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    • Operationalising Threat Intelligence
      Operationalising Threat Intelligence A.J. Nash, Intelligence Services Manager, Symantec Recorded: Sep 27 2017 5:00 am UTC 58 mins
    • Gathering data on cyber threats is one thing – creating useful intelligence out of that data, and then making that intelligence actionable is another. An effective system of gathering, analysing and operationalising threat intelligence can often mean the difference between just in time, and too late. But how do you tame the deluge of data?

      In our upcoming "Operationalising Threat Intelligence" webinar, we discuss:

      - Being proactive vs. reactive
      - Technical vs. adversary intelligence
      - Informational vs. actionable intelligence

      Sign up for our webinar and learn how to operationalise threat intelligence to better protect your organisation from emerging threats.

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    • Introduction to Cyber Intelligence
      Introduction to Cyber Intelligence David Swan, Director, Cyber Intelligence Defence Centre, CSCSS Recorded: Aug 17 2017 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Cyber Security is a complex and rapidly growing industry. A key component of that industry is the Threat Intelligence or Cyber Intelligence sector. This presentation is a non-technical introduction to threat intelligence.

      Viewers will acquire:
      - a baseline understanding of intelligence
      - knowledge of intelligence processes and how they are used
      - a discussion of some industry terms such as threat intelligence and actionable intelligence

      Our objective is to provide you with tools for applying intelligence. Our longer term objective is to increase the understanding of intelligence concepts and processes, enabling you to improve your cyber security.

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    • Prioritizing Cyber Threats With Real-Time Threat Intelligence
      Prioritizing Cyber Threats With Real-Time Threat Intelligence Greg Reith, Threat Intelligence Analyst, T-Mobile Recorded: Nov 17 2016 7:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Creating a threat intelligence strategy is essential for a company to identify and prioritize threats effectively. Curating the necessary relevant data for this strategy, however, can be incredibly time consuming and resource intensive.

      In this webinar, Greg Reith, Threat Intelligence Analyst at T-Mobile, will discuss how to use real-time threat intelligence from Recorded Future to create a forward-looking strategy, including:

      • Identifying and analyzing hard-to-find threat data from the entire web including content in multiple languages.
      • Gaining relevant intelligence effectively from large volumes of threat data with smart automation, alerts, and queries.
      • Discovering trends and patterns that are useful in developing a forward-looking shift in strategy from multiple perspectives.

      Find out how you can reduce the time to collect the necessary information for building an effective threat intelligence strategy by over 400 percent.

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    • Using Threat Intelligence to Stop Cyber Attacks
      Using Threat Intelligence to Stop Cyber Attacks Levin Gundert, Vice President of Intelligence and Strategy, Recorded Future Recorded: Sep 1 2016 5:15 pm UTC 66 mins
    • How can enterprises use threat intelligence data to detect and stop attackers more quickly and efficiently? How can security teams identify the relevant threat information and use it to develop a swift defense? What specific threat information is needed, and how can enterprises use it to stop a particular attacker or exploit?

      In this informative webinar you'll hear security experts discuss practical ways to use threat intelligence from the web to identify the methods used by online attackers and to ferret out sophisticated attacks that wouldn’t be recognized by traditional information security defenses.

      Listen now and you'll also:

      * Learn how to integrate threat intelligence into your current practices for enterprise data defense and incident response.
      * Gain specific advice on how you can use real-time threat intelligence to fight new attacks targeted at your enterprise.

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    • Using the power of threat Intelligence with the board
      Using the power of threat Intelligence with the board Richard Turner - President EMEA, FireEye & Daniel McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist, FireEye Recorded: Jul 7 2016 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Today, CEOs and board members are bombarded with media reports about cybercriminals, hacktivists, and catastrophic data breaches. CISOs and senior IT executives need to be proactive about keeping top executives informed about genuine threats to the enterprise and why the IT organisation is investing in specific programs, technologies and staff.

