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    • The Globalization of Technical Writing: Threat or Opportunity? The Globalization of Technical Writing: Threat or Opportunity? Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler & technical communication management strategist, Barry Saiff Recorded: Jun 13 2014 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Outsourcing is becoming ubiquitous. The growth of outsourcing is driven by powerful economic forces. The impact of outsourcing on a company or a team can be huge, and either beneficial or harmful. Technical writing outsourcing is not yet as widespread as the outsourcing of other functions, but it exists and is growing. For example, senior technical writers with decades of experience can now be found in many countries around the world, and on every continent.

      If you are a manager responsible for technical communication or for outsourcing decisions, join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this informative, free, one-hour webinar featuring technical communication management strategist, Barry Saiff. Barry will introduce you to the potential pitfalls and the key success factors for technical writing outsourcing efforts, and enable you to begin to determine the best way forward for your organization. If you are a technical communicator or a leader or manager of technical writers, this webinar will help you to understand why and how outsourcing is changing the profession, and how you can play an effective role in influencing the outsourcing decisions that will impact your organization, and your career.

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    • Going Global The New Reality of Globalization in a Digital Age Going Global The New Reality of Globalization in a Digital Age Robinson Kelly, Lionbridge; Josh Northcott, Esri; Brian Payne, ISITE, Liz Miller, CMO Council Recorded: Mar 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    • With the economy emerging from recession and businesses looking for new opportunities to reach, engage and attract new and profitable audiences, it is no wonder that talk of “going global” is spreading. According to the CMO Council’s own “State of Marketing” study, 86 percent of senior marketing leaders are looking at global markets thanks to new market sizes and opportunities. And the majority (48 percent) also believe that presenting a strong story via optimized digital channels is the best path to success.

      Despite the opportunities that new global markets present, there are also significant challenges and pitfalls that marketers must avoid to ensure that a relevant, contextual and robust customer experience is actually being delivered in a way these new global audiences understand and value. This is not just a conversation about how to translate a website. In fact, this is often where so many globalization strategies fail. This is a call to turn great digital experiences into globally relevant engagements, regardless of where customers live or what language they speak.

      Join the CMO Council for an in-depth discussion into the new mandates to reach and engage the digital global customer. Experts from Lionbridge, Esri and ISITE will share their perspectives on where and how new strategies must be outlined to address the complexities of staging globally relevant conversations in the new digital world, regardless of whether this new customer is across the ocean or just across the street.

      Some key issues to be discussed in this interactive webcast will include:

      •The new expectations of the global customer—and a call for relevance across all channels
      •The complexities of language, content and engagement
      •The impact of globalization on the bottom line: Are real-time experiences making real advancements in profitability and loyalty?

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    • Effective Tools for Effective Change Effective Tools for Effective Change Jennifer Davis, Software Engineer, Chef Recorded: Oct 20 2015 5:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • DevOps does not exist in a vacuum; it rests on a social structure and culture that are intertwined. Hierarchies within organizations, industry connections, and globalization all influence culture. At the same time, culture influences social structure and impacts its effectiveness. To complicate matters even more, the tools we use have an overarching influence. Tools can affect our behavior, how we share knowledge, and our organizational hierarchies.

      Often, a particular technology is presented as a “best practice” or as the right way to solve a problem. How do we resolve the cognitive dissonance that arises when the “correct” tool is no longer suited to our current environment? As technology increasingly shapes how we work, how do we determine what technologies to adopt to help effect the changes we want?

      In this webinar, Chef Software Engineer Jennifer Davis will help you to frame the choices available to you, identify the weaknesses in your environment that your current tools disguise, and be more effective and deliberate with the tools used in your organization.

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    • Visibility and Actionable Data Across Millions of IT Assets in Seconds Visibility and Actionable Data Across Millions of IT Assets in Seconds Wolfgang Kandek, CTO, Qualys and Tim White, Director of Product Management, Qualys Recorded: Sep 3 2015 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Knowing what IT assets you have and how to protect them is increasingly a challenge as globalization, virtualization and mobile assets create new endpoints and new opportunities for hackers to infiltrate. Now you can move beyond traditional scanner-based approaches to strengthen endpoint security with a free solution from Qualys.

      Discover how the Qualys AssetView gives you a fast, actionable view of all IT assets while helping to:

      > Gain comprehensive, scalable and always up-to-date view of endpoints — with continuously updated inventory of asset details, scaling to millions of assets

      > Deliver fast, accurate and actionable data — with a new layer of intelligence into the current state of endpoints, including details about services, file systems and registries as well as information to manage and secure systems

      > Minimize impact on systems and networks — by keeping itself lightweight and up-to-date to eliminate the need to reboot

      > Handle virtualized environments with ease — by keeping track of the constant proliferation of images inside and outside of the environment

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    • Game On! Strategies for Growth and Game Delivery in the PC and MMO Markets Game On! Strategies for Growth and Game Delivery in the PC and MMO Markets Peter Warman, CEO, Newzoo & Anne Blanchard, Solutions Marketing Manager, Limelight Recorded: May 14 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • PC and Massive Multi-Player Online (MMO) games will account for over 30% of the world’s $100Bn+ game revenues by 2017. Globalization, cross-screen gaming, video streaming, esports and running games-as-a-service are changing the gaming landscape at an enormous pace and provide opportunities for those who can deliver their games and media content at scale. Will you be prepared?

