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    • Branding and Social Media-A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition
      Branding and Social Media-A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition Jenni Stone, MHRM, PHR, SHRM-CP Partner, HR Director-HR Shield, Robin Quale Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor-Malwarebytes Recorded: Apr 18 2017 3:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”- Jim Collins, Good to Great

      Not that long ago, talent acquisition was referred to as the recruiting department – with no more responsibility than reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and organizing candidate interviews. The phrase “talent acquisition” is now mainstream and widely accepted by companies of all sizes.

      Now you and your organization, your employee brand ambassadors, have a story to tell, one that draws people to your organization now, and in the future, so what’s YOUR STORY?

      This presentation will identify how individual communication impacts the brand, how brands communicate and what it all means for recruiting and employer branding. This session will demonstrate how to utilize the best search engines and sourcing tools available today to find biographical information as well as lists of names of top talent on the web. We will explore a variety of search tools as well as essential techniques for leveraging social media sites to attract and locate the candidates that you need to fill your toughest requisitions.

      There is a broad end-to-end focus needed; one which stretches from building a strategic employment brand, through sourcing and recruiting, all the way to onboarding top people.

      Key Takeaways:

       Planning and Strategizing

       Segmenting the Workforce

       Creating, Validating and Maintaining an Employment Brand

       Managing and Cultivating Candidate Relationships

       Defining Metrics and Conducting Analysis

       Creating an Organizational Recruiting Culture

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    • Mobile user acquisition fraud: How to find it and how to fight it
      Mobile user acquisition fraud: How to find it and how to fight it Eric Seufert, VP of User Acquisition, Rovio Recorded: Mar 30 2016 5:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Last year, the number of mobile developers and publishers who were cheated when acquiring new app users doubled. That kind of fraud means a whole lot of people are paying good money for bad users.

      It’s not surprising. The mobile market has heated up so much that as your user acquisition campaigns scale – across more channels, more markets, using more sophisticated automation -- you’re bound to run across bad traffic.

      You know something’s up because conversion rates suddenly drop. Install numbers stop synching up. Your business intelligence is stumped. Someone is claiming conversions that never happened!

      The good news? You can greatly reduce the risk. We’ve brought together a stellar round-up of pros who have diagnosed, identified, and successfully pushed back fraudulent activity in extensive UA operations. Each will share their experience from the front-lines on how to combat mobile fraud.

      After this webinar, you’ll:

      * Understand what user acquisition fraud is, and its many forms
      * Identify campaigns and publishers associated with illegitimate traffic
      * Learn how datasets can be cleaned and payouts reclaimed once fraud is identified.


      * Eric Seufert, VP of User Acquisition, Rovio
      * Yevgeny Peres, VP of Growth, Supersonic by ironSource
      * Paul H. Müller, CTO at adjust
      * Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Don't miss this insightful and interactive panel discussion on mobile fraud. Register today!

      Sponsored by adjust

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    • Mobile user 30-minutes series: Acquisition strategies
      Mobile user 30-minutes series: Acquisition strategies James Peng, Match Group (Match.com) Recorded: Jul 14 2016 7:30 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Current estimates show that there are about 180 billion app downloads per year, which is projected to rise to over 360 billion by 2020. There is no question that the demand for mobile content won't drop off any time soon. Yet, netting high quality mobile users is the fly in the ointment of many app developers and marketers.

      Despite the rapid growth of the mobile market, finding the right user (not just any user) can stump even the experts. And user acquisition is expensive--doing it right can be even more so.

      Join VentureBeat's panel of experts as we attempt to demystify successful mobile user acquisition. In this webinar you'll learn to:

      * Acquire high quality not just large quantities of users
      * Understand the power of analytics as a mobile acquisition strategy
      * Identify how to uncover the secrets of effective acquisition
      * Learn how to build loyalty amongst users

      * James Peng, Head of Mobile Acquisition, Match Group
      * Christian Calderon, Chief Revenue Officer, Ketchapp Games
      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Register for this free webinar today.

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    • Mobile User 30 min series 1 of 6: Understanding the mobile acquisition beast
      Mobile User 30 min series 1 of 6: Understanding the mobile acquisition beast Stewart Rogers, VentureBeat Recorded: May 12 2016 7:30 pm UTC 33 mins
    • As more players enter the mobile game, sustained acquisition and engagement is increasingly difficult. According to technology marketing company Fiksu, the cost to secure a loyal user for a mobile app is approximately $3.50, and that’s only for app users. Fiksu also noted that the majority of smartphone users will only spend their time in a small number of apps, so it’s important for developers to know who they should target for advertising.

