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    • Masters of Mobile Data: Acquiring High-Value Users, The Right Way
      Masters of Mobile Data: Acquiring High-Value Users, The Right Way Ashley Blackmon, VP marketing, Zillow Group Recorded: Aug 3 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • In Part 1 of this compelling Masters of Mobile Data series, you'll learn how to acquire high value users the right way. If you build it, they will come. Right. That may be the hope of many mobile app publishers, but it’s not even remotely true when it comes to the battle for quality users in 2016. And while most app publishers know it’s essential to have a fierce user acquisition strategy in place, what that consists of and how they put it into practice is another thing altogether.

      That’s why VentureBeat took a deep dive into mobile user acquisition. We were determined to find out what’s working for successful app publishers, what you should be paying to acquire high-value users, and which user acquisition solutions you need to partner with in order to have an ironclad UA methodology in place.

      In the process, we surveyed over 700 mobile developers with a billion users among them. We also studied data summarizing the results of almost 14 billion mobile ads, and talked to leading user acquisition experts.

      Of course, you could read the full report -- or you could tune into this not-to-be missed webinar that will cover the most essential takeaways needed to hook those quality users.

      In this webinar, you’ll:

      * Learn the price app publishers are currently paying to acquire quality users across several categories
      * Review the top user acquisition platforms and why
      * Understand the role of timing in UA
      * Maximize organic installs of your mobile application


      * Dave Myers, COO and Co-Founder, mParticle
      * Ashley Blackmon, VP marketing, Zillow Group
      * Alexandra Press Maguire, Digital Marketing Director, Gilt Group
      * John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, TUNE
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      SPONSORED by mParticle

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    • Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources
      Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources Randy Franklin Smith: Windows Security Subject Matter Expert Erick Ingleby: Product Manager, LogRhythm, Inc. Recorded: Jun 18 2015 3:00 pm UTC 97 mins
    • The secret to catching intruders with your SIEM is to feed it as much information as possible, the infosec world has been doing a better and better job by scaling SIEM technology up and integrating nearly every raw audit log from network devices, operating systems and even applications. But these logs are more raw data than refined information. It's time to make sure you are also feeding your SIEM the high value sources of security information from all the other security technologies and products on your network. You want your SIEM to have deep and wide visibility. Visibility at every level of your technology stack and across your entire network.

      When you look at the event log spectrum ranging from raw log data to high level/value security information - nothing is higher level, more refined and actionable than security technologies such as your:

      -Endpoint security
      -Network IDS/IPS/forensics
      -Next generation firewall
      -Vulnerability scanners
      -Threat intelligence
      -Identity management
      -Access control

      The list goes on. In this webinar learn the different opportunities to feed your SIEM extra nutritious event feeds from all the different security technologies on your network. Also, look at real world scenarios and explore how to correlate high level security information like this with the low level stuff coming from more traditional logs.

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    • Launching FTW: Acquiring high-value players for your game
      Launching FTW: Acquiring high-value players for your game Erica May, Director, Global Mobile Engagement & Acquisition, EA Recorded: Jun 30 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Let’s face it: Mobile game developers better have a solid acquisition and monetization plan in place before they know what the main character’s name is going to be. In fact, acquisition and monetization often drive game design and leveling – and most pre-launch testing is focused on justifying the acquisition budget for launch.

      Join us for the first in a three-part series “Games Growth and Monetization” with leaders from the mobile games industry, Google and VentureBeat. In this first session, we dig deep into your plan of attack for a successful launch marketing strategy – from Ready Player One to Mission Accomplished.

      In this VB Live event, you’ll:

      * Understand which marketing tools will reward you the most from early play testing through successful app launch
      * Hear case studies and success strategies for search and other behavior-targeted campaigns that deliver the highest value users
      * Get tips to unlock the intense power of Google’s platform and hear about the latest tools and product updates.

      * Erica May, Director, Global Mobile Engagement & Acquisition, EA
      * Chris Luhur, Director of Marketing, Pocket Gems
      * Alex Valle, Product Manager, Mobile Ads, Google
      * Jason Wilson, Managing Editor, GamesBeat
      * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Join VentureBeat, Google and other games business experts in the first of a four-part series on "Games Growth and Monetization." Don’t miss out on this live and interactive learning session. Register today.

