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    • Subscription Best Practices: Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance
      Subscription Best Practices: Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance Andrew Chapello Sr. Product Manager, Recurly & Jess Bozzo Content Manager, Argyle Executive Forum Recorded: Aug 24 2017 3:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Finance teams deliver more than monthly financial reports. As a subscription business scales, finance professionals are often challenged by the complexities of recurring revenue and billing.

      To succeed, finance leaders need a clear understanding of subscription revenue and the levers it impacts. Join us as we share best practices for accurately measuring and reporting financial performance in subscription commerce.

      In this webinar, you’ll learn:

      • Subscription KPIs every finance professional should know to ensure the health of their business

      • Efficient practices for building financial projections and planning for growth

      • Keys to recognizing recurring revenue for a faster and more efficient month-end close

      • Why flexible integrations—think NetSuite, Quickbooks, Xero and Salesforce—speed financial reporting and informed business decisions

      • How automated subscription billing streamlines operations and recovers revenue to improve the bottom line.

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    • Measuring Content Performance with ContentWRX: Live Demo + New Insights
      Measuring Content Performance with ContentWRX: Live Demo + New Insights Colleen Jones, CEO, Content Science Upcoming: Oct 18 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • If you’re like most organizations today, you’ve invested in content for marketing, sales, support, product strategy, and a host of other reasons. You’ve developed ways to more efficiently and effectively create, manage, and deliver content. Despite these significant investments, you—and your stakeholders—are likely still asking the question, “Does our content work?”

      While that sounds like a simple question, getting answers can be challenging, to say the least. But, it doesn’t have to be. Not if you start with a strategy and the right tools for the job.

      Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, content scientist Colleen Jones, for a presentation about measuring content performance. Jones (and her crew at Content Science) have spent the last few years working with large, global brands to identify what makes content effective—and how to measure it. The result is ContentWrx—a robust performance measurement tool designed to help your organization make content decisions that improve or accelerate return on investment.

      Attend this free, one-hour webinar, and you'll learn how to track the six dimensions of content effectiveness and make informed business decisions based on data. You’ll discover the four elements of the ContentWrx system, and you’ll find out how easy it can be to collect, analyze and act upon behavioral and perception data. You’ll also learn how ContentWrx can help you close the gap between your data and user feedback.

      As a bonus, Jones will share the top 3 insights from an analysis of data from more than 100,000 content users.

      Register today!

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    • Measuring the return on investment from a SAM program
      Measuring the return on investment from a SAM program Allen Biehl, Director, Snow Software Upcoming: Nov 23 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Putting a Software Asset Management program in place requires a substantial and sustained commitment on behalf of an enterprise. This involves putting in place controls and processes to assure best practices, the purchase and integration of a SAM platform for managing on-premise desktop and data center software, PCs, laptops and mobile devices, as well as Cloud and SaaS software subscriptions. Determining what the return from this investment is a key consideration for most organizations today. John Burleson will show tools in practice today to estimate the returns from this effort, and show case studies that have in real-life played out to produce demonstrable and calculable returns.

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    • Risk in the Cloud: Measuring and Mitigating with an Expert
      Risk in the Cloud: Measuring and Mitigating with an Expert Maurice Stebila, CISO, Harmon International, Dan Rheault, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin Upcoming: Sep 26 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • The public cloud is a critical asset for enabling business agility, but the new rapid pace of cloud deployments cannot come at the expense of security. In a time when risks are regularly introduced through the diffusion of ownership of the cloud, security teams need to develop ways to identify the risks introduced to their network, understand how to measure those risks, and devise and employ risk mitigation strategies.

      This Tufin-hosted webinar will feature Maurice Stabila, CISO of Harmon International, a Fortune 500 company. Maurice is an award-winning, published, and internationally renowned leader in IT security. Attendees of this webinar will gain a better understanding of what risks are persistent in the public cloud, how your organization can measure cloud-specific risk, and gain exposure to some techniques for successfully managing cloud risk.

      Join us to hear an industry expert’s approach to solving these new security problems.

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    • Are You Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Your SEO Keywords?
      Are You Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Your SEO Keywords? Chris Raulf, SEO Training Expert & Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing Upcoming: Oct 19 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • In today’s online driven world, a website is often one of the most important marketing tools for a business. Yet, many websites even lack the most basic search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

      Being able to research, identify and optimize your website for the keywords your potential customers type into Google is crucial to succeeding with SEO. In fact, it’s essential to outrank your competition in the search engines.

