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    • Protecting High Value Digital Assets with Digital Rights Management Protecting High Value Digital Assets with Digital Rights Management Adobe Upcoming: May 26 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Recently, President Obama directed his administration to implement a multi-layered Cybersecurity National Action Plan to protect the government’s most sensitive data. A key element of this plan is “data-centric security,” protecting the formatting of the files themselves and ensuring they remain secure wherever they are sent or stored.

      On May 26th, tune in for a webcast conversation on the present and future of federal data security. We will discuss how agencies can implement the Cybersecurity National Action Plan using strategies like data-centric security, digital rights management, and high value asset identification.

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    • Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources Randy Franklin Smith: Windows Security Subject Matter Expert Erick Ingleby: Product Manager, LogRhythm, Inc. Recorded: Jun 18 2015 3:00 pm UTC 97 mins
    • The secret to catching intruders with your SIEM is to feed it as much information as possible, the infosec world has been doing a better and better job by scaling SIEM technology up and integrating nearly every raw audit log from network devices, operating systems and even applications. But these logs are more raw data than refined information. It's time to make sure you are also feeding your SIEM the high value sources of security information from all the other security technologies and products on your network. You want your SIEM to have deep and wide visibility. Visibility at every level of your technology stack and across your entire network.

      When you look at the event log spectrum ranging from raw log data to high level/value security information - nothing is higher level, more refined and actionable than security technologies such as your:

      -Endpoint security
      -Network IDS/IPS/forensics
      -Next generation firewall
      -Vulnerability scanners
      -Threat intelligence
      -Identity management
      -Access control

      The list goes on. In this webinar learn the different opportunities to feed your SIEM extra nutritious event feeds from all the different security technologies on your network. Also, look at real world scenarios and explore how to correlate high level security information like this with the low level stuff coming from more traditional logs.

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    • Where’s the value in High Yield Bonds? An update from M&G Where’s the value in High Yield Bonds? An update from M&G Stefan Isaacs and James Tomlins Recorded: Jun 18 2015 9:00 am UTC 51 mins
    • Join us for a webcast briefing by Stefan Isaacs and James Tomlins, co-fund managers of the M&G Global High Yield Corporate Bond Fund.

      Following a volatile period towards the end of 2014, high yield bonds have delivered steady returns in the first few months of 2015. Indeed, while government bonds have suffered a sharp sell-off in recent weeks, high yield has benefited from its relatively low sensitivity to rates and produced further robust gains. In the webcast, Stefan and James will provide an overview of these recent developments and discuss their current outlook for the asset class.

      James will also provide a brief update on the M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund. Given their lack of interest rate duration, high yield floating rate notes (FRNs) have been well insulated from the recent turbulence in government bond markets. However, with an exposure to credit, these instruments have been able to benefit from the modest tightening in spreads since the start of the year.

      Overall, Stefan and James maintain a positive outlook for high yield bonds which they think offer an attractive source of income in the current low interest rate environment. Moreover, against a backdrop of modest economic growth, accommodative policy from the world’s central banks and low corporate default rates, high yield valuations should continue to be well supported over the coming months.

      The call will start at 10:00am BST (11.00am CET) on Thursday 18 June, will include a Q&A session and is expected to last an hour.

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    • How your business can unleash high-value web and mobile leads How your business can unleash high-value web and mobile leads Richard Dumas, Director of Product Marketing, Five9; Michael Boland, Industry Analyst, BIA Recorded: Feb 11 2015 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • As more consumers use smart phones to search for information while on the go, advertisers are embracing a new (old) way to connect with consumers by turning mobile searches and mobile ads into phone leads. According to Google, 70% of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads using Adwords click-to-call ads and research firm BIA, estimates that mobile search will generate more than 70 billion calls from consumers to businesses in 2018!

      While the prospect of moving beyond impressions and clicks to drive new, high-value, phone leads is incredibly appealing to many businesses; it is also raising some important questions:

      •How will businesses manage the exploding call volume?
      •How can inbound calls be identified by the advertisement that was clicked on?
      •How can non-lead related calls be routed to self-service channels?
      •How can the most important calls be routed to right person to respond?
      •How will they be tracked?
      •How can businesses staff to handle fluctuate call volume?

      Join Michael Boland, industry analyst from research firm BIA/Kelsey and Richard Dumas, Director of Product Marketing at Five9 for this informative webinar that addresses the above questions around this mobile click-to-call trend and provides useful advice for businesses that want to maximize sales conversions from mobile click-to-call campaigns.

