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    • Managing Microservices & Your API Economy for Enterprise Agility
      Managing Microservices & Your API Economy for Enterprise Agility Jonah Kowall, VP Market Development and Insights, AppDynamics Recorded: Apr 19 2018 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Businesses must participate in the API economy; creating an ecosystem and partnerships are essential in order to capture business of the future. Creating this agility requires changing people, processes, and technology in order to capture these often fleeting business moments. The challenge is to balance both the current environments and architectures, while creating the next generation of application architectures. These often painful changes can be approached in many ways, which we will outline along with the technology and methodology to ensure success.

      Join this webcast to learn:

      - The latest thinking around microservices and miniservices
      - How to measure and manage the application lifecycle (with a drill down into monitoring and visibility)
      - Enterprise challenges when balancing existing systems and new capabilities

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    • Handling Complex Data Integrations in Enterprise Apps
      Handling Complex Data Integrations in Enterprise Apps Jai Karve – Principal Solutions Engineer & Sebastian Witalec – Senior Developer Advocate Upcoming: Jan 3 2019 4:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Demand for new apps keeps increasing, but integration challenges often slow the development process to a crawl. Developers are often left waiting for external teams to integrate with expanding numbers of disparate data sources and implement a variety of authentication schemes. Meanwhile, end users of mobile, web or chat don’t care about enterprise information architecture—they just want a seamless, connected experience.

      The Progress Kinvey platform helps developers deliver the experiences that customers demand faster using the tools and frameworks they already trust, while also:

      - Simplifying integration by providing a layer of abstraction for data virtualization
      - Providing enterprise authentication
      - Delivering mobile-specific features such as notifications and offline data access
      - Allowing developers want to use their standard and open frameworks and tools without having to learn a new or proprietary development stack

      Join us as we explore tackling complex data integrations for modern enterprise apps.

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    • Automation for the Modern Enterprise
      Automation for the Modern Enterprise Alanna Brown, Director of Product Marketing. Michael Olson,Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Abir Majumdar,Solutions Engineer Recorded: Apr 25 2018 3:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • As we enter a new age of automation — where every company needs to be able to deliver better software, faster — our goal is to provide the tools you need to iterate faster, ship sooner and deliver more customer value.

      We recently announced brand new products, Puppet Tasks™ and Puppet Discovery™, to give you greater control and end-to-end visibility over your software delivery.

      Listen in as Eric Sorenson, Director of Product Management, and Mike Smith, Sales Engineer cover an in-depth look at what’s new:

      • Puppet Discovery is a new offering that lets you see everything you have in real time across your on-premises, cloud and container infrastructure, and know what you need to automate next.

      • Puppet Tasks, a new family of offerings that encompass both Puppet Bolt™and Puppet Enterprise Task Management, makes it simple to automate ad-hoc tasks, deploy one-off changes, and execute sequenced actions in an imperative way.

      • With Puppet Pipelines, we’re uniting the entire software delivery lifecycle, to bring you a platform built for the enterprise, that integrates with a wide variety of tools and helps you avoid vendor lock-in.

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    • Reducing the Cost of Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps
      Reducing the Cost of Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations & Dan Wilson – Senior Product Manager Upcoming: Jan 8 2019 4:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • The mobile app revolution has hit the enterprise. Smartphones, tablets, watches—your internal users and customers demand engaging experiences on the devices they use, on their terms.

      Existing resourcing problems, enterprise/legacy systems and changing requirements impact your cost and speed of app delivery. Fortunately, newer techniques drastically reduce app costs and time to market. This webinar examines how enterprises are accelerating development, cutting expenses, and reducing their IT app backlog.

      You’ll learn:

      - Cost-effective ways to extend existing enterprise and legacy systems for modern user experiences
      - Strategies to reduce the need for specialized technical skills in your organization without compromising quality, compliance or security
      - How to share code between web and mobile, allowing for reuse and standardization
      - Implementing development accelerators for common app needs like user authentication, data storage, and security
      - Building truly native iOS and Android apps, using the web skills developers already have
      - How reducing cost helps your IT organization align better with the rest of the business during digital transformation

      See how to reduce your app backlog while retaining full control over application logic, compliance, security, user experience, and access control.

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    • Integrating the Enterprise with a Streaming Data Approach
      Integrating the Enterprise with a Streaming Data Approach William McKnight, Analyst, Gigaom Research & Jon Bock, VP of Marketing, Streamlio Recorded: May 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Streaming and real-time data has high business value, but that value can rapidly decay if not processed quickly. If the value of the data is not realized in a certain window of time, its value is lost and the decision or action that was needed as a result never occurs. Streaming data – whether from sensors, devices, applications, or events – needs special attention because a sudden price change, a critical threshold met, a sensor reading changing rapidly, or a blip in a log file can all be of immense value, but only if the alert is in time.

