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    • The Future of Data Centre Cooling? - 3M's Open Bath Technology
      The Future of Data Centre Cooling? - 3M's Open Bath Technology Phil Tuma, 3M Electronics Recorded: Jan 10 2012 11:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • The limitations of legacy air cooling schemes are by now well known. Even the latest free-air cooling technologies have limitations relating to primarily to power density and energy efficiency. While emerging technologies such as direct water cooling can dramatically increase efficiency, density and the thermodynamic availability of waste heat, these approaches add complexity, cost and risk that the commodity datacom industry may be unwilling to bear. Recently published work has suggested the utility of a new cooling strategy termed open bath immersion cooling for datacom equipment. In this simple concept, servers are immersed side-by-side in bath of nonflammable dielectric liquid that boils off the heat generating devices. The vapor so generated condenses on a coil cooled by facility water and passively falls back to the bath. The process takes place within modular semi-open baths, so-called because they are closed when access is not needed but operate at atmospheric. Power densities as high as 4kW/liter have been demonstrated with densely packed modules that simulate CPU packages. This presentation will include an overview of research to date including a comparison to existing pumped water systems and an introduction to a system-scale project currently in the proposal stage that would demonstrate the commercial viability of the technology.
      Phil Tuma is an Advanced Application Development Specialist in 3Ms Electronic Markets Materials Division in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. He is currently working to demonstrate the utility of passive 2-phase immersion for cooling power electronics and datacom hardware.

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    • Where physical & financing meet: increasing confidence in the off-warrant market
      Where physical & financing meet: increasing confidence in the off-warrant market Ms. Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Metal Bulletin Recorded: Oct 12 2016 1:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • It has become increasingly important in recent times to improve trust, confidence and transparency in the off-warrant commodities market. This dynamic sector, formed by the interaction of banks, traders, commodity owners and warehouses, expects the assurance that stored inventory actually exists, has proven ownership and is of the expected grade and quality.

      Our panel will discuss the need to develop secure and effective tools to manage, transfer and finance commodities, to help mitigate operational risks and unlock new opportunities across the commodity value chain.

      - Ms. Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Metal Bulletin [Moderator]
      - Mr. Matthew Chamberlain, Head of Business Development, LME
      - Mr. Graham Hawkins, Group General Manager, Henry Bath & Son Ltd.
      - Mr. Charles Bucknall, Group Managing Director, ACE Warehousing and Logistics Co. Ltd.
      - Mr. Mitchel Fowler, Director, Commodities, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

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