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    • Why Making Good Decisions Isn't Good Enough
      Why Making Good Decisions Isn't Good Enough Joe DeCosmo, Chief Analytics Officer at Enova International, and Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services at Enova Decisions Recorded: May 30 2017 8:35 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Business leaders know they need to leverage data, predictive analytics, and decision management technology to automate and improve decision making. But at many organizations the cost of building the necessary models and infrastructure is prohibitive—not to mention incredibly time-consuming.

      Fortunately, analytics-as-a-service and real-time decision management systems (DMS) are emerging as lower-cost, more efficient solutions. In this webinar, experts will explain how businesses can utilize these solutions to vastly improve operational decision-making capabilities and create measurable results around credit risk, fraud, verification, payments, collections, and marketing.

      Watch and learn:

      - How DMS use business rules, predictive models, and optimization to provide a repeatable, proven approach to problem solving
      - Top 5 considerations for selecting a DMS
      - How Enova Decisions combines analytics expertise, data source integration, and technical infrastructure to help businesses compete on analytics

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    • High Confidence Decision Making
      High Confidence Decision Making Brillio Recorded: Oct 29 2015 7:30 pm UTC 2 mins
    • Today businesses are looking for new ways to find actionable insights that lead to faster, more accurate, and higher confidence decision-making. If managed correctly, big data analytics can help corporations stay ahead of the competition. It can allow them unparalleled insight into customer behavior across multiple touch points.

      But how do you know if your data is reliable? Are your insights accurate? Can you trust them? These are the questions that can keep managers up at night.

      Ready to make the move to high confidence decision-making? Watch the video below, then download Brillio's new whitepaper to learn more.

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    • Data Clarity - Decision Making in Today's Complex B-of-B Enterprise Environments
      Data Clarity - Decision Making in Today's Complex B-of-B Enterprise Environments Naveen Miglani, CEO and Co-Founder of SplashBI Recorded: Mar 1 2017 8:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • Today, many organizations are utilizing the best software applications (without regard to Vendor) to address specific challenges and needs. The “Best of Breed” approach is the driving strategy of many organizations that are seeking that competitive advantage. The companies that understand how to quickly navigate, report against, integrate, and manage the critical data elements from their disparate systems will be the most successful.

      Join Naveen Miglani, CEO and Co-Founder of EiS Technologies and SplashBI, as he discusses how organizations in Retail, Public Sector, and Energy Industries navigate their daily reporting tasks and drive their daily business decisions in a “Best of Breed” environment. Naveen will discuss real-time role-specific data clarity, mobile access, ad-hoc reporting, & decision-making, all while leveraging the investment in non-integrated applications. Come see how these organizations gain a true competitive advantage by arming their end-users with true “Actionable Intelligence”, no matter how complex the Enterprise.

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    • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Decision Making
      Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Decision Making Greg Schulz, Founder/Sr. Advisory Analyst, Server StorageIO Recorded: Dec 7 2016 7:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Are Converged Infrastructures (CI), Hyper-Converged Infrastructures (HCI), Cluster in Box or Cloud in Box (CiB) solutions for you? The answer is it depends on what your needs, requirements, application among other criteria are. In addition are you focused on a particular technology solution or architecture approach, or, looking for something that adapts to your needs? Join us in this discussion exploring your options for different scenario as we look beyond they hype including to next wave of hyper-scale converged along with applicable decision making criteria.

      Topics include:
      - Data Infrastructures exist to support applications and their underlying resource needs
      - What are your application and environment needs along with other objectives
      - Explore various approaches for hyper-small and hyper-large environments
      - What are you converging, hardware, hypervisors, management or something else?
      - Does HCI mean hyper-vendor-lock-in, if so, is that a bad thing?
      - When, where, why and how to use different scenarios

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    • Cloud Storage Decision Making – Exploring your options
      Cloud Storage Decision Making – Exploring your options Greg Schulz, Founder/Sr. Advisory Analyst, Server StorageIO Recorded: Nov 23 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • You have been told, or determined that you need (or want) to use cloud storage, ok, now what? What type of cloud storage do you need or want, or do you simply want cloud storage? However, what are your options as well as application requirements including Performance, Availability, Capacity and Economics (PACE) along with access or interfaces? Where are your applications and where will they be located? What are your objectives for using cloud storage or is it simply you have heard or told its cheaper. Join us in this discussion exploring your options, considerations for cloud storage decision making.

