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    • BIG DATA: The Answer to Agile - Greenplum Product Announcement
      BIG DATA: The Answer to Agile - Greenplum Product Announcement Pat Gelsinger, EMC; Bill Cook, Greenplum; Scott Yara & Luke Lonergan, Greenplum & Gil Elbaz, Factual Recorded: Dec 8 2011 12:00 am UTC 90 mins
    • Join Greenplum and EMC for a live video webcast that will feature the unveiling of the industry's next-generation platform for Big Data Analytics. You'll see for yourself why Big Data is the answer to Agile.

      The era of Big Data is here. Leading organizations know that if they are going to tap into the business value of their Big Data, they must quickly evolve beyond business intelligence and put data analysis at the core of every business activity.

      Unfortunately, many companies take a fragmented approach to Big Data Analytics; patching together disparate solutions in an attempt to manage and analyze ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data. This approach typically drives up development costs, creates performance and reliability issues, and prevents organizations from leveraging the high-performance data analytics they need to become more predictive, forward-looking, and competitive.

      Join us to find out why adopting a unified approach to Big Data Analytics is the only way to achieve an agile business. You'll learn:

      -Where to start your journey to Big Data.

      -How Big Data Analytics can help you achieve more growth, higher profits, lower costs, faster time-to-market, and greater overall business value.

      -Why Greenplum's customers and technology partners believe Big Data Analytics is driving the future of their organizations.

      -What's inside Greenplum's next-generation platform for Big Data Analytics- a platform that will be unveiled for the first time on the webcast.

      -How Big Data is becoming the new economic engine for business.


      Pat Gelsinger
      President and COO

      Bill Cook

      Scott Yara and Luke Lonergan

      Gil Elbaz
      Founder and CEO

      Customers and Technology Partners from comScore, SAS and Informatica

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    • Churchill Club presents The Big Data Effect
      Churchill Club presents The Big Data Effect SAS, Factual, Accel Partners, Greenplum, @Walmart Labs, McKinsey Global Institute Recorded: Dec 8 2011 3:00 am UTC 90 mins
    • Gartner predicts that data will grow by 800% in five years, with 80% of it unstructured. The World Economic Forum recently declared big data as an asset class. We're only getting started to discover the implications of making better sense of large amounts of unstructured data to uncover business opportunities, strategies, and more.

      Is big data really an emerging market with lots of innovation, startups, job creation on the horizon? Why did it suddenly become possible? What are the obstacles, and the most promising areas of opportunity? How do you make it real in your organization?

      Join this group of thought leaders from Accel Partners, Factual, Greenplum, SAS, @Walmartlabs, and McKinsey Global Institute for a conversation that gets beyond the hype about big data.

      Hosted by:
      Churchill Club

      Keith Collins, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS
      Gil Elbaz, Founder and CEO, Factual
      Ping Li, Partner, Accel Partners
      Luke Lonergan, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President and Co-Founder, Greenplum, an EMC Company
      Anand Rajaraman, Senior Vice President, Walmart Global E-Commerce & Head, @WalmartLabs

      Michael Chui, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

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    • BEYOND BI: Big Data Analytics -The New Path to Value
      BEYOND BI: Big Data Analytics -The New Path to Value Merv Adrian, Research VP, Gartner; Johann Schleier-Smith, CTO, Tagged; Steven Hillion, VP of Analytics, EMC Greenplum Recorded: Oct 27 2011 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Big data analytics is where advanced analytic techniques operate on big data. By now its obvious that big data that is useful for analytics is quite different from the pristine and well-ordered data of the average data warehouse. Armed with advanced analytics insights, business users can make well-informed, fact-based decisions to support their organizations tactical and strategic goals and create a competitive advantage. This is an important task right now, because the recent economic recession forced deep changes into most businesses.

      Going forward, organizations will need new tools and technologies to harness the power of big data analytics even if the organization has already deployed a full-blown business intelligence and data warehousing technology stack.

