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    • The Future of Retail is Here: Buy Online Pick Up In Store
      The Future of Retail is Here: Buy Online Pick Up In Store Stefan Nandzik, VP of Marketing at Signifyd Recorded: Apr 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • Why buy online pick up in store is the key to omnichannel success and how you can crush it with Signifyd.

      Buy online pick up in store is not only here to stay, it’s a must-have for retailers hurtling through their digital transformations. Half of all consumers have used the service, dubbed BOPIS, in the past year and nearly 90 percent have said they’d like to buy online and pick up in store.

      The catch? BOPIS isn’t easy. The service requires pinpoint precision with inventory tracking, a new set of skills for store associates and a commitment to managing the kind of fraud threats that have historically been the responsibility of the online team.

      In this webinar, we’ll explore the reasons BOPIS represents the future of retail and we’ll outline the perils and potential profits the channel presents.

      Register for this webinar to gain valuable insights into:
      + The BOPIS practices and perceptions of 250 retail professionals working for the country’s largest multichannel retailers — as detailed in a Signifyd survey.
      + The key drivers of the BOPIS revolution.
      + The main challenges large retailers are confronting while trying to provide in-store pick up of online orders.
      + Seven steps you can take to build a successful BOPIS program.

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    • Bridging the online and offline marketing gap
      Bridging the online and offline marketing gap Mark Coffey, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, GasBuddy Recorded: Dec 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • While companies have been ditching traditional marketing methods in their race to capture the online-savvy millennials, no one is on their phone 24/7, and delivering brand messages out in the world is still vital to capturing mindshare.

      Those first-gen marketing methods, including outdoor, tv, direct mail, and more, are still valuable and essential to building a stronger bottom line, especially when integrated as a vital part of an overarching marketing campaign, firing on all cylinders. That’s easier than ever, because traditional doesn’t mean old-school and analog anymore, and innovations in marketing technology don’t only apply to your online channels. You can apply your martech capabilities not just for tracking, measurement, and attribution, but to keep tabs on omnichannel competitor strategies, design the most effective campaign copy in every arena, create the most impactful rollouts between all your channels and more.

      To find out how to integrate offline marketing channels with your online efforts, how marketing technology can bring those traditional methods into the twenty-first century, and more, don’t miss this VB Live event!

      Registration is free.

      Attend this webinar and learn:
      * How to use martech to digitize offline channels
      * How to integrate traditional marketing efforts into their newer tech-driven marketing stack
      * The importance of combining online and offline marketing
      * How to track offline conversions

      * Evan Jones, CMO, Fender
      * Mark Coffey, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, GasBuddy
      * Myllisa Patterson, Senior Director, Event Cloud Marketing, Cvent
      * Shannon Ryan, Head of Marketing, CI&T
      * Dilan Yuksel, VentureBeat

      Sponsored by Cvent

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    • The Top Three Challenges Facing Online Gaming Regulators
      The Top Three Challenges Facing Online Gaming Regulators Jon Bruford Recorded: Dec 5 2018 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • It was once said that online gaming cannot be effectively regulated. Since then, many jurisdictions around the world have shown this statement to be false. In fact, the introduction of legalized online gaming in European member states over the last decade or more as well as the recent expansion of legalized online gaming in several US States, have shown that online gaming technology provides operators with the ability to protect the interests of the customer more effectively than may be the case in the terrestrial industry. Having said that, the introduction of legalized online gaming has not been without its challenges. Different socio-economic, political and cultural landscapes have posed unique challenges to regulators around the world. During this webinar, we will look at how regulators in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA have responded to these challenges.

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    • Real Time Online Chromatography Monitoring of Product Quality Attributes for Bio
      Real Time Online Chromatography Monitoring of Product Quality Attributes for Bio Dr. Gang Xue, Scientific Director at Amgen Inc Upcoming: Feb 28 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins

      The ever diversifying therapeutic modalities drive for modular and flexible bio-manufacturing, which transformed biologics process from traditional Fed-batch to Single Use BioReactor (SUB), then to Continuous Manufacturing (CM). Process Analytics evolve as critical enabling element of the CM process. It allows to move the release testing from the end of process to real time in the process, which not only eliminates weeks of material disposition delay, but also provides the process scientists product quality insight during the run to make process decisions. However, due to the structural complexity of the bio-molecules, spectroscopic sensors or probes nowadays lack the sensitivity and specificity to illustrate the product quality attributes (PQA) such as protein post translational modifications (PTM). We report here for the first time, we leverage a multi-functional automation system to directly take samples from the different stage of bio-process, purify, denature, derivatize and digest the samples before injecting onto the UHPLC and UHPLC/MS systems, one for online intact protein analysis, the other for Multiple Attribute Method (MAM) analysis for critical PTM PQAs. Benefiting from the high resolution chromatography and mass spectrometry, automated real time bio-molecule product quality monitoring is achieved for both SUB and CM process.

      Dr. Gang Xue is a Scientific Director at Amgen Inc. located in Cambridge, MA. With B.S. degree in Chemistry and B.E. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University and Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry from the Iowa State University, Gang is currently leading the Process Analytics group within Amgen Process Development organization. One of his group’s focuses is the cross modality PAT strategy for the biologics and synthetic continous manufacturing with the goal of process control and real time release testing

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    • Manage resources more effectively with Project Online
      Manage resources more effectively with Project Online Collin Quiring Recorded: May 21 2018 7:35 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Equip your team for project success
      When you're managing a project, it's important to know who's doing what, when they're doing it, and how long it's expected to take so you can finish on time and stay within your budget. Project Online enables organizations to proactively manage resource utilization, identify bottlenecks early, accurately forecast resource needs, and improve project selection and timely delivery.
      Join this webinar to:
      Discover tools that can help you ensure your projects are properly staffed.
      Find out how you can identify overused and underused resources to optimize assignments.
      Learn how you can post updates from any device and oversee progress while you're on the go.

