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    • Adopting an Enterprise-Wide Shared Data Lake to Accelerate Business Insights
      Adopting an Enterprise-Wide Shared Data Lake to Accelerate Business Insights Ben Sharma, CEO at Zaloni; Carlos Matos, CTO Big Data at AIG Recorded: Sep 21 2017 8:50 pm UTC 68 mins
    • Today's enterprises need broader access to data for a wider array of use cases to derive more value from data and get to business insights faster. However, it is critical that companies also ensure the proper controls are in place to safeguard data privacy and comply with regulatory requirements.

      What does this look like? What are best practices to create a modern, scalable data infrastructure that can support this business challenge?

      Zaloni partnered with industry-leading insurance company AIG to implement a data lake to tackle this very problem successfully. During this webcast, AIG's VP of Global Data Platforms, Carlos Matos, and Zaloni CEO, Ben Sharma will share insights from their real-world experience and discuss:

      - Best practices for architecture, technology, data management and governance to enable centralized data services
      - How to address lineage, data quality and privacy and security, and data lifecycle management
      - Strategies for developing an enterprise-wide data lake service for advanced analytics that can bridge the gaps between different lines of business, financial systems and drive shared data insights across the organization

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    • Sink or swim? Architecting the data lake to drive, survive and thrive.
      Sink or swim? Architecting the data lake to drive, survive and thrive. Matt Aslett, Research Director of Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research, and Kelly Schupp, VP of Marketing at Zaloni Upcoming: Oct 31 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Today, big data is enabling the advanced analytics that companies have dreamed of for driving their business. And as forward-thinking companies take advantage of big data and advanced analytics to drive digital transformation initiatives, it is forcing the laggards to realize that they will have to do the same if they want to survive.

      The generally accepted architectural model for harnessing big data is a data lake. But data lakes, if leveraged simply as cheap storage within which to dump data, will inevitably disappoint. As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Data lakes present unique challenges that must be dealt with if that big data set is going to be turned into actionable information.

      So what does it take to succeed with a data lake? Why do some organizations get real value out of big data, while others struggle?

      In this webinar, Matt Aslett, Research Director of Data Platform and Analytics at 451 Research and Kelly Schupp, VP of Data-driven Marketing at Zaloni, will discuss ideal data lake use cases such as Customer 360 and IoT. They will also discuss Zaloni’s data lake maturity model with which the data-eager company can chart its ideal course and roadmap.

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    • Bi-Directional Data Movement Need Not Be Feared
      Bi-Directional Data Movement Need Not Be Feared Glenn Goodrich Recorded: Oct 18 2017 11:10 pm UTC 14 mins
    • Bi-directional data movement need not be feared when using HVR for real-time data integration. In this video, Glenn Goodrich, Director of Enablement, explains how bi-directional data movement can be accomplished efficiently, accurately, and in real-time with HVR.

      Chapter 1: What is Bi-Directional? 1:13

      Chapter 2-1: How to Implement Bi-Directional 3:32

      Chapter 2-2: Bi-Directional Considerations 5:03

      Chapter 3: Why Implement Bi-Directional? 11:46

      Additional Areas of Interest:
      Collisions: 5:36
      Triggers: 6:34
      DDL Operations and Truncates: 7:15
      Loop Avoidance: 8:15
      Conflict Detection Resolution (CDR): 10:06

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    • Data Fabric @ Scale: Breaking through legacy data architectures
      Data Fabric @ Scale: Breaking through legacy data architectures Jack Norris - Senior Vice President, Data and Applications, MapR Upcoming: Oct 25 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • The use of an emerging data fabric, offers enterprises a number of benefits and advantages including the ability to break through the gravitational pull of legacy data architectures and capture the full potential of all your data.

      This webinar will detail how the deployment of a data fabric can enable enterprises to more quickly and easily scale across data volumes, data types and locations. The session will also provide an overview on how a data fabric reduces storage costs and increases application agility and reliability – with the underpinning to support the successful pursuit of:

      * IoT through a data fabric’s capability of handling data flows from the edge to the cloud, centralizing learning, and distributing intelligence back to the edge for real-time responsiveness.