      This webcast will help you get your arms around analytic platforms and technologies purpose-built for big data. It will also cover:

      The economics of Big Data analytics and what is possible now

      Data science and the new skills required to fully leverage big data analytics

      Merv Adrian, Research VP, Gartner

      Presented by:
      Steven Hillion, VP of Analytics, EMC Greenplum
      Johann Schleier-Smith, Co-Founder & CTO, Tagged

      Moderated by:
      Michael Maxey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, EMC Greenplum

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    • Empower Insights on Big Data with Familiar Tools + Age-Old Rules
      Empower Insights on Big Data with Familiar Tools + Age-Old Rules David Menninger, Analyst at Ventana Research, Josh Klahr, VP of Product, AtScale Recorded: Sep 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Have you conquered big data? Ventana Research reports 4 out of 5 organizations agreed analytics on big data is essential to future company success, however, in that same study, they found companies that succeeded in capturing all that data in one place didn’t always succeed in getting value out it. How can you ensure if you go ‘big data’ that you get the immediate return on your latest investment?

      Join this engaging session with David Menninger of Ventana Research as he shares:

      - Why analytics is your best bet to extract maximum value from big data (on-prem or cloud)
      - How new big data technology can complement existing platforms (no rip n replace)
      - How to capitalize on current analytics tools and skills (analysts and users, not just data scientists)
      - What you can do now, and next, to drive value from your big data (with real-life customer stories)

      About the presenters:

      David Menninger, Director, Ventana Research

      David is responsible for the overall research direction of data, information and analytics technologies at Ventana Research covering major areas including Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Information Management along with the additional specific research categories including Information Applications, IT Performance Management, Location Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and IoT, and Data Science.

      Josh Klahr, VP of Product, AtScale

      Josh is responsible for driving AtScale’s product roadmap and strategy to deliver what customers need to succeed, and has worked with data and analytics since 2000. He started his career as product manager for the first “Datamart in a Box” at Broadbase, and ran product management for one of the largest Data and Analytics operations in the world at Yahoo!. Before AtScale Josh was VP of Product Management at Pivotal, where he was responsible for Greenplum, Pivotal HD, and HAWQ. Josh received his undergraduate degree in Ferrous Metallurgy at Brown University and his MBA from Stanford.

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    • Technology Showcase: Want to Unleash Your Data For Faster Business Decisions?
      Technology Showcase: Want to Unleash Your Data For Faster Business Decisions? Terry Mooney, Senior Solutions Architect at WhereScape Recorded: Feb 2 2016 12:15 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Is your decision support infrastructure failing to deliver real business benefits? Are you unable to get a global view of your data? Would you like to turn data into an asset that drives efficiency and profitability? Could Data Warehouse and Big Data Automation be the key to solving these problems?
      Come to the DAMA International webinar and learn:
      •How WhereScape enable organisations to prototype, build, deploy, manage and renovate their decision support infrastructure – including enterprise data warehouses, business-facing marts and big data solutions on Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, PDW, Netezza, Greenplum, Hadoop and DB2
      •Why organisations such as Tesco, HSBC and Nike are already using WhereScape to deliver business value from their data – saving time, money and reducing risk
      •How WhereScape Data Warehouse and Big Data Automation software can build a data warehouse up to 10 times faster than traditional methods – see the software in action!

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    • BEYOND BI: How Big Data Challenges Today's BI Architecture
      BEYOND BI: How Big Data Challenges Today's BI Architecture Merv Adrian, Research VP, Gartner, Thomas Cornely, Sr. Dir of Product Mgmt, EMC and Subramanian Kartik, Field CTO, EMC Recorded: Sep 13 2011 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • We now live and work in a world where the sheer volume and velocity of information at our disposal requires a modern, highly scalable IT architecture to manage and make sense of it. In the era of Big Data, analytic tools and platforms need to satisfy a wide range of analysis applications, while being affordable and friendly to IT.

      EMC Greenplum delivers a family of Data Computing Appliance modules that allow you to easily deploy high-performance data analytics across your organization. The architecture combines best-in-class components and technology to minimize complexity and cost, while allowing for incremental expansion as needed to support the ever-increasing workloads of data driven enterprises.

