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    • How to Avoid Community Engagement Letdown How to Avoid Community Engagement Letdown Richard Millington, Founder of Feverbee | Cesar Castro, Sr. Director of Adoption & Engagement Recorded: Apr 26 2016 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Has this ever happened to you: you’ve launched your community, it starts to grow, but over time fewer and fewer people show up? This is one of the major challenges facing community professionals today (along with demonstrating clear ROI).

      This webinar will focus on the important things a community professional can do to grow and sustain engagement. We’ll cover topics such as:

      - Peer to Peer Interaction: The best types of discussions to initiate and how to sustain them
      - Content: Creating content that helps build a stronger sense of community and increases activity
      - Advocacy: How to design events that generate long-term activity
      - Community Journeys: Aligning your activities with your member's motivational touch points

      You’ll come away inspired to do more with your community and we’ll help you get started with a handy community management tool. It will share in this webinar so please join us.

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    • Good vs. great mobile engagement: getting the opt-in Good vs. great mobile engagement: getting the opt-in Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week), Alyssa Meritt (Urban Airship), Neel Banerjee (Urban Airship) Recorded: Dec 16 2015 3:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • What separates mobile innovators from firms ticking the mobile box? It’s simple: ongoing customer engagement. The first key is getting customers to opt-in to notifications. On average, they are four times more engaged with apps and retained at double the rate of opt-out users. Urban Airship recently compiled the industry’s largest study of opt-in rates and trends to provide benchmarks across 15 different industries.

      In this Marketing Week webinar join Alyssa Merrit, head of strategic consulting at Urban Airship, and Neel Banerjee, senior product manager at Urban Airship, to learn if you are ahead, behind or (shudder) simply average in this webinar that will address key questions:

      • How do my engagement rates compare to peers?
      • What’s the difference between average and top performers?
      • Are notification opt-in rates remaining steady?
      • What are the top 10 tips to improve opt-in rates?

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    • Customer Engagement: Why Your Customers May Not "Like" You Customer Engagement: Why Your Customers May Not "Like" You Heidi Thorne, Promotional Products Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker Recorded: Aug 15 2013 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • If a customer or prospect clicks the Like button on your Facebook page, are they engaged? Maybe. Maybe not. Yet today's marketers are often obsessed with artificial metrics that don't translate into sales.

      In this session, we'll discuss:

      - What is customer engagement?
      - Does customer engagement differ from that on social media?
      - What metrics can be used to measure engagement?
      - What tools can be used for customer engagement?
      - Can customers be disengaged and still create revenue for you?

      Your presenter, Heidi Thorne of Thorne Communications LLC, has been able to leverage her social media and online activities into cash in the bank business for her company which primarily serves B2B clients. Her presentation will offer practical tips for growing a business through social media and online marketing.

      Heidi is a promotions expert, speaker and author of 6 books including:
      - Messaging Marketing: The Mobile Marketing How To Guide to Text Message Advertising for Small Business
      - Business Competitive Advantage: A Handbook for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Consultants

      She brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing, sales and public relations to this program, including a decade in the trade show and hospitality industries. Heidi is also the editor and founder of PromoWithPurposeToday.com (how to promote your company) and MessagingMarketing.com (social media and mobile marketing how to) blogs.

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    • Can a Manager Actually Do Anything About Employee Engagement? Can a Manager Actually Do Anything About Employee Engagement? Joe España, Executive Consultant and Coach | Managing Director Performance Equations Recorded: Dec 9 2015 10:00 am UTC 41 mins
    • Employee Engagement is a topic which is now well understood as being a significant factor in organisational results, not least because the way employees feel about their company and how aligned they are to their organisations vision, values and aspirations has a direct relevance to their performance contribution. Despite the range of strategies and approaches applied, however, the level of employee engagement in the UK has not budged beyond about a third of the workforce who consider themselves fully engaged.

      In this webinar we will explore what are the macro conditions that need to exist to help boost employee engagement, and what are the micro drivers that enable employees to feel engaged.

      This webinar aims to answer two questions:

      •Where does employee engagement really live in an organisation?
      •What can managers actually do about it?

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    • Disrupting and improving customer engagement with predictive insights Disrupting and improving customer engagement with predictive insights David Davidovic, Jerome Mead, Leilani Latimer, Paul Tunnah Recorded: Apr 27 2016 3:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • There are clear benefits for both Life Sciences companies and their customers in significantly improving the way they engage. Be it in terms of reputation, efficiency, profitability, or even relationship quality and longevity, engagement has and will always be the key to successful business practice.

