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    • Fast Track to Career Bliss: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work & Succeed
      Fast Track to Career Bliss: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work & Succeed Kathy Caprino, M.A., internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert Recorded: Sep 19 2017 5:00 pm UTC 77 mins
    • This powerful and transformative webinar is designed with the needs and desires of professional women in mind, to help you:

      •Uncover your amazing gifts, talents, and strengths
      •Gain deeper insight into how to move forward to shine your unique light and make a bigger impact
      •Identify the best direction and action for you now
      •Learn the five key steps to take before you make ANY change
      •Understand your preferred action-orientation style and what that means for your life and career

      About the Speaker
      Kathy Caprino, M.A., is an internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. A featured contributor on women’s careers, business, and leadership for Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn, she is also the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: the Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose. A champion for working women, Kathy is a former corporate vice president, a trained psychotherapist, a specialized career and executive coach, and a sought-after writer and speaker on women’s issues. She is the founder and president of Ellia Communications, Inc., and the Amazing Career Project, supporting women to build successful, rewarding careers of significance.
      Visit Kathy’s website: http://kathycaprino.com

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    • Building Your Career Resilience
      Building Your Career Resilience Christine Brown-Quinn, Career Expert, Author & Thought Leader- Women in Business Recorded: Dec 7 2016 4:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Does it feel sometimes like you're being stretched in a million different directions and that you're close to a breaking point? You're not the only one! Unfortunately, this is not an unusual experience given the current business climate combined with our demanding personal lives.

      In today's hyper-busy world it's not only about career progression, but also importantly about career resilience. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 13% of 180 million people considered themselves "happily engaged at work." Many studies have confirmed what we know instinctively - being happy and motivated has a huge impact on our effectiveness and resiliency.

      In today’s webinar we’re going to uncover which strategies result in high performance AND well being in our careers and our lives.

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    • Career Development: Are you building a program or a culture?
      Career Development: Are you building a program or a culture? Katherine Ponds, RVP, Career Management Practice Leader, John Sinclair and Mike Jason, Right Management Recorded: May 21 2014 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In most companies, the bulk of the workforce is starved for career development attention. There are programs for top executives, for onboarding new hires, for nurturing high potentials, even remedial plans to lift the lagging performers. But the middle layer of consistently performers who make the organizational engine run, day in and day out, typically get scant attention when it comes to their career aspirations and options.

      When organizations provide career development opportunities, employees are six times more likely to be engaged. When employees are prepared and motivated to manage their own careers within organizations and given the tools to support both lateral and vertical mobility, the company benefits at all levels.

      Are you building a program or a culture? You decide. During our session, you'll learn:
      • Why this is imperative for your organization to remain competitive, enabling talent attraction, retention and engagement
      • The level of commitment required to implement something like this in your organization
      • How you infuse this concept into your employees to be personally accountable
      • What tools and resources you can put in place to support your employees career development needs

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    • Career Change Planning
      Career Change Planning Steve Nicholls, Career Coach Recorded: May 3 2012 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Are you bored in your job? Considering a complete change of direction, but unsure how to take the first step? You could be facing redundancy, or have been made redundant? So how do you take the first step to an exciting and rewarding new career? Top Career Coach Steve Nicholls will set you on the path to fulfilling your life and career purpose. Working with Webrecruit, the UK’s first fixed-fee recruiter (Chaired by James Caan of Dragons' Den fame), Steve will guide you through the maze of ideas, plans, and processes that form your “escape plan” toward a new career. It’s all about having a plan, and then working that plan through to a positive outcome. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, in order to get the very best from this Webinar. I look forward to helping you kick-off your career change plan!

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    • I’m Ready for a Career Change: Now What?
      I’m Ready for a Career Change: Now What? Manpower's Career Coaching Team Recorded: Aug 15 2013 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Sometimes it’s easy to know you want a career change. But, the harder part can be figuring out how to do it. There are lots of things to consider when you want to make a big switch. Will I have the right skills? Do I know if I’m qualified? How do I even get started?