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    • Managing Data Security for Storage of High Value Content
      Managing Data Security for Storage of High Value Content Robert Wann, Founder, President & CEO, Enova Technology Corporation Recorded: Sep 22 2016 6:15 pm UTC 38 mins
    • As Cybersecurity shifts from the “best practice” environment to being mandated by regulations and prioritized by the high costs for data breaches, IT groups and data center operators are facing multiple challenges. One of these challenges is how to address the security of a mix of legacy storage devices, unencrypted devices, encrypted devices, new technology storage and eDrives in a single environment. Yet another challenge is how to construct a robust, trusted identity-based authentication (or role-based authentication or as a matter of coming the two) to fend off malware and Trojan infection. A system solution that can simplify the security management of mixed drives with high valued data content will be presented. The solution has at least one smart hardware interface controller that performs all security features internally while offers in-line cryptographic performance without degrading data rate.

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    • How your business can unleash high-value web and mobile leads
      How your business can unleash high-value web and mobile leads Richard Dumas, Director of Product Marketing, Five9; Michael Boland, Industry Analyst, BIA Recorded: Feb 11 2015 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • As more consumers use smart phones to search for information while on the go, advertisers are embracing a new (old) way to connect with consumers by turning mobile searches and mobile ads into phone leads. According to Google, 70% of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads using Adwords click-to-call ads and research firm BIA, estimates that mobile search will generate more than 70 billion calls from consumers to businesses in 2018!

      While the prospect of moving beyond impressions and clicks to drive new, high-value, phone leads is incredibly appealing to many businesses; it is also raising some important questions:

      •How will businesses manage the exploding call volume?
      •How can inbound calls be identified by the advertisement that was clicked on?
      •How can non-lead related calls be routed to self-service channels?
      •How can the most important calls be routed to right person to respond?
      •How will they be tracked?
      •How can businesses staff to handle fluctuate call volume?

      Join Michael Boland, industry analyst from research firm BIA/Kelsey and Richard Dumas, Director of Product Marketing at Five9 for this informative webinar that addresses the above questions around this mobile click-to-call trend and provides useful advice for businesses that want to maximize sales conversions from mobile click-to-call campaigns.

      If you run local business and want to learn how to acquire more new customers you will benefit by attending this webinar!

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    • High Value Analytics: Managing Corporate Real Estate
      High Value Analytics: Managing Corporate Real Estate John Serri and David Karpook, Manhattan Software Recorded: Dec 29 2014 10:45 pm UTC 54 mins
    • For most businesses, Corporate Real Estate or CRE is the second largest expense category, trailing only the employee payroll. The decisions around Corporate Real Estate the a business makes profoundly reflect the culture and values of an organization.

      In this webinar, John Serri and David Karpook of Manhattan Software joined us to explore how high-performing CRE leaders are leveraging analytical techniques to move from simple management to portfolio and space optimization. This discussion touched on how migration of CRE information to the cloud along with integration of social networking sources and building management systems are having dramatic impacts on the corporate bottom line and top line.

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    • A 3-step agile approach to mobilize, engage and develop high-performing teams
      A 3-step agile approach to mobilize, engage and develop high-performing teams Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond Recorded: May 19 2016 8:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Traditional project management approaches focus on measuring performance in terms of respecting time and cost estimates. Those measures confirm performance after the fact and do not address the main driver of project success: engaged high-performing teams.

      This webinar, co-hosted by Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond, will present the link between continuously engaged teams, superior performance and successful high value project delivery, as well as explain how agile values, principles and tools can help build and develop continuously engaged, high-performing project teams.

      Charlotte and Claude will also present and demonstrate, using real project data, a simple 3-step approach, based on agile techniques and inspired by their own experiences in projects, that will help you to quickly mobilize your teams (any types of teams, project-oriented or production-oriented) and keep them engaged and high-performing.

      Those who attend the webinar will be given access to a pdf copy of the presentation slides as well as to a copy of an Excel template that can be used as a support tool to monitor and improve team engagement.

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