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    • Stonesoft's Fast, Secure and Easy Access to Cloud: "7 Ways to Love a2cloud"
      Stonesoft's Fast, Secure and Easy Access to Cloud: "7 Ways to Love a2cloud" Marco Rottigni, A2Cloud Product Manager Recorded: Apr 19 2012 1:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • Cloud computing is here. Companies are increasingly using various cloud services to make everyday activities easier and more efficient. These advantages don’t however come without downsides – the real price for flexibility is lack of control, increased risks of human error and technological complexity due to various outsourced authentication methods and practices.

      Stonesoft a2cloud is designed to remove these downsides and make the life truly easier and more secure. In short, Stonesoft a2cloud revolutionizes how companies access the cloud. It is a perfect answer to the security needs of organizations using any cloud. Just say no to expensive authentication gadgets or hard tokens.

      We are very happy to invite you to join Stonesoft’s brief webcast to learn how to Stonesoft a2cloud allows you authenticate to any cloud faster, easier and in total security with Single Sign-On.

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    • Use DB2 on the Cloud or BLU Acceleration on the Cloud
      Use DB2 on the Cloud or BLU Acceleration on the Cloud Rav Ahuja (IBM Labs DB2 Evangelist) and Rick Swagerman (host) Recorded: Nov 21 2013 5:30 pm UTC 90 mins
    • Need to get started using DB2 quickly and at a low cost? Need BI and Data warehousing in-memory computing fast?

      This webcast will explain two different IBM cloud solutions that can help get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively:

      DB2 on the Cloud is available in several pre-installed, pre-configured editions of DB2 to support needs that range from a small workgroup to advanced enterprise data applications. These environments can meet a variety of needs including development, test, online transaction processing and more.

      BLU Acceleration for Cloud, recently released as a public technology preview, is designed to provide self-service BI or data warehousing in a simple agile cloud-based in-memory computing solution. It includes an option to use BLU Acceleration with Cognos BI so that you can get insights from your data very quickly and affordably.

      Attend this Tech Talk to learn more about these exciting cloud implementations and how they can work to provide data insights at the speed of business.

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    • Keeping Pace with The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scale
      Keeping Pace with The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scale Patrick Gartlan, CTO at CloudCheckr Recorded: Oct 12 2017 6:30 pm UTC 27 mins
    • With cloud maturity comes operational efficiencies and endless potential for innovation and business growth. However, the complexities of governing cloud infrastructure are impeding without the right strategy. Visibility, accountability, and actionable insights are some of the most invaluable considerations. The AWS cloud clearly enables convenience and cost savings for organizations that know how to leverage its full potential. Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs), in particular, present a tremendous opportunity when scaling to save significantly on capacity but there are many considerations to fully reaping the benefits of RIs.

      In this session, CloudCheckr CTO Patrick Gartlan will present issues that every organization runs into when scaling, provide best practices for how to combat them and help you show your boss how RIs help you save money and move faster.

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    • Cloud Storage 2.0 - Storage for the Big Data and Digital Transformation Era
      Cloud Storage 2.0 - Storage for the Big Data and Digital Transformation Era Jim Donovan, VP Product Management & Customer Operations Recorded: Oct 17 2017 7:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • As digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) become commonplace, big data has the potential to transform business processes and reshape entire industries. But antiquated and expensive data storage solutions stand in the way.

      A new generation of cloud storage has arrived, bringing breakthrough pricing, performance and simplicity. Cloud Storage 2.0 delivers storage as an inexpensive and plentiful utility, so you no longer have to make difficult decisions about which data to collect, where to store it and how long to retain it. This talk takes a look into how you can cost-effectively store any type of data, for any purpose, for any length of time. Join us to learn about the next great global utility, Cloud Storage 2.0.

