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    • Discussion: Why are Open Banking Deadlines not met?
      Discussion: Why are Open Banking Deadlines not met? Srini Peyyalamitta, Head of Banking & Financial Services, Aspire Systems & Olivier, Global Head of Marketing, HID Recorded: Feb 1 2018 8:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • It was a setback when UK’s biggest lenders’ missed deadlines surfaced around the open banking rules! Are banks stalling the inevitable future of Open Banking?
      Open banking is set to make a transformational change to banking for personal customers and small businesses, forcing UK banks to open up their data via a set of secure application programming interfaces (APIs). This will bring banks to shift from being one-stop-shops for financial services to open platforms where consumers can start to embrace a more modular approach to banking by giving verified third-parties direct access to this data.
      Under these changes, the challenger banks are up for a win-win situation since they can now offer personalized solutions to their customers while the move for a customer from one bank account to another becomes easier.
      Aspire Systems welcomes you to the second session of the Millennial Banking Day. Millennials today are transforming the way banking is done. In a world where all other industries have started to serve their millennials at the speed and scale to keep them engaged, this puts a huge pressure on banks to innovate in such a way that millennials witness personalized banking experiences intuitively at the speed of light.
      Join us for a 45 minute Q&A session with best known experts from the fintech industry to discuss reasons for banks to miss these open banking deadlines and how banks can start to detect early successes with open banking.

      Hosted by – Krittika Banerjee, BFSI Research Analyst, Aspire Systems

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    • Uncomplicating Onboarding & the Many Shades of Client 360 Across Banking
      Uncomplicating Onboarding & the Many Shades of Client 360 Across Banking Deven Swim, Senior Manager, Boston Private | Tanner Shamrock, Banking Lead and David Dal Pos, Capital Markets Lead, Accenture Recorded: Nov 2 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Thanks to digital technologies, finance is becoming a consumer-to-business industry. To offer consistent and fulfilling customer experiences across multiple channels (digital and physical), banks must define clear digital agendas and allocate the right investments between “GO Digital” and “BE Digital.”

      What does that look like? Successful banks are analyzing and prioritizing existing business platforms and key processes to determine what needs to transform as well as what new digital business initiatives they need to launch to meet and exceed the rising expectations of today’s consumers.

      During this webinar, Deven Swim of Boston Private Financial Holdings and Tanner Shamrock and David Dal Pos of Accenture, will take a closer look at what it takes to achieve next level customer service and how cloud onboarding and client 360 can help.

      You’ll learn:
      •The state of banking and wealth today, including top trends and challenges
      •How to get the client onboarding experience right in the first 90 days
      •Best practices for achieving the coveted 360-degree view of clients
      •What your peers are doing to deliver next level service

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    • Emotional Banking™ - Banking Cultural Transformation Can't Wait
      Emotional Banking™ - Banking Cultural Transformation Can't Wait Duena Blomstrom, Author, Emotional Banking Recorded: Mar 26 2018 3:40 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Banks being notoriously slow has become an assumed adage. Considering the pace of technology, consumer needs and regulation change, banks are running out of time to either become beloved brands and retain their relationship with the consumers or simply modify their business models to become efficient and profitable rails for those who will. To accomplish that, deeply meaningful cultural transformation needs to happen and fast.

      Emotional Banking details a series of methods to accomplish this transformation and looks at case studies of those banks that have undergone change.

      This session will feature Duena Blomstrom, the author of "Emotional Banking - Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands " in conversation with bankers who have had to design and implement cultural change in their organisations."

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    • The Future of Banking: Data, Big Tech, and Open Banking
      The Future of Banking: Data, Big Tech, and Open Banking Leda Glyptis (QNB), Evgenia Loginova (BPC), Ilya Dubinsky (Credorax), Natasha Kyprianides (Hellenic Bank), Vincent Roland Recorded: Jun 5 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • With Big Tech and e-commerce players like Amazon and Alibaba moving into the Financial Services space, the future of banking has become more and more exciting, but perhaps, challenging as well.