      In this webinar, we will look at everything you need to consider when it comes to making a career change. We’ll discuss how to identify your transferable skills, how to get relevant experience and how to make your resume look like you know what you’re doing. While it can be scary to make a career change, we will try to offer helpful advice to make it as painless as possible.

      By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
      •Find new career ideas
      •Research your new chosen career area
      •Update your current job search materials
      •How to promote your transferable skills
      •Build and leverage your career network

      ***Please note this webinar is NOT eligible for HRCI recertification credit.

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    • Working a Side Hustle for Better Job Security, Extra Income & Creative Freedom
      Working a Side Hustle for Better Job Security, Extra Income & Creative Freedom Jena Viviano, renowned Career Coach and Side Hustle Strategist Recorded: Oct 11 2017 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • In the current economic climate, there has never been an easier time to start a side business. In fact, it's almost irresponsible NOT to.

      Whether you have no idea where to start or you're well in the trenches of growing your side hustle, this webinar will give you actionable tips on how to start, build and scale a monetizing side project.

      In this webinar, Jena Viviano, renowned Career Coach and Side Hustle Strategist, will help you launch and build a side hustle that will be a creative outlet outside your 9-to-5, provide financial security for you and your family and alleviate the fear of losing your job.

      You will learn:
      •Why now is the best time to get started in your side hustle
      •How to get over your fear of failure
      •How having a side hustle can help you in your 9-5 and alleviate the fear of losing your job
      •Tips and ideas on how to make extra income on the side

      About the Speaker:
      Jena is a career coach and side hustle strategist who has maneuvered the treacherous waters of multiple career changes—starting out in Investment Banking, she swiftly moved on to the New York Stock Exchange where she met and interviewed C-suite executives as their companies went public. Before leaving NYC, she wrote, evangelized and coached for The Muse, a career platform used by over 50 million candidates looking to advance in their careers. It's there that she launched her side hustle and started encouraging others to do the same. Jena's biggest passion in life is helping others uncover their own purpose and calling.

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    • Career Management Culture: The Importance of Building One, and the Cost of Not.
      Career Management Culture: The Importance of Building One, and the Cost of Not. John F. Sinclair + Colleen Neil-Dal Bello, Right Management Recorded: Sep 21 2017 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Lunch+Learn Webinar Series -

      As competition for talent continues to grow increasingly fierce and voluntary turnover rates are on the rise, a new reality has recently emerged in the mindset of the modern workforce: Career Management is extremely important to individuals and is gaining importance as a key deciding factor of whether talent will stay—or leave—an organization.

      Employees now expect employers to provide them with opportunities to help develop their careers. And they will seek it from other organizations if their current employer does not meet this need effectively.

      Right Management recently conducted research on the importance of career and uncovered that CAREER is increasing as the primary driver of employee retention and engagement.

      Join us as Colleen Neil-Dal Bello and John Sinclair from Right Management share research and best practices regarding:

      +The shift from “Job for life” to “Career for me”
      +Tying career management to strategic business objectives
      +Building a culture of career management
      +Benefits such as strengthening employment brand, attracting and retaining key talent, building strong leadership pipelines, and increasing employee engagement

      The world of career management is changing. Is your organization ready?

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    • Traditional vs. Nontraditional Career Paths: How to Pivot Mid-Career
      Traditional vs. Nontraditional Career Paths: How to Pivot Mid-Career Jessica Naziri, Pattie Grimm, Michelle Glauser, Marie Perruchet Recorded: Apr 13 2017 4:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • There are a lot of factors that play into choosing a career path. From the region you live in, to social upbringing, access to education and more, navigating your way through a career path can be tricky to say the least.

      Oftentimes there is a certain stigma behind pivoting your career path, especially if you are already mid-career. A lot of companies are hiring millennials, so it can be tough to get interviews, find time to learn a new skill, get certified in something, and so on. As a woman, these obstacles can be even more challenging.

