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    • How to Prepare Your Business for Inbound Marketing
      How to Prepare Your Business for Inbound Marketing Marguerite Inscoe, Inbound Marketing Ninja, ReLaunchU Recorded: Jan 21 2016 7:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • The inbound marketing methodology for lead generation and lead nurturing is increasingly popular year over year in B2B industries. Yet many business don’t fully understand what it takes to transition to a content driven and automated form of marketing via the internet.

      Everyone wants to experience success as quickly as possible, but not every company is in a position to execute inbound marketing for many reasons. It’s a big change for businesses who are use to event based campaigning, advertising, or cold calling.

      The goal of this presentation is to help you assess - for those who want to transition to inbound marketing - how ready you are to start campaigning. Or perhaps you’ve invested in a marketing automation platform but not getting the traction you’d like to see. In either case, after this presentation you’ll have a precise understanding of what to tackle operationally to make your company's inbound machine roar to life.

      Here are just a few of the issues we’ll address:

      •How ready is your marketing leader and inbound advocate?
      •How ready is your email list?
      •What should your first marketing goals be?
      •What services will you outsource?
      •Appropriate document management for security and version control
      •Is the needed social media protocol in place?
      •Roles of team members

      The presenter, Marguerite Inscoe had a 12 year career in workplace learning and performance before transitioning to inbound marketing 5 years ago. She is a blogger, social media marketer, email marketer, and certified with Hubspot as a partner. This fits around her other full time job as mom, wife, choir member, and a martial arts practitioner.

      Marguerite’s full service agency, ReLaunchU, specializes in internet marketing for B2B companies - particularly those in the consulting and training industries.

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    • Inbound Marketing - Your Secret Weapon
      Inbound Marketing - Your Secret Weapon Kieran Flanaga, Marketing Director, Hubspot Recorded: Sep 5 2013 9:00 am UTC 43 mins
    • Today’s buyer has changed, but most brands still rely on marketing that is based on pressure and coercion, not permission and love. Inbound Marketing is helping to reshape marketing strategies, to help brands attract visitors into their funnel and to create a personalised journey through that funnel, so more of these visitors turn into customers. Companies who adopt an inbound marketing strategy build assets that draw people into their site, rather than renting attention that disappears when you stop paying for it. This presentation will go through some of the ways companies can start to develop their own inbound marketing strategy to help fill their top of funnel, but also how to convert these into paying customers. It will show how a near obsession with data and ROI is a fundamental part to creating an inbound marketing strategy that can be your companies secret weapon.

      Kieran Flanagan is Marketing Director (EMEA) at Hubspot, a marketing software company, where he leads the company’s marketing strategy in EMEA. Kieran is an experienced inbound marketer, having previously worked for large brands in both B2C and B2B across EMEA. He has helped create inbound marketing campaigns that have had a global impact, launching in countries like UK, Germany, France and Japan.

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    • Marketing Automation Hacks: Marketo
      Marketing Automation Hacks: Marketo Brian Glover, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Marketo; Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip Recorded: Feb 15 2017 4:00 pm UTC 68 mins
    • If you’re already using Marketo, then you know that marketing automation is an indispensable tool for executing your B2B marketing strategy. But the majority of B2B marketers still feel that they’re not using the technology to its full potential.

      In this presentation, Brian Glover, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Marketo, will reveal various hacks for getting better results out of Marketo.

      You will learn:
      - How to effectively nurture your leads with a personalized conversation using Marketo's Customer Engagement Engine
      - How to use first-touch and multi-touch attribution to determine marketing's contribution to sales
      - How to take your personalized campaigns across all channels including social (using AdBridge) and your website (using Website Personalization)

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    • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
      Introduction to Inbound Marketing Megan Smargiasso - Marketing Manager at Metrics Marketing Group Recorded: Sep 17 2010 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Discover how to get found online by creating, promoting & optimizing your brand’s message.

      The internet has changed the way people learn about and shop for products and services. This changing nature of business also changes the way we market to our customers. This webinar will provide the basics of how to use inbound marketing techniques to attract more qualified prospects to your business and how to achieve inbound marketing success.

      Participants will learn how to get found online and generate leads more effectively by leveraging search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing. We will also discuss how inbound marketing channels deliver lower cost per lead than outbound channels and why social media and blogs are the most rapidly expanding category in the overall marketing budget.

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    • Digital Transformation with Inbound: An Enterprise Guide
      Digital Transformation with Inbound: An Enterprise Guide Shellie Hutchens, Director of Marketing, Mediacurrent Recorded: Oct 20 2016 4:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    • Inbound marketing has surged in popularity in recent years, effectively generating 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound.Yet, many large enterprise organizations struggle to dedicate the resources needed to get started.

      A properly-implemented inbound marketing strategy improves the impact of your overall marketing efforts by increasing audience engagement, driving traffic to all of your content, fostering stronger relationships, and ultimately, building your pipeline.

      In this webinar, Shellie Hutchens, Director of Marketing at Mediacurrent will give you actionable advice to get a handle on this untapped resource.

      Topics include:

      • Overcoming challenges to inbound marketing implementation
      • Considerations before implementation
      • Proving measurable ROI
      • Innovative ways to make sure your system works for your goals

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