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    • Enabling the Next Leap in Wireless Technology: 5G Enabling the Next Leap in Wireless Technology: 5G Jessy Cavazos, James Kimery, Dr. Harish Viswanathan, Dr. Sundeep Rangan Recorded: Feb 18 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The next generation of wireless communication, – 5G – will play a vital role in enabling futuristic technologies and actualizing the Internet of Thing. Significant obstacles to 5G wireless network deployments exist, however, numerous research and development initiatives are underway to help expedite the process. Aiming to deploy the first 5G networks by 2020, developers are exploring technologies like massive MIMO, millimeter-wave frequencies and new waveforms to address needs for higher speed (x100 4G), lower latency (1ms), and higher density in terms of users and devices.

      Questions this webinar will answer:
      •When will 5G networks become a reality?
      •What is achievable in terms of data rates, user capacity and latency with 5G networks?
      •What are industry players doing to facilitate development of 5G networks?

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    • Making the Leap to Recruitment 3.0 Making the Leap to Recruitment 3.0 Michael Hakeem, Manager of Talent Attraction and Staffing Operations and Tom Steele, Product Marketing for Success Factors Recorded: Apr 18 2012 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • How Novo Nordisk Transformed its Talent Acquisition Strategy

      Today’s world of talent acquisition looks significantly different than it did even a year ago. Recruitment 3.0 brings a new focus to passive candidates, requires building engaged, two-way, free-conversation-based, transparent communities and is anchored by components such as employer branding and marketing. Central to Recruitment 3.0 is the philosophy that everyone is a potential candidate.

      During this webinar, Michael Hakeem, manager of Manager of Talent Attraction and Staffing Operations at Novo Nordisk, will share how Novo Nordisk modernized its recruiting strategies to reflect evolving communication methods and candidate expectations. Tom Steele, manager of Product Marketing for SuccessFactors, will join him to help employers understand how they can:

      •Build a predictable talent pipeline
      •Create communities and map key competitors
      •Use brand to lure top talent
      •Drive internal stakeholders to invest in these new world methods

      Join us on April 18th at 1:00pm CST.

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    • A week in the life of a creative marketing team A week in the life of a creative marketing team Jim Ewel, Principal, Agile Marketing Recorded: Oct 8 2015 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Sponsored by Workfront

      Marketing teams get creativity. Creativity is their life’s blood. The concern is that by setting up rules and processes, we might kill that creative spark that drives the art created by the marketing directive. Agile methodology is applying the art of science in order to uncomplicate and reduce unnecessary admin time -- the very thing that keeps us from spending more time making beautiful campaigns and generating innovative copy.

      We’re going to talk to real life marketing teams who are using Agile methodologies to run their right-brained collaboration space – and are seeing tremendous results. We’ll talk war stories, great use cases, and ways to break down the siloes that are keeping your brilliant minds from making that next inspired leap.

      Join us for a free web event sponsored by Workfront to uncover the real-life ways that creative directors are harnessing the power of agile marketing methodologies to rapidly make fantastic leaps and discoveries that fuel careers.

      In this webinar, you’ll:

      * Hear first-hand experiences from current creative teams using tried and true methods to build faster and respond to industry trends quickly
      * Learn ways to increase the number of great ideas and proof of concepts
      * Use data to analyze and capitalize on changes in projects, marketing and industry trends… before your competitors know what hit ‘em.
      * Capture the lightning in a bottle that ensures amazing customer experiences.

      Register today!

      Sponsored by Workfront

      Jim Ewel, Principal, Agile Marketing
      Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology, VentureBeat
      David Lesue, creative director, Workfront

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    • Unlock Value from Your Data with the New Capabilities of SQL Server 2016: Part 1 Unlock Value from Your Data with the New Capabilities of SQL Server 2016: Part 1 Mark Skoog, Ross LoForte, Microsoft Corporation Recorded: Dec 29 2015 10:45 pm UTC 53 mins
    • The first public preview of SQL Server 2016 is now available for download. It is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft's data platform history with real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technology, and new hybrid cloud scenarios.