      Threat intelligence can help CISOs and senior IT executives communicate with non-technical top executives in terms of risks and threats to the business and the financial and political goals of threat actors. It can help them respond quickly and accurately to questions about incidents publicised in national and industry media, as well as cybersecurity priorities. When incidents occur, threat intelligence can help IT executives better inform the CEO and board about potential responses, so everyone can agree on appropriate next steps

      Join Richard Turner, EMEA President and Dan McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist in this live webinar for an inside look at how Cyber Threat Intelligence can help executives assess and communicate strategic risks threatening their business.

      Learn how to better:
      - Identify and prioritize real threats relevant to your enterprise amidst a deluge of media, reports and false alarms.
      - Communicate risks, threats and response in terms top-level executives understand.
      - Assess the risk of new initiatives to strategically direct investments in people, programs and technology that minimize corporate exposure.
      - Prevent and predict evolving cyber threats by exposing the means, motives and technologies behind threat actors known to target your industry.

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    • Intelligence: The Planners Strategic Edge
      Intelligence: The Planners Strategic Edge David Swan, EVP Defence Intelligence Group, CSCSS Recorded: Nov 30 2016 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • This presentation is an overview of “Making Intelligence Work,” a training program offered by the Cyber Intelligence Defence Centre. When correctly employed, intelligence provides direction for long-term planning (strategic intelligence), direction in the current cyber battlefield (operational intelligence) as well as direct support to defend against current attacks (tactical intelligence). This guidance is developed in the executive suite and is deployed into the organization. The program provides executives with the tools to deploy and utilize intelligence in their organizations.

      David Swan, Executive Vice President, Defence Intelligence Group, Director CSCSS Cyber Intelligence Defence Centre (CIDC)

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    • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence
      Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Jeff Berg, Sr. Manager, Cyber Threat Intelligence Services, Mandiant Recorded: Nov 17 2016 7:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • In a rapidly evolving threat landscape with the realities of limited security program resources, it can be difficult for organizations to know what the most critical risks and exposures are, presently and looking forward. While most organizations recognize the importance of cyber threat intelligence (CTI), Mandiant consulting frequently finds organizations have limited capabilities to operationalize CTI throughout all aspects of their security program.

      A recent online poll conducted by FireEye about the operational use of CTI found that 84% of responders use threat intelligence for business decision-making. 67% use it to make decisions about resources and security tools while 17% said they use it for risk assessment on new business initiatives. 17% don’t use it at all.

      In this webinar, Jeff Berg, Senior Manager of Mandiant’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Services, discusses the role of intelligence in cyber security programs and steps organizations can take to transform security operations to be intelligence-led, so they can continuously adapt to the threat landscape, and ultimately infuse intelligence capabilities across the entire organization for informed decision making.

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    • Hackers vs Organisations: The Dawn of Actionable Threat Intelligence
      Hackers vs Organisations: The Dawn of Actionable Threat Intelligence Yogi Chandiramani, Director of Engineering and Jens Monrad, Global Intelligence Liaison, FireEye Recorded: Apr 13 2016 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Year after year, it has been demonstrated that the offence is ahead of the defense in the world of cybercrime. Although, organisations are getting better at detecting a compromise in its network, it is still taking 146 days to detection compared to the minutes it takes hackers to walk away with the keys to the kingdom. Current security controls are not stopping hackers from getting inside organisations due to their leverage of other techniques, such as social engineering, to intrude and disrupt networks. Hackers are winning the battle with an unfair advantage - which can somewhat be seen as "cyber superpowers".

      In this webinar, FireEye experts will describe how to defend against these “cyber superpowers" leveraging the powers of threat intelligence to be equipped for this battle in good against evil. However, many companies see “intelligence" as large volumes of information, which is essentially just unstructured data, without any context thus making it incomprehensible. Companies need actionable intelligence, which can help them anticipate future attacks and improve their response against ongoing attacks. With the right actionable threat intelligence, an organisation can build its own superpowers to defend against the evil of hackers.

