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    • How To Deal With Display Attribution
      How To Deal With Display Attribution Sean Nowlin, Senior Display Media Manager, PPC Associates Recorded: Aug 23 2012 4:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    • Attribution is a key component to any successful display campaign. This is especially important when dealing with multiple display partners. Before planning your next (or first) campaign, think about how to set yourself up for success. That means thorough planning, proper tracking, and readable results. Pick the best mix of partners that will bring unique reach and ability to hit your goals. Consider using a third party ad server or (if PPC and/or social is already a part of your marketing mix) a cross-channel attribution service to help give credit where credit is due. And most importantly, make sure to monitor results during and after the campaign. How else can you make sure everything is performing well? Good planning and tracking will lead you there. All of this is for naught without good attribution.

      Sean Nowlin has worked in the sales and marketing industry since 2000. Before joining PPC Associates in February 2012, he spent three years running display campaigns for Progressive Insurance, a top-10 digital advertiser. Sean’s display expertise consists of managing premium publisher relationships, ad networks, Demand Side Platforms, ad verification, and Online Behavioral Advertising compliance.

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    • Drive More Display Ad Conversions with 1st Party Data
      Drive More Display Ad Conversions with 1st Party Data Ted Sfikas, Director of US Engineering, Tealium Recorded: Sep 13 2017 4:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Display ads have become one of most common channels marketers leverage to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message in the hopes of achieving a quick conversion. When organizations deploy multiple martech solutions solutions and marketing channels, like display ads, they are able to collect massive amounts of behavioral data at each of these touchpoints. While many brands are able to collect this 1st party data from each marketing touchpoint - most aren’t able to truly take advantage of the opportunity this data holds with their display ad strategy.

      Brands are experiencing powerful results and driving more display ad conversions by connecting disparate 1st party data sources. Wondering how? Join this webinar to learn:

      - The foundational concepts and terminology you need to know around the display ecosystem
      - How Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Email Service Providers (ESPs) and other martech solutions fit into the display ad sphere and how to use this combination to your advantage
      - The difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data
      - The powerful combination that exists in pairing a DSP with a CDP

      Ted Sfikas, Director of US Engineering, Tealium

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    • Exploring Attribution – A Display Advertising Case Study
      Exploring Attribution – A Display Advertising Case Study Seb Joseph, Reporter, Marketing Week Recorded: Mar 31 2014 2:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • The world of Display advertising presents a vast opportunity for advertisers. But that opportunity comes hand in hand with challenges, some of which are big enough to require expert help in order to overcome them.
      Vishnu Balchand, Senior Product Specialist at Quantcast, is an expert within the field of Real Time Bidding (RTB) and has helped many brands unlock the potential of their display campaigns. Gary Revenson, Head of Technology at Maxus, is a pioneering adopter of new methodologies in display advertising.
      Together, Gary and Vishnu will discuss a case study which highlights how Quantcast and Maxus used campaign data to understand and measure the performance of campaigns through the use of "Split Funnel Attribution".

      Join this live webinar to learn more about:
      - The difference between Prospecting and Retargeting
      - How to select the right tactics
      - How to measure effectiveness across your plan

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    • Targeting Your Ideal Prospects - Display Advertising for Demand Generation
      Targeting Your Ideal Prospects - Display Advertising for Demand Generation Jennifer Agustin, Sr Director of Marketing, Bizo Recorded: Oct 10 2013 6:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • Your online prospects are more distracted than ever before, whether spending time on social networks, email, or on a variety of other websites. How can today's marketers not only identify their best prospects, but also convert them into qualified leads and customers? Thanks to the new approaches available, today's marketers can now reach more of their precise target audiences online and drive new leads into the marketing funnel in innovative ways.

      Join Jennifer Agustin, senior director of marketing at Bizo, as she explores how B2B marketers can use display advertising and the powerful technique of retargeting across their entire marketing mix—from email and search to social and display—to find the greatest number of targeted prospects online and convert these prospects into new customers

      Attendees of the workshop will learn:

      - Why finding target audiences online can be difficult and how to overcome this challenge
      - Why display advertising makes sense for all businesses--from SMB to the enterprise
      - How to use display advertising as a lead generation channel that provides lift across the entire marketing mix
      - How to apply the technique of retargeting across all online channels, from website to social media, to nurture leads down the marketing funnel
      - The key components of a successful display advertising campaign from creating compelling ad creative to measuring and optimizing results

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    • South Korea’s legal framework and patent enforcement
      South Korea’s legal framework and patent enforcement J. Kenneth Oh, head of IP division, LG Display; Duck Soon Chang, partner, Kim & Chang; Stephen T. Bang, partner, Kim & Chang Recorded: Feb 13 2014 2:00 pm UTC 71 mins
    • Recently, as the number of patent infringement actions filed by foreign companies against Korean competitors has increased, Korean companies have responded aggressively with counteractions in multiple countries, frequently including Korea. Under this changing environment, the quality and size of the Korean patent portfolio plays a critical role in balancing the overall positions between the disputing parties.

      With recent cases such as the Apple v. Samsung disputes, Osram v. LG Innotek & Samsung LED and the “Viagra case” between Pfizer and Hanmi Pharmaceutical, having a clear understanding of the South Korean legal framework and enforcement practice becomes crucial in successfully protecting your patent portfolio and other forms of IP rights.

      Whether you, or your clients, face litigation in Korea, or will potentially be facing it in the future, this webinar will help you understand the essence of Korea’s legal framework, analyse different enforcement options, and give advice on effective counter-measures.

      Speakers include:
      • James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)
      • Mr. J. Kenneth Oh, vice president, head of IP division, LG Display Co., Ltd.
      • Mr. Duck Soon Chang, partner, Kim & Chang
      • Mr. Stephen T. Bang, partner, Kim & Chang

      The webinar will focus on South Korea’s legal framework and patent enforcement practice, covering:
      • Enforcement options in South Korea
      • How to utilize the bifurcated court system
      • Effective counter-measures to an invalidity defence
      • Analysis and discussion of South Korea’s most notable patent infringement cases

      The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.

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    • Integrating Display Advertising into Your Webinar Strategy
      Integrating Display Advertising into Your Webinar Strategy David Pitta, Director of Demand Generation, BrightTALK Recorded: Mar 21 2013 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Display advertising and webinars go together like peanut butter and chocolate - it's a combination that just works. Whether you are looking to promote your webinar programs pre-event or retarget your audience post event, there's an incredible opportunity for your brand to surround your audience with relevant messaging that improves the performance of your campaigns. Join us on March 21 to learn how BrightTALK is leveraging 1M display advertising impressions per month to engage audiences and deliver sales ready leads that convert to new customers

      Topics discussed:
      - Analyzing display advertising inventory across owned, earned, and paid sources
      - Developing fresh and consistent creative strategy of offers
      - Leveraging display advertising campaigns to drive webinar program registrations
      - Retargeting webinar attendees to increase trial distribution and sales ready leads
      - Measuring campaign performance with proper tracking and analytics

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