt data access for everyone, including auditors and novice administrators
      • Simple Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure: Install a single server and expedite time-sensitive processes across globally distributed networks and large organizations
      • Enterprise Ready: Leverage features critical to security and large scale: FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography, rigorous management rights, support for hundreds of administrators and hundreds of thousands of managed assets

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    • Throwback to the 80’s – Run IT as a Just-In-Time (JIT) Business
      Throwback to the 80’s – Run IT as a Just-In-Time (JIT) Business AnneMarie Fernandez, Director Business Innovation Recorded: Jun 9 2016 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Concepts from lean manufacturing of the 80’s are back in a big way. In the 80’s, companies were implementing ERP/Supply chain systems to reach the almost mythical philosophy of Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing - that meant zero lead time, zero inventory and zero failures. It was a radical approach to running a business that carried with it skepticism and confusion. When Dell announced that they had Zero stock on hand it was big news. But it inspired others. It raised the bar for companies, competitors and their suppliers to up their game. In order for JIT to work it meant high quality machines, reliable suppliers and flexible resources – and most of all insight into all nooks and crannies of the supply chain. We find ourselves in this same trial and error phase, similar philosophies and yearning to be lean and mean with IT (and all Enterprise) Services. Louder than ever is the call to provide great customer service and for IT to execute ruthlessly to provide the fuel that powers the business – and have to execute as such. JIT concepts in IT put its focus on customer results in a way that minimizes waste and time. In this talk we’ll explore specific approaches to transform to a JIT IT organization and the benefits of that.

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    • Adding Real Time to Deliver More Business Value from Your Data Warehouse
      Adding Real Time to Deliver More Business Value from Your Data Warehouse Alan Lundberg, Elizabeth Duke, Scott Hagan, Brandon Wyckoff Recorded: Feb 16 2016 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Historical reporting and analysis is not enough these days. Enabling “real time or right time” delivery of quality data, at the speed of your business ultimately enables better business responsiveness, agility and most importantly, better business results. PLUS, you may not know this, but you most likely already have most of what you need with the IT people, skills, processes and tools in place today.

      Attend this webinar to find out from experts and a customer about how to leverage your existing data warehouse to deliver more value to your organization with real time data.

      We will show what it takes to upgrade Data Warehouses with the Real Time capabilities. By attending, you can hear about industry best practices, what to do, and what to avoid when enabling your organization with real time analytics.

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    • MrExcel's 40 Best Excel Shortcuts of All Time
      MrExcel's 40 Best Excel Shortcuts of All Time Bill Jelen, Mr Excel; Nick Gerber, Excel4apps Recorded: Aug 31 2017 11:00 am UTC 67 mins
    • Would you like to learn the best Excel shortcuts of all time? Then, join Mr Excel. He will take you through his top 40 Excel shortcuts you can’t live without!

      Knowing Excel shortcuts can not only save you time, but it will increase your efficiency at work, making you look like a pro! In this webinar, Bill Jelen - known as MrExcel - will take you through his all time favourite shortcuts. After the webinar, receive a handy one-page summary that you can keep by your desk to remind you of all the great tips and tricks that you could be using.

      What you’ll learn:
      •Navigate quickly in Excel, both within and between worksheets
      •Format cells in Excel
      •Select large data sets in Excel
      •Enter formulas quickly
      •Create perfect charts in 1 keystroke
      •Plus 35 more shortcuts!

      Attend this webinar if you are a Finance or Accounting professional and/or are interested in improving your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level.

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    • Real-time Big Data Analytics
      Real-time Big Data Analytics Logtrust Recorded: Jul 16 2017 12:50 am UTC 5 mins
    • niu Solutions leverages real-time big data analytics through Logtrust’s cloud platform to achieve improved operational efficiencies, log management, predictive analytics, and time to insight. Through Logtrust and key business insights in real-time, niu Solutions continues to:

      - Reduce unnecessary business overhead
      - Decrease problem resolution time by more than 10x
      - Gain competitive advantage with trending and predictive analytics rather than be reactive
      - Achieve ROI due to recurring Opex pricing offered by Logtrust

      Read the attached niu Solutions Customer Success Story.

      Logtrust is a real-time big data analytics platform for business insights, offering Fast Data, Big Data analytics through a solution that enables real-time analytics for operations, fraud, security, marketing, IoT and other aspects of business. Logtrust provides the ability to ingest, store and analyze massive, varied and dynamic data sets at high speed through its flexible cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments. Please visit https://www.logtrust.com for more information.

