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    • Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users John Koetsier; VP Research VentureBeat Recorded: Oct 21 2015 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Oct 21, 2015
      10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

      How do you get the best mobile users? That's a question thousands of app publishers ask themselves daily. We have the answer.

      If you build the best app in the world, it's going to be wasted if no one ever finds it. But there is a virtual sea of mobile apps out there, each clamoring for the attention of those top users -- the ones with the great attention spans or the deepest pockets. Most consumers will only tolerate so many apps on their phone -- that means yours has to really count. Mobile ad spending doubled last year and top apps are spending anywhere from $4 to $30 per user for fresh users.

      VB Insight took a hard look at mobile user acquisition -- the major players, the best strategies and the top user acquisition companies. We surveyed 731 mobile developers with over a billion users among them. We also studied data summarizing the results of almost 14 billion mobile ads, and talked to leading user acquisition experts. And now John Koetsier is going to give a first look at the data -- for free. We'll also talk to two experts in the field of mobile user acquisition and get their real world take on a very tempestuous arena. Your mobile strategy can't afford to wait another day -- don't miss this vital information and free interactive web roundtable.

      This webinar will be based on John Koetsier’s VB Insight report "Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users for less money", which was published Sept 10, 2015. This is independent analysis and vendors did not have any influence on the outcome of this report.

      John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
      Rob Singer, CMO, Ancestry
      Robin Joy, VP, Web and Mobile Business, Docusign

      Check out VB Insight to access John's Mobile User Acquisition report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

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    • Getting it right: Technology and Talent Acquisition Getting it right: Technology and Talent Acquisition Jamie Liddell of Outsource Mag, Raj Ranjan of Everest, Mitzi Jordan and Milr Ali of Futurestep Recorded: Dec 10 2014 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Selecting technologies that will drive your talent strategy

      Picking the right recruitment technologies can make an immediate and dramatic impact on your talent acquisition strategy. But picking the wrong one can seriously derail that strategy, as well as using significant amounts of resources, time and, thus, money.

      This webinar looks at the multitude of new technologies being used by top companies today, and explores the best ways of ensuring the technology you select directly supports your strategy – and delivers a great candidate experience.

      Join us, and hear from the following expert speakers:
      •Rajesh Ranjan – Partner, Everest Group
      •Jamie Liddell – Editor, Outsource Magazine
      •Mitzi Jordan – Global Practice Leader, Talent Acquisition Advisory, Futurestep
      •Mir Ali – Vice President, Global Recruitment Technology, Futurestep

      Please join us for the third in the six part webinar series on Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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    • SW, WM & SC FSD: Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS SW, WM & SC FSD: Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS Catherine Skilton and Simon Wormald, both Directors from Deloitte’s NHS transactions team Recorded: Nov 27 2014 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • This FREE webinar will cover Mergers & Acquisitions in the NHS, including development of the business case, the regulatory process, lessons learned from recent transactions and what this means for how finance staff should prepare. With the NHS 5 year forward view signalling support for “a small number of radical new care delivery options”, many of which may require a change in organisational form to deliver, it is vital to be prepared even if you are not currently directly involved in a transaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and understand more about M&A in the current context.

      We are delighted to announce that Catherine Skilton and Simon Wormald, both Directors from Deloitte’s NHS transactions team, will lead this session giving you a clear picture based on their experience of M&A in the NHS.

      This Webinar will be an hour long and will consist of the presentation followed by a question and answer session, which will allow you to pose your questions to the facilitators.

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    • Attracting Top Talent: Why the candidate experience does matter Attracting Top Talent: Why the candidate experience does matter Mitzi Jordan, Global Leader for Talent Acquisition Advisory at Futurestep Recorded: Jun 24 2014 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • There is no better marketing for your organization than a good candidate experience. It reinforces positive perceptions of your business, as well as setting the stage for high levels of employee engagement and performance.

      Meanwhile, a bad candidate experience can be more than a missed opportunity to engage new employees. It can also severely reduce a company’s ability to hire quality talent in the long term – and, because each candidate is also a potential customer, a bad experience can even hit the bottom line.

      Please join Futurestep as we discuss how the right talent acquisition strategy and process can significantly enhance a company’s competitive advantage.

      During the webinar, we will explore:
      • The impact on your overall brand of key candidate interactions, all the way from attraction to retention
      • How to develop a better understanding of candidate touch-points
      • Some of the innovate strategies developed to collect candidate perceptions and manage the total candidate experience

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    • Marketing Automation for Customer Acquisition and Retention Marketing Automation for Customer Acquisition and Retention Jonathan Hedger, Head of eCommerce, Totaljobs Recorded: May 15 2014 9:00 am UTC 32 mins
    • Marketing automation has been implemented by many different business with various degrees of success. In this webinar Jonathan Hedger will discuss how you can use campaign automation to drive customer acquisition and retention.

