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    • Social Media Customer Care: The Battle for Ownership Social Media Customer Care: The Battle for Ownership Sarah Grace McCandless, Director, Digital Solutions, & Nick Sellers, Sr Director, Strategy & Marketing Recorded: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    • Today’s consumer has digital connectivity at their fingertips 24/7, and they are flocking to social networks for customer care. Twitter alone recently reported a 250% increase in customer service-related content over the past two years, and 60% of these consumers expect a response within an hour or less. However, many if not most of these messages continue to be ignored.

      What’s the problem? Social media ownership was first tucked under Marketing, with a focus on branding and campaigns, but customer care queries through social networks continue to surge. Most Marketing teams are not trained to deal with customer service and do not prioritize these mentions. This disconnect is growing, and the failure to integrate and include customer service in overall social strategy is having a negative impact on company bottom line.

      Join this webinar and learn why it’s imperative for Customer Service and Marketing to collaborate on social media efforts to provide the best customer experience. We’ll cover the key considerations for developing a mutually beneficial program, and discuss how strong social care drives brand advocacy and overall revenue.

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    • Active Archive: Build Accessible, Responsive Archives with Cloud Scale Economics Active Archive: Build Accessible, Responsive Archives with Cloud Scale Economics Brian Bashaw, Technical Lead - HGST & Jeff Tabor, Sr. Director - Avere Systems Recorded: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Creating a digital archive that is both accessible and cost effective may seem like an impossible task. While public and private clouds may offer cost-effective scalable storage that is perfect for protecting assets, planning for responsive accessibility, and flexibility can be challenging. To evaluate these hybrid storage models, you must understand object storage and options for file access.

      In this webinar, you’ll discover:
      •The fundamentals of cloud archives including terminology and core technology
      •Why hybrid clouds are a smart option for petabyte-scale archives and how to describe the overall use and economic value to others
      •What digital data is appropriate for cloud archiving
      •How transition from a legacy storage environment to a public/private hybrid cloud model
      •How to enable the active archive to monetize digital assets

      For these valuable archives, moving to cloud storage is a big decision, but one that can come with big rewards, like cost efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. These industry experts will provide education, use case examples, and most importantly, answer your questions.

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    • Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Liz Miller - CMO Council, Sam Sova - Johnson Controls, Clint Poole - Lionbridge Recorded: May 4 2016 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • According to a study from the Content Marketing Institute, 65 percent of B2B marketers in the manufacturing industry believe that producing engaging content is their top challenge specific to maximizing the impact and efficacy of their content marketing initiatives. In this same study, B2B marketers revealed that, on average, they are leveraging some 13 different content marketing tactics across six social media channels and an average of three paid media resources.

      This punctuates the increasingly complex web of engagement channels that, woven together, craft today’s customer experience. It also sheds light on a critical issue: the mass of content being produced might not be the most impactful or effective, thus missing the intended target and diminishing the return on content investment.

      How are marketers confronting these issues of meshing content marketing and customer experience strategies across a growing digital landscape? In an age when customers expect the world to be available to them in perfect local context, how are marketers responding with highly relevant, contextual, impactful, content-rich experiences, regardless of channel or location? What silos need to be broken down in order to realize real ROI from both content and experiences? As the digital world enables rapid globalization, how have customer expectations for intense localization made content and engagement strategies even more rewarding?

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    • How to pick the right SAM tool? How to pick the right SAM tool? Barry Friedman, Global VP Vendor Alliances Recorded: May 4 2016 6:00 pm UTC 21 mins
    • SAM has been touted as a way to mitigate license compliance risk but in actuality the true value lies in its ability to reduce software costs and maximize/optimize your software investment.
      Additionally, a critical component of a successful SAM program should also be measured by the value it delivers to others in the organization. The definition of “Others” depends on your organization and can include such areas as finance, Security, Help Desk, IT Service Management, HR, etc. This Webinar will focus on leveraging a structured methodology and a simple algorithm to capture the requirements presented by “others”, how to validate the tool’s ability to deliver on those requirements and how much weight they carry in the final selection ensuring all stakeholders need are met.