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    • Logtrust Real-time Big Data Analytics
      Logtrust Real-time Big Data Analytics Logtrust Big Data Analytics Recorded: Jul 7 2017 3:30 pm UTC 4 mins
    • No Code, Low Code Big Data Analytics from Simple Search to Complex Event Processing.

      Logtrust is designed for fast data exploration and interaction with real-time visualizations on complex data streams and historical data at rest such as:

      - Machine behavior during attacks
      - Network traffic flow analytics
      - Firewall events
      - Application performance metrics
      - Real-time threat hunting and cyber security
      - IoT analytics

      Explore Petabytes of data with Logtrust without worrying about storage costs or indexers, analyze billions of events per day with ultra-low latency queries, and experience unique real-time performance on trillions of events with over +150,000 ingest EPS per core, +1,000,000 search EPS per core, and +65,000 complex event processing EPS per core.

      Live Data Exploration
      Logtrust data is always fresh with real-time data updates in their native formats. Slice and dice subsets of data at any point in time for exploration and deep forensics on real-time data streams.

      Powerful Data Exploration & Analytics
      Accelerate time-to-insights and rich visualizations with simple point and click. Empower your team to quickly harness insights and make faster, smarter decisions. Optionally, use a single compact expressive SQL language (LINQ) and create reusable callable queries for more complex event processing operations.

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    • Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale
      Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale Eric Tran-Le, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logtrust Recorded: Jun 21 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • With more than 4.5 million digital devices in the field, delivering billions of data streams for TV and Video On-Demand services, this Fortune Global 500 Telco needed to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) – in real-time. Because every second counts and time-to-insight matters, managing the volume, variety and velocity of data streaming in real-time, and analyzing against historical data needed to be effortless, seamless and lightning fast. Using Logtrust’s Big Data-in-Motion technology, Tran-Le will showcase how the Telco giant analyzes in real-time billions of data for 20 million customers each day, and has reduced call volume, improved QoE/S, and saved millions of dollars a year.

      Key Takeaways:

      • Understanding current IoT data management challenges
      • Overcoming the technology and data scalability wall
      • Analyzing past and present “events of interest” across millions of IoT devices
      • Making sense out of chaos for time-sensitive IoT/Big Data applications for rapid time-to-insight and value

      Eric Tran-le is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Logtrust, a Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service solution provider for fast data, big data analytics. He has more than 20+ years’ experience in both product management and operational system engineering for managing private and native cloud applications at scale. Tran-Le is leading real-time threat hunting, security and IoT analytics initiatives at Logtrust. Formerly, Tran-Le was VP Oracle Management Cloud Services, VP Enterprise Cloud Management, and VP Product Management at Oracle, as well as Network Business Unit Manager at Microsoft.

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    • Owning your moment in social media - don't be a real-time Charlie!
      Owning your moment in social media - don't be a real-time Charlie! Tom Ball, Director of Digital Recorded: Jul 27 2015 1:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Whether you are a B2B organisation looking to capture attention at an industry event or a consumer brand sweeping into a trending conversation - there is real value to be gained from engaging in real- time or "owning your moment" in social media.

      With the right approach, you can ride the wave of social conversation to increase awareness, engage a highly targeted audience, drive interest and ultimately sales!

      Learn from our own experience riding the wave at #SMWF, as well as case studies from our work with Interflora, Thomson Reuters and Southbank Centre as we explore how to:

      -Effectively plan to own your moment using social insight
      -Resource your teams to react in real-time and approve content fast
      -Leverage paid social to ride that wave
      -Equip yourself with the right tools (free, not just paid!) to maximise the opportunity
      -Measure the effectiveness of your activity and prove ROI

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    • Time Management for Authors and Researchers
      Time Management for Authors and Researchers Joan Capua, Training and Development Manager, Wiley. Recorded: Nov 13 2014 3:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Authors and researchers around the world have let us know through survey feedback and one-on-one interviews that time management is a common concern. In recognition of this concern, we would like to invite you to a free webinar on November 13, 2014 featuring time management expert Joan Capua.

      As the Manager for Learning and Development at Wiley, Joan will be applying time management techniques learned from her 20 years of experience in training professionals in multiple industries to feedback from authors and researchers.

      In this 1-hour session, Joan will provide:

      • An introduction to the latest research on time management
      • Step-by-step application of a professional time management tool to examples of real author concerns and stressors
      • A strategy for the best way to trim down your “To-Do” list and prevent burn-out
      • Tips on preventing distraction and an analysis of the real costs of distraction
      • Feedback on your comments and questions as submitted during the session

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