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    • Fidelity International - The long and short of it - FAST EM update
      Fidelity International - The long and short of it - FAST EM update Nick Price Recorded: Nov 9 2015 10:00 am UTC 33 mins
    • The long and the short of it – taking advantage of divergence across the developing world in the FAST Emerging Markets Fund.

      2015 is proving to be another year of heightened volatility and divergent fortunes across many parts of the emerging world; falling commodity prices impacting the energy and materials sectors; political turmoil in Brazil and Turkey; reform progression in India and China; currency movements and inflation effects providing headwinds for some, but strong tailwinds for others. Join Nick Price and team as they reflect on how the FAST Emerging Markets Fund has been able to take advantage of many of these events, and hear their thoughts on what the future may hold across the world of emerging market equities.

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    • Fast Data – the New Big Data
      Fast Data – the New Big Data Peter Vescuso, CMO, VoltDB Recorded: Nov 12 2015 4:30 pm UTC 47 mins
    • The data you need to manage isn’t getting smaller, or slower. It’s a snowball, compounding in both speed and volume. If you’re building applications on fast, streaming data, you need to analyze it, gain insight and take action on it now, not at the end of a batch job. Fast data is streaming data or data in motion – and it creates Big Data. Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri thinks the perishable insights in fast data can have exponentially more value than after-the-fact traditional historical analytics. So how to tap it and why would you use the same infrastructure to handle fast data the way you handle big data? Many approaches used to manage fast data have challenges: Batch processing – if your data is handled in batches, even micro batches, actions taken on that data can be too late Eventual consistency – sacrificing data consistency can lead to errors and problems such as under/over billing, or under/over budget or resource use Integrating a collection of moving parts – trying to build a solution with individual components can take more code, more time, and more expertise than you bargained for, and results in a more complex, less reliable (and hard to manage) solution What does work? An in-memory database that supports actions and streaming analytics in real-time without sacrificing transactional integrity, performance, and scale. Tune in to our webinar to hear more and see the lessons learned from an actual fast data use case.

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    • Transforming Your Business with Fast Data – Five Use Case Examples
      Transforming Your Business with Fast Data – Five Use Case Examples Ryan Betts, CTO, VoltDB Recorded: Dec 15 2015 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Data is moving at blinding speeds, generated by a wide range of sources – from mobile phones and sensors to a variety of connected “smart” devices. This data, most valuable the moment it arrives, will continue to increase in both volume and variety.
      Employing a solution that handles streaming data, provides state, ensures durability, and supports transactions and real-time decisions is key to benefitting from fast data.
      But don’t take our word for it. During this webinar, Ryan Betts will address five data management pain points VoltDB solves by highlighting real customers with real, in-production solutions.
      You will learn how five customers transformed their business with VoltDB:
      •Ad tech data counting and tracking
      •Content analytics for a global CDN
      •Financial market data latency reduction and regulatory compliance
      •Online game sessionization, player profiling and monetization
      •Mobile network subscriber personalization, and ad delivery

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    • Fast-Forward to 2025: New Mega Trends Transforming the World as We Know It
      Fast-Forward to 2025: New Mega Trends Transforming the World as We Know It Partner, Sarwant Singh, Program Manager Archana Amarnath, Team Lead Archana Vidyasekar, Fast Future Rohit Talwar Recorded: Apr 29 2014 3:00 pm UTC 71 mins
    • Why you should attend:
      • Understand the future direction of urban movement of Mega City corridors and networked, integrated and smart cities, and evaluate opportunities/threats arising out of the same
      • Gain insight into future demographic trends and implications of demographic dividends
      • Explore the future of retail as it merges online and physical forms of retailing, creating new bricks-and-clicks models, such as virtual stores and mobile stores
      • Identify opportunities arising from the expected 80 billion connected devices in 2020 and the $730 billion connected living market comprising of connected homes, work, and cities
      • Explore the opportunities in emerging economies Beyond BRICS, the next game-changers driving global growth
      • Identify the top 10 mature and emerging industries of the future, including online retail, cyber security, and 3D printing
      • Spot the new business models such as Value for Many and Sharing Economy with implications on markets and business strategies
      •Understand the inter-linkages of these Mega Trends and implications on the world, industries and cities on a micro level
      • Identify the inherent potential market and business opportunities created by these trends in leading industries in every segment of the value chain

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    • Apache Ignite(TM): Fast Data Meets Open Source
      Apache Ignite(TM): Fast Data Meets Open Source Dmitriy Setrakyan Recorded: Mar 11 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Join us on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for a webinar titled "Apache Ignite™ (incubating): Fast Data Meets Open Source" featuring GridGain EVP of Engineering, Dmitriy Setrakyan.

      In this one hour webinar we will provide an introduction to Apache Ignite (incubating) — the open source, distributed framework for a unified In-Memory Data Fabric. Apache Ignite provides a high-performance, distributed in-memory data management software layer that has been designed to operate between both new and existing data sources and applications, boosting application performance and scale by orders of magnitude.

      Be there at the beginning of this exciting and important project.

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