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    • Data Security - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
      Data Security - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Paul Garstang, Steve Holyer & Rob Boden from Informatica's Data Security Group Recorded: Apr 20 2016 1:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • EU: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      The clock is ticking and it’s time to act as Europe’s most demanding and far reaching Data Security regulation to date has been published. This webinar from Informatica’s Data Security Team will examine the key requirements of GDPR, and look at how we can use new Data Intelligence capabilities to be in control of our sensitive data assets.

      During the Webinar there will be a demonstration of Informatica’s Secure@Source technology that swept the board at the recent Info Security awards, specifically to demonstrate how it’s now possible within a single view to find, and track all the GDPR qualifying data across the organisation, to see who’s using it and what security controls are in place to protect it. This ability to visualise the movement and control of sensitive data will be the critical key to an effective GDPR strategy. This is not a regulation that anyone can afford to ignore, and for those who get it wrong the compensation and regulatory fines could be on a par with the current cost of PPI to the banks ! Join us and get ahead of the game.

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    • AmerisourceBergen: Architecting Enterprise Master Data Hub for One ABC
      AmerisourceBergen: Architecting Enterprise Master Data Hub for One ABC Pete Stormer, Director, Data Mgmt, ABC; David Lyle, VP, Informatica; Prash Chandramohan, Product Marketing Mgr, Informatica Upcoming: Apr 20 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Located at the intersection of pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers, AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) is a $147B global pharmaceutical services and distribution company. The company’s success rests on knowing its diversified customer mix and serving them with innovative programs and solutions.

      Formed in 2001, AmerisourceBergen had become a group of companies under one banner. Join us to hear how the company designed a data strategy to view business interactions holistically across multiple business groups to serve customers as a single company. Pete Stormer, Director of Data Management at ABC, will talk about their experience, best practices, and lessons learned to support the journey to one ABC.

      The webinar will also cover the following topics:

      • The evolution of MDM as a strategic platform to deliver trusted data to business users
      • Best practices for master data management, data quality, data governance and reference data
      • Defining the enterprise strategy for data management in complex business environments

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    • How to Operationalize Data Science
      How to Operationalize Data Science Natalino Busa, Head of Applied Data Science at Teradata Recorded: Apr 14 2016 12:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Data science is a domain which promises to convert the available data in actionable insights. This could translate in huge wins for the organizations both in financial terms (higher revenues, reduce costs) but also in terms of better services for the customers with more tailored products and a personalized and improved customer experience.

      But how to get those results out from the initial intuitions of statisticians and scientists to the customers? What is the best way to translate those solutions in production-level APIs and services? How to asses the quality of data-driven algorithms? These are very concrete concerns for anyone who wishes to operationalize data science into data-driven products.

      This webinar will describe a number of techniques and patterns to monitor and deploy data models and to stay in control of predictive, data-driven services.

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    • A Journey Through the First 6 Months of Building a New Data Governance Program
      A Journey Through the First 6 Months of Building a New Data Governance Program Lori Kvasnicka, Dir. Data Governance, Sharp Healthcare & Susan Wilson, Enterprise Information Management Leader, Informatica Recorded: Aug 31 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Sharp Healthcare, San Diego's health care leader, recently launched a data governance program from the ground up to ensure that they can meet the needs of the ‘Patient of the Future’. Through the first six months of their data governance program, they have learned a lot about what to do, how to maintain focus, and how to build the team around the cause. Join Lori Kvasnicka, Director of Data Governance at Sharp Healthcare, along with Susan Wilson, Enterprise Information Management Practice Leader from Informatica, as they tell you about the Sharp Healthcare journey and illustrate the hurdles that you may face as you begin your data governance plans.

      During the webinar, you will learn:

      • How to build your strategic and tactical plans with Informatica
      • How to get your team organized (and stay organized!)
      • How to get through phase one of your program and transition into phase two
      • What it means to reach your goals and how to keep the momentum going

      This Informatica data governance webinar will share best practices, critical insights from a successful journey, and will get you thinking about how to kick start your data governance program.

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    • Intelligent Data Lake : Valorisez les données issues du Big Data
      Intelligent Data Lake : Valorisez les données issues du Big Data Edouard Guérin - Spécialiste Big Data, Informatica Recorded: Dec 13 2016 10:00 am UTC 47 mins
    • La digitalisation du marketing et l’émergence de nouvelles applications génèrent un flux toujours plus important de données, de toutes formes et tailles. L’exploitation de ces informations permet de mieux cibler, acquérir et satisfaire la clientèle, cependant, trop peu de directions marketing parviennent à en tirer parti.

      Le 13 décembre à 11 heures, participez à notre webinaire Intelligent Data Lake et découvrez grâce à des exemples concrets de mise en œuvre comment :
      - Visualiser le parcours client global pour identifier les programmes les plus efficaces et optimiser le mix marketing ;
      - Développer des stratégies efficaces pour mieux cibler et acquérir de nouveaux clients ;
      - Tirer profit des données issues du Big Data à travers tous les points de contact pour créer de la valeur métier.

