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    • Optimize Agility and Management with Voice Services & Unified Communications
      Optimize Agility and Management with Voice Services & Unified Communications Tariq Hameed, Technical Architect, Unified Communications Recorded: Jun 22 2017 8:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Cloud PBX in Office 365 provides the features you need to eliminate traditional PBX systems and the associated costs. It includes common calling features like transfer, hold, and call resume, allowing your assistance to receive calls on your behalf or answer calls for other team members when they're unavailable.

      PSTN Calling offers local, long distance, and international calling, so you can reach the people who are important to your business with a choice of calling plans.

      Join this webcast to:
      - Learn how to protect your privacy and intellectual property with built-in encryption
      - Find out about rapid provisioning to get, assign, and use new phone numbers in minutes
      - Discover number porting, which allows you to use your existing phone numbers with Microsoft calling plans

      This webcast is part of our Complete cloud communications series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!

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    • Digital Workplace of the Future: Enabling Human Communication in Your Workplace
      Digital Workplace of the Future: Enabling Human Communication in Your Workplace Richard Townhill, VP Product Marketing, RingCentral Recorded: Sep 19 2018 6:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • The cloud is changing the way we work. Disruptive technologies and business models are creating new opportunities to engage with co-workers, companies, and customers. However, workers are using an average of four communications apps each day, checking these 10 times an hour—leading to 32 days of productivity wasted each year.

      But the goal of the digital workplace should not be to just provide the technical connections, but also human connections. This is the context in which Richard Townhill, VP Product Marketing at RingCentral, will discuss:

      - App overload and its impact on workflow
      - Evolving market trends and communications models
      - New opportunities for single app communications experiences

      Richard’s presentation will be followed by a brief demo of a business workflow using the RingCentral unified app.

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    • How to Modernize Your Avaya Communications Platform
      How to Modernize Your Avaya Communications Platform Jean Turgeon, VP and Chief Technologist, Avaya and Bill Haskins, Sr. Analyst and Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research Recorded: Aug 8 2018 3:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Digitization is fundamentally altering the nature of competition, and customer expectations have elevated due to the personalized, quick service of businesses like Amazon and Netflix. Your ability to meet and exceed expectations can be enabled – or restricted – by the communications tools, services, and infrastructure you provide to your users. However advanced your organization is on the digital transformation journey, there are key questions to establish its readiness to meet customer demands.

      Are you doing everything you can to meet their needs and expectations?

      Your Avaya CS1000 and Aura Communications Manager Solutions have provided great communications features and reliability for years— but it’s now time to evolve to the latest in UC and omnichannel customer engagement.

      Learn about a migration path towards flexible options for transforming your business!

      In this webinar roundtable discussion, panelists from Carousel, Avaya and Wainhouse Research will discuss their perspectives on:

      - Real-world benchmarks – market forces and enterprise realities shaping digital transformation
      - Transformation Opportunities – leveraging advanced applications to deliver a quality customer experience
      - Digital Strategies – approach to advancing along the transformation continuum

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    • Enterprise reality with Cisco and Microsoft Unified Communications (UC)
      Enterprise reality with Cisco and Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) Bill Haskins, Sr Analyst, Chad Elford, Global Director UCaaS Cisco Powered Solutions, David Spears, Director Microsoft Cloud Recorded: Mar 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Each year, Microsoft and Cisco take center stage at Enterprise Connect, delivering an avalanche of Unified Communications (UC) updates and announcements and this year will be no different! From Microsoft Teams to Cisco Spark, from enterprise Voice to the Broadsoft mashup – there are many messages to unpack.

      Join this webinar to understand Microsoft and Cisco’s key messages and current focus, balanced with a dose of enterprise reality. Bill Haskins, Wainhouse Research UC Analyst, will lead this lively discussion along with Tata Communications product leaders Chad Elford, Director of Cisco Powered UCaaS Solutions, and David Spears, Director of Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

      They’ll explore hybrid deployments, and a dual Microsoft and Cisco environment. There’s a lot to unpack on the state of play in UC - Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark and everything from enterprise Voice to the Broadsoft mashup. Cisco and Microsoft are at the forefront of change that’s happening in the enterprise communications and collaboration space. The webinar will explore what each companies’ vision is for the future of UC.