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    • Killer Tips To Make Your Online Business A Success
      Killer Tips To Make Your Online Business A Success Gemma Went Recorded: Apr 19 2016 2:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Whether you have an offline business with an online element or you have a 100% online business, this webinar is for you my friend.

      You see, there are many elements that need to be in place for an online business to be a success, but it's so easy to lose sight of them when you get stuck in the day-to-day.

      Sometimes it get's so overwhelming you forget the reason you started your business in the first place (remember that thing you were REALLY passionate about right at the beginning?).

      Shall we try to recapture that passion and push you closer to your goals by sorting out a few fundamentals?

      In this webinar we're going to look at some essential elements you can put in place to bolster your business and help you to get the results you crave.

      From managing your mindset, setting goals, positioning and pricing to digital strategy, funnel creation, outsourcing and growth plans. I'll share some of the key elements I've learned in my 10 years of working with online business owners and the success I've had with my own businesses (which makes me proud as punch).

      Join me, you might just enjoy it.

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    • Im Netz gelten andere Spielregeln - Erfolgreiche Online Kampagnen gestalten
      Im Netz gelten andere Spielregeln - Erfolgreiche Online Kampagnen gestalten Thomas Deneke Recorded: Jul 22 2016 9:00 am UTC 32 mins
    • Seit Jahren nimmt der Anteil von Online am Gesamtwerbekuchen zu. Unternehmen investieren verstärkt in Display- und Video-Formate. Doch viele der Kampagnen die wir sehen werden eins zu eins aus der Offlinewelt übertragen.

      Millward Brown’s AdReaction Studie zeigt, dass Online ganz andere Spielregeln gelten.

      Darauf haben wir mit der Entwicklung von Lösungen reagiert, welche die speziellen Anforderungen an Onlinewerbung berücksichtigen. Die Kombination von validierten Messgrößen mit Verhaltensmessung zeigt, welches Durchsetzungspotenzial die Werbemittel wirklich haben.

      In unserem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen, wie erfolgreiche Onlinewerbung entwickelt wird.

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    • The State of Online Video: The Consumer Is in Control
      The State of Online Video: The Consumer Is in Control Michael Milligan, Senior Director Product & Solution Marketing & Charlie Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jan 31 2017 7:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Since 2015, Limelight has surveyed thousands of consumers about their online video viewing habits and expectations, but findings from our latest report reveal some interesting changes. Bottom line – the consumer has taken control of the online video experience. They not only want, but also expect, to be able to choose what they watch and when they watch it.

      What does this mean for broadcasters and content distributors trying to satisfy consumer demand while also maximizing revenue?

      Join us for this free webinar on Tuesday, January 31st as our video delivery experts share recent findings from the latest State of Online Video report. We will discuss strategies organizations can implement in 2017 to deliver compelling online video experiences to their audiences that will keep them coming back for more.

      Some of the topics that will be covered, include:
      · Which aspects of the online video experience matters most to consumers;
      · Demographic differences in online video viewing behaviors and expectations;
      · Shifting consumer attitudes about online video advertising and paying for content; and
      · Tips for optimizing the online video viewing experience.

      All webinar attendees will receive the complete December 2016 State of Online Video report.

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    • What's Your Online Events Strategy?
      What's Your Online Events Strategy? David Pitta, BrightTALK Evangelist and Kathryn Kilner, Online Events Academy Producer Recorded: Aug 25 2010 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Most successful B2B companies have implemented tactical marketing strategies; some have a search marketing strategy, some have social media strategy, but what about an online events strategy? Webinars are one of the most effective methods of distributing information to business professionals and companies. As we begin to look ahead to 2011, there’s a great opportunity to improve the performance of event programs by creating or refining the strategy. Join David Pitta, BrightTALK’s Evangelist, as he discusses what you should think about when crafting your online events strategy and how you can develop an online events program to fit your business needs.

      •Mapping content and audience to build community, awareness and generate demand
      •Using multiple event channels to move your prospects through the buying cycle
      •Implementing proper lead profiling and scoring across your event strategy
      •Tracking the success of your event programs and refining your event strategy

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    • Digital Banking: Customizing security to avoid customer fatigue
      Digital Banking: Customizing security to avoid customer fatigue Philippe Regniers, Director of Marketing for Online Banking and Payments Recorded: Nov 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • A convenient and consistent online user experience breeds trust in a service. How it’s executed can alter a user’s perception either positively or negatively. When it comes to online security, consumers have different perceptions. What banks want to avoid is “security fatigue.”

      Risk management systems make sensitive online transactions more user friendly by customizing security in response to the risk. The real-time assessment of a user’s transaction is instantly evaluated and an authentication step can be sent if needed. Adapting strong authentication to the online transactions improves the customer experience and avoids fatiguing your users with security if it’s not necessary.

      Not all online transactions are created equal, so successful security solutions need to be intelligent and smart. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday November 16, 2016 as we discuss:
      •What not to do when it comes to online banking security
      •How to build a customized risk-based authentication process
      •Security as a business enabler
      •The influence of a user’s security persona toward risk

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