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    • Hacking Hospitals Hacking Hospitals Axel Wirth, Distinguished Technical Architect, Symantec & Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators Recorded: Jun 8 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Patient health is at grave risk in the current digital era, as sophisticated adversaries utilize technology to perform digital attacks that can result in physical harm. While Healthcare IT typically prioritizes protecting patient records (PHI), this omits the crucial overall healthcare mission of championing patient health against possible attacks against the healthcare digital ecosystem.

      This webinar will present and analyze real world attack scenarios against the healthcare ecosystem, the mindset of hackers, and the complexity of constraints facing health IT security.

      Join us for this webinar as we:

      • Discuss why patient health is at risk and why it is a target for sophisticated adversaries
      • Investigate the complexity of constraints facing Health IT and the barriers that must be overcome to succeed in this effort
      • Highlight key findings from ISE’s groundbreaking research study, Hacking Hospitals*, including the types of healthcare systems investigated, the nature of the investigation, and the objectives of the assessments
      • Present a blueprint with actionable steps that IT Security leaders can follow to properly secure and protect their hospital IT infrastructure, sensitive information, and their patients

      *ISE’s research study, Hacking Hospitals - http://www.securityevaluators.com/hospitalhack/

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    • Anti-hacking: How to fight back Anti-hacking: How to fight back Ken Dang Recorded: Sep 24 2015 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Technology trends such as cloud, mobile, and collaboration help businesses boost growth and competitiveness but each brings it own set of security gaps that give attackers a clear path to slip malware into the network, evade detection, and steal valuable information.
      In 2014, global malware attacks increased by 136%. Attackers launch twice as many unique attacks. These are trying times for every organization as it faces elevated risk from the latest threats and cyber-criminals bent of greed and nefarious deed. Join us as security experts look at some of the latest security challenges and discusses the building block of developing a resilient security defense system to help you effectively combat evolving threats as they emerge.
      You will learn how to better protect your networks as well as yourself with solutions that reduce work for IT and security teams.
      In this webinar, you will:
      1. get up to speed on the current threat landscape

      2. discover ways to take advantage of modern-day network security tools and services for ongoing protection against new threats

      3. learn why it truly counts to have a nimble threat research and response team working for you

      4. and why it truly makes a big difference to have multiple layers of threat protection to bolster your security posture

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    • The Hacking Team Hack: Lessons Learned for Enterprise Security The Hacking Team Hack: Lessons Learned for Enterprise Security Stephen Cobb, Sr. Security Researcher Recorded: Jul 22 2015 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Your company can learn valuable lessons about risk strategy and incident response from what happened to Hacking Team, a firm that supplies surveillance tools to government agencies. Widely accused of helping governments spy on dissidents and journalists, Hacking Team found itself hacked with embarrassing, possibly damaging results. ESET senior security researcher Stephen Cobb explains the missteps made and the lessons to be learned during this webinar.

      Key takeaways:
      •How Hacking Team’s mistakes mirrored those made by Sony
      •How employees’ weak passwords helped facilitate the breach
      •How transparency would have helped Hacking Team’s credibility
      •Why every company must review what might be exposed in a breach

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    • SWAT: Offensive Hacking and Penetration Testing Training and Certification Boot SWAT: Offensive Hacking and Penetration Testing Training and Certification Boot Alicia Webb, Wayne Burke Recorded: May 29 2013 1:15 pm UTC 12 mins
    • Alicia Webb interviews SecureNinja’s Senior Security instructor Wayne Burke as he discusses the launch of a new advanced Cybersecurity training offering entitled “Offensive Hacking and Penetration Testing” This course is the most recent to be added to the SecureNinja SWAT: Advanced Cyber Warfare Series of trainings. More information info about this unique course offering can be found at SecureNInja.com ( https://secureninja.com/training-courses/advanced-cyber-warfare-offensive-hacking-swat-special-weapons-and-tactics.html ).
      This (5) five day boot camp provides students with the knowledge and real world hands-on practical skills for performing Advanced Cyber Warfare Hacking and Penetration Testing. The course is based on vendor neutral Open Source software and tools. You will learn both hardware and software design intricacies of the latest attack tool vectors. This vendor neutral course will greatly benefit anyone in the IT Security intelligence spectrum, for those who are responsible for designing, securing, implementing and security hardening.
      Also included in this series is “Offensive Mobile Application Hacking”
      For more information on all of SecureNinja's training and certification courses and bootcamps, visit https://secureninja.com or call 703-535-8600 Option 1

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    • Stop the Hacking: Bringing Marketers Back to the Brand Experience Stop the Hacking: Bringing Marketers Back to the Brand Experience David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates and Chris Slovak, VP of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium Recorded: Mar 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Marketers know better than anyone that a compelling brand experience is one of the most essential elements in driving a business forward, both in acquiring new customers and building customer loyalty. Every interaction between an individual and a brand can be considered one of those experiences, and therefore, it’s imperative to get it right - every time, in every channel.

      In the attempt to effectively engage a customer across all channels and devices, the focus of many marketers shifted from building the best possible customer experiences to managing the many technologies that drive it. And in the attempt to build the perfect technology infrastructure, the marketer has become a hacker first - and creator of the brand experience second.

      In this interactive discussion on March 17th, we'd like to give the technological and organizational guidance needed to allow marketers to redirect the time and energy being spent on hacking back to driving rich, real-time customer interactions. David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates, and Chris Slovak, VP of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium, will dive into:

      •The four strategic pillars of successful customer engagement
      •The importance of a strategy executed by technology, rather than just a technology strategy
      •The four tent-poles of a well-functioning marketing technology stack
      •The approach of putting customer data at the center, and building out

      We hope you’ll join us.

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    • Hacking Banks and Financial Services Companies Hacking Banks and Financial Services Companies Michael Davis, CTO, CounterTack & Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio Recorded: Jun 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Financial firms of all shapes and sizes are facing advanced threats on a daily basis – rarely a day goes by without seeing another headline about a cyberattack or data breach. Cybercriminals are going after the most sensitive data knowing how and where to find it.
      With compliance standards and audit regulations becoming more stringent, and the rising prevalence of cyber threats, the need to protect vulnerable critical information has never been more important. During this webinar, CounterTack and Proficio will discuss the growing need for financial institutions to have next-generation endpoint security solutions combined with 24x7 security monitoring and alerting.

      During this session you learn:

      • Why endpoints have become the focus for attackers

      • What you can do to secure endpoints in today’s threat landscape

      • Best practices for meeting security regulation and compliance standards

      • The role of security monitoring and alerting in keeping critical assets safe

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