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    • 6 Basics of Successful AV Deployment with HDBaseT Over Category Cabling
      6 Basics of Successful AV Deployment with HDBaseT Over Category Cabling Todd Harpel, Berk-Tek and Bill Lauby, Leviton Recorded: Sep 29 2016 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • High Definition Video is prevalent in our everyday lives. From the board room to the classroom, the sports bar to the sports stadium, the demand for dynamic audio-visual content is rapidly increasing. Traditional methods of transporting content to displays are a thing of the past. This presentation explores technologies and methods for connecting A/V sources to HD displays using twisted pair cabling and provides guidance for successful deployment.

      By attending this presentation, you will learn:
      - Cabling system requirements needed to support a high density digital AV distribution environment
      - Alternative methods and equipment that can be used to extend the reach of an HDMI connection

      * One BICSI CEC will be provided after viewing this presentation up until April 15, 2017*

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    • AV isn't Dead. It's Evolving.
      AV isn't Dead. It's Evolving. Tyler Moffitt Threat Research Analyst, Webroot Recorded: Jun 26 2014 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Traditional signature AV technology is no longer able to consistently and fully remediate or defend against today’s most advanced threats. New and emerging threats such as ransomware, social engineering driven attacks, and micro variant financial threats are just some of the examples of difficult to remediate infections. This presentation will take a look at the malware landscape and explain why these tactics are so effective against traditional AV technology. We will examine three specific families of infections and highlight their tactics to evade detection and what issues occur with remediation. To keep up with modern malware, the methods for discovering and addressing new threats needs to change. Lastly, we will talk about Webroot’s innovation and how our SecureAnywhere AV solution is capable of defending against, and remediating today’s most advanced threats.

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    • Attain PCI Compliance without AV
      Attain PCI Compliance without AV Michael Moshiri Director, Advanced Endpoint Protection Recorded: Oct 25 2016 4:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Many PCI-compliant organizations continue to deploy traditional AV -- not because of its superior security capabilities, but because they wrongly assume it’s required to remain PCI compliant. Join us for this webinar to learn how to achieve and maintain PCI compliance while replacing traditional AV with superior security capabilities, specifically:

      •Which PCI requirements prescribe the use of traditional AV
      •How auditors and Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) interpret those requirements today
      •How Palo Alto Networks customers replace traditional AV with real prevention -- while maintaining PCI compliance

      Read CoalFire PCI DSS Validation of Traps

      Learn More About Traps

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    • Avoid AV Storms
      Avoid AV Storms Grayson Milbourne Security Intelligence Director, Webroot Recorded: Mar 19 2014 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Most companies deploy virtual environments in order to get the most out of their hardware (maximize utilization). Traditional security was designed to be deployed in a one-to-one fashion, relying heavily on existing computing resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) and often taking full advantage of all resources available. In virtual environments with multiple machines and signature based protection, when a scan runs or signatures are updated (typically daily) and simultaneously, it has the potential to consume all resources available, creating what is called an AV storm. This presentation will explore the modern VM security landscape and the introduction of Agentless Security and associated efficacy.

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    • (SE) Öka kampanjförsäljningen genom intelligent analys av köpmönster
      (SE) Öka kampanjförsäljningen genom intelligent analys av köpmönster IBM SPSS Recorded: Nov 14 2013 8:00 am UTC 25 mins
    • Många företag saknar viktiga detaljer i sina säljkampanjer som gör att de går miste om uppenbara. Det gör att de går miste om uppenbara möjligheter till merförsäljning, och företagen riskerar att kunderna uppfattar deras nyhetsmeddelanden som skräppost eftersom meddelandena sällan innehåller erbjudanden som är relevanta för den enskilda kunden.
      Andra företag använder intelligent analys av köpmönster till att maximera försäljningen till varje enskild kund. De flesta företag har redan de data som en lösning kräver, så det är egentligen bara att sätta igång.

      På det här webbseminariet går vi igenom några exempel från företag som använder analys av köpmönster i sin direktmarknadsföring. Vi studerar vilka resultat de har uppnått och ger en översikt över hur man går från data till skräddarsydda erbjudanden på kundnivå. Slutligen kommer vi in på hur en sådan lösning kan implementeras. Det kan vara en rent molnbaserad tjänst som tillhandahålls via en webbläsare eller en lösning som installeras inom företaget.

      Genom webbseminariet får du insikter om intelligenta metoder för analys av köpmönster och om hur det kan implementeras i din verksamhet.

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    • How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks
      How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst, Webroot Recorded: Mar 25 2015 5:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • You only have two lines of defense when it comes to blocking threats. Beyond relying on your security solution for protection the only safeguard is you and your decisions. Malware authors aren't too concerned about what your AV is capable of blocking since they've formed reliable tactics to circumvent that protection. Their focus now is social engineering. You'd be surprised what the average user, and even the experienced user might fall for when it's presented in a professional fashion. We'll talk about tactics involved with phishing attachments, Fake AVs, PUAs, Cold Calls, and Encrypting Ransomware. This Webinar will go into detail on the different types of social engineering used in each of these threats to turn you into a reliable clicker.

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