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    • Turning the Table on Hackers through Situational Awareness
      Turning the Table on Hackers through Situational Awareness Jason Hart, CTO Data Protection, Gemalto, Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA Recorded: May 25 2017 11:00 am UTC 61 mins
    • Data breaches in 2016 got even more personal with big hacks of adult entertainment sites and social media databases. Hackers mined these for gold, in other words, valuable data to create social engineering attacks, ransom operations, and identity theft. According to Gemalto's Breach Level Index, the number of stolen, compromised, or lost records increased by 86% in 2016, while the number of breaches decreased by 4%. Hackers are going after more data than ever before, and they are finding it in large databases that are left relatively insecure.

      Whether consciously or not, hackers have grasped the idea of situational awareness. They have figured out how to exploit these golden opportunities by keeping a finger on the pulse of what is going on. It seems too simple to be true, but it goes back to the age-old principle "information is power". Getting the information comes from being aware of one's surroundings. To become situationally aware, companies need to change their mindset—building a walled garden isn't an option anymore. During the webinar, we will look at the major data breach trends and findings from 2016 and discuss how this information can help develop your situational awareness. Join us as we cover topics like:

      •What we can learn from Jason Bourne about knowing one's surroundings
      •What we can learn from hackers to better protect valuable data
      •What we as security professionals can do by going back to the basics of accountability, integrity, auditability, availability, and confidentiality
      •How to change our mindset in a new era of a hacker-driven gold rush

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    • Hackers vs Organisations: The Dawn of Actionable Threat Intelligence
      Hackers vs Organisations: The Dawn of Actionable Threat Intelligence Yogi Chandiramani, Director of Engineering and Jens Monrad, Global Intelligence Liaison, FireEye Recorded: Apr 13 2016 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Year after year, it has been demonstrated that the offence is ahead of the defense in the world of cybercrime. Although, organisations are getting better at detecting a compromise in its network, it is still taking 146 days to detection compared to the minutes it takes hackers to walk away with the keys to the kingdom. Current security controls are not stopping hackers from getting inside organisations due to their leverage of other techniques, such as social engineering, to intrude and disrupt networks. Hackers are winning the battle with an unfair advantage - which can somewhat be seen as "cyber superpowers".

      In this webinar, FireEye experts will describe how to defend against these “cyber superpowers" leveraging the powers of threat intelligence to be equipped for this battle in good against evil. However, many companies see “intelligence" as large volumes of information, which is essentially just unstructured data, without any context thus making it incomprehensible. Companies need actionable intelligence, which can help them anticipate future attacks and improve their response against ongoing attacks. With the right actionable threat intelligence, an organisation can build its own superpowers to defend against the evil of hackers.

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    • Staying Ahead of Hackers with NSS CAWS Advanced Exploit Testing
      Staying Ahead of Hackers with NSS CAWS Advanced Exploit Testing Brendan Patterson, director of product management, and Rob Johnson, sales engineer Recorded: Nov 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Over 90% of all breaches are enabled by a few hundred commercial exploit kits that hackers share and sell in the black market. The typical IT environment may have thousands of unpatched vulnerabilities, but at any given time, only a small handful of vulnerabilities are being actively exploited. To stay ahead of these attacks, WatchGuard participates in NSS exploit testing using CAWS (Cyber Advanced Warning System) - a cloud hosted software service that actively monitors and harvests live cyber threats and attacks, and then tests them against environments protected by the most widely used security solutions in the industry.

      Join Brendan Patterson, director of product management at WatchGuard, and Rob Johnson, sales engineer at NSS Labs, for a behind the scenes look at the CAWS test system, and how it helps enable WatchGuard to stop hackers in their tracks.

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    • 2016 Underground Hacker Marketplace
      2016 Underground Hacker Marketplace James Bettke, Counter Threat Unit researcher, Sean O'Connor & Shawn Cozzolino, Senior Intelligence Analysts - CISO Team Recorded: Oct 12 2016 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • It’s a Good Time to Be a Bad Guy

      Imagine a marketplace where illegal vendors offer hackers a wide range of goods, tools, and training to enable them to exploit or breach unsuspecting individuals, groups or organizations. Now imagine the walls of this marketplace lined with advertisements offering services and information. The point is, the underground marketplace is booming and only getting bigger, more sophisticated, and competitive.

