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      5 THINGS YOU SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW TO BE MiFID II COMPLIANT Andrew Fawcett, MiFID II Product Manager TeleWare Recorded: Sep 26 2017 10:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • The clock is ticking until MiFID II is implemented. January 3rd 2018 is just over 100 days away. How confident are you that your business can comply with the new record-keeping requirements?

      We're working with our customers to help ensure they will meet their MiFID II recording requirements. In this webinar we will share practical advice on how you can be ready on time.

      We will discuss:

      •Market insight into where businesses are in their MiFID II journey
      •What to do about data storage post MiFID II
      •Planning to grow despite more compliance
      •How to tackle the increased record keeping requirements

      The session will be hosted by:
      Vicky Ryder – Microsoft Practice Lead
      Andrew Fawcett – MiFID II Product Manager

      Target audience:
      Senior compliance and IT professionals in businesses impacted by MiFID II.

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    • Making sense of MiFID II
      Making sense of MiFID II Robin Eggar Recorded: Dec 6 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • MiFID II is nearly upon us. This webinar will aim to cover the key considerations of the forthcoming MiFID II legislation – what they are and how they will affect your business.

      This will include:
      What is it?
      Client Reporting
      Depreciation Reporting
      Costs and Charges Disclosure
      Research Costs
      LEIs and Client identifiers
      Documentation Changes
      Telephone Recording
      Product Governance
      Best Execution

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    • IR Magazine Webinar - What Mifid II means for IROs
      IR Magazine Webinar - What Mifid II means for IROs IR Magazine and Bloomberg Recorded: Jan 31 2017 4:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Tuesday, January 31, 2017
      8.00 am PST / 11.00 am EST / 4.00 pm GMT / 5.00 pm CET
      Duration: 30 minutes

      While the impact of Mifid II remains to be seen, some commentators estimate the research industry in Europe could shrink by a third, with some brokers pulling back from full coverage.

      IROs will likely need to deal with potential changes in research coverage, affecting how investment cases are disseminated and debated among key institutional stakeholders. Some also believe the regulation could affect the provision of corporate access services.

      Join a group of experts for a webinar on the potential impact of Mifid II on research, corporate access and other areas relevant to IR.

      Participants will hear:
      • Background and relevant timelines for this regulation
      • The expected impact of Mifid II on equity research
      • How the new rules could affect corporate access services
      • What IROs should do to prepare for this regulation and its potential impact

      Speakers Include:
      Sarah Jane Mahmud, EU regulatory analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence
      Lyndsay Wright, director of IR, William Hill
      Moderator: Brad Allen, freelance business writer and journalist, IR Magazine

      Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, this webinar will get you up to speed on these critical issues in just 30 minutes. Sign up to BrightTALK to view this essential briefing and be informed of future webinars produced by IR Magazine.

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    • MiFID II: Ask the Experts
      MiFID II: Ask the Experts London Stock Exchange Group Recorded: Oct 3 2017 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • This webinar will give viewers the chance to ask the hard unanswered questions on MiFID II reporting to a panel of experts.

      The webinar agenda will be created by the viewers, send your questions in before the event and we will build the conversation around them. You will also get a chance to ask questions live to the panelists and participate in a series of polls with your peers to benchmark your preparations against the rest of the industry.

      Leonard Ng - Partner, Sidley LLP

      Expert Panel
      Dan Shepherd – Head of Sales, TRADEcho
      David Nowell – Head of Compliance, UnaVista, LSEG
      Hannah Meakin – Partner, Norton Rose
      Manmeet Rana – Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte
      Tom Wieczorek – MD Product Management, UnaVista, LSEG

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    • Understanding Next-Generation Cloud for MiFID II & Financial Services
      Understanding Next-Generation Cloud for MiFID II & Financial Services Mark Elwood, Marketing Director, TeleWare Recorded: Feb 27 2018 11:00 am UTC 41 mins
    • New regulations such as MiFID II mean that the regulatory requirement for recording, storage and retrieval of communication data has grown exponentially. Infrastructure and governance overheads and security must be managed wisely, utilising next generation technologies where available to ensure compliance is cost-effective, robust and meets required SLAs.

      Join a group of industry experts including TeleWare and Microsoft to hear more about how financial markets players are turning to the cloud to meet and surpass exacting standards in recording, storage, retrieval and governance for communications data.

      This webinar will be an interactive panel session discussing:
      • Cloud services for Cap Markets - how have cloud services developed to meet the exacting standards of the investment banks and brokers?
      • Why now is the time for cloud services in capital markets.
      • Voice and eCommunication recording – why the cloud is taking the sting out of the increased data storage requirements for MiFIDII.
      • Compliance-specific requirements – including data security and in-country storage.
      • Hybrid deployment models – leveraging cloud services alongside existing enterprise environments.
      • Cost factors – how TCO can be significantly reduced by intelligent outsourcing, including cost of governance, security and compliance.
      • Reaching new heights – methods of migration, deployment and ongoing data management.
      • And why uncertainty about Brexit is driving the need for more flexibility to scale up or down across different geographies.

      The session will be hosted by Mark Elwood, Marketing Director, TeleWare

      Ian Salmon, Director, IgniteG2M Limited. Specialist regulatory advisers
      Andrew Fawcett, MiFID II Product Manager, TeleWare
      Hannah Cawthorne, Financial Services Industry Lead, Microsoft

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      RECORD KEEPING FOR MIFID II: HOW READY ARE YOU? Andy Dunbar, Vicky Ryder Recorded: Sep 14 2017 10:00 am UTC 33 mins
    • With little over 100 days until MiFID II comes into force, investment firms, trading houses, banks and other affected businesses are deep into the research phase of their projects.