      Any professional SEO agency will perform in-depth keyword research before starting a project, and so should you. In this 45-minute long online session, Chris Raulf, Founder & President of Boulder SEO Marketing, will present:

      • Why you NEED to perform keyword research
      • Tools, tools, tools: Keyword research is a (free and paid) tools driven process
      • How to research and select the initial list of target SEO keywords and phrases
      • How to identify the “low-hanging fruit” keywords that will immediately increase search traffic to your site
      • How to put the keywords to work for you
      • How to measure the performance and effectiveness of your target SEO keywords

      Webinar attendees will learn the concept of keyword research for SEO and be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their target SEO keywords.

      About Chris Raulf
      Chris Raulf is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique digital marketing training and consulting agency located in beautiful Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Chris is an SEO training expert and he teaches students around the globe on how to improve their website’s rankings in Google search results. His international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis.

      Learn more about Chris and Boulder SEO Marketing by connecting with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisraulf) and Twitter (@swisschris).

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    • Measuring & Managing Subscription Churn
      Measuring & Managing Subscription Churn Danielle Childs, Sr. Product Manager, Recurly Recorded: Mar 29 2017 5:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Churn is one of the most sensitive -- and important -- metrics used to understand the overall(remove) financials and operations of your subscription business. Slight variations in churn rates can have a significant impact on revenue and profits.

      However, many businesses find it difficult to measure the complexities of churn, analyze this data and develop the right strategies to minimize it.

      Join subscription management expert, Danielle Childs and you’ll discover:

      • Key churn metrics including industry-specific benchmarks for subscription commerce
      • How to understand the business impact of different types of churn - and manage each one effectively
      • Proven strategies that successful finance and operations leaders are using to reduce churn in their subscription businesses -- and keep more customers.

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    • Measuring Up? A new research report from Futurestep and HRO Today
      Measuring Up? A new research report from Futurestep and HRO Today Nikki Kay, General Manager and Vice President, Client Services, North America; Colleen Fullen, Vice President, Global Talent Recorded: Sep 16 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Performance analytics have become increasingly advanced with traditional means of tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment function giving way to far more sophisticated methods. Questions around how we measure RPO success and what we use to do so are more pertinent now than ever.

      To find out what companies really think about RPO metrics and how they could be improved in the future, Futurestep partnered with HRO Today Magazine to undertake a primary market research study among users of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. We focused our investigation on three key areas:

      - What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being used in the RPO space?
      - How satisfied are users with those metrics?
      - What metrics do users want that they don’t currently have?

      Please join us as we review the findings of Measuring Up?, our research report about RPO metrics, and discuss the relationship between successful recruitment metrics and successful RPOs.

      Wednesday, September 16
      11 AM ET (US), 8 AM PT (US), 4 PM GMT (UK)

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    • Measuring Content Value and Determining ROI
      Measuring Content Value and Determining ROI James Goldman, Sr. Manager of Content Strategy at Equinix Recorded: Feb 23 2017 6:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Return on investment (ROI) is a mathematical equation. Determining the value of investments in content can be a tricky proposition. If you can't place a value on your content, you can't do the math.

      Determining ROI not only requires we understand the value of our content—and what it costs to create, manage, and deliver—but it also requires consistency. To make the calculation meaningful, you'll need to ensure you're comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, James Goldman, Content Strategy Program Lead at Equinix, for this free one-hour webinar. James will examine the need for normalizing measurements, making sense of key performance indicators, and communicating the value of digital content production improvements in ways that are meaningful to management.

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    • Show me the money: measuring ROI in b2b PR and comms
      Show me the money: measuring ROI in b2b PR and comms Jenny Mason, Account director,BDB Recorded: Jun 18 2015 9:00 am UTC 55 mins
    • The latest advances in online tracking give b2b marketers access to a wealth of data that can be used to analyse the success of marketing communications campaigns. Yet in reality it is often a case of information overload, and in many cases the ready availability of digital analytics has resulted in higher expectations at board level when it comes to justifying spend on PR and other offline marketing tactics.

      In this new webinar, Jenny discusses how b2b marketers should measure success on an ongoing basis as part of a culture of continuous improvement. She first looks at the theory behind evaluation and progress in the global PR industry since the Barcelona Principles were published back in 2010. She then gives practical examples as to how time-poor b2b marketers can start to implement best practice evaluation within an organisation, with a particular focus on measuring the success of integrated campaigns.

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