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    • Tips for Tackling Bandwidth Management Tips for Tackling Bandwidth Management Zack Belcher Recorded: Dec 11 2013 6:45 pm UTC 34 mins
    • In this 30 min. on-demand webcast you will learn about the concepts noted below and see a live demo showing how Visual TruView tackles Capacity Planning in just a few mouse clicks:

      -Understand Bandwidth Resources and Performance Tradeoffs – Bad performance does not necessarily mean that bandwidth is not sufficient. Knowing how busy links are, and for how long,is key to gauging the correlation between bandwidth and performance.

      -Use the Right Tools for the Job – Trying to detect over-utilization of bandwidth can be difficult when the tools are not well suited to the job. The key questions to answer are, has the link been over-utilized, for how long, and by what application and what end-user?

      -Account for Business Hours – Having a combination of real-time and back-in-time views allows IT to see what is happening more quickly, solve problems faster, and move on to more strategic initiatives efficiently.

      -Determine if is Bandwidth Being Used for Business? – There are two types of traffic, business and recreational. Obviously, business has priority, so it is important to know why a busy link is busy. Is it usage of a business application? Is it the breaking news story everyone is streaming to the desktop? Even if it is a business application causing congestion, does that application really need to consume that much bandwidth?

      -Streamline the Process – With networks growing quickly, the job of understanding what links are busy, when and why, gets more complex and time consuming. The amount of time taken to perform proactive capacity planning is the main reason why the job does not get done

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    • Building a Passive Optical LAN (POL) for High-Bandwidth Enterprises Building a Passive Optical LAN (POL) for High-Bandwidth Enterprises Ryland J. Marek, 3M Communication Markets Division; Francis Audet and Jimmy Gagnon, EXFO Recorded: May 15 2014 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Following the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) trend to deliver more bandwidth to consumers, a new technology is emerging that promises to provide more bandwidth, more services and future-proof networks to enterprises. Passive optical LANs are changing the way we think about designing the local area network. This webinar will provide an introduction to POL technology, compare POL and traditional Ethernet switching architectures, and review the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards applicable to the design and testing of POL solutions in order to address considerations such as splitters, connectors, signals and more.

      Join us for this webinar to learn more about the following:

      - The latest standards and market trends related to POL solutions
      - A detailed overview of POL solutions and their main benefits
      - The differences between traditional structured copper cabling and POL solutions
      - Elements requiring testing and available solutions

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    • Reclaim Your Network Bandwidth with App. Intelligence and Control Reclaim Your Network Bandwidth with App. Intelligence and Control Mathew Dieckman; SonicWALL, Product Manager Recorded: Jun 3 2010 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Reclaim Your Network Bandwidth with Application Intelligence and Control Companies of all sizes have now integrated Web 2.0, social networking and streaming media applications into their organization in some capacity. This new technology has proven to be a cost-efficient and highly efficient way of extending communications, improving collaboration and driving revenue. In fact, Recent research* shows that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies have now adopted social networking-with over 45% engaging in blogging activities. Like any new technology, the challenges are equal to the benefits.

      These hungry bandwidth applications are robbing organizations of bandwidth, productivity, and confidential data, putting them at risk of regulatory noncompliance. Management and prioritization are key – Application Intelligence and Control is the answer. Join this Web Seminar to learn how Application Intelligence and Control can allow you to maximize the business value of Web applications while preserving valuable bandwidth, increasing productivity and minimizing risk.

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    • In 2019, Everything Will Change: Is Your Network Ready? In 2019, Everything Will Change: Is Your Network Ready? Jim Frey, Director of Marketing Recorded: Jan 21 2016 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • In just a few short years, the connected world will experience explosive growth in bandwidth demand, an evolution in wireless technology, and a threefold increase in the amount of power transmitted through IP networks. New technology currently under development will be needed to support future generations of devices and applications. Is your infrastructure designed and built with advanced technology that will hold up to these future demands? Attend this webinar to find out. Topics to be discussed include:
      - A brief look back on the evolution of technology (Did you realize that before 2010, iPads didn't exist?)
      - Bandwidth explosion, more power over Ethernet and an evolution of wireless (Your network infrastructure will be expected to support it)
      - Berk-Tek's proprietary new method of measuring how a network responds to the stress and strain of technology still under development

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    • Networking Requirements for Hosted VoIP Bandwidth, firewalls, VLANS Networking Requirements for Hosted VoIP Bandwidth, firewalls, VLANS Jose Pastor, Andy Thompson & Michael Risano - RingCentral Recorded: Jun 4 2014 5:25 pm UTC 61 mins
    • RingCentral, a leading cloud-based business phone system provider, will be hosting a live Computer-side chat about networking requirements for a hosted VoIP solution for your business. Andy Thompson, Sales Engineer, will lead the conversation, answering frequently asked questions about what it takes to be ready Day One when moving to cloud VoIP. Don’t be fooled by his title, Andy’s not a Sales guy, he’s one of the RingCentral tech experts brought in pre-purchase when you’re ready to go geek and talk tech. Michael Risano, Tier 3 Support Team Lead, will also weigh in, and man the Chat feature, answering individual questions and kicking over hot topics for Andy to address to the whole group. As a key member of RingCentral’s support team, Michael knows what can trip you up and how to fix it – from router choices to carrier questions and what to do when the Internet goes down.


      Andy Thompson, Sales Engineer
      Andy has been with RingCentral for a year as a Sales Engineer, providing account management to all sizes of customers, completing both onsite and remote implementations and demos for prospective customers and providing remote support or implementation when needed.

      Michael Risano, Tier 3 Support Team Lead
      Michael has been working with RingCentral for about 5 years now, as a Tier 3 Support Team Lead, making sure there is a seamless integration of our service with customers' systems. Micheal spent years in IT at Kaiser Permanente, so he is uniquely suited to helping IT customer implement and fine tune their RingCentral system.

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