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    • A New Era of User-Driven Business Intelligence at VMware
      A New Era of User-Driven Business Intelligence at VMware Ginger Victor Manager, Business Intelligence Analytics, VMware Recorded: Oct 16 2015 1:25 pm UTC 44 mins
    • As businesses scale, you need to be agile to keep up with the pace of building analytics and retrieving information quickly for the company. It is crucial then to improve the organization’s self-service capabilities and drive same-platform adoption in order to transform the business into an Enterprise-ready environment.

      Hear from VMware as they share their key learnings from their Tableau journey of deploying self-service analytics across the organization. Through this webinar, you will learn how to:

      Draw synergies and expertise across your company
      Continue to scale while giving business users more empowerment
      Develop new insight and accelerate data-driven decisions
      Excite executive teams through real-time data access and powerful visualizations

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    • Weaponize Your Threat Intelligence for Breach Prevention
      Weaponize Your Threat Intelligence for Breach Prevention Scott Simkin, Sr. Threat Intelligence Manager at Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Apr 21 2016 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Today the economics of cyber attacks favor the adversary. With the explosion of access to automated and highly effective attack techniques, now everyone has the ability to become an “advanced attacker,” a status once reserved for the most sophisticated advanced persistent actors. With this evolution, the cost of launching successful attacks has plummeted, putting more pressure on Cybersecurity professionals to manually defend against an increasing volume and sophistication of attacks.

      Organizations require new ways to “weaponize” the threat intelligence they have to prevent attacks before they can cause damage, without adding additional security resources.

      We will cover:
      •How to know your network better than an adversary.
      •The value of delivering real-time prevention for targeted attacks.
      •How to architect your defenses for prevention to save time and resources traditionally spent on remediation.

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    • Making Sense of Threat Intelligence
      Making Sense of Threat Intelligence Al Cooley, Director, DeepSight Cyber Intelligence, Symantec & Humphrey Christian, VP, Product Management, BayDynamics Recorded: Feb 25 2016 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • As the cyber threat landscape expands, so does need for good threat intelligence. The marketplace has exploded with sources of threat information, from the Internet, to open source code, to commercial threat data. But companies struggle with finding a way to collect the right threat information, to organize and prioritize it into true insights that are meaningful to their businesses.

      Join this live webinar to hear about the power of threat intelligence combined with analytics and how you can use the joint offering with Symantec DeepSight and Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric, a Cyber Risk Analytics platform, to protect your assets from the ever changing threat landscape in today’s cyberspace.

      You will learn:
      • What is effective threat intelligence?
      • How the different processes in your security and risk organization benefit from threat intelligence
      • How your vulnerability and risk management teams can benefit from threat intelligence
      • How Symantec and Bay Dynamics can help vulnerability and risk management teams become more productive in integrating threat intelligence into their workflow and maturing their capabilities

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    • Understanding The Game Changer - Cyber Threat Intelligence
      Understanding The Game Changer - Cyber Threat Intelligence Martin Lee, Intelligence Manager, Alert Logic Recorded: Oct 27 2015 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • The frequency and severity of cyber attacks are on the rise as cyber criminals adapt their methods of attack for maximum profit: from adopting a mass-market approach for compromising as many organisations as possible, through to more sophisticated attacks that target specific companies. This is why building a cyber security strategy that has data-driven threat intelligence at its core is so critical.

      In this session, Martin Lee, Intelligence Manager discusses why a cyber threat intelligence capability is so critical, share insights into current threat vectors and how threat intelligence should be integrated into your cyber security strategy to help countering threats.

      Topics covered:
      - Review how the cyber threat landscape is evolving and driving new approaches for organisations to counter threats
      - Insight into how the underground cyber-economy works
      - Understand why threat intelligence should be a key element of your security operations
      - Show how threat intelligence can counter the threat posed to organisations

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