      Top capabilities in SQL Server 2016 include:
      - Always Encrypted - a new capability that protects data at rest and in motion
      - Stretch Database - new technology that lets you dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure
      - Improvements in both SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server
      - Reporting Services (SSRS) that help deliver business insights faster
      - Enhancements to industry-leading in-memory technologies for real-time analytics
      - Breakthrough transactional performance and new in-database analytics with R integration

      Join Mark Skoog during this webcast as he explores how you can transform your data with SQL Server 2016's new capabilities.

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    • Sleep Better at Night - Eliminate Data Center Failure Sleep Better at Night - Eliminate Data Center Failure Ajay Garg, Directer Intel Data Center Solutions, Shekhar Dasgupta, Founder, GreenField Software Recorded: Feb 11 2016 6:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • The foremost responsibility of a business is to serve its customers 24x7, 366 days this year...remember this is leap year! A data center that never fails is pivotal for this. Who hasn’t heard of a recent high profile data center failure? These failures typically fall into three root causes:

      •Human error
      •Lack of integration between facility and IT systems
      •Poor capacity planning

      If your role is to manage any aspect of the data center and to mitigate these risks, you should attend this webinar. Intel and Greenfield Software team up for this webinar to show how GFS® Crane Data Center Infrastructure Management and their integration with Intel® Data Center Manager address these challenges. You will learn how to minimize the risk to the data center while avoiding over-provisioning or wasteful capital expenditures.

      Register now to attend this webinar and receive the latest DCIM industry survey whitepaper "Inefficiencies cost the data center time and money." October, 2015.

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    • Social Media -Listen Before You Leap! Social Media -Listen Before You Leap! Janet Fouts Recorded: Sep 1 2009 11:00 pm UTC 26 mins
    • Before you dive into social media for any reason, listening should be your first step.
      What are people talking about and where are they doing it?
      Is there buzz out there about you or your product that you didn't know about?
      Who should you be connecting to?
      Has there been a recent event you want to find out more about?

      Setting up listening tools from free to paid versions can give you a tremendous amount of information and help you find even more things to talk about.

      I'll give working examples of listening tools, outline a strategy for effective listening and give you some ideas to use this information in a real world setting.

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    • vSphere 6 Migration Strategies vSphere 6 Migration Strategies Vincent LaPaglia, Sr. Storage Engineer, NexGen Recorded: Aug 26 2015 5:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • 3 Topics That Will Dominate VMworld 2015 - #2: vSphere 6 Migration Strategies

      vSphere 6 is the first major VMware release in four years and with the introduction of VVols with vSphere 6, VMware is making a monumental leap forward in how storage is provisioned and managed for virtual machines. As you consider your migration strategies, there are a number of infrastructure considerations. Paramount in your analysis is your enterprise storage and whether it can accommodate the new features within vSphere 6, in particular VVols. Join Vincent LaPaglia, Senior Storage Engineer at NexGen Storage as he examines these vSphere 6 migration strategies and how they apply to your existing infrastructure.

      Check out the other two webinars in this series:


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    • Top 5 mobile marketing tips for rocking your 2016 strategy Top 5 mobile marketing tips for rocking your 2016 strategy Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Playboy Upcoming: Feb 19 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • We already know the smartphone has taken over the entire planet -- most of us are never more than three feet away from our devices. Same goes for your customers. But with that proximity comes a lot of competition. We get that. We’re going into 2016 with a rock solid foundation to make major innovative leaps forward. And we’ve got a bunch of great advice from game shakers at major organizations who are revolutionizing their industries, one device at a time.

      In the second part of this CMO Roundtable discussion, we’ll talk with Robin Zucker of Playboy and Jason Allen of Gamestop about their best strategies in the mobile landscape.

      You’ll leave this webinar with at least five great ideas to put into practice in your role immediately. It’s time to learn from the best.

      In this webinar, you’ll:

      * Get five key tips to move the needle in your existing digital strategy
      * Learn what Gamestop and Playboy are doing to keep ahead of the competition
      * Discover new ways to engage with mobile customers (and some of them are surprisingly simple).


      Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Digital Media, Playboy
      Jason Allen, VP of Digital, Gamestop
      John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, Tune
      Wendy Schuchart, analyst, VentureBeat

      Register today for this free and interactive CMO roundtable discussion.

