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    • [Panel]Q2 2018 Investment Management Outlook: Focus ESG, SRI & Impact Investing
      [Panel]Q2 2018 Investment Management Outlook: Focus ESG, SRI & Impact Investing Heinrich Hugenschmidt, Jordan Kimmel, Jon ‘JB’ Beckett, Marguerita Cheng Recorded: Apr 18 2018 2:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • There is a buzz around responsible investing and, as the market enjoys a creative phase, there are still tough questions to be answered along the path to mass adoption across the ecosystem.

      In this session, our panel of experts will share their take on the market outlook heading into the second quarter of 2018 with a focus on Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG), Socially responsible investing (SRI) and Impact Investing.

      Key themes to be discussed include;

      * Investor appetite vs market supply
      * Unbundling of the responsible investments
      * Manual approaches and hybrid innovations
      * Regulatory environment and developments

      Join this live Q&A panel session to engage with and hear from key industry experts with interesting and contrarian views on the market for responsible investments.

      Heinrich Hugenschmidt, Advisor to Family Offices and Asset Managers
      Jon ‘JB’ Beckett, Director and UK Representative, Association of Professional Fund Investors (APFI)
      Marguerita Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ocean Global Wealth

      Moderated by;
      Jordan Kimmel, Portfolio Manager, Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC

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    • Investment Consultants: The Final Frontier for Responsible Investment
      Investment Consultants: The Final Frontier for Responsible Investment Will Martindale, Head of Policy, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Recorded: Apr 19 2018 4:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Investment consultants advise on the investment practices of trillions of dollars worldwide. They are a recognised source of authority and knowledge. However, most consultants and their asset owner clients are failing to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in investment practice – despite a growing evidence base that demonstrates the financial materiality of ESG issues to portfolio value.
      There currently seems little commercial imperative for investment consultants to extend the coverage of ESG integrated services among their clients. Nor do we see pension schemes demanding ESG integrated services from their consultants. In too many cases, consultants and their clients simply don’t talk about ESG issues.
      In this session, we will discuss the barriers and solutions with a view to maximising the global SRI opportunity.

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    • Think a new thought
      Think a new thought Triodos Investment Management Recorded: Jul 18 2018 10:05 am UTC 4 mins
    • We invite you to think a new thought. Pressures on the environment, the prospect of irreversible climate change, and a rising number of people who are denied the means to fulfil basic needs, require a fundamental change in the way we live and how we invest. There is an extraordinary opportunity to harness a growing wave of optimism and awareness as more and more investors are looking for a long-term partner with whom to invest. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, which were agreed upon by 193 world leaders in September 2015, underpin the realisation that a global and concerted effort is needed to reach a set of goals to end poverty, protect our planet and ensure prosperity for all. There is an opportunity for the financial sector to play a role as an estimated USD 7 trillion in investment capital is needed to address these key global challenges. Video credit: ISSIMO

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    • Multi-Asset Investing – A Focus on Alternative Risk Premia (ARP)
      Multi-Asset Investing – A Focus on Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) Joan Lee, Investment Manager (Multi-Asset), Unigestion Recorded: May 9 2018 12:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • The popularity of alternative risk premia (ARP) is growing and strategies that focus on ARP are increasingly being incorporated into portfolios. The attraction of this approach is that ARP can mimic strategies that have historically only been available through hedge fund vehicles, but with more favourable liquidity and cost characteristics, whilst retaining a low correlation to traditional equities and bonds.

      In multi-asset investing the search for non-correlated returns leads to Alternative Risk Premia. Key topics that will be covered in this session include:

      * What benefits do alternative risk premia (ARP) bring to a multi-asset portfolio?
      * How can investors construct a portfolio that is diversified to weather key macroeconomic regimes?
      * How can dynamic allocation in the alternative risk premia universe be used to manage downside risk?

      Joining this webinar will help you to understand how alternative risk premia strategies can help provide diversification benefits to your multi-asset portfolios as well as providing you with the knowledge to better understand how to differentiate between the various risk premia strategies available and to select the ones most appropriate for your needs.

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    • [PANEL] Multi-Asset: How Solving Client Problems is Crucial to Raising Assets
      [PANEL] Multi-Asset: How Solving Client Problems is Crucial to Raising Assets Gabriel Altbach, Florian Schneider, Scott Brady, Peter Greenberger & Oscar D. Pulido Recorded: May 9 2018 3:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • “Multi-asset” and “Solutions” have been some of the industry’s biggest buzzwords over the last few years, and for good reason: multi-asset vehicles have generated record sales and clients around the world continue to challenge their providers - both asset and wealth managers - to offer solutions to their problems rather than simply push products.

      In this panel discussion, we will dissect what’s driving the recent growth in multi-asset products and what the future holds given the many challenges facing the industry

      This webinar will cover topics such as:
      * What are the key innovations in the multi-asset arena currently and in the future?
      * How can asset and wealth managers partner to ensure clients are receiving the best possible outcomes?
      * What role does passive play in the multi-asset arena? Alternatives?
      * How do wealth managers evaluate asset managers’ multi-asset products, and what are their unmet needs?

      After this webinar, listeners will leave with solid ideas, tactics, and a vision on how to optimize their multi-asset strategy to meet client needs, be on the cutting edge of innovation, and protect and grow their assets and overall business.