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    • Securing the Foundation to Secure the Cloud Securing the Foundation to Secure the Cloud J. Trent Adams, Director of Ecosystem Security, PayPal Recorded: May 5 2016 3:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Secure clouds don't exist in a vacuum. The very nature of a secure cloud relies on effective standardized, interoperable, and scalable Internet security. As the cloud metaphor displaces the concept of proprietary point-to-point networked servers, the key to its value can be found in the interoperability of service protocols. Securing these connections requires understanding and deploying standards such as TLS HSTS, CT, CSP, DMARC, and FIDO. Each protocol addresses specific security concerns encountered when you extend your security perimeter to include external cloud services. Developing and deploying technologies like these requires a holistic view of the security landscape, and working within a robust Internet security ecosystem.

      Key Talking Points:

      - Cloud security relies on standardized Internet security protocols.

      - Developing Internet security protocols requires multistakeholder involvement.

      - Key areas of focus include securing: transport, content, communication, and authentication.

      - Case studies presented in developing CT, CSP, DMARC, FIDO, and TLS 1.3

      - Internet security is constantly evolving; adapt or perish.

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    • How to Avoid the 5 Common Pitfalls in Optimizing User Experience How to Avoid the 5 Common Pitfalls in Optimizing User Experience CA Technologies Recorded: May 5 2016 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • In today’s Application Economy, applications are your new first impression and your customers have high expectations. The quality of a customer’s experience is increasingly defined by the quality of the digital experience delivered to them. That means there are more opportunities to impress, as well as more pressure to provide an optimal experience. As the need to impress customers with a superior digital experience increases, so does the complexity and size of modern application architectures. Application Performance Management can help you deliver optimal digital experiences – but there are key considerations you must make when selecting a solution.

      In this webcast, we will explore:

      • The key challenges organizations face to deliver optimal digital experiences in an increasingly complex application environment.
      • How to best utilize Application Performance Management to increase visibility, decrease risk and reduce complexity.
      • Steps any organization can take to evaluate their current state and improve the quality of the digital experience they deliver.

      Featured speakers:
      • Kieran Taylor – Sr Director, Product & Solutions Marketing, APM & DevOps, CA Technologies
      • Josh Napier – Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA APM, CA Technologies

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    • How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 David Hollway, Mike Brohoski, & Pang Ngernsupaluck Recorded: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    • Together, Windows 10 and Intel deliver the productivity, security and manageability you need to advance your business.

      Intel and Microsoft have been collaborating for more than 30 years, creating technology that has changed the way we do business.

      With Windows 10, we’ve taken this partnership to a whole new level, with new hardware lighting up key Windows features that help you stay ahead of security threats, while making it easy for you to manage devices across your business.

      The new devices on Windows 10 and the new Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) deliver:
      •Better Productivity: Do more and be more productive with improved multi-tasking, less waiting, familiar interface and app compatibility
      •Better Security: Helps protect identity, data and devices against modern security threats
      •Better Manageability: Stay current with less effort, manage devices more effectively, remotely provision and deploy applications

      Watch this webcast to:
      •Discover Windows 10 productivity, security and manageability features that new hardware lights up
      •Learn more about the Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) and how it helps give time and money back to your company
      •Get additional resources to evaluate when it might be time for new devices and what devices are right for you

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    • Self-Learning Search for Salesforce Communities Self-Learning Search for Salesforce Communities Coveo Recorded: May 4 2016 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Watch this webinar replay to learn how Coveo for Salesforce brings intelligent search, powered by machine-learning, to Salesforce Communities. Using live demos and real-world success stories, we discuss how organizations can turn their community into a true self-service engine. You'll learn how to:

      - Boost case deflection and prevention
      - Minimize calls to the contact center
      - Relieve administrators from tedious manual tuning tasks
      - Make customers happier and more loyal

      For any organization committed to delivering high-impact self-service on their Salesforce Community, this info-packed session is a must see.

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    • How to Accelerate Sales Productivity With Effective Onboarding How to Accelerate Sales Productivity With Effective Onboarding Jeb Blount Recorded: May 5 2016 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Think you just hired a great salesperson? Think again! You only hired a salesperson with the potential to be great. Your new salesperson’s productivity is dependent on the quality and effectiveness of your Sales Onboarding program.

      In this webinar, delivered by Jeb Blount who is CEO of Sales Gravy & author of People Follow You, you'll learn:

      - Why sales onboarding programs fail and how to avoid common mistakes
      - Why you need to think differently about sales onboarding
      - 5 Steps of Effective Sales Onboarding Programs
      - 3 Elements of Sales Onboarding Course Design
      - And much, much more

      If you are ready to ramp your salespeople up to full productivity and get a return on sales headcount (ROSHI) faster then you don't want to miss this insightful and impactful webinar.

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