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    • Migrating Workloads to vSphere Hybrid Cloud: Security and Flexibility Migrating Workloads to vSphere Hybrid Cloud: Security and Flexibility Tony Brockman, Product Line Marketing Manager, vCloud Hybrid Service; Mike Roy, Technical Marketing Manager, vCloud Hybrid Recorded: Dec 11 2014 6:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • In a hybrid cloud, onsite and offsite IT environments are not just connected and integrated with common management, they're also designed to run existing and new applications in exactly the same way. VMware vCloud® Air™ is the only enterprise hybrid cloud for VMware customers, giving you unlimited IT for business innovation while regaining IT control. Built on VMware vSphere®, vCloud Air quickly and seamlessly extends your data center into the cloud using the tools and processes you use today. Join us for this webinar and discover how your organization can combine the convenience and agility of on-demand public cloud with the freedom to move workloads on and off premises as you need. This webinar will include a demonstration of the service.

      Attend this webcast and learn how to:

      Extend new and existing applications without rewrites
      Connect your existing vSphere environment to vCloud Air
      Seamlessly migrate existing workloads to vCloud Air
      Use the admin console to manage all of your cloud resources

      Learn how a hybrid cloud built on vSphere can give you more flexibility. Register now.

      Who Should Attend: Infrastructure, Cloud, Security and Network Architects, Managers and Directors.

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    • Standardization and visibility of security controls in Hybrid Standardization and visibility of security controls in Hybrid Avinash Prasad and Munish Gupta of Infosys Ltd Recorded: Aug 24 2016 3:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • The needs for IT agility for business, is driving adoption of flexible computing environments including IaaS, Private Cloud among others. The challenge associated with this transformation towards the Hybrid cloud environment is the assurance around the security for the workloads and data. Specific issues arise due to the “Shared security model ” of the varying Cloud environments in terms of implementation of security, compliance and optimization in these environments.

      The need of the hour is to ensure effective security governance through standardization of security controls/Policies across Hybrid cloud deployments are driven by embedded security mechanisms with lesser bolted-on overhead on the IT security teams. One successful example is the leveraging of “security for the cloud from the cloud” to provide elastic and adaptive security services for the hybrid cloud

      In this webinar, Avinash Prasad, AVP, Information & Cyber Risk Management and Munish Gupta, Principal – Information & Cyber Risk Management , Infosys (NYSE: INFY) will share their experiences with respect to standardization of security controls in Hybrid cloud environments.

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    • UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? Angela York, Director of Marketing, 8x8, Irwin Lazar, VP & Director, Nemertes, Jerry Howard, VP of IT, Irving Materials Recorded: Aug 16 2016 11:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Enterprises are increasingly considering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as the basis for their communications infrastructure strategy going forward. But some have been reluctant to commit to a pure cloud approach from the start, so they pursue a hybrid strategy—with some users migrated to the cloud while others remain on legacy premises systems. Is this really the best strategy? Or does hybrid offer the worst of both worlds—partial outsourcing while still requiring significant internal resources to manage legacy gear and its integration with the UCaaS service?

      This webinar will lay out the advantages and the industry trends toward UC in the cloud, and will feature expert opinions on the issues that a hybrid approach may add to a UC strategy. You’ll come away with an understanding of why hybrid cloud isn’t necessarily the safe or easy choice, and whether a migration to 100% UCaaS can be a better option.

