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    • Are We Losing Faith in Globalization?
      Are We Losing Faith in Globalization? Diana Ballard, STAR USA Recorded: Jun 20 2017 5:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • After the golden years of growth during the 1990s and early 2000s, we’re witnessing global disintegration with a loss of confidence in globalization and free trade. In an era when the idea of globalization seems in decline and replaced by fear and protectionism can we redefine and rebuild globalization into a strategy for success?

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, global content strategy consultant, Diana Ballard, for a free one-hour discussion about the future of globalization. Ballard will examine how some countries and companies are bucking the trend and profiting from globalization today.

      Attendees will learn how:

      * multiculturalism builds stronger communities, solutions, and outlooks
      * to embrace diversity—exchanging rather than excluding ideas—in order to drive disruptive innovation
      * digital transformation and technology is set to defeat the fear of globalization

      This session is intended as a discussion to re-construct our idea of globalization creating renewed optimism and a strategy for success.

      About Diana Ballard

      Diana Ballard has a 30-year track record in international business operating across diverse and challenging environments from manufacturing, to service, and to consultancy. She has the expertise, insight, and commitment to creating value through long-trusted business relationships, placing the customer at the heart of every transaction. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to lead and explore every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Diana is aspiring to create digital continuity by unifying information across the enterprise, and by bringing everyone into the same conversation, the one which speaks to customers in their language.

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    • The Globalization of Technical Writing: Threat or Opportunity?
      The Globalization of Technical Writing: Threat or Opportunity? Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler & technical communication management strategist, Barry Saiff Recorded: Jun 13 2014 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Outsourcing is becoming ubiquitous. The growth of outsourcing is driven by powerful economic forces. The impact of outsourcing on a company or a team can be huge, and either beneficial or harmful. Technical writing outsourcing is not yet as widespread as the outsourcing of other functions, but it exists and is growing. For example, senior technical writers with decades of experience can now be found in many countries around the world, and on every continent.

      If you are a manager responsible for technical communication or for outsourcing decisions, join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this informative, free, one-hour webinar featuring technical communication management strategist, Barry Saiff. Barry will introduce you to the potential pitfalls and the key success factors for technical writing outsourcing efforts, and enable you to begin to determine the best way forward for your organization. If you are a technical communicator or a leader or manager of technical writers, this webinar will help you to understand why and how outsourcing is changing the profession, and how you can play an effective role in influencing the outsourcing decisions that will impact your organization, and your career.

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    • Going Global The New Reality of Globalization in a Digital Age
      Going Global The New Reality of Globalization in a Digital Age Robinson Kelly, Lionbridge; Josh Northcott, Esri; Brian Payne, ISITE, Liz Miller, CMO Council Recorded: Mar 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    • With the economy emerging from recession and businesses looking for new opportunities to reach, engage and attract new and profitable audiences, it is no wonder that talk of “going global” is spreading. According to the CMO Council’s own “State of Marketing” study, 86 percent of senior marketing leaders are looking at global markets thanks to new market sizes and opportunities. And the majority (48 percent) also believe that presenting a strong story via optimized digital channels is the best path to success.

      Despite the opportunities that new global markets present, there are also significant challenges and pitfalls that marketers must avoid to ensure that a relevant, contextual and robust customer experience is actually being delivered in a way these new global audiences understand and value. This is not just a conversation about how to translate a website. In fact, this is often where so many globalization strategies fail. This is a call to turn great digital experiences into globally relevant engagements, regardless of where customers live or what language they speak.

      Join the CMO Council for an in-depth discussion into the new mandates to reach and engage the digital global customer. Experts from Lionbridge, Esri and ISITE will share their perspectives on where and how new strategies must be outlined to address the complexities of staging globally relevant conversations in the new digital world, regardless of whether this new customer is across the ocean or just across the street.

      Some key issues to be discussed in this interactive webcast will include:

      •The new expectations of the global customer—and a call for relevance across all channels
      •The complexities of language, content and engagement
      •The impact of globalization on the bottom line: Are real-time experiences making real advancements in profitability and loyalty?

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    • Global Content Integration Challenges And How To Overcome Them
      Global Content Integration Challenges And How To Overcome Them Diana Ballard, STAR USA Recorded: Mar 8 2017 8:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Challenges are mounting to bring everyone into the same conversation—the one with your customers. As digital and real-world experiences collide and compete, it has never been more important to speak with a unified, personal voice in the language of your audience.

      Transforming how we communicate from vicious to virtuous circles requires globalization be woven into strategic and tactical efforts at every level within the organization.

      Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, global content expert, Diana Ballard, as we examine five challenges that get in the way of global content success.

      You’ll learn why global content integration is a test of your business agility and determines how successful you’ll be on the international stage.


      Diana Ballard is B2B globalization consultant and translation/localization expert on a 30-year pursuit to unify the end-to-end information lifecycle—from design to delivery, Diana is armed with a passion for connecting with customers with content in the language of their choosing—their own.