      Recent exclusive research conducted in conjunction with Zephyr Health revealed that both frontline sales forces and sales management professionals want to improve engagement strategies with new technology utilizing predictive insights. However, despite having new tools available to them, sales teams remain heavily reliant on the same techniques that were being used decades ago.

      So what is the answer – how do life sciences companies disrupt this pattern and make significant strides to improve engagement?

      Working with Zephyr Health, we present an expert webinar that will answer this very question, bringing together industry experts to discuss why the disruption is critical, how it can be achieved, and the core role that predictive insights play in this process.

      As with all of our webcasts, this is an interactive debate designed to enable you to get the answers you need.

      Topics covered include:

      •Customer engagement challenges and trends: the need for disruptive customer engagement – what the survey revealed
      •The challenges facing Life Sciences customer engagement
      •Why technology is only partially solving the problem
      •The evolution of CRM: from historic analytics to current analytics to future analytics – knowing what your customer wants before they do
      •Overcoming internal blockers to change within Life Sciences – the roadmap for success

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    • Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace Adrian Collier (Product Manager at Hippo CMS) and Nathan Nelson (Creative Designer at VASSIT) Upcoming: Jun 28 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Improving Internal Communication Through Targeting and Personalization.

      Corporate intranet portals can be a major source of frustration for employees worldwide. Employee engagement, which crucial to employee retention and satisfaction, can often suffer when employees find themselves without a way to communicate with others in the organisation online - or when they are forced to do so through a clunky or malfunctioning system.

      In this webinar, Adrian Collier (Product Manager at Hippo CMS) and Nathan Nelson (Creative Designer at VASSIT) demonstrate how a web content management system can be implemented to enable employee engagement in the corporate digital workspace, and how Hippo's targeting and personalization capabilities can help companies deliver personalized content to foster employee retention and satisfaction. They will show a set of diverse real-life examples from the Dutch police force, Provincial, and LifeWorks.

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    • Retail Spotlight: Improving Talent Attraction & Engagement Retail Spotlight: Improving Talent Attraction & Engagement Kyle Lagunas Recorded: Mar 15 2016 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Most employers are coming to understand that the age-old, post-and-pray advertising tactics aren’t working, and many are venturing into a more progressive approach: Recruitment marketing. Fundamental challenges to this approach include defining key performance indicators and how to measure success.

      According to the latest findings from Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s benchmark survey, Modern Measures of Success in Talent Acquisition, 78% of companies say that measuring performance in Talent Attraction and Engagement is important or critically important. The only problem (and it’s a big one) is that 45% of companies are relying on inconsistent, or anecdotal data. Among retail employers, 38% aren’t tracking performance data at all.

      On March 15th 2016, 11am PDT / 2pm EST, Lighthouse’s Principal Analyst, Kyle Lagunas, will share key findings from his research on modern measures of success in these critical capabilities including:

      –What key metrics hiring organizations are tracking today
      –How they’re tracking performance data in these areas
      –What insights they’re generating as a result
      –How they’re leveraging these insights to optimize recruiting performance

      Register today and as a thank you we will send you complimentary report including a summary of key findings from the research post webinar.

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    • Partner Webinar Series: How AAA Drives Engagement with RealTime Email Campaigns Partner Webinar Series: How AAA Drives Engagement with RealTime Email Campaigns Justin Foster, Co-Founder and VP Market Development, LiveClicker | Nancy Weaver, Senior Manager, eBusiness, AAA Recorded: Feb 11 2016 5:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Until now, email messages were frozen in time the moment the "send" button was pressed. Now, a new wave of technology enables marketers to adjust messages post-send to best match the personal context of each and every opener - all in real-time.

      In this webinar, Liveclicker Co-Founder and VP Market Development, Justin Foster and AAA Senior Manager eBusiness, Nancy Weaver will discuss how AAA has leveraged moment-of-open data to amp relevance and connect with customers in new and powerful ways. Attendees will learn how to turn RealTime Email into RealTime Engagement.

      The goal and purpose of the Partner Webinar series is to demonstrate the breadth of the partner ecosystem with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We will highlight partners that have invested in the partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, demonstrating use cases and customer success stories that have leveraged their solutions and services to build amazing marketing stories. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has always been an open platform and we continue to invest in the platform to make it easy for partners to build on and implement to extend and augment the Marketing Cloud and the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

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