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    • Digital Youth Project Insights.
      Digital Youth Project Insights. Julia Shalet, Product Doctor Recorded: Jan 27 2011 10:30 am UTC 39 mins
    • This webinar, presented by Julia Shalet, Product Doctor will be of interest to people that want a closer understanding of the youth market. Using case studies from virtual world to mobile to community projects with a social media twist, this presentation will cover:
      •Key insights from the youth market on digital products across a broad range of areas
      •Adult mis-perceptions of young people
      •How engaging end users early and often will bring you commercial benefit
      •How to create learning experiences for young people that you involve
      Julia has 17 years experience launching and maximising digital products and community offerings through her 12 years at T-Mobile, as the founder of the Digital Youth Project, through her 3 years as Product Director at Weeworld and as Project Director at Space Makers. She has a strong track record of success launching products and bringing failing products back to health for start ups, corporate and the third sector.

      Julia Shalet’s career highlights include establishing T-Mobile as number 1 in the market for MMS; designing and delivering virtual revenue streams for Weeworld resulting in a 20m growth in registered users with $1m monthly revenue and being interviewed on BBC Inside Out for the successes at Brixton Village.

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    • Big Data Analytics
      Big Data Analytics Ian Osborne and Robert Leese Recorded: Feb 19 2014 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Machine learning is an ever-evolving field which enables computers to make and improve predictions and behaviours based on data. A series of three webinars will be given by staff from the Industrial Maths KTN which introduce the topic of machine learning, provide examples of machine learning methods and demonstrate their application to real world problems. The webinars will be:

      1) An Overview of Machine Learning: Categorisation and approaches. Dr Michelle Ledbetter (Wednesday 19th February, 14.00)
      2) Practical Machine Learning using Ensemble Methods. Dr Siddhartha Ghosh (Wednesday 5th March, 14.00)
      3) An Introduction to Clustering. Dr Owen Jones (Wednesday 19th March, 14.00)

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    • Trusted Software Development
      Trusted Software Development Ian Bryant, TSI Recorded: Nov 6 2013 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Ian Bryant of the Trustworthy Software Initiative, represents that cadre of software engineers which is most concerned with ensuring that software development produces an output which meets exacting standards for quality and trustworthiness. Not all applications require such an approach, but where software is developed for highly sensitive services or in high reliability environments, an understanding of best practice in engineering is of great benefit. Ian will present the TSI model for discussion.

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    • Horizon 2020
      Horizon 2020 Eddie Townsend Peter Walters Recorded: Dec 19 2013 2:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Horizon 2020 – The next Steps

      Although Horizon 2020 does not officially start until January we are only days away from the release of the first call for proposals. The ICT elements alone add up to over €700 million and there is a wide range of opportunity for UK research.

      This is your chance to get involved in a simplified scheme with programmes specially designed for SMEs!
      ICT KTN has just completed a UK tour of events with 800 organisations getting on board. We have also had over 34,000 hits on the topic on our web site.

      We now start our second UK tour with a webinar where you will learn the following:
      •Details of the ICT Work Programme and in particular the elements in the first call.
      •Summary of the rules for participation
      •Details of the NEW SME scheme
      •Details of Commission information and brokerage events as well as the ICT KTN regional programme
      •How can get started, where can I find help

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    • H. 264 Video coding tutorial
      H. 264 Video coding tutorial Iain Richardson Recorded: Mar 22 2010 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Video compression or video coding is essential to a wide range of products such as broadcast digital TV, DVD and Blu-Ray disks, internet video and mobile video. H.264 Advanced Video Coding is an industry standard format for compressed video which is key to many of these products. Participants in this webinar will learn how H.264 makes it possible to compress video through a combination of prediction, transforms and coding and will gain an insight into how to get the best from this popular compression format.

      About the presenter: Iain Richardson is the author of the two leading texts on H.264 Advanced Video Coding and is an internationally known expert in video compression. Director of Vcodex Ltd and OneCodec Ltd and Honorary Professor at RGU, Aberdeen, he is sought after as a speaker, consultant and expert witness on video compression technology.

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    • Multicore and Scalability: What Really Matters for High Performance at Low Power
      Multicore and Scalability: What Really Matters for High Performance at Low Power Tony King-Smith Recorded: May 9 2012 1:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • The term “multicore” is increasingly misunderstood and over-simplified, as many still think this simply refers to having more than one conventional CPU. In this seminar, we’ll explain how Imagination uses the concept of multiple datapaths and execution units utilising range of different hardware and software architectures to implement high performance, highly scalable IP (Intellectual Property) cores covering graphics (GPU), video (VPU), communications (RPU) as well as CPU functionality. Tony will also explain how Imagination uses this to deliver much more than just performance scaling, including power management, product portfolio, and application software flexibility.

