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    • DBA Code Reviews Done Dirt Cheap
      DBA Code Reviews Done Dirt Cheap Robert Davis Recorded: Apr 30 2014 9:00 pm UTC 79 mins
    • Do you know what code is going into your production systems? How can you support something you haven't seen? Whether you currently do code reviews or think it might be a good practice to start doing, this session will help you make the most of the code review process. For DBAs, we'll cover key things to look for such as looking for potential problems. For developers, this will be insight for you into how DBAs think when reviewing your code so you have a better idea what to expect.
      •Learn what kind of things to look for when reviewing code
      •Gain insight into what to expect from a DBA when they review your code
      •Discover how to have an effective communication between DBA and developer

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    • Migrating to Azure SQL DB or Amazon RDS
      Migrating to Azure SQL DB or Amazon RDS Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services , Ntirety Recorded: Jul 3 2018 3:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • In this webinar, learn the benefits of moving your workload to a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) environment and the key differentiators between Amazon RDS and Azure SQL Database.

      Join Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services at Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, and learn:

      • The benefits of moving your workload to a DBaas Environment
      • How to assess if your workload is compatible with a DBaaS Environment
      • How you can optimize your workload for a DBaaS Environment

      In addition, Rodney will give a full comparison of Amazon RDS verse Azure SQL Database to help you make the right decision for your business. Including:

      • Security
      • Cost
      • Performance
      • Migration strategies

      See Rodney's Amazon Author Page Here: http://bit.ly/RodneyLandrum-Amazon

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    • SQL Server 2017 Hidden Gems
      SQL Server 2017 Hidden Gems Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services, Ntirety Recorded: May 2 2018 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Coming so quickly on the heels of SQL Server 2016, one has to wonder what astounding features SQL Server 2017 brings to the table.

      While these new features may not be as momentous as the previous release features, some do still carry a “wow” factor that are worth taking a closer look at.

      Join Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services at Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, as he discovers several of these new features and demonstrates how they can benefit your organization.

      These features include:
      • SQL Server on Linux
      • New T-SQL functionality
      • More Dynamic Management Views added
      • Availability Group enhancements
      • Automatic database tuning
      • R-Services rebranded

      See Rodney's Amazon Author Page Here: http://bit.ly/RodneyLandrum-Amazon

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    • Microsoft Power BI Review: Top 5 New Features
      Microsoft Power BI Review: Top 5 New Features Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services , Ntirety Recorded: Mar 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Microsoft Power BI is an affordable, powerful data modeling and visualization tool, with widespread adoption and universal appeal for many reasons.

      The main reason everyone loves Power BI is the rapid update schedule and all of the cool, new features regularly added to both the desktop and web versions. With these rapid updates, it can be hard to stay on top of what is available from one release to the next.

      Join Rodney Landrum, Senior DBA/BI Consulting Services at Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, as he demos his top 5 favorite features of the latest Microsoft Power BI including:

      • Anchor Dates for Slicers
      • Drill Through
      • Quick Measures
      • Data Gateways
      • Custom Visual (Power KPI)

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    • NVMe for DBAs
      NVMe for DBAs Matt Henderson & Pinal Dave Recorded: Mar 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Since flash storage hit the market a few years ago, storage technology has been innovating at an ever-increasing rate. With new technologies like NVMe already out, and the next round of fabrics and 3DXpoint/Optane becoming production ready soon, database architects have a lot more to pay attention to and many more options for scaling or consolidating platforms. In this webinar we will cover:

      - The emerging technologies influencing database platforms (NVMe, fabrics, 3DXpoint/Optane, etc)
      - The effect of NVMe systems on database architecture & design
      - Database and data processing use cases for NVMe systems & 3DXpoint/Optane. (From existing SMP workloads like OLTP & analytics to emerging MPP technologies like AI, ML & IoT)
      - How to test NVMe systems (it’s not just about the average latency anymore)
      - How to see value per database & data processing workload

      We will review the state of infrastructure through the eyes of DBAs, database architects, and systems engineers and help them understand what they need to know for their current platforms and future platform design.

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    • Datavail Accelerates AWS Adoption for Sony DADC New Media Solutions
      Datavail Accelerates AWS Adoption for Sony DADC New Media Solutions Sivakumar Thangavelu, Senior SQL Server DBA, Datavail Bill Timm, Solutions Architect, AWS Blaine Baker, Manager, Application Recorded: Nov 16 2017 8:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Customers seeking to move their Microsoft SQL Server databases to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) environment rely on Datavail for solutions that include remote database migration, administration, support, maintenance, and management services. Among the challenges customers face when transitioning their SQL Servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) are concerns about lack of control, understanding the risks involved, and security and compliance. Customers choose to operate SQL on EC2 because they can manage their own database support for all maintenance areas. It is also customizable, meets high performance needs for replication and discovery, and is highly available. They work with Datavail because their monitoring, measurement, and support services are always available.