      In this webinar, we will review the landscape of streaming data and message queueing technology and introduce and demonstrate a method for an organization to assess and benchmark—for their own current and future uses and workloads—the technologies currently available. We will also reveal the results of our own execution of the OpenMessaging benchmark on workloads for two of the platforms: Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar.

      What Will Be Discussed:

      •The Evolution of Queuing, Messaging, and Streaming
      •Today’s Technology Landscape
      •Assessing Performance: The OpenMessaging Benchmark
      •Considerations for Your Evaluation

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    • Building a Career in Enterprise Tech: A Women in Tech Perspective
      Building a Career in Enterprise Tech: A Women in Tech Perspective Jeanne Morain, Erye Hernandez, Tiffany To, and Karla Zarate Recorded: Nov 15 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Though the media spends much more time covering consumer startups like Uber and Twitter, enterprise startups are the ones that have delivered consistent and significant financial returns over the last decade. From companies like Nutanix in infrastructure, Splunk in DevOps and Palo Alto Networks in security, there are many great career opportunities in enterprise tech for women that include but are not limited to engineering.

      This special panel will provide insights about careers in enterprise tech from moderator Jeanne Morain, Principal Researcher/Strategist, iSpeak Cloud, and panelists Erye Hernandez, Sr. Malware Researcher, Palo Alto Networks, Tiffany To, Chief Operating Officer of ForAllSecure, and Karla Zarate, Top Engineering Grad.

      These panelists will share their own career paths, skill sets required for different enterprise tech career paths and some of the challenges they've faced and how to overcome them from a WIT perspective. Webinar will be live on November 15, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST and available for post recording downloads.

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    • Digitize Enterprise Assets for Mobility
      Digitize Enterprise Assets for Mobility Sumit Sarkar, Chief Research Officer, Progress Recorded: May 25 2018 6:25 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Demand for digital experiences such as mobility are putting pressure on enterprise teams and systems. Many of these systems are deployed on servers and not engineered to scale. Mobility projects across web/mobile, voice, chat and AR are increasingly running on serverless cloud native architectures. But how can organizations meet the customer demands for digital experiences on enterprise systems such as ERP systems or enterprise APIs? Join Progress Kinvey to explore four options to digitize enterprise systems to deliver experiences for the connected world. Held during the Mobile + IoT Summit: Integration Developer News.

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    • IoT = IT + OT: Solving the Enterprise IoT Equation
      IoT = IT + OT: Solving the Enterprise IoT Equation Rich Karpinski, Research Director for Voice of the Enterprise – IoT Recorded: May 9 2018 4:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an enormous opportunity for technology vendors. But selling IoT outcomes – in particular into industries that have deep industrial or operational technology (OT) roots – is a fundamental departure from the traditional IT sale.

      Vendors face a more complex solution sale that goes beyond the usual IT buyer and involves multiple stakeholders that sit at the crossroads of IT, OT and strategic business agendas. For the first time ever, 451 Research launched a Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE) IoT: OT Stakeholder Perspective survey in addition to the quarterly VotE IoT: survey of IT decision-makers. Together, these two surveys provide complementary insights and guidance into the IT and OT view of enterprise IoT deployments, budgets, spending, technology priorities, vendor choices and more.

      Join 451 Research’s Rich Karpinski, Research Director for Voice of the Enterprise – IoT, to see highlights from this first-ever VotE IoT: OT Stakeholder Perspective survey and learn about:

      •How to best work with OT and IT buyers
      •The key OT-heavy verticals driving industrial IoT, including manufacturing, utilities, transportation, oil and gas and smart cities
      •How to target the very specific OT-centric use cases that are driving IoT deployments and spending in those verticals today – and in the future
      •How to position IoT products and services effectively with OT decision-makers – what they want and need from both their IT- and OT-centric vendors
      •Where and how OT and IT are collaborating most effectively on IoT – and where and why they are in active conflict (and how you can help)

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    • Securing the Enterprise in a DevOps World: Keynote & Panel
      Securing the Enterprise in a DevOps World: Keynote & Panel David Wayland, Head of Enterprise Application Security, Fortune 500 Financial Firm & Chris Wysopal, CTO & Co-Founder Veracode Recorded: Aug 22 2017 8:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Securing a global enterprise requires security, development, vulnerability management, compliance and risk professionals to understand the engagement and inflection points in the software development lifecycle—and their roles to accelerate it. 

      Join Veracode for a two part session featuring "Securing the Enterprise in a DevOps World" with David Wayland, and an interactive panel discussion to continue the conversation on securing the enterprise in a DevOps World. This open round table discussion will be led by Veracode Co-Founder and CTO, Chris Wysopal. We will have time for Q&A so bring your questions!

      The discussion will touch upon:
      · Are you crawling, walking or running with your DevOps initiative?
      · Pitfalls? Success?
      · How are you connecting the dots for the business and the board on how your application security initiative is mitigating risk?

