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    • Addressing The Security Challenges of the Cloud Generation
      Addressing The Security Challenges of the Cloud Generation Gerry Grealish, Head of Product Marketing, Network and Cloud Security Products Recorded: Oct 24 2017 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Welcome to the Cloud Generation, where employees demand flexibility and access wherever they are, but can expose your most sensitive data to risk.

      Distributed environments—like mobile and distributed workforces—introduce new attack surfaces that must be protected and increased use of SaaS Cloud Apps are driving the need for new compliance and security controls. The result? Security and IT teams are being forced to rethink network designs to better answer questions like:

      - How do we effectively govern access to data, apps and systems?

      - How can we combat advanced threats targeting our business through the web, cloud and e-mail?

      - How should we secure information that is moving between our network, endpoints and the cloud?

      Join Gerry as he discusses the key Cloud Generation security challenges facing Symantec’s enterprise customers and learn how Symantec’s Cloud-delivered security solutions can be used to protect users, devices and corporate data, wherever it resides.

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    • Cutting through the Cloud Security Noise: 5 Must-have Architectural Requirements
      Cutting through the Cloud Security Noise: 5 Must-have Architectural Requirements Steve House of Zscaler Recorded: Jan 11 2018 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • The cloud and mobility have fundamentally changed the IT landscape. Both apps and users have left the network, however traditional security has struggled to keep pace. Developing a strong cloud security strategy is important to help restore visibility and reduce risk, but what is the best approach? While there are many opinions and perspectives, the best security strategy starts in the beginning with the proper architecture. Join this webcast to hear:

      - 5 key architectural requirements your cloud security strategy can’t live without.
      - What core building blocks you need to enable and secure your users and apps
      - Learn how leading enterprises are transforming their security to cloud

      Speaker Bio:
      Steve House is a seasoned Product Management leader with over 20 years of experience in the networking and security industries. During that time, he has worked for multiple market-leading organizations including Zscaler, Blue Coat Systems, Packeteer and CacheFlow where he has a consistent track record of helping them innovate and grow their market share.

      At Zscaler, Steve leads the Product Management team responsible for driving product strategy and execution. Steve’s goal is to help the company through its next phase of growth becoming the standard Internet security platform delivered as a service to any user on any device in any location. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

      For more questions about Zscaler, go to www.zscaler.com

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    • Evolving Your Cloud Security Stack With a CASB
      Evolving Your Cloud Security Stack With a CASB Gartner's Cloud Security Research Director Steve Riley and Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri Recorded: Jul 28 2017 3:50 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Hear from Gartner’s cloud security research director Steve Riley.

      New API-driven cloud and web services, along with mobile devices, have unlocked new and unsurpassed levels of productivity.

      The reality, however, is that while the way people work has evolved, legacy security tools were designed for a different time — and new tools such as cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are quickly gaining the attention of security architects and CISOs worldwide.

      Netskope is proud to sponsor this webcast where attendees will hear from Gartner’s cloud security research director Steve Riley.

      Attendees will learn:

      - how organizations are rethinking visibility, governance, data security, and threat protection

      - how to build a new security stack as resilient and nimble as the new workforce they protect.

      Featured presenters

      Steve Riley
      Cloud Security Research Director

      Sanjay Beri
      Chief Executive Officer

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    • Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations
      Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations Matt Keil of Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Dec 14 2017 5:30 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Offering organizations of all sizes the benefits of agility and scalability, the adoption of public cloud continues at a pace rivalled only by that of the early days of the Internet era. As was the case then, the speed of adoption often means that “good enough” security is viewed as acceptable. With the underlying premise that the public cloud is someone else’s computer, and an extension of your network this session will cover public cloud security concerns, what the shared security responsibility model really means and recommendations for protecting your public cloud workloads and data.

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    • Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition
      Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition Christopher Campbell, Dir. Enterprise Mobility, VMware & authors of Cloud Security for Dummies, Lebin Cheng & Steve Malmskog Recorded: Apr 26 2016 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • VMware AirWatch and Netskope present:

      Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition

      As more mission-critical business workflows move to the cloud, yesterday’s security protocols and measures have become inadequate. And as cybersecurity threats increase, protecting business resources from compromised mobile endpoints is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for the digital enterprise. More than half of all enterprise cloud app activities now occur over mobile devices with enterprise mobility at the epicenter and crossroad of business productivity and cybersecurity challenges.

      Join VMware AirWatch Director of Enterprise Mobility, Christopher Campbell and Netskope authors of Cloud Security for Dummies, Steve Malmskog and Lebin Cheng, for a lively discussion and reveal of the 10 “must haves" for cloud-consuming mobile workforces. Attendees will learn how to:

      Use intelligence about identity, device, and cloud usage to inform policy decisions on the device, in the app, and in the cloud;

      Identify cloud app usage trends to anticipate users’ needs and create a better mobile and cloud user experience;

      Proactively protect sensitive user and corporate information through policy; and

      Halt threats in the cloud before they propagate to users’ devices.

