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    • 5 Steps to Stronger Vendor Security and Reduced Supply Chain Risk
      5 Steps to Stronger Vendor Security and Reduced Supply Chain Risk Ishan Girdar [CEO, Privva] + Mitch Greenfield [Supply Chain Security Expert] Recorded: Nov 1 2016 5:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Third party vendors and digitally connected supply chains provide significant operational and cost efficiencies. But they also expose businesses to significant data security risk as sensitive data leaves your protected network. A recent report revealed more than 60% of all data breaches were from third-party vendors.

      In this webinar, supply-chain security expert Mitch Greenfield will walk you through a 5-step process to reduce your supply chain risk, improve vendor compliance, and make informed decisions about your vendor network. Learn how to:

      - Ask the right questions when assessing supplier risk
      - Manage and securely distribute vendor risk assessments
      - Automate vendor risk scoring to eliminate human error
      - Create reports to meet compliance and stakeholder requirements (CISO, C-Suite, Board, Auditor)
      - Schedule periodic re-assessment based on a vendor's risk profile and criticality to the business

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    • Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain
      Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Feb 22 2017 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • In the world of marketing, these principles have been applied through the application of a marketing supply chain, effectively connecting customer and company demand for marketing materials (typically marketing consumables like printed content, promotional items, etc.) into a transparent, technology-powered network of suppliers and users to streamline processes and optimize budgets and utilization. Just as with manufacturing supply chain management, marketing supply chain optimization has led marketing leaders to realize great customer satisfaction and profitability, particularly through significant savings and the reduction in material obsolescence.

      So now, savvy CMOs are turning to the customer and asking whether these same principles of supply chain dynamics can be applied to a process that actually reaches, engages and connects with customers. The answer is surely yes…but before we take that leap, the same rigor and advancement used to establish a marketing supply chain must be paid to content itself. Now is the time to realize the state of the content supply chain.

      According to the Content Marketing Institute, 32 percent of a B2C organization’s budget and 28 percent of a B2B organization’s budget is spent on content. In a recent CMO Council study on the impact of the connected omni-channel experience, 60 percent of marketers admitted that the new connected customer has necessitated a shift in content strategies and a call for the rapid development of new content in new formats and sizes. Yet despite the clear budget priority content has taken—as well as the clear call to rapidly advance our content development and management skills to meet the demands of our customers—why is content still developed in campaign and functional team silos, often lacking effective paths for cross-functional collaboration and distribution? Are we giving content the respect and attention it deserves?

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    • How Digital Transformation is Accelerating High Performing Supply Chains
      How Digital Transformation is Accelerating High Performing Supply Chains Barbara Giamanco, Donniel Schulman & Brett Cooksey Upcoming: Jun 15 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • According to Accenture, every high performing supply chain is a digital supply chain.

      They go on to say that, “Digital technology is disrupting traditional operations and now every business is a digital business. The impact on supply chain management is particularly great. Businesses cannot unlock the full potential of digital without reinventing their supply chain strategy.”

      It's time to learn how to reinvent your organization's supply chain to unlock even more business potential.

      Join this webcast to:
      - Learn how the modern buyer is causing a transformation of the traditional supply chain
      - See how digital technology can drive organizational change
      - Understand how disruptive technologies—social media, mobile, cloud and analytics—cause the emergence of a digital supply network
      - Appreciate the business advantages of a digital supply chain
      - Recognize the difference between an enhanced supply chain verses a re-invented network

      This webcast is part of our Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Applications webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!

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    • Managing Cyber Risk In Your Supply Chain
      Managing Cyber Risk In Your Supply Chain Jake Olcott, VP at BitSight Recorded: Oct 21 2016 3:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Large data breaches have caused executives to invest significant time and resources in improving cybersecurity within their own companies. But now the attackers are targeting an organization’s weakest links - business partners and contractors who have access to the most sensitive data. How should senior leaders develop a strategy to manage third party cyber risk? Who are the most critical business partners to be concerned about? How can contractual language reduce the risk? Is there a way to gain real-time visibility into the security posture of the supply chain? And what are the regulators saying about all of this?