      How to get and keep mobile users is the biggest challenge facing marketers today. Understanding effective engagement strategies and knowing when they work and when they don't can keep even the most Zen marketing beast awake at night.

      However, getting and keeping users is more than just bells and whistles. Increasingly savvy customers are less willing to click on buzzy flashing ads, and the smarter marketer with a more sophisticated reading of the consumer wins. From localization to custom content, marketing 3.0 requires data and user intelligence. This webinar will help you kick your user acquisition into high gear.

      In this webinar you'll learn how to

      * Identify the right users at the right time using data and analytics
      * Build a loyal and engaged audience for your mobile content
      * Understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to acquisition
      * How to find the right combination of clever, pithy, and simple messaging to acquire quality users

      * Oscar Clark, Everyplay Evangelist, Unity 3d
      * Stewart Rogers, VentureBeat Analyst
      * Wendy Schuchart, VentureBeat Moderator

      Register today for this informative 30 minute webinar on mobile user acquisition.

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    • Mobile User 30 min series 2 of 6: Mobile acquisition tactics that work
      Mobile User 30 min series 2 of 6: Mobile acquisition tactics that work Stewart Rogers, VentureBeat Recorded: Jun 2 2016 7:30 pm UTC 34 mins
    • How to get and keep mobile customers is a question for the ages, the existential cause of marketing crises across the land, but fear not. Even inspired marketing professionals get mired in a land of meaningless lingo -losing customers faster than a Corvette passing a Pacer.

      Without engagement, acquisition means nothing and marketers are stuck, unless they learn the right tactics to apply mobile technologies rightly. From mobile games to awesome apps, consumer acquisition can transform a glassy eyed, mobile-reluctant consumer into a loyal, die hard admirer. So put down your confusion and disappointment and your malaise, lift up your mobile consumer so that she can be ignited with the fiery passion of a million suns for your products and services. It’s not magic. It just feels like it.

      In this webinar, you’ll learn how to;
      * Personalize without being creepy
      * Utilize in-app ads without losing customers
      * Turn loyal customers into influencers
      * Create effective feedback loops that are simple and easy


      * Eric Grosse, CEO, Chairish
      * Paul Malicki, CMO, EasyTaxi
      * Trenholm.Ninestein, Sr Product Manager Mobile, Virgin Pulse
      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

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    • Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users
      Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users John Koetsier; VP Research VentureBeat Recorded: Oct 21 2015 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Oct 21, 2015
      10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

      How do you get the best mobile users? That's a question thousands of app publishers ask themselves daily. We have the answer.

      If you build the best app in the world, it's going to be wasted if no one ever finds it. But there is a virtual sea of mobile apps out there, each clamoring for the attention of those top users -- the ones with the great attention spans or the deepest pockets. Most consumers will only tolerate so many apps on their phone -- that means yours has to really count. Mobile ad spending doubled last year and top apps are spending anywhere from $4 to $30 per user for fresh users.

      VB Insight took a hard look at mobile user acquisition -- the major players, the best strategies and the top user acquisition companies. We surveyed 731 mobile developers with over a billion users among them. We also studied data summarizing the results of almost 14 billion mobile ads, and talked to leading user acquisition experts. And now John Koetsier is going to give a first look at the data -- for free. We'll also talk to two experts in the field of mobile user acquisition and get their real world take on a very tempestuous arena. Your mobile strategy can't afford to wait another day -- don't miss this vital information and free interactive web roundtable.

      This webinar will be based on John Koetsier’s VB Insight report "Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users for less money", which was published Sept 10, 2015. This is independent analysis and vendors did not have any influence on the outcome of this report.

      John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
      Rob Singer, CMO, Ancestry
      Robin Joy, VP, Web and Mobile Business, Docusign

      Check out VB Insight to access John's Mobile User Acquisition report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

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    • Getting it right: Technology and Talent Acquisition
      Getting it right: Technology and Talent Acquisition Jamie Liddell of Outsource Mag, Raj Ranjan of Everest, Mitzi Jordan and Milr Ali of Futurestep Recorded: Dec 10 2014 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Selecting technologies that will drive your talent strategy

      Picking the right recruitment technologies can make an immediate and dramatic impact on your talent acquisition strategy. But picking the wrong one can seriously derail that strategy, as well as using significant amounts of resources, time and, thus, money.