      Sony DADC New Media Solutions, a large digital media company, discovered they could migrate their SQL Servers to AWS and run them using an Amazon EC2 solution allowed them to replicate their SQL Server environments in multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZ), meaning that if a node failed in one AZ, it could be replicated in another to ensure almost no downtime and improved performance.

      Join us to Learn:

      Best practices for providing highly available database solutions using EC2 on AWS

      Gain insight into scenarios which migrating SQL Servers to AWS and using EC2 is the recommended course of action

      How Sony DADC New Media Solutions reduced their Storage dependency by migrating to AWS using solutions and architecture from Datavail

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    • Augmenting MySQL with Big Data & NoSQL Options
      Augmenting MySQL with Big Data & NoSQL Options David Murphy, Lead DBA , ObjectRocket by Rackspace Recorded: May 13 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • How do you know which technology is right in todays database world, we will explore the range of technologies from MySQL/Percona/Maria to Xtra Cluster to Mongo to Redis and how you can fit all of these together to form a path way for your data. Not one technology fits everything but together you can use the right tool for the right job, and make the data flow seamlessly between them to range from short session data to longer term reporting data and everything between. We are at the new frontier in database lets work on a new toolset to prepare you for it.

      David is currently the Lead DBA for Object Rocket by Rackspace, where he works on sharding, mongo, tool building, very large-scale issues, and high performance mongo architecture. Before that he was the MySQL/NoSQL Architect for Electronic Arts, after working in segments from data centers to high performance advertising with skills ranging from programing to hardware/network design he brings a top down view into troubleshooting and tuning. He enjoys large-scale operational tool building, high performance OS and Database tuning, and extending mongo to improve operations team both large and small.

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    • Running Data Platforms Like Products
      Running Data Platforms Like Products Dormain Drewitz, Pivotal & Mike Koleno, Solstice Recorded: Jun 14 2018 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Applications need data, but the legacy approach of n-tiered application architecture doesn’t solve for today’s challenges. Developers aren’t empowered to build and iterate their code quickly without lengthy review processes from other teams. New data sources cannot be quickly adopted into application development cycles, and developers are not able to control their own requirements when it comes to data platforms.

      Part of the challenge here is the existing relationship between two groups: developers and DBAs. Developers are trying to go faster, automating build/test/release cycles with CI/CD, and thrive on the autonomy provided by microservices architectures. DBAs are stewards of data protection, governance, and security. Both of these groups are critically important to running data platforms, but many organizations deal with high friction between these teams. As a result, applications get to market more slowly, and it takes longer for customers to see value.

      What if we changed the orientation between developers and DBAs? What if developers consumed data products from data teams? In this session, Pivotal’s Dormain Drewitz and Solstice’s Mike Koleno will speak about:

      - Product mindset and how balanced teams can reduce internal friction
      - Creating data as a product to align with cloud-native application architectures, like microservices and serverless
      - Getting started bringing lean principles into your data organization
      - Balancing data usability with data protection, governance, and security

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    • Solve the Performance and Scalability Challenges of MongoDB
      Solve the Performance and Scalability Challenges of MongoDB Kim Wilkins, Sr DBA & Database denizen and David Swanger, Dir, Product Marketing, Dataservices Recorded: Oct 22 2014 7:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Focus on your Application, Not Your Database, with ObjectRocket by Rackspace

      Millions of developers have turned to MongoDB thanks to the agility and flexibility it offers. After the honeymoon with MongoDB, however, developers quickly realize that it’s difficult to dedicate the time and expertise needed to maintain database performance as application workloads scale. In this webcast learn how ObjectRocket solves these performance and scalability issues by offering a purpose build platform with:

      • Speed: optimized at every layer for screaming performance
      • Scale: designed for starting small and scaling to petabytes with RocketScale and AutoKey
      • Safety: architected for high availability with redundancy at every level
      • Support: automated migration, provisioning, backup and more with Mongo Master support when you need it

      Attend the webcast and learn how to solve the most pressing challenges of MongoDB while getting your questions answered by the MongoDB experts at ObjectRocket.

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