      Find out on May 14 when experts from games market research and analytics firm, Newzoo International, and Limelight Networks discuss the state of the PC/MMO market and critical success factors for game developers and publishers. Newzoo will share a sneak preview of their annual top 10 trends shaping the future of the games industry that will be part of their global report published in June.

      Join us for this webinar and learn:

      • The trends, brands and gaming behaviors that are driving the PC/MMO market globally;
      • Which regions are expected to account for 95% of market growth in 2017;
      • Common global game delivery challenges
      • Solutions for improving your patch, UGC, video content, expansions, and DLC distribution strategies"

      Make sure you are ready to deliver in the ever-changing global games market.

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    • Localization and Translation - The biggest challenges you're probably facing Localization and Translation - The biggest challenges you're probably facing Wendy Schuchart, VentureBeat Analyst Recorded: Sep 29 2015 4:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Sponsored by Lionbridge

      It’s no secret – any well-known brand you see on a regular basis is already playing with a localization strategy to increase market reach. For your message to resonate, you need to be thinking not just at a regional level, but about your global customer experience.

      Localization isn't limited to simple translation -- you can't set it and forget it. Companies shouldn't assume, for instance, that a campaign created for Spain will be equally as effective to all Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S. or Mexico. It's not just language, but cultural differences. Consider the message you might send to someone in Berkeley, California, versus one you might send to someone in Phoenix, Arizona or New York City. And once your unique branding content has been sent out to different geographies, your localization efforts aren't over just yet. True experts understand that the campaign as a whole is not a sum of its parts -- a campaign's success can be in the granular regions, creating a truly unique customer experience with that added local flavor to resonate within the audience.

      We'll walk you through the most common challenges that companies make and help you improve your campaign's quality, accuracy and relevance to reach the right consumer. We'll give tips on not only improving the localization process but help you deliver better metrics to senior leadership that tell the true story of your brand’s globalization.

      In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

      - Re-think campaign creation at the regional level -- and the global one
      - Effectively use in-market experts to drive better impact
      - Make your branding as world-ready as possible.
      - Use metrics to show the truest picture of your campaign's effectiveness
      - Enhance the customer experience through storytelling and added local flavor

      Speakers include:
      Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      Dave Fish, SVP, Expert Services, MartizCX

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    • Global Content Strategy and Localization Global Content Strategy and Localization Diana Ballard, Account Director, LOGOS Recorded: Mar 3 2015 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Information-led content strategies are creating exceptional customer experiences that power organizational success, but how do we ensure this in a global context for the majority of users consuming our content in languages other than English? Technical communication professionals have a unique vantage point, collaborating across the enterprise with unique access to products and services from the perspective of usability communicated in technical information.

      In this session, we focus on successful global content strategies from the perspective of globalization. Whether your content is unstructured, structured or if you are planning migration to DITA-XML, we explore localization best practices to get the most out of your translation workflow in terms of quality, agility and transparency.

      About Diana Ballard

      Diana Ballard has worked in localization for over 20 years — formerly as Technical Documentations Manager in a fast-paced Japanese manufacturing environment, and more recently as Account Director at LOGOS, ranking among the top 20 language service providers in the world (according to CommenSense Advisory). Over its unique 35-year history, LOGOS has witnessed the evolution of modern localization in terms of best practices and technologies we often take for granted today.

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    • Is it Really Time to Replatform Your eCommerce Site? Is it Really Time to Replatform Your eCommerce Site? Tony Barbagallo, Clustrix CMO with Guest Speaker, Lily Varon, Forrester Research, Inc. Recorded: Feb 11 2015 4:30 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Omni-channel retailing, globalization, flash sales, social media campaigns and customer analytics are demanding more from eCommerce platforms than ever before. Successful eCommerce merchants must seriously consider whether it’s time to replatform their current eCommerce site in order to maintain a seamless shopping experience… or perhaps there’s another alternative.

      Join guest speaker Lily Varon, Forrester Research, Inc. Researcher serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals, and Tony Barbagallo, Chief Marketing Officer of Clustrix on February 11th at 8:30 PST as they discuss:

      •The current state of eCommerce Technology Investment and Platform Trends
      •The challenges and pitfalls associated with the replatforming journey
      •An alternative to replatforming, employed by nomorerack, an Internet Retailer Top 100 merchant

      Added bonus! All attendees will receive the March, 2014 Forrester Report: 10 Pitfalls To Avoid During eCommerce Replatforming.

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    • IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index – Q3 2014 results IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index – Q3 2014 results Jim Valente, Executive Director, MSCI Recorded: Dec 9 2014 4:30 pm UTC 25 mins
    • The consultative IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index incorporates a consistent dataset of core open-ended funds across the globe every quarter and is therefore the only quarterly dataset that tracks core real estate investment performance in the primary investment regions Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.
      With the globalization of real estate investment as an asset class, the IPD Global Property Fund Index is becoming a requisite for multi-asset-class investment.

      Global investors and managers can use the sample to benchmark the performance of their own assets, and also monitor the performance of real estate against other asset classes. It is a powerful tool leading to improved decision-making and strengthened risk management.

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