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    • Achieving the Productivity Gains of BYOD without compromising security
      Achieving the Productivity Gains of BYOD without compromising security Frank Domoney Recorded: Dec 10 2012 10:30 am UTC 53 mins
    • What it is about

      •Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the Device Centric part of the Consumerisation of IT (COIT). BYOD unblocks many opportunities for significant Productivity gains for both large companies and small companies. The low cost of developing an App for a Smartphone or a Tablet can make the payback time very attractive. Allowing it to run on the employee’s preferred personal platform guarantees a higher take-up and usage of the app and allows a reduction in the replacement costs of PCs .

      •Attempting to achieve these gains without a methodical approach to evaluating the risks to the business might cause the company to fail to meet its compliance requirement, whether you are a Solicitor, a Financial Services company, or a Manufacturer supplying to a Defence Ministry or Government supply chain

      •60% of UK businesses are believed to be implementing BYOD either formally or informally but less than 40% are taking adequate security precautions. New Generation Viruses can bypass traditional Firewalls and Virus Protection and are targeted to steal Trade Secrets and High Value Financial Information from industry generally. The employee’s own Tablet or Smartphone with all their games and social networking might be the carrier that infects the network.

      •Companies need to protect themselves against the bad apple Insiders who will use the technology change to commit fraud or to steal the company’s trade secrets, source code, commercial information, without restricting their employee’s ability to carry out their day to day job.

      The Benefits of Watching

      •Find sources for more information about the implementation of BYOD.
      •Discover a framework for evaluating the decision to introduce, restrict or forbid the technique
      •Discover a framework for a sensible decision on how much to spend on securing the network in order to use it
      •Discover some of the existing resources to support introduction of the technique

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    • The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architectue, Processes, and Organizations f
      The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architectue, Processes, and Organizations f Marty Abbot Michael Fisher Ian Osborne Recorded: Sep 19 2011 1:30 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Scalability is everyone’s problem. Designing for scale is more of an art than science. And, very few people understand scalability well-enough to design highly scalable systems and organisations. Is there an authoritative guidebook that can lead you through the process of building scalable systems? There seems to be one and here is an opportunity to listen to its authors Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher
      Marty Abbot is an inventor, entrepreneur, technologist and business leader with executive experience with Quigo,which was sold to AOL. Prior to Quigo, Marty served as the SVP of Technology at eBay. His full profile can be found here: http://akfpartners.com/about/marty-abbott
      Michael Fisher is an inventor, entrepreneur and veteran software and technology executive with Quigo (as CTO) and Paypal (Vice President, Engineering & Architecture). His full profile can be found here: http://akfpartners.com/about/michael-fisher
      Ian Osborne (Project Director, Intellect and ICT KTN, http://www.intellectuk.org/spokespeople/580), will engage the two authors on topics such as how to design scalable systems, associated challenges and a few ways to deal with them. Feel free to send your questions before the webinar to ian.osborne@ictktn.org.uk or Mahesha.Pandit@ictktn.org.uk
      This webinar is an initiative of Scalable Computing track of the ICT KTN.

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    • FP7 Call 8 – European Funding for Your R&D
      FP7 Call 8 – European Funding for Your R&D Peter Walters UK NCP, and Eddie Townsend, Collaboration Delivery Manager ICT KTN. Recorded: Aug 24 2011 10:00 am UTC 38 mins
    • A briefing event for innovation driven businesses, academics and others working in ICT and its applications in the areas of:

      •Cloud computing, Internet of services and advanced software engineering
      •Trustworthy ICT
      •Research enabling the Future Internet
      •Advanced nanoelectronic components: design, engineering technology and manufacturing
      •Micro-Nano Bio Systems
      •Core and disruptive photonic technologies
      •Intelligent information management
      •Smart energy grids
      •ICT for efficient water resources management
      •Systems for energy efficient and sustainable mobility
      •Technology enhanced learning

      Participants will receive an introduction to the availability of this major funding for collaborative research announced by the European Commission on 20 July. The webinar is designed to provide understanding of the opportunities how to access these funds and access the benefits offered by European collaborative research,

      The FP7 UK ICT National Contact Point and the ICT KTN are pleased to invite you to join this event and will help you to understand the call contents and the support available to proposers from ICT KTN and elsewhere.

      The webinar will be presented by Peter Walters UK NCP, and Eddie Townsend, Collaboration Delivery Manager ICT KTN.

      The webinar presentations will last for approximately 40 minutes followed by a further 20 minutes for questions.

      This event is part of an ICT KTN programme designed to assist UK organisations benefit from the Framework programme and leading edge research networks.

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