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    • Active Archive: Build Accessible, Responsive Archives with Cloud Scale Economics Active Archive: Build Accessible, Responsive Archives with Cloud Scale Economics Brian Bashaw, Technical Lead - HGST & Jeff Tabor, Sr. Director - Avere Systems Recorded: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Creating a digital archive that is both accessible and cost effective may seem like an impossible task. While public and private clouds may offer cost-effective scalable storage that is perfect for protecting assets, planning for responsive accessibility, and flexibility can be challenging. To evaluate these hybrid storage models, you must understand object storage and options for file access.

      In this webinar, you’ll discover:
      •The fundamentals of cloud archives including terminology and core technology
      •Why hybrid clouds are a smart option for petabyte-scale archives and how to describe the overall use and economic value to others
      •What digital data is appropriate for cloud archiving
      •How transition from a legacy storage environment to a public/private hybrid cloud model
      •How to enable the active archive to monetize digital assets

      For these valuable archives, moving to cloud storage is a big decision, but one that can come with big rewards, like cost efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. These industry experts will provide education, use case examples, and most importantly, answer your questions.

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    • How to pick the right SAM tool? How to pick the right SAM tool? Barry Friedman, Global VP Vendor Alliances Recorded: May 4 2016 6:00 pm UTC 21 mins
    • SAM has been touted as a way to mitigate license compliance risk but in actuality the true value lies in its ability to reduce software costs and maximize/optimize your software investment.
      Additionally, a critical component of a successful SAM program should also be measured by the value it delivers to others in the organization. The definition of “Others” depends on your organization and can include such areas as finance, Security, Help Desk, IT Service Management, HR, etc. This Webinar will focus on leveraging a structured methodology and a simple algorithm to capture the requirements presented by “others”, how to validate the tool’s ability to deliver on those requirements and how much weight they carry in the final selection ensuring all stakeholders need are met.

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    • How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 How New Devices Can Help You Make the Most of Windows 10 David Hollway, Mike Brohoski, & Pang Ngernsupaluck Recorded: May 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    • Together, Windows 10 and Intel deliver the productivity, security and manageability you need to advance your business.

      Intel and Microsoft have been collaborating for more than 30 years, creating technology that has changed the way we do business.

      With Windows 10, we’ve taken this partnership to a whole new level, with new hardware lighting up key Windows features that help you stay ahead of security threats, while making it easy for you to manage devices across your business.

      The new devices on Windows 10 and the new Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) deliver:
      •Better Productivity: Do more and be more productive with improved multi-tasking, less waiting, familiar interface and app compatibility
      •Better Security: Helps protect identity, data and devices against modern security threats
      •Better Manageability: Stay current with less effort, manage devices more effectively, remotely provision and deploy applications

      Watch this webcast to:
      •Discover Windows 10 productivity, security and manageability features that new hardware lights up
      •Learn more about the Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) and how it helps give time and money back to your company
      •Get additional resources to evaluate when it might be time for new devices and what devices are right for you

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    • IBM Government Analytics Forum Livestream IBM Government Analytics Forum Livestream IBM Upcoming: May 5 2016 12:00 pm UTC 560 mins
    • Wherever you are in the mission space – IT, development, program management, research or analysis – we all have one thing in common: We strive to meet mission outcomes that will transform and improve government services. But in a world of exponential change, federal agencies must continue to be innovative, agile and informed in order to make the best possible decisions to achieve results.

      Analyzing and understanding data allows federal agencies to generate predictive insights that lead to impactful actions and ultimately create a smart, efficient and highly-capable government. At the 2016 Government Analytics Forum, we’ll explore ways to:

      - Build a better understanding of the data acquired anywhere from social interactions to sensors, weather patterns to wearables, transactions to interactions and more
      - Develop informed decisions that drive mission performance and innovation in the areas of citizen programming, operational management, and threat mitigation
      - Expand and apply advanced analytics to enhance mission outcomes, reduce risks, and operate more efficiently

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    • Meeting international requirements and leveraging CSA STAR for supply chain mana Meeting international requirements and leveraging CSA STAR for supply chain mana John DiMaria, BSI Recorded: May 4 2016 5:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • When an organization adopts cloud services, it is in fact expanding its operations from a local or regional presence to a more global one. As a result, the corresponding organizational operations’ strategy needs to be adjusted to align with these changes. You need to be in line with international requirements as well as your supply-chain. A more formal analysis of the supply-chain as part of a more comprehensive due diligence review also needs to be considered.1

      It is not always clear how the CSP handles incidents, encryption, and security monitoring. Organizations are rarely aware of all the risks they take when working with a CSP. In fact, the risks are multifaceted and are far more complex than those they experienced before moving to the cloud.

      An organization that rushes to adopt cloud services may subject itself to a number of business impacts including

      - Contractual issues over obligations regarding liability, response, and/or transparency
      - Mismatched expectations between the CSP and the customer
      - Lack of internal training and awareness within the user organization
      - Potential for software designers/engineers that are developing software to be unaware of associated risks

      Many organizations are turning to the cloud because of the resources required to manage complex supply chains. It can be challenging for most organizations to understand the supply-chain structure of the CSP’s environment; however, an increase in transparency will increase trust.

      At this session we will discuss:

      -Quick review of module 1
      -How CSA STAR maps to international requirements
      -How you can use CSA STAR to manage and monitor your supply-chain.

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