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    • What’s New in Enterprise Fiber Networking? What’s New in Enterprise Fiber Networking? John Kamino, OFS Recorded: Nov 5 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • This presentation will cover the need for increasing bandwidth in today's enterprise data centers and building networks. As 10Gb/s speeds become commonplace, 40 and 100Gb/s networks are becoming increasingly common in high speed data center backbones. While single-mode fiber has had the advantage in longer distance links, multimode fiber has held an advantage in short distance Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) based technology. The presentation will discuss work in the fiber industry to develop a next generation multimode fiber that will support multiple wavelengths while maintaining the low cost advantage of VCSEL based technology. It will discuss advances in the transceiver industry that can take advantage of a next generation short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) multimode fiber. Finally, it will cover the latest work in standards organizations to define this next generation fiber.

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    • Own the Link: Simplify Your Layer 1 Specification Own the Link: Simplify Your Layer 1 Specification Mike Connaughton Recorded: Mar 17 2016 3:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Data communication speeds are constantly increasing to keep up with the growing demand for bandwidth. Ethernet speeds of 100 Gb/s are being deployed, and 400 Gb/s or more are being considered. As speeds increase, the reach of multimode fiber gets shorter. One way to mitigate the shrinking distance is to the use the highest bandwidth fiber. But what if we told you there’s a more complete way to specify the performance of the link – a way that will allow you to take control of Layer 1 performance?

      From this presentation, you will learn how:
      • Improved link performance allows simpler upgrades
      • Better operational management of critical components leads to more efficient deployments

      * Attend this webinar live for a chance to win an Apple Watch! *

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    • What’s going on with all these new higher speed transceivers? What’s going on with all these new higher speed transceivers? Robert Reid Panduit Recorded: Dec 29 2015 4:00 pm UTC 89 mins
    • Optical networking equipment manufacturers who deploy optical transceivers in their products can choose from a variety of different optoelectronic technologies to satisfy higher speed data center requirements, such as deploying multiple fiber lanes (multimode/singlemode parallel optics), Advanced Modulation/Encoding/Error Correction/Dispersion Compensation and WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing).
      Products that support communications networks such as the optical physical layer components (like structured cabling) will change depending on transceiver technology and deployment requirements (application reach, module interfaces, patching/pathway densities, etc.). This talk will focus on the synergies required between optical transceiver technology and the fiber cable plant and will explore the tradeoffs (cost, performance, data rate migration, etc.) in technology selection.

      Attendees will earn one BICSI CEC.

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