      Join this session to learn more about:
      - Using personalisation for targeted content
      - Using marketing automation to keep your brand front of mind
      - “The slow road to B2B conversion” – conversion rates over time
      - “Keeping the conversation going” – maintaining brand engagement ‘post purchase’
      - Using marketing automation to increase customer lifetime value
      - Data drives relevance – relevance drives engagement – engagement drives revenue

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    • Proceed With Caution: State and Local Tax Issues Affecting Mergers & Acquisition Proceed With Caution: State and Local Tax Issues Affecting Mergers & Acquisition George Kyroudis, Director – M&A Tax, Myron Vansickel, Director – State and Local Tax Recorded: Mar 6 2013 4:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Multistate businesses face increasing financial burdens and a web
      of conflicting rules and complex tax issues – not only because of
      the sheer number of taxing jurisdictions, but also because state
      and local tax rules are not consistent from one jurisdiction to another.
      This complexity is further magnified for a multijurisdictional business
      involved in a merger/acquisition transaction.

      Whether it’s an acquisition, disposition, spinoff, or reorganization, the
      implication of all relevant state and local tax laws must be accounted
      as early in the transaction process for either the acquirer or the target.
      Sloppy planning or insufficient consideration to state tax implications
      of such transactions could result in significant state and local tax
      consequences, including lost or severely reduced ability to: 1) attain
      tax efficiency; 2) utilize favorable tax attributes; or 3) qualify for tax
      exemptions. Companies considering any M&A transaction cannot
      afford to ignore the state tax opportunities and implications.

      After participating in this webinar, you should be able to:
      • Develop a due diligence plan to identify and evaluate tax risk
      and the potential tax impact of a M&A business transaction
      • Determine the unique issues in a transaction itself and transaction
      structuring to mitigate state and local tax consequences
      • Apply the best method to integrate the acquired business to ensure
      compliance with state and local laws after the transaction occurs
      • Describe the critical tax developments and issues governing
      state and local M&A transactions in the context of income tax,
      sales/use tax and other indirect taxation considerations

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    • Mobile user engagement is the new user acquisition Mobile user engagement is the new user acquisition John Koetsier, TUNE; Robin Zucker, Playboy Media; Jason Allen, GameStop Recorded: Dec 10 2015 8:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Sponsored by TUNE

      There's no point in acquiring users if you're not going to engage them.

      By the end of this year, brands and publishers will have spent $70 billion on mobile ads. The inevitable result? The cost of mobile user acquisition is skyrocketing, hitting the high $3 and $4 range this year on average, but jumping to easily $15 to $20 for apps in hot, lucrative spaces.

      That’s why we’re saying user engagement is the new user acquisition.

      Almost 70% of users you acquire do NOT become long-term loyal users, players, or customers. Bringing that number down could halve or massively reduce your average cost of acquisition per user.

      How do you do that?
      What do you do?
      What do you NOT do?
      What results are possible when you engage better?

      There might be no one on the planet who has studied this space as much as VentureBeat's former VP of Research, John Koetsier. He's going to sit down with some chief marketing officers who are leading in the mobile engagement -- and we're also going to talk to the chief marketing officer from Playboy Media, a venerable publishing titan that has been around longer than than many marketers have been alive.

      In this webinar, you'll

      * Hear the mobile strategies that top tier B2C companies are using to engage consumers.
      * Discover the mistakes some marketers make in measuring mobile engagement.
      * Achieve the sweet balance between mobile customer engagement and user acquisition.
      * Get top notch industry survey results from VB Insight's latest mobile report.

      John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, TUNE
      Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Digital Research, Playboy Media
      Jason Allen, VP, Multichannel, GameStop

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    • Strategic Sourcing: Aligned, efficient and impactful Strategic Sourcing: Aligned, efficient and impactful Robin Erickson, Ph.D. – Vice President, Talent Acquisition Research, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP Recorded: Jun 25 2015 3:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Bersin by Deloitte’s recently published Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015 found that the surveyed companies were spending nearly 25% of their talent acquisition budgets on sourcing. How can you be sure these resources are being allocated most effectively?

      The identification of potential candidates is a critical and increasingly complex step in the recruitment process.

      Please join Bersin by Deloitte and Futurestep as we take a look at the current sourcing landscape, how sourcing has become the strategic underpinning of the talent acquisition process, and how you can improve ROI through smarter sourcing.