      Takeaways from this webcast:

      • Microsoft and Cisco Talking Points from Enterprise Connect 2018
      • Microsoft Messaging vs. Enterprise Reality
      • Cisco Messaging vs. Enterprise Reality
      • What are Microsoft and Cisco Customers Asking for Right Now?
      • How do Hosting Partners Address the Challenges Associated with Hybrid Vendor Environments?
      •UC Announcements, Challenges and Trends

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    • Crisis Communication After an Attack
      Crisis Communication After an Attack Chris Leach, Chief Technologist (HPE). Vitor De Souza, VP, Global Communications (FireEye) Recorded: Oct 19 2016 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Are you prepared?
      It’s headline news. Cyber attackers are increasingly more sophisticated and data breaches are becoming common place. Some say “it’s not a question of if you’ll be breached, but when”. You need a plan.

      Even the most security-conscious organizations are not prepared for the necessary actions needed to gain control after a cyberattack. Preparing an emergency response communication plan keeps stakeholders informed following a breach. Taking an early communication approach will combat rumor and conjecture. The breach is now a business problem. From employees and customers to partner and suppliers – people need to be confident the situation is being addressed, managed, and resolved.

      Communication is key.
      Smart organizations view their security crisis-communication plan as an ongoing necessity. Get ahead of the reactive situation and decrease the uncertainty. Involve the company’s top leaders across the cross-functional organization. Create a framework for answering questions honestly and with integrity. Share information up front and often. Frequent detailed communication couple with action timelines creates confidence.

      Get operational in real time.
      You can’t control the communication cycle without having done some work in advance. A well-developed crisis response plan with different scenarios will train your team to operate in real time when the inevitable occurs. You can take control of the situation with timely communications.

      Be prepared. Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how to build a strong crisis-communication foundation for your organization.

      See you online!

      The HPE FireEye Team

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    • Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters
      Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters Global Cloud Solutions Specialist at Mitel Recorded: Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • The conversation about the transition to a Cloud-first world is often dominated by Cloud computing but business communications is one of the most affected areas of this transformation.

      The analyst firm MZA predicts that the value of the hosted cloud market will more than triple by 2022 to $7.2 billion worldwide with 2.5x growth in the number of Cloud users.

      IT leaders are increasingly having to do more with less while simultaneously turning their IT and communications infrastructure into something that drives growth. This is happening against a background of changing models of work and the need to continuously improve the customer experience.

      As part of a quest to make life easier for the IT leader of today we will explore why it’s important to also consider your business communications.

      - Why bringing your communications and not just your computing into the cloud matters
      - The relevance of cloud to improving the customer experience
      - How collaboration is boosted in a unified communications environment
      - What paths exist on your journey to the cloud including on-premises, hybrid and cloud

      Andy has a 25 year track record in business communications with a background in senior management roles in Marketing, Sales, and Pre-Sales consultancy. Today Andy leads Mitel Sales and Sales Engineering training initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions.

      This broad experience has given Andy valuable perspectives (both technical and customer use based) for today’s IT and communications leaders and technicians.

      Andy has taken part in some major industry milestones including deploying the first high speed network for the Government and being the design authority on one of the world’s largest switch networks.

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    • Communicating Risk Within a Distributed IT Ecosystem
      Communicating Risk Within a Distributed IT Ecosystem Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D. and Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D., Professors, University of Central Florida, Strategic Communication Recorded: Jul 18 2018 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • You’re about to experience the ultimate guide to communicating risk. Wisk away your biases (admit it… we all have them), forego over-complicated explanations and sidestep the temptation to email risk-related issues to your colleagues.

      You’ll discover how you can intelligently improve your thinking about risk and communicating risk concerns from a science-based risk communication model on a live webcast July 18 at 2:00pm EDT.

      Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D. and Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D., are Professors at the University of Central Florida, Nicholson School of Communication, whose primary research and teaching focuses on strategic communication for risk management and mitigation. Tim and Deanna will share with you their best practice framework model for effective instructional risk and crisis communication during this informational session.

      Stake your claim to the ultimate guide. Despite risk’s wretched reputation, you’ll be glad you did.

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    • UCC Series [Ep. 8]: Will Digital Kill the Whiteboard Star?
      UCC Series [Ep. 8]: Will Digital Kill the Whiteboard Star? Irwin Lazar, VP & Service Director, Nemertes Research Recorded: Aug 1 2018 3:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Digital whiteboards offer the potential to modernize the last relic of non-electronic collaboration in the meeting room. But despite the wide variety of offerings, most organizations still struggle with building use cases, justifying deployment costs, and determining a deployment strategy. Using data from Nemertes 2018 Research Study: Visual Communications and Collaboration, this webinar will provide:

      • The current state of deployment of digital whiteboards
      • Acquisition and support strategies that correlate with success
      • Use cases for digital whiteboards
      • Integration strategies with existing unified communications and collaboration platforms
      • Digital whiteboard feature needs
      • Budgeting guidance for digital whiteboard purchases

      We look forward to sharing this information with you!