      Florian Schneider, CFA, Head of Product Research & Development at Amundi
      Scott Brady, Head of Product Development and Strategy, Columbia Threadneedle
      Peter Greenberger, CFA, CFP, Director of Mutual Fund and 529 Plan Product Management at Raymond James
      Oscar D. Pulido, CFA, MD & Global Head of Product Strategy for the Multi-Asset Strategies, Blackrock

      Moderated by;
      Gabriel Altbach, Founding Principal, Asset Management Insights and Senior Consultant, MackayWilliams

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    • Finding Value in Asia: Discovering Tech Innovators in an Exponential World
      Finding Value in Asia: Discovering Tech Innovators in an Exponential World Koon Boon KEE, Director & Co-Founder HERO Investment Management Recorded: Jul 12 2018 8:00 am UTC 59 mins
    • Can the megacap tech elephants still dance? Or should the question be: Is there an alternative and better way to capture long-term investment returns, created by disruptive forces and innovation without falling for the “Next-Big-Thing" trap by overpaying for "growth" and chasing to invest in the fads, 'me-too' imitators, or even in seemingly cutting-edge technologies without the ability to monetize and generate recurring revenue with a sustainable and scalable business model?

      We see a distinct value opportunity in an exclusive group of under-the-radar Asian SMID-cap tech stocks who are exceptional market leaders in their respective fields with unique scalable business models run by high-integrity, honorable and far-sighted entrepreneurs with a higher purpose in solving high-value problems for their customers and society whom we call H.E.R.O. - “Honorable. Exponential. Resilient. Organization.”.

      - Investing in exponential innovators = The most relevant language in value investing?
      - Why are these exponential & exceptional innovators overlooked and mis-priced winners and the most relevant multi-year investment trend and opportunity?
      - The analytical framework to identify winners, including rejuvenating the defensive economic "moat" analysis by complementing with the more offensive “catapult” analysis, using this new lens to view the value creation process afresh and continually discover innovators creating, enabling and capturing new demand with exponential non-linear growth potential
      - Remaining skeptical and grounded in the Asian capital jungles and avoiding the investing pitfalls and traps of Asian-style accounting fraud and mis-governance which western-based fraud detection tools and techniques have not been adequately adapted to the Asian context
      - Selected case studies

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    • [Panel] Multi-Asset Strategies: Diversifying for Uncertainty
      [Panel] Multi-Asset Strategies: Diversifying for Uncertainty Alastair Gunn, Ben Conway, Will Mayne & Lee Robertson Recorded: May 9 2018 10:00 am UTC 61 mins
    • How can portfolio managers, CIOs, & other investors generate steady returns in an uncertain environment? With technology moving so fast, political disruptions & data breaches reaching into every corner of our lives, is there a strategy to help investors maintain their positions & deliver returns?

      Join this webinar to hear from leading experts and find out about:

      - Using right tools to generate consistent returns
      - Avoiding the urge to time the market
      - how to weather any market using diversification without sacrifice

      Alastair Gunn, Fund Manager, Value Equities Jupiter Asset Management
      Ben Conway, Senior Fund Manager, Hawksmoor Fund Managers
      Lee Robertson, Founding Director & CEO, Investment Quorum Limited

      Moderated by;
      Will Mayne, Senior Director - Global Insights, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

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    • The Investment Management of Insurance Assets under Solvency II
      The Investment Management of Insurance Assets under Solvency II Gareth Mee, EY; James Hughes, Aberdeen Solutions; Euan MacLaren, NGAM UK; Martin Hurst, IPE Recorded: Mar 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • This is the first in a series of three webcasts looking at Solvency II from the point of view of the insurance company CIO.

      The second and third will focus on alternative fixed income and real assets respectively.

      How suitable - or otherwise - are the current capital charges and what can we expect from the 2018 review?

      Solvency II was conceived in a normal yield environment; that, of course has changed and this is one reason for the review planned for 2018. Insurers are interested in the agreed thinking of what these should be and the prospects of them being amended to a level more representative of the associated risk. What is reasonable and what can we expect?

      What might the political obstacles be to, say, making a distinction for capital charge purposes between Spanish and UK government bonds?

      The impact of regulation on investment strategy

      We will explore the relative impact of matching adjustment, volatility adjustment and transitionals and the impact on investment strategy as a result.


      How are insurance asset owners coping with the new regulation generally? Can we expect consolidation among insurance asset owners because of the increased regulatory burden?

      Use of internal models can lead to lower capital requirements, but they are very expensive to create, and are thus likely to be the preserve of the larger insurance companies.

      Smaller firms might club together to enable them to access certain types of investment, and might ultimately see acquisition by a larger firm as the only way both to do this on a consistent basis and manage the increased regulatory burden. Furthermore, a common regime across Europe should make it easier for potential buyers to assess exactly what they are buying.

      Other regulatory factors

      What will be the impact on investment regulation of Brexit on UK regulation, and on the investment management of insurance assets?

      What can we learn from other regulatory regimes from an investment standpoint?

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    • Climate Risk and the Sustainable Development Goals
      Climate Risk and the Sustainable Development Goals Michael Lewis, Head of ESG Thematic Research Recorded: Apr 19 2018 10:00 am UTC 43 mins
    • Michael Lewis lends his expertise, for today's session:

      · Identifying the channels of climate risk and the threat to financial stability

      · Integrating physical climate risk into investment portfolios

      · How investment opportunities of the SDGs are spreading from private to public markets

      Michael leads ESG Thematic Research at DWS and joined the company in 1990. His team identifies key trends and controversies as they relate to ESG and his work supports all three divisions of the investment platform, namely Active, Passive and Alternatives. Prior to his current role, Michael was the Global Head of CommoditiesResearch in the Corporate Banking & Securities division of Deutsche Bank. The Commodities Research team was ranked #2 in the 2013 Institutional Investor Survey.

      Before this, he was the Deputy Head of FX Research at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. In 2000, the FX Research team was ranked #1 in the Euromoney FX Survey. Michael began his career as a research analyst covering Global Macro & Rates research at Morgan Grenfell. Michael holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and an MSc (Econ) in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science.

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