      Join industry experts & a seasoned IT VP as they explain and debate:
      Hybrid vs. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
      Potential issues and trade-offs of a hybrid approach
      Best practices for moving 100% to a UCaaS solution
      Real-world feedback from an IT executive on moving to UCaaS

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    • Governance in the Hybrid World Governance in the Hybrid World Dr. Katy Ring 451 Research, Jeff Budge OneNeck IT Solutions Upcoming: Oct 12 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Governance in the Hybrid World

      The use of cloud infrastructure to deliver IT services is gradually becoming the new normal, bringing benefits such as increased business agility and flexibility to support faster speed to market. However, the adoption of cloud technology and its use alongside existing IT investments creates a challenging IT environment. This is compounded by the ease with which workers can bring in their consumer devices and apps. How does the internal IT team ensure that the advantages of cloud technology can be exploited by the business without weakening corporate policies? This webinar will address:

       -The range of workloads and the best execution venue for them
       -How IT teams can take back control by adopting an IT-as-a-Service strategy
       -Ways to think more like a commercial IT service shop

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    • Native Hybrid Cloud Native Hybrid Cloud Андрей Николаев Recorded: Jul 21 2016 8:00 am UTC 64 mins
    • На прошедшей в мае конференции EMC World мы представили новейшее дополнение к портфелю облачных решений EMC – Native Hybrid Cloud™ (NHC™) – инновационную платформу для разработки и доставки облачных приложений. Полностью интегрированная и оптимизированная платформа NHC позволяет внедрять инновации и достигать новых масштабов их распространения. Она помогает ИТ-специалистам и группам операционной поддержки теснее сотрудничать с разработчиками, делая возможной быструю разработку и запуск приложений, обеспечивая необходимый уровень защиты, управления и прозрачности в ИТ-инфраструктуре. Native Hybrid Cloud поможет корпорациям во воплотить мечту об облачных приложениях и практиках DevOps, получив среду, которая «просто работает». В состав платформы входят следующие компоненты, прекрасно работающие вместе:

      - Native Hybrid Cloud использует Pivotal Cloud Foundry®;
      - Сервисы для разработчиков и ИТ-поддержки
      - Гибкий выбор для запуска платформ IaaS – облачных и на физическом оборудовании – Native Hybrid Cloud основана на VCE® VxRack™ System 1000, гипер-конвергентной инфраструктуре типа rack-scale, которая предоставляет принципиально новые возможности IaaS для разработки, развертывания и работы приложений. Узнайте больше на нашем вебинаре!

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    • Monitoring as a Discipline – Unlock Hybrid IT Success Monitoring as a Discipline – Unlock Hybrid IT Success Kong Yang, Head Geek of Virtualization & Cloud Practice, SolarWinds Recorded: Jul 21 2016 3:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Performance, agility, and collaboration are essential elements of the DevOps culture, which is a key tenet of Hybrid IT. For IT professionals, embracing DevOps can bring forth the light and dark side. The light is harnessing disruptive innovation through applications and infrastructural advantages to move the business forward. The dark is being disrupted by the very culture and power that you’re trying to enable and embrace.

      ·How do you manage the Force of change across people, process and technology?

      ·Is there a framework you can use to ease into DevOps?

      ·Are there IT Ops skills and techniques that you can leverage when embracing DevOps?

      ·How does Monitoring as a Discipline enable DevOps and unlock Hybrid IT?

      In this session, you will learn the answers to these questions along with techniques and frameworks to successfully integrate DevOps principles into your 2016 Hybrid IT objectives.

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    • Spotlight on Asia: The End of Complex Hybrid WANs Spotlight on Asia: The End of Complex Hybrid WANs Tim Sullivan, CEO, Coevolve; Kangwarn Chinthammit, Director of Solutions, VeloCloud Recorded: Jul 21 2016 1:00 am UTC 57 mins
    • The costs of bandwidth across Asia, especially MPLS, can vary significantly across different countries, and many enterprises depend on a hybrid WAN strategy to achieve reach and keep costs down. However, designing and deploying hybrid WAN architecture can be complex and require expensive resources to manage hundreds of lines of configurations. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can transform existing hybrid networks into a dynamic, adaptive environment that uses all available bandwidth more effectively.

      In this webinar, our panel of networking experts will share real-world experiences and outline key approaches for getting more out of your existing network in Asia Pacific. We will share with you our perspectives based on numerous regional deployments on how SD-WAN has transformed many of our clients network to be adaptive, flexible & cloud-first IT asset.

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