      Join this live panel session streamed from Money 20/20 Europe where our panel will discuss:

      -The data revolution - privacy, data management, and optimising the customer experience
      -The effects of new regulatory changes
      -Common mistakes traditional banks have made when it comes to collaborating with FinTech players
      -Where does AI come in?
      -What retailers can learn from the changing banking landscape

      Evgenia (Jane) Loginova, Chief Commercial Officier, BPC Banking Technologies
      Natasha Kyprianides, Head of Digital Banking and Innovation, Hellenic Bank
      Ilya Dubinsky, Head of CTO Office, Credorax Group
      Vincent Roland, EVP Merchant Services Global Business Line, Worldline

      Dr Agapi Leda Glyptis, Chief Innovation Officer, Qatar National Bank (QNB)

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    • Boost Mobile & Digital Banking Engagement while Reducing Churn With Big Data
      Boost Mobile & Digital Banking Engagement while Reducing Churn With Big Data Anirudh Shah, Founder & CEO, 3LOQ Labs and Flavio Villanustre, VP Technology, HPCC Systems Recorded: May 22 2018 2:30 pm UTC 50 mins
    • Join Anirudh Shah, Founder & CEO, 3LOQ Labs, and Flavio Villanustre, VP Technology, HPCC Systems, to learn how 3LOQ is solving the problem of customer churn with open source big data and machine learning technology. 3LOQ addresses this challenge by deploying proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze billions of data points and map out dynamic feature recommendations to reinforce repeated usage of a product. The end result? Reduced churn with high customer engagement for businesses.

      3LOQ recently partnered with a leading Indian banking institution to increase adoption of their digital channels. The project yielded impressive results for the client, including a:

      · 45% reduction in customer churn
      · 145% increase in digital banking transactions
      · 75% increase in users who made four or more transactions per month

      In this webcast, Flavio will give an overview of one of the key tech tools that contributes to 3LOQ's success, the completely free, open source HPCC Systems big data platform. Anirudh will share how 3LOQ Labs leverages this platform to:

      • Analyze four terabytes of data combined with built-in analytics libraries to create personalized recommendations
      • Utilize efficient coding in an implicitly parallel platform that allows prototypes to be developed and iterated quickly
      • Enable horizontal scaling on commodity hardware, with the flexibility to deploy both on premises and in the cloud

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    • Platform business model for banking
      Platform business model for banking Infosys Finacle Recorded: Apr 10 2018 3:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Platforms are revolutionizing traditional business models in every industry and fast becoming a metaphor for outstanding business success. In banking, the platform model will enable institutions to sharpen their ecosystem strategy and build a sustainable revenue source in the times of falling interest incomes.

      How can banks achieve the explosive success of new age platform businesses like Uber, Alibaba and Amazon? Join this webinar where a panel of global banking leaders will share strategies and case studies of progressive banks, who are making this transition.

      - Gabriel Di Lelle, VP - Innovation and Digital Transformation, Grupo Bancolombia
      - Sampath Srinivasan, SVP and Head - Program Management Office, First Abu Dhabi Bank
      - Sameer Singh Jaini, Founder and CEO, The Digital Fifth
      - Sunil Mishra, Senior Industry Principal, Infosys Finacle
      - Rajashekara V. Maiya, Head - Product Strategy, Infosys Finacle

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    • Digital Banking: Customizing security to avoid customer fatigue
      Digital Banking: Customizing security to avoid customer fatigue Philippe Regniers, Director of Marketing for Online Banking and Payments Recorded: Nov 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • A convenient and consistent online user experience breeds trust in a service. How it’s executed can alter a user’s perception either positively or negatively. When it comes to online security, consumers have different perceptions. What banks want to avoid is “security fatigue.”

      Risk management systems make sensitive online transactions more user friendly by customizing security in response to the risk. The real-time assessment of a user’s transaction is instantly evaluated and an authentication step can be sent if needed. Adapting strong authentication to the online transactions improves the customer experience and avoids fatiguing your users with security if it’s not necessary.

      Not all online transactions are created equal, so successful security solutions need to be intelligent and smart. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday November 16, 2016 as we discuss:
      •What not to do when it comes to online banking security
      •How to build a customized risk-based authentication process
      •Security as a business enabler
      •The influence of a user’s security persona toward risk

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    • The Relevance of Omnichannel Banking in the Age of Digital Disruption
      The Relevance of Omnichannel Banking in the Age of Digital Disruption Eric Crabtree, VP & Global Head, Financial Services, Unisys & Daniel Latimore, Senior Vice President, Banking, Celent Recorded: Sep 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Digital disruption in the banking arena is accelerating. Pure digital firms have raised the bar for customer expectations regarding convenience, service, and speed. Fintech companies are taking over profitable areas such as payments, lending, and retail investments. In this new world, banks need to create a seamless, personalized customer journey. This journey must be marked by intuitively grasping and fulfilling the customer’s next demand.