      Register to take a journey with James Bettke, SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) researcher, Sean O’Connor and Shawn Cozzolino from the SecureWorks CISO Intel team as they walk you through their time spent in the Underground, tracking hackers in numerous forums and marketplaces all over the world.

      When you attend this interactive webinar, you will walk away with:
      - Notable trends occurring year over year in the underground hacker market
      - Real examples of goods and services for sale to enable cyber-crime
      - Tips on how to protect data and additional security advice

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    • Cybersecurity: The People Problem
      Cybersecurity: The People Problem Ralph Echemendia, 'The Ethical Hacker' at CCExpo 2016, on behalf of Interactive Intelligence Recorded: Nov 1 2016 11:55 am UTC 4 mins
    • At the Customer Cloud Expo 2016, EM360° interviewed cybersecurity expert, Ralph Echemendia to mine his insights as to what the biggest vulnerabilities in cybersecurity are today. Ralph was speaking at the event in association with Interactive Intelligence to warn enterprises of poor practices and to encourage them to review their approach to security.

      Ralph Echemendia is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” He uses his talents and expertise to educate various institutions as well as protect companies and celebrity names. Ralph has played a pivotal role in the research and development of various key security technologies. His portfolio of work and reputation as a leading professional across several industries has landed him the credibility to make appearances on CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and Forbes, to name a few.

      Following his work as an Information Security Executive for Terremark Worldwide (acquired by Verizon in 2011) in Miami, Ralph took his talents to Hollywood, California.
      He actively works with award-winning Director Oliver Stone as a technical supervisor on films such as the upcoming release of Snowden.

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    • Insight to the Underground Hacker Marketplace
      Insight to the Underground Hacker Marketplace Alex Tilley, SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Recorded: Jun 16 2016 12:00 am UTC 50 mins
    • Customer service is the motto. Hackers are now extending their service hours, guaranteeing their work, and expanding their offerings to keep customers coming back.

      Imagine a marketplace where illegal vendors offer a wide range of goods, tools, and training to enable a hacker to exploit or breach unsuspecting individuals, groups or organizations. Furthermore, imagine the walls of this marketplace lined with advertisements offering services and information.

      The point is, the underground marketplace is booming and only getting bigger, more sophisticated, and competitive. Knowing what you and your organization are up against and where your information could potentially be going and what it’s worth is a great way to help prioritize what you protect.

      Alex Tilley of SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Intelligence team and former Australian Federal Police Senior Technical Analyst, will walk us through the Underground Hacker Market Place and discuss the important issues and what it means to Australian organisations. This unique look into the market place will show you how threat actors organise and resource themselves for the tasks they set. Furthermore we will be looking at the kind of data they are selling on after it has been stolen. This eye opening topic will leave you informed about a place not too many people get to see.

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    • Q&A session: Hackers and Threats- Cybercrime syndicates go global
      Q&A session: Hackers and Threats- Cybercrime syndicates go global Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF Ltd Recorded: Jun 12 2015 1:00 am UTC 28 mins
    • Please join us for a live Q&A session on:

      Thursday June 11th, 9pm EST/ Friday June 12th, 11am AEST

      Join Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the Information Security Forum, for a Q&A session on the "Hackers and Threats- Cybercrime Syndicates Go Global" webinar

      Before the Q&A:

      •View the BrightTalk Webinar:

      •If you'd like, please send any questions you want to ask to Vicky Taylor (vtaylor@shelde.com) or alternatively, ask them during the session.

      "Organisations around the globe are struggling to cope with the quantum speed and sophistication of attacks by organised cyber criminal syndicates and going forward will need to prepare to be targeted 24x7 by multiple assailants. Criminal organisations have become more sophisticated, mature and are migrating their activities online at greater pace. They have begun to develop complex hierarchies, partnerships and collaborations that mimic large private sector organisations and are taking their activities global. Organisations that wish to keep pace with these developments and remain financially viable will need to take action now.