      Topics include:
      - Data Infrastructures exist to support applications and their underlying resource needs
      - Various cloud storage options to meet different application PACE needs
      - Storage for primary, secondary, performance, availability, capacity, backup, archiving
      - Public, private and hybrid cloud storage options from block, file, object to application service
      - When, where, why and how to use cloud storage for different scenarios

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    • Decision making under pressure
      Decision making under pressure Paul Breed MBCI Recorded: Sep 27 2016 2:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Business continuity can be a high pressured role at times, with many decisions having to be made under that pressure. It is important to be able to manage it effectively and so ensure the right decision is taken, whatever the circumstances. In this webinar, Paul Breed MCBI presents a decision making model which includes:

      Information - (Fact, Assumption, Gaps - urgency)
      Threat and Risk Assessment - based on Identity, Capability, Intention
      Development of a Working Strategy - that dovetails the Threat and Risk Assessment
      Options - ideally from a predetermined tactical menu that reduces time critical decision making
      Action - based on the agreed option together with contingencies
      Review - constantly review the decision especially when new information comes to light

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    • Modelling ‘smart’ and ‘lazy' thinking to influence decision-making
      Modelling ‘smart’ and ‘lazy' thinking to influence decision-making Dominic Tyer Recorded: Oct 4 2016 2:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Traditional models of cognitive behaviour remain meaningful, but they can fail to deliver strong links between ‘smart’, cognitive-based factors of judgement and the decision-making associated with actual behaviour change.

      In contrast, behavioural economics accounts for the ‘lazy’ judgments and thoughts that occur at an automatic level, but can over-weight the prevalence of such behaviour.

      On October 4 Cello Health Insight, in association with PMGroup, will host a free webinar on applying adaptive and integrated behavioural models to qualitative enquiry.

      It will look at how to achieve a better understanding of what drives therapeutic decision-making and how medical marketing, digital and PR initiatives can change future behaviours in favour of achieving target sales.

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    • Performance Management & Decision-Making: Fixing the Join to get Results. Part 1
      Performance Management & Decision-Making: Fixing the Join to get Results. Part 1 Phil Jones, Independent Performance Management & Business Strategy Consultant Recorded: Oct 6 2015 10:00 am UTC 37 mins
    • The adoption of performance management methodologies across all types of businesses continues, but the expected step-change in organisational performance still today, often proves elusive.

      Join Information Builders and Phil Jones, a thought-leader in performance management and business strategy, where we will identify some of the key reasons for such mixed results.

      In this 30 minute webinar, we will explain the importance of connecting up common performance management practices with decision-making processes within organisations, to deliver a significant improvement in operational performance.

      Attend this webinar to learn:

      - How decisions really get made in organisations
      - Where traditional performance management thinking can go wrong
      - How to make sense of the maelstrom of KPIs, measures and useful information
      - Best practices for taking and acting on decisions to improve performance
      - How to really learn from decision making and performance management

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    • Differentiate and Win:Mobile Banking Apps & Analytics that Guide Decision Making
      Differentiate and Win:Mobile Banking Apps & Analytics that Guide Decision Making Bruce Baron, IBM Mobile Enterprise Marketing & Jeremy Berman, IBM MobileFirst product line manager Recorded: Sep 2 2015 2:55 pm UTC 23 mins
    • Three mobile apps that can help you win the battle for customer mindshare?

      Mobile is the new battleground for consumer mind share across many Industries. Although business and IT are aligned on what they think is important research shows it often isn’t what end users value.
      Worse yet, when an app disappoints, 65% of users won’t buy your other products.