      * Machine Learning/AI with the fabric able to handle the complex data flows and logistics to support the rapid deployment and coordination across machine learning models, algorithms and analytic tools

      * Microservices and containers with the underlying data fabric able to support intelligent streams and support the mobility and flexibility for elastic stateful applications and analytic processes relying on shared data.

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    • Data Security - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
      Data Security - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Paul Garstang, Steve Holyer & Rob Boden from Informatica's Data Security Group Recorded: Apr 20 2016 1:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • EU: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      The clock is ticking and it’s time to act as Europe’s most demanding and far reaching Data Security regulation to date has been published. This webinar from Informatica’s Data Security Team will examine the key requirements of GDPR, and look at how we can use new Data Intelligence capabilities to be in control of our sensitive data assets.

      During the Webinar there will be a demonstration of Informatica’s Secure@Source technology that swept the board at the recent Info Security awards, specifically to demonstrate how it’s now possible within a single view to find, and track all the GDPR qualifying data across the organisation, to see who’s using it and what security controls are in place to protect it. This ability to visualise the movement and control of sensitive data will be the critical key to an effective GDPR strategy. This is not a regulation that anyone can afford to ignore, and for those who get it wrong the compensation and regulatory fines could be on a par with the current cost of PPI to the banks ! Join us and get ahead of the game.

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    • LinkedIn’s Oregon Data Center: Innovation, Design and Sustainability
      LinkedIn’s Oregon Data Center: Innovation, Design and Sustainability Brad Peterson, Manager of Data Center Engineering, LinkedIn Recorded: Sep 18 2017 6:30 pm UTC 27 mins
    • In this presentation, Brad Peterson, Manager of Data Center Engineering at LinkedIn discusses why the way LinkedIn designs its IT environments and data center operations is crucial to the rapidly growing needs of the world’s digital infrastructure.

      This is a recording of a presentation at Uptime Institute's Executive Symposium: Las Vegas in 2017.

      In his presentation, Mr. Peterson covers:
      The environmental impact of enterprise IT and data center facilities around the world
      Five key components of LinkedIn data center site selection (Sustainability, Design, Electricity, Cooling and Reporting)
      LinkedIn's usage of innovative data center infrastructure designs (electrical systems, cooling systems, distribution, etc.)
      How LinkedIn incorporates corporate values such as "Take Intelligent Risk" into data center design and operations decisions
      Why LinkedIn pursued Uptime Institute's Efficient IT Stamp of Approval as a means of driving continuous improvement

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    • 3 Big Data Challenges Your AI Project Will Face
      3 Big Data Challenges Your AI Project Will Face Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing, Treasure Data Recorded: Aug 23 2017 6:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • If you are working on an AI project, drop it. Chances are good that you don’t have AI problems (yet) but instead have data challenges. In this webinar, we will share what we learned from running a large data platform ingesting 2 million data points/sec and running 7 million queries for hundreds of enterprises. We will focus on the problems that you can tackle on Monday so that you are best positioned for next year and beyond.

      About the presenter:

      Kiyoto is VP of Marketing at Treasure Data. Previously, he was a Software Engineer at TrialPay and Trader at DRW Trading. He is a self-proclaimed hacker at heart: “creativity and do-ocracy over passivity and bureaucracy any day.”

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    • Transforming Your Digital Advertising With the Power of First Party Data
      Transforming Your Digital Advertising With the Power of First Party Data Lakshmi Ramesh, Director of Digital Marketing at Treasure Data Recorded: Jun 15 2017 5:00 pm UTC 26 mins
    • Data Management Platforms (DMPs) have helped marketers improve digital advertising in the last 10 years by providing easy access to 3rd party global audience segments, but smart marketers have realized that this isn’t enough.

      Modern marketers are now looking for ways to incorporate 1st party data into their entire marketing strategy but the problem is that this data is frequently siloed and challenging to access/analyze fast enough to keep up with market demands.

      The solution is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is a new system - recently recognized by Gartner - that works in harmony with existing marketing technology to connect internal 1st party data, with external 2nd or 3rd party data.

      Join us for our webinar and you will learn:

      - How to leverage your most valuable asset - 1st party data - to maximize your programmatic advertising impact.
      - The common pitfalls of working only with 2nd and 3rd party data
      - Gain a deep understanding why it’s crucial to unify 1st party data for holistic customer insights as well as activation.
      - Why a Customer Data Platform is essential to integrate 1st party data with your Data Management Platform.