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    • Preventing Employees From Hoarding Documents
      Preventing Employees From Hoarding Documents Kathryn Hilton, VP and Consultant, Contoural Recorded: Jul 20 2017 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Taking a “save everything forever” approach and employee hoarding of e-mails, files and other types of electronic documents are burying organizations under mountains of data, exposing them to privacy risks, increasing costs and risks of eDiscovery, as well as sapping productivity from employees who spend hours every week looking for information. Yet many company’s efforts at aggressively deleting electronic documents are either ineffective or worse, they have the unintended effect of driving “underground archiving” whereby employees save information in insecure locations.

      Join us as we explore smart approaches to preventing employees from hoarding documents.

      About the Speaker:
      Kathryn Hilton, Vice President of Consulting for Contoural, has more than 20 years experience in records and information management, strategy consulting, and data storage technology. As a Contoural consultant and practice manager, Kathryn has developed methodologies for Records and Information Management organization design and for Change Management strategy, process, and content.  In addition to leading Contoural teams in these areas, Kathryn assists clients with the globalization of their programs, and has visited client sites around the world for a detailed understanding of business and legal information management requirements. 

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    • Data-Centric Security for GDPR Compliance
      Data-Centric Security for GDPR Compliance Moderated by Mark Chaplin, ISF; with panelists: Carole Murphy, HPE; Les McMonagle, Blue Talon; Cheryl Tang, Imperva. Recorded: Jun 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 74 mins
    • In today’s threat landscape, traditional approaches to securing data are falling short. Since 2015 we have seen some of the largest data breaches ever and it is clear that no industry or organization is immune from cyber attacks. The threat landscape is increasingly dangerous, while new technologies are distributing sensitive data farther across locations, devices and repositories. Starting in May 2018, enforcement will kick in on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a move that could have a stronger privacy/security standardization effect than any technological effort has to date. Globalization efforts will make GDPR compliance essential for global companies wherever they are located.

      The development of a comprehensive data-centric security program, including data discovery, classification, encryption, and file protection, can uniquely position your organization to protect what matters most, and make security move with your data to comply with global regulations such as GDPR. On this webinar our panel of experts will discuss the key points that you should consider when developing such a program for your organization.

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    • A Leadership Perspective from a Global CEO
      A Leadership Perspective from a Global CEO Chuck Sykes Recorded: May 31 2017 5:00 pm UTC 3 mins
    • SYKES President and CEO Chuck Sykes talks about what excites him about working for SYKES. He’s always loved building and fixing things, and in the nature of SYKES work, finding solutions and fixing problems is part of every day. Chuck loves helping people, and that’s part of the SYKES DNA. Being a business that provides digital marketing, customer service, and technical support, Chuck values that the company’s whole purpose in life is helping clients serve their customers — and fits to who he is as a person. He also loves the global aspect of the SYKES business as it gives employees tremendous perspective on globalization. Chuck started at the company as an installer, working in various aspects within the organization, including sales, marketing and operations before serving as COO until his father’s retirement. “I take my job very, very seriously as CEO of the company, but I do not take myself seriously. I feel a sense of conveying respect to everyone. I don’t care what you do in life. Every person is someone to who you should always be respectful. And that is something I’ve witnessed as part of my upbringing.”

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    • Aligning Security With Your Business Processes – a Technical Perspective
      Aligning Security With Your Business Processes – a Technical Perspective Joe DiPietro, SE Director at AlgoSec Recorded: Dec 8 2016 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • In this era of digital transformation, globalization, and relentless cyber-attacks, security can no longer remain a technology issue that simply focuses on defending networks and data. It must become a strategic, business driver that transforms the next generation datacenter to both protect and power the agile enterprise. Security teams are therefore now looking to implement intelligent automation that injects business context into their security management.

      Join Joe DiPietro, SE Director at AlgoSec on Thursday, December 8 at 11am EST for a technical webinar, where he will discuss a business-driven approach to security policy management – from automatically discovering application connectivity requirements, through ongoing change management and proactive risk analysis, to secure decommissioning – that will help make your organizations more agile, more secure and more compliant.

      During the webinar, Joe will explain how to:
      * Get holistic visibly of security risk and compliance across the enterprise network
      * How to reduce risk and avoid application outages
      * Tie cyber threats to business processes
      * Enhance and automate security processes with business context, including impact analysis and risk approval
      * Accelerate and ensure secure business transformation to the cloud

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    • Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT
      Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT Paul Kelsey, Kifinti Solutions Inc. & Mike Heberling, HEAT Software Recorded: Dec 8 2016 6:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT

      There is a distinct need for a tech support staff with a desire for supporting customers with immediacy and social intelligence— creating a better connection in a digital world.

      Both internal and external customers are utilizing more communication channels and more devices now than ever before. The mobile workforce, remote work, consumerization, increased self-service, and emerging technologies have all played a part in creating the demand for better ways to serve customers and users.