      This webcast provides actionable insight into next-gen data architectures and gives you insight into:

      • How EMC Greenplum's modular data computing solutions support IT's goal to meet the diverse needs of the business

      • The performance and cost advantages of a modular analytics architecture/platform
      • How a scalable computing environment drives IT and business transformation

      Merv Adrian – Research VP, Gartner

      Presented by:
      Thomas Cornely, Sr. Director of Product Management, EMC Greenplum
      Subramanian Kartik, Distinguished Engineer and Field CTO, EMC Greenplum

      Moderated by:
      Michael Maxey – Sr. Director of Product Marketing, EMC Greenplum

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    • BEYOND BI: The Pursuit of High Performance Analytics
      BEYOND BI: The Pursuit of High Performance Analytics Featuring: Merv Adrian–Research VP, Gartner; Marco Pacelli–CEO, ClickFox; Matt Neglay–Principal Solutions Architect, EMC Recorded: Aug 8 2011 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Massive volumes of information – commonly referred to as Big Data - are growing beyond the performance capacity of traditional data warehouses and database management systems. New technologies like analytic databases, open source software, noSQL and Hadoop are enabling businesses to process massive amounts of data that had previously been untapped and wasted.

      The bottom line is that BI has to evolve and give way to high performance analytics.

      During this webcast you will discover:
      •The BI market is evolving and creating new opportunities for organizations to leverage Big Data
      •New database technologies enable cost-effective analytic solutions that weren't previously possible
      •Data can best turned into a source of competitive advantage
      •How ClickFox replaced Oracle with the EMC Greenplum DB to achieve high-performance analytics

      Merv Adrian – Research VP, Gartner

      Presented by:
      Marco Pacelli – CEO, ClickFox
      Matt Neglay – Principal Solutions Architect, EMC Greenplum

      Moderated by:
      Michael Maxey– Sr. Director of Product Marketing, EMC Greenplum

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    • Remove Big Data Bottleneck & Release the Full Power of Your Data
      Remove Big Data Bottleneck & Release the Full Power of Your Data Attunity Recorded: Dec 4 2013 8:25 pm UTC 3 mins
    • How are you looking to use Big Data? Are you using it for business intelligence and analytics? Do you need real-time operational reporting? Are you trying to distribute Big Data across data centers or to the cloud for content distribution, Disaster Recovery or other uses?

      Before you can actually USE Big Data, you need to MOVE big data. From point A, where it resides in operational systems, to point B where it can meet your needs. And delivering Big Data can be a BIG challenge.

      Traditional technologies are just too slow, too resource-intensive, and too costly -- to install, configure, and maintain -- to handle large volumes of varied data. They strain systems and create a bottleneck that results in data being delivered too late to be useful. That's why you need Attunity.

      Attunity removes the Big Data bottleneck by making it fast and easy to move any data, any time, any where. Attunity can uniquely move massive amounts of both structured data AND unstructured files... with blazing speed -- up to 10x faster than other solutions - and then ensures your data automatically stays in sync, in real time, so accurate information is always accessible.

      Attunity solutions are low impact, require less infrastructure and are easy to use -- which means less load on both your systems and your IT department. With Attunity you can simply move more data, in less time, with less cost. That's why Attunity is used by more than 2000 companies worldwide and partners with industry leaders including Amazon Web Services, Teradata, EMC Greenplum, Microsoft and others.

      Remove the Big Data Bottleneck and release the full power of your data. Contact us today.

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    • How Big Data is Transforming the Storage Layer
      How Big Data is Transforming the Storage Layer Steve O'Donnell, CEO, S1NED Recorded: Jun 9 2011 12:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Steve will be addressing the storage implications of 'Big Data', in terms of the IOPS demands from conventional scale up solutions and relational data contrasted with unconventional scale out solutions using non relational data. I will look at the impact of row and column compression, low latency SANs, solid state disks as means of scaling up relational Big Data. I will also look at Hadoop DFS, NoSQL, Sharding, MapReduce, Cassandra and scale out storage and the requirements for IO.

      Steve will compare and contrast, Oracle ExaData, Acunu Storage Platform, and EMC Greenplum looking at how each takes a different approach to solving the 'Big Data' problem.

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