      Join our latest webinar for exclusive access to research carried out on behalf of TeleWare to understand how ready businesses really are. Where they see the key challenges and how best to overcome these barriers.

      TeleWare research initiative carried out by Censuswide asked 100 compliance and IT managers about the record keeping aspects of their projects. In this webinar, we will explore the responses and cover ways in which firms can be addressing some of the common challenges.
      We will be discussing:

      * How ready do firms believe they are now and will be by 3rd January 2018
      * What aspects of ‘record keeping, trade reconstruction and surveillance’ within MiFID II are causing most concern?
      * What benefits will MiFID II bring to firms?
      * The technology that is helping firms meet their new MiFID II regulatory requirements

      Hosted by SoftwareONE with guest speakers from compliant recording and analytics specialists TeleWare, this will provide practical insight to help unlock the potential benefits that MiFID II can bring.
      We will be discussing:

      * What impact getting ready for MiFID II is having on businesses
      * What technology is being employed to help with compliance
      * How businesses are planning to create growth despite greater regulation
      * Is everybody going to be ready in time and what happens if not?

      The session will be hosted by:
      Andy Dunbar from SoftwareONE

      We will also be joined by Vicky Ryder from TeleWare

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    • MiFID II - are you ready for January 2018?
      MiFID II - are you ready for January 2018? Dan Hedley, Danny Wynn Recorded: Aug 24 2017 1:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • MiFID II represents a fundamental change for financial markets across a multitude of areas but what does this mean for your business and how might you be affected by the changes due to come into effect in January 2018? In a live webcast, Dan Hedley, Public Policy Director and Danny Wynn, Risk Programme Director at Fidelity International will explore the implications of the new regulations, explaining why we agree with the main principles and highlighting some concerns we believe have yet to be properly addressed.

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    • MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting Webinar
      MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting Webinar Sceaf Berry, UnaVista Regulations Business Analyst Recorded: Mar 1 2017 3:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • During our recent "MiFIR: Beyond the Reporting" webinar, we highlighted some of the ancillary parts of MiFID II that firms are looking into in order to stay ahead of the regulatory reporting curve.

      Some of the ancillary reporting obligations have not been talked about much by the industry resulting in firms not knowing enough about how they will be affected by these regulations.

      Join UnaVista at this webinar on Wednesday, 1 March as we shine the light on MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting.
      You'll learn :
      What requirements you have as part of the commodities position limits regime
      If your firm is subject to commodities position reporting requirements
      If your firm can be exempted from the MiFID II commodities regime

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    • Derivatives Update: Recent Developments in the US and EU
      Derivatives Update: Recent Developments in the US and EU Julian Hammar, Jeremy Jennings-Mares, James Schwartz – Morrison & Foerster Recorded: Feb 28 2018 4:00 pm UTC 92 mins
    • In this session, we will provide an update on recent developments affecting derivatives in the US and EU and prospects for regulatory harmonization between the two jurisdictions. Topics covered include:

      With respect to the EU:
      - aspects of Mifid II relating to derivatives, including requirements in relation to trading, margin, transaction reporting and position limits; and
      - current proposals regarding the supervision of central counterparties and potential amendments to Emir.

      With respect to the US:
      - the recent Treasury Reports and their suggestions for cross-border matters; and
      - the CFTC’s order exempting EU trading facilities from the requirement to register with the CFTC, comparability determination with respect to the EU margin rules and extension of existing relief in relation to swaps data reporting.

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    • IR Magazine Webinar – Small-cap IR: Q&A with the Investment Community
      IR Magazine Webinar – Small-cap IR: Q&A with the Investment Community IR Magazine Recorded: Apr 12 2018 9:30 am UTC 59 mins
    • Thursday, April 12, 2018
      10.30 am BST / 11.30 am CET
      Duration: 60 minutes

      As Mifid II exacerbates the pressure on small and micro-cap firms to be noticed by investors and analysts, join us on this timely Q&A session with the investment community on what makes for effective IR and how this shifting landscape makes it important for IROs to be prepared to meet these changes.

      On this webinar, we will discuss in depth what the buy side likes (and what it doesn’t):
      • Investment trends: Top questions from investors for small and micro-cap issuers
      • What makes for effective IR at a time like this? Where can IR add value?
      • Role of research in a post-Mifid II world – how can smaller firms ensure coverage?
      • How does IR balance what the buy side wants with what the sell side wants?
      • Making small companies attractive to institutions: Targeting tips – which events work best?
      • Compliance no-nos: What not to do, what puts investors off and transparency
      • Critical decisions and inflection points: Making key decisions that will impact investments and business value
      • Q&A with the audience

      Speakers include:
      Mike Allen, head of research, Zeus Capital
      Philip Best, chief investment officer and fund manager, Quaero Capital
      John Mann, executive director and head of communications, Highland Gold Mining
      Gervais Williams, senior executive director, Miton Group

      The discussion will be followed by a short awards ceremony to recognize those leading the way in IR excellence at small-cap companies. You can find more details on our Small Cap Awards here: http://events.irmagazine.com/smallcapeurope/

      Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, this webinar will get you up to speed on these critical issues in just 60 minutes. Sign up to BrightTALK to view this essential briefing and be informed of future webinars produced by IR Magazine.

      Holders of the NIRI IRC® credential can earn 1 professional development unit (PDU) per webinar: www.niri.org/certification.

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