      Join us for this Customer Service webinar & learn:

      Instant information to clients
      - Workflow to run based on known and secure criteria
      - Voice system knows everything the Service Desk knows

      Multiple communication channels
      - Integration and capabilities
      - Omni Channel
      - Single message representation

      Distributed Support/Telecommuting
      - Globalization
      - Repatriation of Call Centers

      Voice of the Customer Score
      - Personalization of Interaction and Routing
      - Custom Surveys based on Service and Category

      Auditing and Compliance
      - Reporting on actual effort for Labor Law compliance

      Who should attend?
      - VP of Support
      - IT Service Desk managers
      - Desktop Support managers

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    • Leveraging Analytics to Identify Concealed Beneficial Owners and Fortify AML
      Leveraging Analytics to Identify Concealed Beneficial Owners and Fortify AML Andrew Davies, VP, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management, Fiserv Recorded: Jun 30 2016 4:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Identifying beneficial ownership and complex corporate structures is a complex process which all institutions must address to remain compliant with regulations and manage the risk of dealing with potential financial criminals and sanctioned entities.

      In a world of increasing regulatory requirements and increasing globalization of relationships, and as governments around the world react to the growing global controversy surrounding financial transparency from incidents such as the recent Panama Papers compromise, the question is, what can financial institutions do to stay ahead?

      In this webinar we will explore how leveraging analytics can help financial institutions map complex organization structures to lift the veil and uncover hidden relationships in beneficial ownership.

      Learning Objectives:
      •Protecting your reputational risk with data analytics, flexible risk management tools, improved link analysis, beneficial ownership tools and automated management and regulatory reporting
      •Formulating robust ongoing strategies for customer onboarding, due diligence and watch list filtering – reinforcing the moral imperative to protect your company and your customers
      •Applying AML best practices that ensure you meet your compliance obligations without being penalized

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    • IR Magazine Webinar ‒ Using intelligence to drive decision-making
      IR Magazine Webinar ‒ Using intelligence to drive decision-making IR Magazine and Nasdaq Recorded: Nov 3 2016 3:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Understanding the make-up of your shareholder base is growing increasingly complex thanks to market fragmentation, globalization of share registers and the spread of algorithmic trading. Meanwhile, the demands on IR professionals are as urgent as ever: to monitor risks, uncover opportunities and effectively leverage that most precious commodity – IR's own time and that of their executives with current and potential investors.

      Join IR Magazine and Nasdaq Corporate Solutions as we dig into innovative approaches to navigate today’s ownership landscape and learn how to use ownership data to support and drive all areas of IR activity.

      In this webinar, you will hear about:

      - How to make sense of today’s complex buy-side landscape
      - Using surveillance as a starting point to guide your IR program
      - The potential of big data to identify new targeting opportunities
      - Proactively identifying activist investors with speed and accuracy

      Speakers include:

      - Brad Allen, freelance business writer and journalist, IR Magazine
      - James Tickner, senior director, corporate solutions product development, Nasdaq
      - Charles Triano, senior vice president, investor relations, Pfizer

      Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, this webinar will get you up to speed on these critical issues in just 30 minutes. Sign up to BrightTALK to view this essential briefing and be informed of future webinars produced by IR Magazine.

      Thursday, November 3, 2016
      8.00 am PST / 11.00 am EST / 3.00 pm GMT / 4.00 pm CET
      Duration: 30 minutes

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    • DMG Consulting Group share insights on WFO
      DMG Consulting Group share insights on WFO Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting Group Recorded: Feb 4 2016 3:05 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting Group shares why the service world is changing for the better, and why workforce optimization (WFO) solutions are playing a major role in the evolution. Mega-trends are driving enterprise investments. The world of technology is being enabled by globalization, virtualization, mobility and the cloud, and your organization has to be ready.

      What you’ll learn:
      •The top servicing priorities for companies
      •How WFO solutions help companies achieve enterprise service goals
      •The role of WFO solutions and analytics in the contact center of the futureHow the customer journey is enhanced by breaking down the walls between the front and back office

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    • The Cost of Cloud in a Globalized World
      The Cost of Cloud in a Globalized World Owen Rogers - Research Director, Digital Economics at 451 Research Recorded: Mar 7 2016 7:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    • Cloud exemplifies globalization – anyone with a credit card nearly anywhere on Earth can implement IT resources thousands of miles away. A user in Europe can provision virtual machines, databases or even managed services in the US, Latin America or Asia-Pacific in a matter of minutes. The end-user doesn’t even need a passport to do this; the world is closer than ever before. But what does this mean for enterprises and service providers looking at the global opportunity? In this webinar, we use Cloud Price Index data from the US, Europe, Latin American and Asia Pacific to compare and contrast global cloud prices. We find end-users are likely to pay more for hosting outside of the US, but that this “Protection Premium” is often seen as worthwhile - data privacy, website performance and local support appears to be driving end-users to take the safer approach rather than risk the cheaper, non-local, alternative.

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