      But how do banks create this sought-after customer experience? The answer is found in building a cohesive ecosystem incorporating the perfect blend of both digital and physical touchpoints.

      Discover how to grow wallet and market share by making customer journeys easy and frictionless across all touchpoints. As you simplify the way customers interact with your bank, you will reduce costs and free up both staff and capital, which you can then apply to support further innovation and growth.

      About The Speakers:

      Eric Crabtree, VP & Global Head, Financial Services, Unisys
      Eric Crabtree is the global leader for Financial Services. In his current role, Eric is building a cohesive strategy for the financial services vertical, by leveraging the extensive domain expertise across the Unisys portfolio and ensuring that solutions and services are delivered in a way that enable our clients to meet their strategic goals and objectives.

      Daniel Latimore, Senior Vice President, Banking, Celent
      Daniel W. Latimore, CFA, is the Senior Vice President of Celent’s Banking group and is based in the firm’s Boston office. Mr. Latimore’s areas of focus include the banking ecosystem, digital and omnichannel banking, and innovation.

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    • INETCO featuring Celent: Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics
      INETCO featuring Celent: Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics Bob Meara - Senior Analyst, Celent Banking Practice; Kambiz Asrar Haghighi - VP of Product Management, INETCO Recorded: Feb 11 2015 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Join Bob Meara, senior analyst with Celent’s Banking practice, and Kambiz Asrar Haghighi, INETCO's VP of Product Management, for a 45 minute webinar to learn how to tap into your existing transaction data and access the rich customer analytics you need to drive banking engagement, adopt data-driven banking strategies, and speed up your profitability reporting cycles.

      According to a recent Celent study, “62% of financial institutions strongly believe that customer analytics offers significant competitive advantages and 53% strongly feel they need a granular, holistic and forward-looking view of customers to be competitive." - Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Celent’s Banking practice.

      Key webinar takeaways:
      * How transaction data plays a key role in helping you understand the customer experience

      * How to move from Big Data talk to Big Data action with customer analytics

      * Live data use case demonstration of the new INETCO Analytics for ATM solutions pack

      All those who register for the webinar will receive a copy of its recording as well the corresponding whitepaper: Improving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

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    • Accelerate Open Banking with APIs, Strong Authentication and Risk-Based Security
      Accelerate Open Banking with APIs, Strong Authentication and Risk-Based Security Mehdi Medjaoui, Lead API Economist, CA technologies Robert Lindberg, Product Manager, CA technologies David Chui, Digital Upcoming: Jul 19 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Whether driven by PSD2 compliance, market demand for mobile apps, or fintech competition, open banking is becoming a top priority for financial businesses. Through exclusive research and customer successes, we determined that building a modern application architecture with APIs, microservices and strong authentication is a key success factor in this space. In fact, our latest report shows that fully digital banks enjoy an estimated 25% cost-to-income ratio, versus 60% for traditional institutions.

      For this webcast, we assembled a panel that includes Mehdi Medjaoui, author of Banking APIs: State of the Market, along with experts in API and security capabilities, to introduce the elements of modern application architecture that all digital banking business leaders should know about – API management, microservices, strong authentication and risk-based security. You’ll learn about:

      * The current state of open banking, and what your peers are doing

      * How to invest in modern application architecture to improve your open banking projects

      * How to align better with IT to accelerate your time-to-market

      All registrants will also benefit from a complimentary copy of our Banking APIs: State of the Market report.

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    • Strategies for Monetising Open Banking
      Strategies for Monetising Open Banking Roger Vincent, Head of Partner Innovation, Equifax; Nick Cabrera, Director, Finance Edge Recorded: May 2 2018 10:00 am UTC 38 mins
    • Roger Vincent, Head of Innovation with Equifax will share his insights on making the most of Open Banking and his lessons learned along the way.

      In this webinar Roger will talk about:

      * How increased use of open APIs is likely to shape the financial services market, why challenger banks are making headway, the big banks are building partnerships and the impact of APIs among payment service providers.
      * Activities banks need prioritise in the wake of Open Banking; starting with compliance & legal issue and why they need to assess time/resources carefully before trying to deploy solutions.
      * Which strategies are likely to thrive in the new environment and how regulatory compliance can quickly be turned into competitive advantage to commercialise Open Banking.
      * Overcoming security and privacy concerns associated with data sharing and the implementation of GDPR.
      * Strategies to encourage customer engagement by using Open Banking applications to enrich user experience to create long term value over short term revenue.

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