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    • How to Operationalize Data Science
      How to Operationalize Data Science Natalino Busa, Head of Applied Data Science at Teradata Recorded: Apr 14 2016 12:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Data science is a domain which promises to convert the available data in actionable insights. This could translate in huge wins for the organizations both in financial terms (higher revenues, reduce costs) but also in terms of better services for the customers with more tailored products and a personalized and improved customer experience.

      But how to get those results out from the initial intuitions of statisticians and scientists to the customers? What is the best way to translate those solutions in production-level APIs and services? How to asses the quality of data-driven algorithms? These are very concrete concerns for anyone who wishes to operationalize data science into data-driven products.

      This webinar will describe a number of techniques and patterns to monitor and deploy data models and to stay in control of predictive, data-driven services.

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    • Action GDPR – Data Masking for Sensitive Data Security & The Right to Erasure
      Action GDPR – Data Masking for Sensitive Data Security & The Right to Erasure Paul Garstang, Snr Manager EMEA - Data Security Group & Steve Holyer, EMEA Specialist - Data Security Group Recorded: Jun 14 2017 1:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is only a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, and their data governance practices.

      Join us for the third in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - this short session is all about data privacy by de-identifying, de-sensitizing and anonymizing sensitive data with Informatica’s Data Masking tools.

      In the context of GDPR, Data Masking tackles several critical requirements by protecting and preserving the privacy of customer/employee data. Persistent Masking creates ‘Pseudonymised data’ which replaces the original sensitive data with new values, but critically retaining both contextually and referentially integrity. Alternatively, for production environments Dynamic Masking preserves the original data format, but strictly limits who can see the data. This control of access to sensitive data is essential under GDPR, as a breach of sensitive data can also be deemed to have taken place if employees without business processing cause have access to and visibility of that data.

      Increasingly Data Masking is also becoming the best practice approach to enacting “The Right to Erasure”, in this session we will discuss why this is the case, and how this approach to Erasure contrasts with a Data removal approach.

      This session will cover:
      - Persistent & Dynamic Data Masking
      o What they are
      o When to use them
      o What they are delivering for a GDPR project
      - How Masking can deliver Erasure
      - Live Demo of Informatica’s Data Masking

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    • AmerisourceBergen: Architecting Enterprise Master Data Hub for One ABC
      AmerisourceBergen: Architecting Enterprise Master Data Hub for One ABC Pete Stormer, Director, Data Mgmt, ABC; David Lyle, VP, Informatica; Prash Chandramohan, Product Marketing Mgr, Informatica Recorded: May 11 2017 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Located at the intersection of pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers, AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) is a $147B global pharmaceutical services and distribution company. The company’s success rests on knowing its diversified customer mix and serving them with innovative programs and solutions.

      Formed in 2001, AmerisourceBergen had become a group of companies under one banner. Join us to hear how the company designed a data strategy to view business interactions holistically across multiple business groups to serve customers as a single company. Pete Stormer, Director of Data Management at ABC, will talk about their experience, best practices, and lessons learned to support the journey to one ABC.

      The webinar will also cover the following topics:

      • The evolution of MDM as a strategic platform to deliver trusted data to business users
      • Best practices for master data management, data quality, data governance and reference data
      • Defining the enterprise strategy for data management in complex business environments

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    • Action GDPR: Understanding Your Data
      Action GDPR: Understanding Your Data Patrick Dewald, Senior Director - Data Governance. Giuseppe Mura, Solution Architect - Financial Services. Recorded: May 10 2017 1:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is just over a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, their organisation and their data.

      Join us for the first in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - with this first short session focusing on Understanding Your Data with Informatica Axon.

      Informatica Axon Powers Informatica's Enterprise Data Governance Solution and in the context of GDPR will help organisations show how personal data is connected and used throughout the business and make it high-quality, consistent, trustworthy and secure at all levels of the organisation.

      This session will cover:
      - Key GDPR documentation requirements, and how companies need to be able to respond & action
      - Bringing visibility of end-to-end data flows across and beyond organisational boundaries
      - Capturing GDPR policies, rule & requirements and linking back to the data concepts & processes
      - Live Demo of Informatica Axon – visualising how data is interconnected & how information flows through the business

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