      If you run local business and want to learn how to acquire more new customers you will benefit by attending this webinar!

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    • A 3-step agile approach to mobilize, engage and develop high-performing teams A 3-step agile approach to mobilize, engage and develop high-performing teams Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond Recorded: May 19 2016 8:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Traditional project management approaches focus on measuring performance in terms of respecting time and cost estimates. Those measures confirm performance after the fact and do not address the main driver of project success: engaged high-performing teams.

      This webinar, co-hosted by Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond, will present the link between continuously engaged teams, superior performance and successful high value project delivery, as well as explain how agile values, principles and tools can help build and develop continuously engaged, high-performing project teams.

      Charlotte and Claude will also present and demonstrate, using real project data, a simple 3-step approach, based on agile techniques and inspired by their own experiences in projects, that will help you to quickly mobilize your teams (any types of teams, project-oriented or production-oriented) and keep them engaged and high-performing.

      Those who attend the webinar will be given access to a pdf copy of the presentation slides as well as to a copy of an Excel template that can be used as a support tool to monitor and improve team engagement.

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    • Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility - 1 PDU Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility - 1 PDU Tricia Cabrey, Market Researcher, PMI Recorded: Apr 7 2016 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Organizational agility requires a supportive culture and a shift in how work is viewed and approached. Our findings focus on the value placed on the cultural elements of high organizational agility. A highly developed culture of agility exists when value is placed on ideals and behaviors such as collaboration, diversity, communication, creativity, transparency, and inquisitive thinking. Organizations that establish the following framework are better positioned to enable agility:

      •Supportive Culture: Identifying the value of openness, transparency, respect, knowledge, improvement, and adaptation
      •Strategic Flexibility: Capturing opportunities and responding quickly to varying demands
      •Collective Leadership: Sharing a common view of strategy
      •Capable People: Applying the right talent management resources
      •Adaptive Process: Assessing and establishing new means to respond to change

      This event qualifies for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU credit).

      In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information to its partner(s) who assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice: http://www.ca.com/us/privacy.aspx

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    • The High Value CMDB The High Value CMDB Charles Betz, Research Director, EMA Recorded: Jun 14 2012 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Ten years after the concept of the CMDB began to gain traction in the US, it remains controversial. Is it worth doing? Is it even possible? What about the related topics of Configuration Management System and Service Knowledge Management System?

      Join EMA research director and published CMDB practitioner Charles Betz as he discusses how to approach the CMDB in terms of your real world needs, return on investment, and execution. He will discuss the ITIL theory versus the realities of implementing these complex and challenging capabilities in dynamic and politicized IT environments.

      He’ll present a field tested approach to understanding and scoping CDMB requirements, designing an effective CMDB solution, successfully implementing it, and operating it for the greatest value. Specific topics will include:

      - How to build a business case for the CMDB, and a surprisingly overlooked value proposition
      - The critical clarifying distinction you MUST make at the start of your CMDB journey
      - Why, where, and how to embed the CMDB in your IT operating model
      - An agile and iterative approach to CMDB
      - Vertical vs. horizontal strategies
      - Data quality, a life or death topic for the CMDB
      - CMDB, CMS, and SKMS and the “business of IT” architecture

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    • Asia High Yield Asia High Yield Bryan Collins Recorded: Mar 3 2015 10:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • The Asian High Yield market has experienced some volatility over the past few months as idiosyncratic events have emerged, more specifically among some of the Chinese property developers. Given recent market movements, partly exacerbated by seasonally lower bond market liquidity and partly due to fundamentals, we have seen value re-emerge within the Asian High Yield corporate market. Please join Bryan as he presents an update on the market, the outlook and the Fund’s positioning.

      Asian High Yield remains an attractive investment proposition for long term investors:
      •Asian High Yield bond prices have partly recovered from weakness in January and late 2014 but remain below par on average, providing some capital upside potential not seen for some time.
      •Income continues to be relatively stable and continues to be noticeably higher than many other credit markets, courtesy of Asia’s credit spread (or yield) risk premium. Although it is important to note that as companies continue to refinance their debt at lower interest rates, income may continue to trend lower compared to previous years but this is of course not unique to Asia and is in line with global bond markets.
      •The Fund’s investment approach, which applies a unique issuer and sector constrained risk management framework, has proved again to be the best way to manage concentration risks within Asia, and the Fund remains committed to providing a well-diversified Asian High Yield corporate portfolio with a high level of regular income.
      •The Asian High Yield Fund is comfortably positioned with high conviction credits and a meaningful underweight to fundamentally weaker and distressed credits.

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