      Panelists: David Wayland, Head of Enterprise Application Security—Fortune 500 Financial Firm, Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement—Veracode, Joseph Feiman Chief Innovation Officer—Veracode.

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    • Automate Your Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Calm
      Automate Your Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Calm Chris Brown, Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Mar 29 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Application development and delivery is growing in complexity, making it challenging for teams to keep up with increasing expectations to move faster. Siloed organizations and processes disrupt one another, resulting in cross-discipline overhead and slowing the ability to deliver business value.

      Every request is touched by many IT specialists, leading to unplanned delays and miscommunication of requirements, delaying required changes until the few who understand the full system are available.

      Fully integrated into the Nutanix platform, Calm combines powerful automation with consumer-grade management. Applications can be defined in a single, easy-to-use blueprint, so you can manage applications rather than VMs.

      Calm orchestrates the provisioning and scaling of applications across multiple environments, making the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application centric. Calm empowers your team with self-service, dramatically streamlining daily operations and eliminating the wait for specialized resources.

      Watch this live Nutanix Tech Talk X presentation to learn more about how Calm can help your organization.

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    • Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition
      Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition Christopher Campbell, Dir. Enterprise Mobility, VMware & authors of Cloud Security for Dummies, Lebin Cheng & Steve Malmskog Recorded: Apr 26 2016 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • VMware AirWatch and Netskope present:

      Cloud Security for Dummies, Enterprise Mobility Edition

      As more mission-critical business workflows move to the cloud, yesterday’s security protocols and measures have become inadequate. And as cybersecurity threats increase, protecting business resources from compromised mobile endpoints is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for the digital enterprise. More than half of all enterprise cloud app activities now occur over mobile devices with enterprise mobility at the epicenter and crossroad of business productivity and cybersecurity challenges.

      Join VMware AirWatch Director of Enterprise Mobility, Christopher Campbell and Netskope authors of Cloud Security for Dummies, Steve Malmskog and Lebin Cheng, for a lively discussion and reveal of the 10 “must haves" for cloud-consuming mobile workforces. Attendees will learn how to:

      Use intelligence about identity, device, and cloud usage to inform policy decisions on the device, in the app, and in the cloud;

      Identify cloud app usage trends to anticipate users’ needs and create a better mobile and cloud user experience;

      Proactively protect sensitive user and corporate information through policy; and

      Halt threats in the cloud before they propagate to users’ devices.

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    • Cloud-First Networking Approach for Enterprise Cloud Design
      Cloud-First Networking Approach for Enterprise Cloud Design Big Switch: Bala Ramachandran & Don Jayakody | Nutanix: Jason Burns & Raul Robles Recorded: Oct 4 2018 5:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Is it possible to architect an enterprise cloud as good as a public cloud? Big Switch and Nutanix are transforming data centers by leveraging public cloud constructs as first principles for architecting enterprise private clouds. Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) provides invisible (zero-touch) networking to Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) based on Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). BCF leverages cloud-first networking principles in two ways:
      (1) leaf-spine design based on open networking switches with SDN controls, and
      (2) public cloud VPC-style logical networking that is API integrated with Nutanix Prism.

      This joint solution enables unprecedented operational velocity, network automation at VM speed and end-to-end network visibility & troubleshooting. With Big Switch + Nutanix Enterprise Cloud operating just like a public cloud in terms of economics and operational workflows, customers can now optimize app placement across public and private clouds based on app’s needs for elasticity, cost and performance.

      This webinar will cover:
      -How Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers agility, simplicity and pay-as-you-grow economics of public clouds to enterprise HCI
      -How BCF-EC’s Enterprise VPC based logical networking brings public-cloud like network automation and deep visibility for Nutanix AHV deployments
      -How the joint solution enables deployment flexibility and infrastructure elasticity
      -Customer success story: How Nutanix uses Big Switch in their own data centers

      Demo: Big Cloud Fabric + Nutanix (AHV) Enterprise Cloud solution

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    • How Modern Enterprises Are Tackling the Migration from On-Premises to Cloud
      How Modern Enterprises Are Tackling the Migration from On-Premises to Cloud Dan Taylor, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Recorded: Jan 31 2018 4:00 pm UTC 20 mins
    • The modern Cloud delivers faster time to market, lower IT costs, and greater overall value to the enterprise by allowing companies to focus more on the core business problems rather than the infrastructure used to solve them. But the path to the cloud can be challenging for anyone with an established presence on-premises, or in a private data center.

      Dan Taylor from Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise division shares with you how large enterprises are tackling this problem and gaining immediate value by leveraging the cloud. You’ll hear how enterprises are managing their migration to the cloud by embracing hybrid patterns, containerizing and migrating applications, using single-pane-of-glass monitoring solutions, and leveraging Azure to tackle data privacy.

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