      We've put together a panel of experts to address these particular issues, as well as provide best practices and tips on pivoting your career, carving out your own professional path, and choosing traditional or nontraditional careers as a woman in tech.

      Join Jessica Naziri, Founder of TechSesh, Pattie Grimm, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Michelle Glauser, CEO & Founder of Techtonica, also named one of LinkedIn's top 10 professionals 35 and under in software, and Marie Perruchet, Author of One Perfect Pitch, Speaker and Consultant.

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    • Career Conversations with Women in Cyber Security featuring Elena Steinke
      Career Conversations with Women in Cyber Security featuring Elena Steinke Featured Guest: Elena Steinke, Information Security Strategic & Tactical Architect and Jessica Gulick, VP of WSC Recorded: Sep 21 2017 11:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Join us at our next Career Conversations with Women in Cyber Security session. This webinar gives WSC members the opportunity to connect with female career professionals. We'll discuss topics such as: what made them decide on IT or Cyber Security, what were some of their work/life challenges, and what skills and education do they see as essential to success?

      Whether you are an experienced professional or just contemplating a future in Cyber Security, WSC's Career Conversations allows you to have a conversation with women making a difference. Join us and share in Career Conversations with successful women in cyber security!

      Featured Guest: Elena Steinke, Information Security Strategic & Tactical Architect

      Jessica Gulick, VP of the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu board will moderate discussions.

      About the Speaker:
      Elena Steinke has over 15 years of systems engineering, and Information Security experience in developing solutions, providing strategic direction, designing, building, and directing cybersecurity operations across continents on multi-national projects, in the financial and US Federal sectors. Steinke stood up and directed multiple Security Operation Centers, Network Operation Centers, Data Centers, and management of virtualized storage technologies and elastic cloud environments. She lead security efforts across the globe for Automotive and Mobile Security, Banknote Processing Systems, Electronic Payments, eSIM, and IoT Technologies. She built and led Threat Hunting, Vulnerability Management, Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, Risk Management, Secure Credential Management, Key Management, and Security & Awareness Training programs.
      Steinke volunteers as a Director at Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC). She holds a Bachelors IT, an MBA, and is pursuing her second Masters from Mercyhurst University in Applied Intelligence. Her certifications include CISSP, CEHv9, Security+, and Intel Threat Analyst.

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    • LinkedIn Lessons for Career Success
      LinkedIn Lessons for Career Success Manpower's Career Coaching Team Recorded: Feb 21 2013 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional networking sites available. Over 200 million people are using LinkedIn to showcase their skills, make networking connections and find new career opportunities. Are you one of them?

      In this webinar, we’ll take you step by step through the ins and outs of LinkedIn. We’ll cover everything from tips for maximizing the new LinkedIn profile to how to uncover new networking connections to building your personal brand. LinkedIn provides many opportunities for career networking and career development, whether you are happily employed or looking for a new job. So, join us to see how LinkedIn can help you.

      By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
      •create a great LinkedIn profile
      •showcase your brand on LinkedIn
      •find networking connections
      •locate job opportunities
      •leverage groups for career success

      ***Please note this webinar is NOT eligible for HRCI recertification credit.

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    • Navigating your Engineering Career Path
      Navigating your Engineering Career Path Dr. Christine Grant Recorded: Nov 3 2016 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Join Dr. Christine Grant as she explores professional development strategies in careers ranging from academic to corporate, and provides a new approach to setting priorities and managing the activities and initiatives you’re passionate about.

      Whether you want to forge ahead in your chosen field or find ways to better integrate work with the rest of your life, this webinar is for you. Women in STEM, and particularly in engineering, have unique options in a wide range of professions, but often must confront challenges from within and without.

      Rano Burkanova, Head of Talent Development, Elsevier will also offer a brief overview of Elsevier’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace to advance the efforts of women.

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