      Thursday, June 25
      11 AM ET (US), 8 AM PT (US), 4 PM GMT (UK)

      Robin Erickson, Ph.D. – Vice President, Talent Acquisition Research, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP
      Jonathan Brown, Vice President, Global Solutions, Futurestep
      Athina Saides – Strategic Sourcing Manager, Americas, Futurestep

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    • Where to Fish: Optimization of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Where to Fish: Optimization of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Jim McCoy, VP of Sales Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Kelly Kliebhan, Practice Leader, Borderless Talent Resourcing Recorded: May 31 2012 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • More than ever before, the ability to tap the potential of people is becoming every organization’s key competitive advantage. At the same time, many organizations are finding it more difficult to attract the kind of talent they need, where and when they need it most. In this talent-driven era, companies also need to do business more flexibly on an increasingly global scale. Talent is the new “It,” and the race for talent is leading organizations to expand their talent acquisition horizons, from exploring opportunities for a virtual workforce to those in borderless talent solutions.

      In ManpowerGroup’s 2011 Borderless Workforce Survey of more than 25,000 employers from 39 countries and territories, about one-quarter of those surveyed said they’ve been looking outside their borders to find talent and solve their skills shortages. With increasing demands for niche skills in companies around the world, people are also becoming more mobile, willing to relocate to take advantage of new opportunities. Determining how to strategically migrate in-demand talent within and across countries is a growing business need – and those organizations that realize the importance of mobilizing their workforce will win in the Human Age.

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    • Emerging Trends in Merger & Acquisition Disputes Emerging Trends in Merger & Acquisition Disputes Jim Smith, Jeff Litvak, Jeremy McGannon Recorded: Nov 7 2014 6:00 pm UTC 103 mins
    • The economy is progressively improving and M&A activity is beginning to show signs of improvement. The courts have focused on numerous challenges for valuation experts in M&A transactions. Some involve a failure to close a transaction, but many are over claims of fraud, misrepresentation or breach of warranties or covenants after a transaction has closed. In these types of disputes, the most important question is whether a party will be entitled to seek damages and, if so, the manner in which the damages are to be measured. After the dust settles, however, other questions arise, including: how did we get here and how can we prevent this in the future?

      The session will provide insight into emerging trends in mergers and acquisitions following the economic downturn as well as observations and insights into the types of disputes that have emerged in this economy. In this context, the session will provide background on the legal and transactional issues that must be considered during negotiations, drafting of the transactional documents, closing and beyond and an overview of the various legal, accounting, and valuation aspects of disputes over misrepresentations, breaches, earnouts and post-closing adjustments

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    • Residential Home Health: Improving the Patient Referral & Acquisition Process Residential Home Health: Improving the Patient Referral & Acquisition Process David Curtis, President, Residential Home Health | Kim Arnold & Manoj Shivji, Salesforce Recorded: May 14 2015 6:30 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Residential Home Health (RHH) is a home health and hospice provider serving over 3,700 patients in Michigan and Illinois. IDC recently released a white paper detailing their success with Salesforce which resulted in business benefits of $3.2 million, ROI of 460%, and a payback period of 4.2 months.

      Join us, along with David Curtis, President of Residential Home Health, in our upcoming webinar and product demo to learn how RHH built a mobile physician application, integrated with their EMR, and reduced cycle times to convert patient referrals.

      Utilizing the Salesforce Platform, Sales and Service Cloud, RHH achieved these results by improving several key areas, including:

      - Sales Efficiencies: automatic email notifications triggered by patient status updates through Salesforce workflows
      - Referral Acquisitions: referral sources can verbally dictate HIPAA-compliant orders
      - Referral Conversions: care coordinators monitor patients in Salesforce and can view all patients by status

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    • Talent Acquisition Townhall:: Recruiting Tech Talent Talent Acquisition Townhall:: Recruiting Tech Talent Bennett Sung; Cassie Courtney; Mike Witherspoon; Richard Stack; Dan Restuccia; Ted Elliott Recorded: Dec 11 2014 6:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • What are the economic, structural and technology influences changing how employers and staffing agencies find, engage and hire top tech talen? In today's job seekers market, talent acquisition leaders cannot rest on their laurels and must THINK SUSTAINABLE in order to meet the hyper growth goals being observed across the technology-focused professional services industry.

      Jobscience is proud to host an executive forum for recruiting specialists hiring tech talent. Listen in and join the conversation with the following panelists:

      - Richard Stack, VP, Global Recruiting, Cloud Sherpas - Panelist
      - Mike Witherspoon, CEO/Co-Founder, CodeScience - Panelist
      - Cassie Courtney, Director of Operations, CodeScience - Panelist
      - Dan Restuccia, Chief Analytics Officer, Burning Glass - Panelist
      - Ted Elliott, Jobscience, CEO - Panelist
      - Bennett Sung, Jobscience, Marketing Director - Moderator

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