      Join Jake Olcott, Vice President at BitSight Technologies as he talks about:

      - Assessing your organization’s maturity with respect to managing third party cyber risk
      ​- Building a third party cyber risk management program
      - Regulatory requirements for third and fourth-party cyber risk management
      - Incorporating real-time data into your vendor risk management program

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    • Human Trafficking Exposed:  Protecting Your Supply Chain with Data and Analytics
      Human Trafficking Exposed: Protecting Your Supply Chain with Data and Analytics Geoffrey Farrell, Global Leader - Supply Management Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jun 30 2016 2:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Human Trafficking - What It Is, Why You’re Vulnerable To It, and How to Keep it Out of Your Supply Chain.

      No company wants its suppliers to use forced labour. Yet somehow 21 million people around the world are in modern slavery. How does this happen? And how can you make sure you’re not inadvertently supporting it?

      Join our webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the answers to the above, as well as other vital questions that companies of every size, shape and industry must consider.

      You will learn:
      1) If your company is among the thousands impacted by recent international regulations combatting human trafficking

      2) If your supply chain is operating in geographic hot spots for forced labour

      3) How to ensure that your data and analytics approach to supply management is sufficient in protecting your company from the risks of human trafficking

      Plus a live Q&A session with our panel, including:

      Mike McDonnell, Intel
      Sr. Manager Supply Chain Sustainability

      Phil Berry
      Former Director of Sustainability for Nike and Stora Enso

      Paul O. Hirose – Perkins Coie
      Co-Chair of Perkins Coie LLP’s Supply Chain Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility practice group.

      Venus Rodriguez - Not For Sale
      Leader of Not For Sale’s Reinvent Program, aimed at giving a fresh start to survivors of human trafficking

      Geoffrey Farrell – Dun & Bradstreet
      Global Leader - Supply Management Solutions

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    • Investigating human trafficking in supply chains
      Investigating human trafficking in supply chains Richard Dailly, Kroll Managing Director Recorded: Jan 27 2016 4:30 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Identifying social compliance issues, particularly forced labor and human trafficking in supply chains, continues to be a significant problem for business, particularly when sourcing from opaque and non-transparent emerging markets. Civil society is playing a large part in increasing awareness and pressuring politicians to introduce and enforce legislation, and is gradually highlighting the issue as a problem which needs to be addressed both by governments and the business community.

      Kroll has been researching and working on this issue for a number of years and believes that businesses should be taking the issue as seriously as other forms of compliance.

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    • Turn The Tables on Cybercrime: Use the Kill Chain® to your Advantage
      Turn The Tables on Cybercrime: Use the Kill Chain® to your Advantage Mike Smart, Proofpoint Recorded: Sep 29 2015 10:00 am UTC 59 mins
    • Cyber criminals are organised and well-funded and just like any innovative commercial business, these organisations have a business plan and an operating framework to ‘go to market’.
      If we understood how they go about targeting individuals at organisations like yours with the end goal of stealing valuable sensitive data, perhaps we might change the way we protect our users. The good news is that there is a common operating framework that cybercriminals work towards known as the Cyber Kill Chain®.
      It’s time to play the cyber criminals at their own game! Join, Proofpoint, Fujitsu and Bloor Research on this webinar as they provide practical advice on how to interpret the 7 stages of the Attack Chain and use this knowledge to review the way you prepare, protect, detect & respond to cyber criminals targeting your organisation.
      Cyber Kill Chain® is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin

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    • BCI Webinar: Practical procurement and supply chain continuity management
      BCI Webinar: Practical procurement and supply chain continuity management David Window MBCI Recorded: Sep 3 2015 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • “Following on from David’s article in this quarters Continuity Magazine entitled “The Parry and Riposte of Procurement and BCM” Page 31. David expands on his words “ This article is meant to provoke thought and although I could, I won’t offer a potential process” In this webinar David offers practical methods to deliver resilient supply chains based on his experiences as a Head of Procurement and a Corporate Business Continuity Manager for a FTSE 100 UK based company. David is the author of Continuity Shop’s course on supply chain risk and continuity and was the UK Principal Expert attending the finalisation of the ISO 22318 technical specification on Supply Chain Continuity Management in Japan this year.

      Both Business Continuity professionals and procurement professionals would benefit from this webinar, so why not invite your procurement teams to listen in too?

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