      This webinar looks at the multitude of new technologies being used by top companies today, and explores the best ways of ensuring the technology you select directly supports your strategy – and delivers a great candidate experience.

      Join us, and hear from the following expert speakers:
      •Rajesh Ranjan – Partner, Everest Group
      •Jamie Liddell – Editor, Outsource Magazine
      •Mitzi Jordan – Global Practice Leader, Talent Acquisition Advisory, Futurestep
      •Mir Ali – Vice President, Global Recruitment Technology, Futurestep

      Please join us for the third in the six part webinar series on Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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    • SW, WM & SC FSD: Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS
      SW, WM & SC FSD: Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS Catherine Skilton and Simon Wormald, both Directors from Deloitte’s NHS transactions team Recorded: Nov 27 2014 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • This FREE webinar will cover Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS, including development of the business case, the regulatory process, lessons learned from recent transactions and what this means for how finance staff should prepare. With the NHS 5 year forward view signalling support for “a small number of radical new care delivery options”, many of which may require a change in organisational form to deliver, it is vital to be prepared even if you are not currently directly involved in a transaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and understand more about M&A in the current context.

      We are delighted to announce that Catherine Skilton and Simon Wormald, both Directors from Deloitte’s NHS transactions team, will lead this session giving you a clear picture based on their experience of M&A in the NHS.

      This Webinar will be an hour long and will consist of the presentation followed by a question and answer session, which will allow you to pose your questions to the facilitators.

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    • I Need A Nurse, STAT!
      I Need A Nurse, STAT! Tim Sackett, Cathy Henesey Director of Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning at AMITA Health,Jason Sacramento,CareerBuilder Recorded: Aug 3 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In the United States, we are facing a major nursing crisis, unlike anything we have ever seen. If you're in the healthcare industry, you already know this and you’re living this nightmare each day. Your recruiters are beyond frustrated in trying to fill openings, only to have more nurses leave every day. So, what can you do? Join us for a webinar hosted by Tim Sackett, SPHR, SCP- HR Professional, blogger, and President at HRU Technical Resources, Tim will outline 5 things you should be doing to fill your nursing openings. Sackett ran talent acquisition at a major health system prior to the recession and will share his own insight, exclusive CareerBuilder data will be analyzed via Healthcare Global Solution Architect and Executive Member of ASHHRA, Jason Sacramento, and Cathy Henesey, ASHHRA Board member and Director of Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning at AMITA Health will join to weigh in on the topic. Webinar attendance will count toward CHHR credits through ASHHRA.

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    • Attracting Top Talent: Why the candidate experience does matter
      Attracting Top Talent: Why the candidate experience does matter Mitzi Jordan, Global Leader for Talent Acquisition Advisory at Futurestep Recorded: Jun 24 2014 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • There is no better marketing for your organization than a good candidate experience. It reinforces positive perceptions of your business, as well as setting the stage for high levels of employee engagement and performance.

      Meanwhile, a bad candidate experience can be more than a missed opportunity to engage new employees. It can also severely reduce a company’s ability to hire quality talent in the long term – and, because each candidate is also a potential customer, a bad experience can even hit the bottom line.

      Please join Futurestep as we discuss how the right talent acquisition strategy and process can significantly enhance a company’s competitive advantage.

      During the webinar, we will explore:
      • The impact on your overall brand of key candidate interactions, all the way from attraction to retention
      • How to develop a better understanding of candidate touch-points
      • Some of the innovate strategies developed to collect candidate perceptions and manage the total candidate experience

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    • Marketing Automation for Customer Acquisition and Retention
      Marketing Automation for Customer Acquisition and Retention Jonathan Hedger, Head of eCommerce, Totaljobs Recorded: May 15 2014 9:00 am UTC 32 mins
    • Marketing automation has been implemented by many different business with various degrees of success. In this webinar Jonathan Hedger will discuss how you can use campaign automation to drive customer acquisition and retention.

      Join this session to learn more about:
      - Using personalisation for targeted content
      - Using marketing automation to keep your brand front of mind
      - “The slow road to B2B conversion” – conversion rates over time
      - “Keeping the conversation going” – maintaining brand engagement ‘post purchase’
      - Using marketing automation to increase customer lifetime value
      - Data drives relevance – relevance drives engagement – engagement drives revenue

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