      As mobile app developers look to increase mobile engagement, they must be focused on the right things – enabling the mobile moment that influences action at the right time, in context.

      Join IBM industry and technical experts for this Slashdot TechByte webcast series where you will:
      •Learn the latest innovations that mobile offers in retail, banking and healthcare
      •See innovative apps in action and learn how to use the capabilities that make them unique
      •Discover how to use IBM MobileFirst Platform capabilities to make good apps great

      Don’t hesitate, register now for this complimentary event series to learn how to gain the mindshare your apps deserve.

      •Part 3: Differentiate and Win: Mobile Banking Apps with Analytics that Guide Decision Making:

      See how to use cloud-based analytics from Watson to provide immediate and contextually relevant guidance for financial planning in a small business environment.

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    • Who decided that?!?  Insight to Board Decision Making
      Who decided that?!? Insight to Board Decision Making John Deffenbaugh, Director, Frontline Recorded: Jul 1 2015 10:00 am UTC 63 mins
    • It is often through hindsight that the value of a Board decision is judged. Years, even months after, both those affected by a decision and those who took it will sometimes ask, “Who decided that?”

      There are many factors that play into a good Board decision, including the quality of Board paper, the range of options, the quality of debate, effective challenge, corporate perspective, understanding of the context, and the ability of the Chair to effectively steer discussion and move to a decision. Boards make many fewer decisions than they think they do. In observing a Board meeting, held over 7 hours with over 650 pages of papers, there was not one paper for decision.

      This Webinar will delve into decision making as one of the key roles of the Board. We’ll look at the four levels of Board engagement in decision making: rubber stamping, probing and questioning, setting strategic direction, and shadowing. For each level we’ll explore what it means for the Board and the organisation it directs. We’ll also consider a range of related factors that influence decision making:

      • Best practice in Board papers
      • Strategic versus operational focus
      • The roles of board members
      • Corporate versus functional perspective

      We’ll use a range of models to explore Board decision making, and will draw on experience from across the NHS and beyond.

      John Deffenbaugh, a director of Frontline and an NHS non-executive director, will host this Webinar.

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    • Virtual Server and Storage – Converged Decision Making
      Virtual Server and Storage – Converged Decision Making Greg Schulz, Founder & Sr. Advisory Analyst, StorageIO Recorded: Dec 9 2014 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Servers need and storage and storage support servers as part of providing information services across different organizations, application and environments. An industry trend is a shift for some environments from separate compute servers and storage I/O networking capabilities to converged environments including cloud and virtual. This webinar looks at various current and emerging industry trends along with perspectives for making informed decisions pertaining to virtual servers and storage across converged, hyper-converged and traditional deployment scenarios.

      Key themes:
      •What are your different options for supporting various types of server virtualization
      •Industry trends including various hypervisors as well as containers
      •Different types of storage to support various applications needs
      •Software Defined Storage Management to support cloud and virtual environments
      •Who’s doing what as well as decision making criteria
      •How to benchmark or compare apples to apples vs. apples to oranges

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    • Software Defined Storage Decision Making - Navigating Apples and Oranges
      Software Defined Storage Decision Making - Navigating Apples and Oranges Greg Schulz, Founder & Sr. Advisory Analyst, StorageIO Recorded: Nov 14 2014 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • There are many different facets of software-defined storage along with software defined storage management. However, which is right for you and your environment? The answer is that it will depend on what you are trying to do or accomplish as well as your view or perception and preference of what is or is not software defined storage.

      This webinar looks at current and emerging industry trends perspectives for software-defined storage spanning cloud, virtual and traditional environments across various applications. A wealth of information and insight into what the industry is doing as well as what IT organizations can do today and in the future for making informed storage decisions.

      Key themes:
      •Industry landscape sampling of who is doing what
      •What to look for and various options
      •Software defined storage decision making
      •What is and is not software defined storage
      •Different options and approaches for software defined

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