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    • Market State of Cloud Security
      Market State of Cloud Security Nick Mendez of Optiv Recorded: Oct 24 2017 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Optiv will be sharing their insights on the market state of cloud security and how enterprises should bolster their security programs for the evolution of cloud. We will cover what we see in the field from the cloud security maturity state of most organizations to the IaaS/PaaS security trends that will impact your cloud deployment plans. At the end of this webinar, you will learn how you can accelerate cloud deployments securely so you gain a competitive edge in today’s market.

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    • The Ins & Outs of Your Ever-Evolving Cloud Security Strategy
      The Ins & Outs of Your Ever-Evolving Cloud Security Strategy Dan Pitman, Senior Solution Architect, Alert Logic Upcoming: Feb 27 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • There is plenty to consider when building your cloud strategy and for many organisations this journey has only just started. If you’re thinking of moving your IT workloads to a cloud environment, you should also consider security in the cloud. Public cloud providers have always operated under a shared-responsibility model, where the provider controls the foundational infrastructure and the customer controls everything above that. But during the past year, in particular, it has shifted to add services that root out security threats higher up the stack. Is this enough to cover the full breadth of things? Find out and join our webinar facilitated by Dan Pitman, Senior Solution Architect, who will dispense tangible insights and best security practices that will put any cloud security dilemma into perspective.

      Highlights include:

      •Understanding your cloud provider’s security model and where you need to assume security responsibility
      •Cloud providers introduce new security services and tools that provide more information, but why this isn’t enough?
      •Best practice ideas for ensuring security in any cloud environment

      This is part one of a three-part webinar series focussed on your security journey to the cloud. Stay tuned for part two coming soon.

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    • Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success v3.0
      Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success v3.0 Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Jan 10 2018 4:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Version 3.0 of Security for Cloud Computing: Ten Steps to Ensure Success has just been released for publication. As organizations consider a move to cloud computing, it is important to weigh the potential security benefits and risks involved and set realistic expectations with cloud service providers. The aim of this guide to help enterprise information technology (IT) and business decision makers analyze the security implications of cloud computing on their business.

      In this webinar, authors of the paper will discuss:
      • Security, privacy and data residency challenges relevant to cloud computing
      • Considerations that organizations should weigh when migrating data, applications, and infrastructure to a cloud computing environment
      • Threats, technology risks, and safeguards for cloud computing environments
      • A cloud security assessment to help customers assess the security capabilities of cloud service providers

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    • The SOC Protection You Need To Defend Against Cloud Threats
      The SOC Protection You Need To Defend Against Cloud Threats John Carse, VP Security Operations, Alert Logic Upcoming: Feb 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • It’s more critical than ever to focus on your cloud security strategy. But what does iron-clad protection really look like? It’s all about the people, process, and technology working in sync. A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides proactive threat monitoring, detection, verification, and identification of suspicious behavior, which enables you to respond to threats more quickly. Many businesses don’t realize the full extent of resources and effort required to ensure their data and workloads are not at risk. But getting fully managed, around-the-clock, threat monitoring and detection doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

      Join John Carse, Vice President of Security Operations at Alert Logic, as he explains the true value of a SOC, why every business needs one, and the unique benefits that make them vital to a more proactive security posture.

      Register now to get answers to these important questions:

      • What critical role does a SOC play in a defensive security strategy in cloud and hybrid environments?
      • How does a 24x7 managed security service integrate with and enhance your security capabilities?
      • How can Alert Logic’s unique SOC and security experts can help you stay ahead of threats without adding staff?

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    • Securing the Cloud Generation: Who’s Using My Cloud
      Securing the Cloud Generation: Who’s Using My Cloud John Cunningham, VP - Cloud Security APAC, Symantec Upcoming: Mar 6 2018 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • Do you know who’s using your cloud?

      Organisations around the world are embracing cloud solutions like Office 365 at a breakneck pace, but online collaborative platforms can leave an unprepared organisation vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Who is accessing your cloud applications? Are they truly authorised users, and are they conducting illegitimate activities?

      Without sufficient visibility, detection and protection, it can be easy for a cyber-criminal, or rogue employee to slip through the cracks – and when they do, your sensitive data won’t be their only target. Cyber-criminals have been known to load partial payloads for ransomware attacks, access email accounts for targeted phishing campaigns, host malware on SharePoint, and more.

      On 6 March 2018, Symantec will be hosting the ‘Securing the Cloud Generation: Who’s Using My Cloud’ webinar. Join our speaker and panel of experts as they discuss:

      •The state of today’s cloud security landscape
      •How to detect unauthorised access or risky user activity
      •How to protect your cloud from cyber threats

      Sign up for the webinar now, and gain critical insights on cyber security in the era of cloud applications and services.

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