      This webcast will share guidance and tips on how organisations can identify and protect the areas of their business that could be impacted by cybercrime activity."

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    • Using Hackers' Own Methods & Tools to Defeat Persistent Threats
      Using Hackers' Own Methods & Tools to Defeat Persistent Threats Michael Davis, CTO, CounterTack Recorded: Mar 12 2014 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • In today’s world of advanced persistent threats, security professionals need to implement new methods and strategies to gain the upper hand in protecting their business. Thinking like an attacker isn't really good enough. However, incorporating hacker methodologies & tools will give security teams the situational awareness and intelligence needed to respond quickly to new & previously unknown threats.

      Thinking like an attacker isn't good enough, nor are traditional solutions, as smart adversaries already know which technologies they'll disable on your system. However, incorporating the right hacker-like methods and tools can give security teams a new level of situational awareness and context needed to respond quickly to targeted, persistent threats.

      Attendees will learn a new approach consisting of four fundamentals: Detect, Remediate, Analyze and Resist. The presentation will provide detailed information including how to:

      • Use attacker technology and tools against adversaries to detect their presence on all endpoints
      • Incorporate the same stealth techniques that attackers use to remain hidden from you - so you can monitor them
      • Leverage forensics at the point of attack to better understand the overall threat
      • Use big data analytics to collect and analyze behavioral data across the enterprise

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    • Using the Hacker Supply Chain to Get Ahead of the Attack [Threat Hunting Series]
      Using the Hacker Supply Chain to Get Ahead of the Attack [Threat Hunting Series] Ido Wulkan, Security Researcher and Intelligence Team Lead at IntSights Upcoming: Jun 6 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Cyber attacks don't just happen. You need an attacker who is motivated, has infrastructure, seeks resourcing and performs reconnaissance. And all this happens before the attack. Ironically, most security vendors focus on blocking or identifying activity at the point of attack. But what if you could identify attacks during development, during the hacker supply chain?

      Clear and effective visibility into the attack chain would give security teams a dramatic ability to predict attacks, girding before the attack even begins. In this webinar, security researcher Ido Wulkan will help you understand where to look, what to look for and how to do it.

      About the Presenter:
      Ido has a decade of experience in intelligence research and analysis, focusing on the deep and dark web. Ido served in one of the leading intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as a cyber intelligence analyst, where he gained intimate knowledge of various threat actors and their techniques. Following his service, Ido worked at several intelligence firms as an analyst and team leader, where he expanded his knowledge of cybercrime ecosystems. Ido now leads IntSights’ cyber intelligence analysts team, where he serves as a focal point for all IntSights’ intelligence.

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    • Inside the Mind of a Hacker
      Inside the Mind of a Hacker Corey Nachreiner, Director, Security Research, WatchGuard Recorded: Dec 11 2013 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Are You A Target?

      What makes your company a potential target? How can you know if your network is being set up for an attack? What can you do to protect your network and data once you've been targeted?

      Tune in for insightful information and go inside the mind of a hacker with our Director of Security Research, Corey Nachreiner.

      Follow along as you are driven through demonstrations of how hackers case networks, mark vulnerabilities, and later return to infiltrate the network and extract valuable data. Most importantly, find out what you can do to protect your network.

      Register for the webinar and learn:

      - What types of hackers are out there - and why you could be a target!
      - Hacking tools and techniques - straight from the Hacker Toolkit. Watch as we perform real-world attack methods against servers, clients, and web applications.
      - How to protect your network at each stage - from thwarting hacker reconnaissance missions, to defending against exploits and blended attacks.
      - Protection from today's cybercriminals requires the right blend of intelligently-layered security technologies, smart policies, and an informed IT team. Learn more about the hacker landscape, and how you can protect your network and data, in a live webinar from WatchGuard.

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