      Sponsored by TUNE

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    • Case Studies: Moving Content to Dynamic DITA XML Case Studies: Moving Content to Dynamic DITA XML Scott Abel, Peggy Sanchez and Karl Bjelkesjo Recorded: Nov 3 2015 1:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • One of our most popular presenters is back to do a European time-zone-friendly webinar!

      Twenty-five years ago, providing product documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF) was a giant leap forward. PDF allowed us to share documentation with others without losing formatting information, and to collaborate on document review -- two things that were difficult, if not next to impossible -- before PDF was introduced. But things have changed drastically since then. Today, customers expect more than properly formatted information. They expect us to prove the value our relationship with them by delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right language and format. To accomplish this lofty goal, we need more than PDF and old-school content production approaches. 

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Peggy Sanchez, Senior Technical Publications Manager at Cray, Inc., and Karl Bjelkesjo, Technical Documentation Group Manager for Xylem in Sweden, for a one-hour case study designed to demystify the real-world effort involved in moving to dynamically-generated DITA XML. Attendees will learn how each company adopted a new way of creating, managing, and delivering content. You'll discover how the Cray team adopted the Astoria Component Content Management System and worked with portal developers at Mekon to transform the customer experience from a PDF-based knowledge portal to a topic-based, fully-searchable, publications portal that includes user-curated content. You'll also learn how Xylem has been using a single content source to build many different kinds of output. Attend this session to discover how these organizations are changing the way technical content serves their European and worldwide customers. 

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    • Business Integration – The critical component for banks to be future-ready Business Integration – The critical component for banks to be future-ready Tarak Kudumu, Director Enterprise Business Integration, Dell Recorded: Nov 17 2015 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    • According to a PwC report “One of the main reasons many banks world over have resisted embracing a customer-centric model is because of integration challenges.”

      The future of most financial institutions depend on the strong connections they forge with customers. The relationship between banks and customers are constantly evolving and they need to adapt and connect in new ways with the customer to remain competitive today and win tomorrow’s customer. Mobile technology and social media are presenting opportunities and challenges to reach out to the customers like never before. While driving customer centric transformation initiatives are important for the bank, it is also extremely critical for the banks to have a strong Run the Bank strategy to drive operational efficiencies and manage cost pressures. Business integration plays a very critical and powerful role in designing and implementing Transform the bank and Run the bank initiatives. Despite the evident dividends banks seem to wrestle with their technology plans and investment decisions.

      In this session, we will address a few effective strategies for banks to address the challenges posed with integrating technology and business and how banks can take the leap towards
      a)Leveraging the strong multichannel interaction and delivering a seamless customer experience
      b)Segmenting consumers dynamically through real-time insights
      c)Tailoring real time offers based on real-time customer data
      d)Run the bank initiatives with focus on efficiencies and cost savings.

      With the right partner and technology expertise, you can deliver seamless banking experience to your customer.

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    • The mobile effect: How to turbocharge your personalization The mobile effect: How to turbocharge your personalization John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, VentureBeat Recorded: Nov 4 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Is there any device more personal than the mobile phones consumers keep glued to themselves 24/7? It tracks where they go, when they go, and often, how long they stay there. They visit city parks and day care centers regularly? Chances are they’re a mom (or dad). They go to concert venues and trendy cafés? While they may or may not be a hipster, they’re probably a millennial.

      Not to mention all that content on their phones. The apps they download. The podcasts they listen to. The searches they perform.

      Personalization takes a giant leap when applied to mobile, and mobile marketing automation is essential to any marketer trying to reap its sweet rewards. It’s the only way to action all that data and turn it into meaningful mobile interactions.

      But what exactly do you need? And what’s the full potential? After all, you can’t act on what you don’t know.

      In this webinar, we’ll share how mobile unlocks the biggest gateway to personalization yet. You’ll hear how leading-edge companies today are turning the data from our GPS-enabled devices into profitable insights. And you’ll learn the best tools to get there.

      What you’ll learn:

      * How to use mobile devices to zero in on those tough customers
      * Get insight on VB Insight's latest personalization research
      * Hear tips from the top experts in personalization and mobile presence.


      John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, VentureBeat
      Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat
      Jesse Grittner, Senior Director, Loyalty, Strategy and Analytics, Aimia

      Check out VB Insight to access Andrew's personalization report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

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