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    • Unleashing the Power of SIP to Accelerate Digital Transformation
      Unleashing the Power of SIP to Accelerate Digital Transformation Chris Barnard IDC Vice President Telecommunications and Networking, Simon Farr Product Marketing Director,TATA Communications Recorded: Nov 14 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Digital Transformation is changing user expectations. In our personal lives, we communicate and collaborate using a whole range of on-demand and flexible platforms and applications.

      The challenge is to meet user expectations and deliver communication and collaboration solutions that match or exceed what’s available in the consumer world. Legacy models limit how fast an enterprise can react and scale to meet new demand while making it difficult to adapt and change.

      Global Session Initiation Protocol can be a foundation for true business transformation and make it a reality within an enterprise. Businesses can unleash the power of SIP to create new user experiences while generating cost-savings and capturing new growth.

      Join Chris Barnard – IDC Vice President, Telecommunications and Networking, and Simon Farr – Product Marketing Director, Business Collaboration, Tata Communications in a live webinar. Chris and Simon will explore the potential of SIP and how it can act as a foundation for Digital Transformation.

      Takeaways from this webcast

      • How Digital Transformation is shaping business expectations
      • Key reasons why Session Initiation Protocol can be a foundation for Digital Transformation
      • Strategies for moving beyond legacy models
      • How to maximize the value of SIP in a business environment
      • Deploying SIP and using it to drive efficiency, productivity and growth

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    • The Enterprise UC Reality – and Cisco’s UC Approach
      The Enterprise UC Reality – and Cisco’s UC Approach Bill Haskins Sr. Analyst and Partner, UC, Chad Elford Global Director UCaaD Cisco Collab Slutions at TATA Communications Recorded: Nov 21 2017 3:50 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Enterprises have a variety of choices when it comes to adopting new Unified Communications (UC) solutions. The current reality is that very few enterprises come close to unlocking the full potential of their UC platform to achieve the ideal experience. The UC landscape is evolving and the buying decision is becoming increasingly complex. IT teams need to constantly re-evaluate their strategy keeping in mind the numerous UC and UCaaS solutions, the end-user behavior, and growing expectations from the platform.

      In this webinar, Bill Haskins from Wainhouse Research provides his expert analysis of the current UC market. Bill discusses the pros and cons of leading enterprise UC solutions. Having observed the evolution of the UC industry closely, Bill covers key considerations for enterprise IT teams as they prepare their UC roadmaps for current and future needs. As most mid and large organizations have a considerable Cisco UC infrastructure footprint, Bill will also talk about Cisco’s approach to UC.

      Bill is joined by Chad Elford from Tata Communications who discusses the UC approach taken by many leading enterprises globally. Chad provides insights on business collaboration through UCaaS solutions and how it helps enterprises achieve their goals.

      If you are currently deciding the UC strategy for your organization or mid-way through executing one, this webinar will provide you with valuable intelligence to help you fine tune/pivot your UC roadmap for your organization’s digital transformation.

      Key Learning Objectives
      •Understand the enterprise UC and UCaaS landscape today with an analyst perspective of the leading solutions
      •Gain strategic insights which would help in planning and/or optimize current enterprise UC plans
      •Learn how enterprises can achieve the full potential of their UCaaS platform to drive digital transformation for the organization

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    • Measuring Unified Communications and Collaboration Success
      Measuring Unified Communications and Collaboration Success Robin Gareiss, President, Nemertes Research & Irwin Lazar, VP & Service Director, Nemertes Research Recorded: Feb 13 2018 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • This webinar will reveal the results of Nemertes Research's latest comprehensive study on everything Unified Communications and Collaboration! We will provide insights into the characteristics of a successful UCC strategy and we will also cover:

      • Optimal organizational and management strategies
      • Platform trends and use of the cloud
      • Cost comparisons for leading vendors and deployment strategies
      • How to successfully implement team collaboration
      • Enterprise plans for emerging technologies including AI and virtual reality
      • The evolution of the conference room
      • Plans for digital whiteboards
      • The emergence of digital workplaces

      You will gain insight into unified communications and collaboration deployment trends and costs--real-world costs for various vendor solutions and deployment scenarios, and the impact of using third-party management tools for UC operations and administration.

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