      Informatica Intelligent Data Lake
      La solution Intelligent Data Lake d’Informatica offre la data préparation en libre-service, en combinant l’automatisation, l’intégration et la gestion de la qualité des données, aux capacités de gestion de la gouvernance et de la sécurité requises pour tirer la véritable valeur métier de tous types de données, tout en rationalisant les risques.

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    • Informatica Big Data Management Deep Dive and Demo
      Informatica Big Data Management Deep Dive and Demo Amit Kara, Big Data Technical Marketing, Informatica Recorded: Jan 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Hadoop is not just for play anymore. Companies that are turning petabytes into profit have realized that Big Data Management is the foundation for successful Big Data projects.

      Informatica Big Data Management delivers the industry’s first and most comprehensive solution to natively ingest, integrate, clean, govern, and secure big data workloads in Hadoop.

      In this webinar you’ll learn through in depth product demos about new features that help you increase productivity, scale and optimize performance, and manage metadata such as:

      • Dynamic Mappings – enables mass ingestion & agile data integration with mapping templates, parameters and rules
      • Smarter Execution Optimization – higher performance with pushdown to DB, auto-partitioning and runtime job execution optimization
      • Blaze – high performance execution engine on YARN for complex batch processing
      • Live Data Map – Universal metadata catalog for users to easily search and discover data properties, patterns, domain, lineage and relationships

      Register today for this deep dive and demo.

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    • 7 Qualities of a Winning Data Governance Elevator Speech
      7 Qualities of a Winning Data Governance Elevator Speech Gwen Thomas, Founder, Data Governance Institute and Rob Karel, VP Product Strategy, Informatica Recorded: Jan 26 2016 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Successful data governance and management programs require ongoing goodwill from stakeholders spread across the organization. This translates to a lot of communications – formal and informal, long and short, planned and unplanned. Wasted time? Hardly! Done right, they can result in stakeholders who become vocal advocates for the budget, resources, and tools you require to deliver the value they need.

      The secret is stitching together your discussions with carefully crafted micro-conversations – often called “elevator speeches” – that enforce your key messages while intriguing your listeners. A winning elevator speech pulls them into your story and prompts them to ask for more information. It shows that you understand them, and it provides a service, since it may help them connect the dots between the message they’ve just heard and similar information they’ve heard in colleague introductions, conference room presentations, hallway conversations, status reports, and even pitches for tools, projects, and executive attention.

      There’s a formula for crafting a winning elevator speech. And it’s more than the conventional advice to be short and natural-sounding. Learn the 7 qualities of powerful elevator speeches for data governance programs, and how to apply them to pitches for support, money, attention, participation, and tools.

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    • Close intelligence gaps with unified data analytics
      Close intelligence gaps with unified data analytics Fernando Lucini, HPE Big Data Recorded: Jun 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Government agencies all over the world are faced with increasing pressure to make better decisions faster to address rapidly changing operational environments and emerging risks of various nature. While there is an abundance of data for completing the information puzzle, it is a significant challenge to address massive volumes of disparate data from diverse sources such as surveillance cameras, broadcast media, sensors, social media, transactions, etc., and to effectively automate analytics processes to accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and relevant insights that matter.

      Join our webinar to see how HPE IDOL, a unified analytics platform for text and rich media data, can help you break down data silos, monitor real-time data feeds, uncover coveted trends/patterns/relationships, and streamlines workflows. Discover how IDOL powers real-life applications in defense, transportation security and law enforcement.

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    • Modernize Your Data Warehouse for a Competitive Edge
      Modernize Your Data Warehouse for a Competitive Edge Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, Eckerson Group & Murthy Mathiprakasam, Big Data Product Marketing Manager, Informatica Recorded: Oct 29 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Your data and how you use it can be your organization’s biggest and most sustainable competitive advantage. The challenge is to meet the growing needs of your business strategy by evolving your data warehouse environment beyond traditional business intelligence and to support new analytics use cases.

      This has been made even harder by the explosion in data volume and complexity, and the fact that 50% or more of your data may be coming from outside of your organization. This means even less understanding and control over the structure and quality of data being used for analytics.

      In this webinar, we will be discussing how to successfully augment your proven data warehouse environment with newer technologies that will enhance your data warehouse without replacing it. Some of these opportunities will include:

      • Accelerating data warehouses with data warehouse appliances
      • Upgrading data warehouses with real-time data
      • Offloading and enhancing data warehouses with big data

      The key to a successful data warehouse modernization is to build an architecture that preserves your current data warehouse investment, incorporates new data and new analytics technology, and fuels your analytics with clean, complete and timely data. We will also talk about best practices for data warehouse modernization, architecture, and pitfalls to avoid in order to deliver analytics results that will truly be a competitive advantage for your organization.

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