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    • Integration as Managed Services: Turning Resource Scarcity into Abundance
      Integration as Managed Services: Turning Resource Scarcity into Abundance Peter Rodenhauser Recorded: Mar 8 2016 6:30 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Presented by Peter Rodenhauser, Liaison Technologies VP of Enterprise Services

      In today's fast-changing data climate, reliance on IT is growing. But for many businesses, so too is the scarcity of resources needed to support their increasingly complex IT environments. The result is that every chosen IT endeavor comes at the cost of another.

      One endeavor with a particularly steep tradeoff is integration. The data transfer and transformation processes that are the foundation of integration require considerable IT overhead to develop and maintain. And while these operations are critical to your organization's well being, they provide no strategic business value in and of themselves.

      But organizations don't have to choose between cutting-edge integration and their next big innovations. In this webinar, you'll discover how partnering with a managed services integration provider relieves the pressure of resource scarcity and provides an abundance of other benefits to boot, including:

      •Breathing room to focus on strategic activities—not tactical execution
      •Predictable costs that scale with usage—and reflect the economies of scale afforded by the cloud
      •Minimization of risk due to provider's proven ability to execute
      •Effective management of multi-endpoint integration partners
      •The breakdown of data silos to enable data management and Big Data capabilities

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    • Analytics Architectures for the Era of Abundance
      Analytics Architectures for the Era of Abundance Gary Spakes, Senior Systems Engineer Manager, SAS Recorded: Apr 10 2015 8:10 pm UTC 28 mins
    • Opportunities and risks abound for IT organizations. At each digital step, the diverse data that organizations need to manage and analyze continues to grow.

      Is IT ready for the “Era of Abundance”? Or is it constantly stuck in the vicious cycle of the “Era of Scarcity”?

      Hosted by Gary Spakes of SAS, this on-demand webinar will prescribe an optimal set of information architecture options involving Hadoop for data management, data discovery and analytics.

      You’ll learn how to:

      • Embrace analytics by looking beyond technology and existing organizational mindsets.
      • Modernize your analytics architecture to integrate with what you have.
      • Meet current and future needs around different types of users, workloads and scalability.
      • Make the most intelligent decisions when building a big data architecture.

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    • How to Cut Down Enterprise Conferencing Chaos
      How to Cut Down Enterprise Conferencing Chaos Robert Maloney, Product Manager, Lifesize Recorded: Nov 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • We recently teamed up with Spiceworks to survey the IT community and gain a little insight into what was working and what was painfully broken with their current collaboration conglomerations. What we discovered was a hectic mess of UNinteroperability, costly feature overlap and an abundance of rogue IT implementations

      Join us Wednesday, November 16, at 10 a.m. CDT for a Lifesize worldwide webinar that will deep dive into how to eliminate the noise, get more efficient and stay connected with a scattered workforce using the right collaboration and conferencing technology.

      Robert Maloney, Product Manager, Lifesize
      Mitch Holt, Demand Generation Manager, Lifesize

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    • Harnessing 2017’s biggest database trends
      Harnessing 2017’s biggest database trends Matt Aslett, 451 Research Director for Data Platforms & Analytics; Mike Kelly Blue Medora & GM SelectStar platform Recorded: Dec 9 2016 7:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of different platforms and approaches used to store, process and analyze data in multiple formats from multiple sources. An abundance of data platforms (relational and non-relational databases, NoSQL, NewSQL, Hadoop, database as a service, etc.) has created a complex data management landscape that relies on the integration of multiple interdependent platforms and analysis tools. This trend is expected to continue in 2017. This webinar will preview how the database market is expected to change and what database professionals can do to use these changes to their advantage.

      In this session you’ll:

      - Learn what’s driving increasing adoption trends in specific data platforms like NoSQL and Hadoop
      - See how cloud-based data platforms are being used—and who is using them
      - Discover the implications of IoT for data platforms
      - See a demo of a new database management platform designed to address these changes

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    • Close intelligence gaps with unified data analytics
      Close intelligence gaps with unified data analytics Fernando Lucini, HPE Big Data Recorded: Jun 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Government agencies all over the world are faced with increasing pressure to make better decisions faster to address rapidly changing operational environments and emerging risks of various nature. While there is an abundance of data for completing the information puzzle, it is a significant challenge to address massive volumes of disparate data from diverse sources such as surveillance cameras, broadcast media, sensors, social media, transactions, etc., and to effectively automate analytics processes to accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and relevant insights that matter.

      Join our webinar to see how HPE IDOL, a unified analytics platform for text and rich media data, can help you break down data silos, monitor real-time data feeds, uncover coveted trends/patterns/relationships, and streamlines workflows. Discover how IDOL powers real-life applications in defense, transportation security and law enforcement.

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