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    • Advancing Business Performance: Align IT Vendor Risk to ERM
      Advancing Business Performance: Align IT Vendor Risk to ERM Scott Roller 3WP; Yo Delmar, MetricStream, Albert Biketi, HPE Security -Data Security, Russell McGuire, Riskonnect Recorded: Jan 24 2017 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Growing exposure to IT risks has made organizations across industries volatile. Recent IT vendor incidents like data and security beaches, violation of privacy guidelines, which caused substantial fines, penalties, brand value, highlight that IT vendor risks are business risks and require focus from the leadership. An immature ITVRM programs limits the insights which are necessary for strengthening vendor relationships and building a robust ERM program. Rather than treating each risk in isolation, organizations need to have an integrated approach to manage risks holistically and in line with their business operations and objectives. With the growing dependency on IT and IT vendors, organizations need to align enterprise and IT VRM objectives to build a resilient framework suitable for today’s environment.

      During the session, panelists will discuss how organizations can strengthen vendor management in the current landscape and improve business performance.

      - Causes of Vendor Risks incidents and the impact on the enterprise
      - Best approach to align IT vendor risk to enterprise risk
      - Building mature VRM Program
      - Role of technology in integrating Vendor risk to Enterprise risk management

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    • Align your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy
      Align your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy Arturo Bentin, Optymyze, VP Professional Services Recorded: Jul 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • Incentive compensation plans need to embody strategy in order to align sales force behaviors with the corporate strategy. What are the best practices for aligning your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy?

      Join this presentation to hear Arturo Bentin Optymyze VP Professional Services discuss:
      • The sales force and their requirement to understand their role in accomplishing business strategy
      • How the dedication of a team to continually review comp plans and establish indicators of misalignment can help your business
      • The reinforcement of the compensation plan in addition to using contests and SPIFFs sparingly.

      SPEAKER: Arturo Bentin, Vice President Professional Services, Optymyze

      Arturo has 16 years experience leading the development and delivery of technology related services.

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    • Align your stars: performance management that drives results
      Align your stars: performance management that drives results Lori Kleiman Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Recorded: Jun 15 2016 3:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Leadership in human resources requires understanding of the strategic initiatives and the ability to align organizational talent with success. Planning for the future needs of human capital, is a key component to success as a HR executive. In this action packed program, we will look at performance management through the lens of strategic. Attendees will walk about with an understanding of what to look for in a strategic plan, and how to craft performance discussions to ensure only those that are headed in the same direction as leadership are considered top talent. We will review a HR Topics proprietary tool that helps organizations evaluate who is really top talent, and what those individuals might need to move to the next level. Finally, we conclude with recommendations of how to incorporate changes to the performance conversation into the organization and impact a culture shift that will drive results.

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    • How to align your marketing for smarter demand generation and stronger ROI
      How to align your marketing for smarter demand generation and stronger ROI Alex Gill, senior director, Harte Hanks Recorded: Jan 27 2016 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • B2B buying is becoming increasingly complex. The number of influencers, decision makers and stakeholders involved in the process is one driver of this. It’s further compounded by today’s multiplicity of marketing communications channels.

      How can you master these challenges to deliver real and continuous pipeline for your products and solutions?

      The secret is to align your approach to various channels, touchpoints and moments in time. Each interaction with your audience – be it customer, prospect or influencer - should be based on insight, tailored to the individual and deliver an impact.

      This is ‘smarter demand generation’. It’s an approach that integrates data, technology, people and tactics. It leverages insight to improve targeting and messaging, and it’s optimised to deliver real, measurable impact to your pipeline.

      This webinar will outline practical tips on achieving smarter demand generation. It will enable you to:

      •Gain insights into the changing approach of B2B organisations when buying products/solutions
      •Learn how to design and execute demand generation that delivers results in this new buying paradigm
      •Encompass both digital and human interactions, aligning demand generation to the way buyers educate themselves, learn about solutions and ultimately select their vendors
      •Understand the pitfalls to avoid
      •Plan the steps needed to improve your own marketing and sales for smarter demand generation

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    • 5 Ways to Deliver a Value Proposition that Aligns you with Your Buyer
      5 Ways to Deliver a Value Proposition that Aligns you with Your Buyer Lisa D. Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates Recorded: Jun 25 2015 6:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • The market gets noisier and the challenges of coming up with a convincing sales message only get harder. What drives technology buyers in an environment where everyone has the latest and greatest? Both marketers and sellers need to truly communicate the imperatives buyers have to drive their own success. Only value propositions that align both seller and buyer needs will get attention. Attend this session to get the highlights of some recent research done by Knowledgence Associates and IDG Connect on Value Propositions in Buying Decisions.

      · How to tune your message with buyers to gain traction
      · The real impact of value propositions on getting on the short list
      · The shift to more customer-focused, rather than product/service focused statements.
      · Remove the top 5 weaknesses that technology value props suffer from
      · Message alignment to drive home customer success stories

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