      Key takeaways:
      -The next biggest cloud storage trends and technologies that are shaping the industry
      -How to embrace the era of digital transformation and IoT without breaking the bank
      -Best practices for storing, analyzing and utilizing big data

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    • Cloud 2.0: Customers First
      Cloud 2.0: Customers First Michelle Bailey, SVP Digital Infrastructure and Data Strategy, 451 Research Recorded: Sep 29 2015 3:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • With cloud computing now becoming a mainstream technology for most companies, new opportunities have emerged for cloud and hosting providers that extend beyond their traditional infrastructure-focused businesses. The most interesting changes in cloud infrastructure, applications and services are yet to come.

      A key characteristic of Cloud 2.0 is that 70% of the opportunity is beyond infrastructure hosting, with application, managed and security services demand growing from enterprises. To capture this providers must continue to evolve their offerings to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers who are now in the driver's seat. These customers need not only infrastructure, but also wrap-around services and support that they have come to expect from their corporate IT departments.

      During this data-driven discussion you will learn:

      - What Cloud 2.0 means for your business
      - Cloud adoption trends
      - How to innovate without risk
      - Who are the primary decision makers
      - How customers choose a service provider and what requirements are important to them
      - Where customers allocate their budgets

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    • Understanding Your AWS Cloud Bill
      Understanding Your AWS Cloud Bill Tim Hill, Program Manager Product Dev, 2nd Watch & Don Burr, Director of Delivery Services, AIG Recorded: Jun 8 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Looking for a simplified cloud bill? With over 30,000 SKUs and a rapid pace of innovation, AWS cloud billing information is often complex and one-dimensional. Allocating costs across your organization – to the right departments and projects – can be time-consuming, but you need to accurately track how your company is using the public cloud in order eliminate wasted spend and resources.

      Join AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner, 2nd Watch, for a live webinar to learn how to better understand your AWS bill. We’ll look at a real AWS bill and break down its components, dissecting the raw data and AWS’ billing organization model. Then we’ll look at some tools available to simplify your cloud billing. With these tools, you can achieve multi-dimensional views, detailed billing, and chargebacks by project and/or cost center to increase visibility into how your company is spending each day.

      Hear from guest speaker Don Burr, Director of Delivery Services at AIG about how the global insurance company is using 2nd Watch’s Cloud Cost Accounting tool to simplify and manage its AWS billing and usage.

      •Reading your AWS bill
      •How is an AWS bill organized
      •Cloud Cost Accounting tools to simplify your cloud billing and provide more detailed breakdowns that align to your cost reporting requirements

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    • Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data and Analytics V2.0
      Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data and Analytics V2.0 Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Aug 8 2017 2:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • The CSCC has published version 2.0 of Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data & Analytics – a reference architecture that describes elements and components needed to support big data and analytics solutions using cloud computing. Version 2.0 of the architecture includes support for new use cases and cognitive computing.

      Big data analytics (BDA) and cloud computing are a top priority for CIOs. As cloud computing and big data technologies converge, they offer a cost-effective delivery model for cloud-based analytics. Many companies are experimenting with different cloud configurations to understand and refine requirements for their big data analytics solutions.

      This webinar will cover:

      • Business reasons to adopt cloud computing for big data and analytics capabilities
      • Proven architecture patterns that have been deployed in successful enterprise BDA projects
      • An architectural overview of a big data analytics solution in a cloud environment with a description of the capabilities offered by cloud providers

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    • Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare v2.0
      Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare v2.0 Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Apr 11 2017 3:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • The CSCC has published version 2.0 of the Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare whitepaper.

      Over the past several years, the market dynamics of the healthcare industry have changed significantly with the growing impact of consumerism, digitalization, preventative healthcare and regulations. Attend this webinar to gain a fresh perspective on the current market dynamics, challenges and benefits of cloud computing on healthcare IT.

      The webinar presentation will cover:

      • Benefits and key considerations of leveraging cloud computing for healthcare IT
      • Specific IT trends in the healthcare industry that are addressed most effectively, both technically and economically, by cloud computing
      • Guidance on how best to achieve the benefits of cloud computing

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