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    • Portfolio Planning is a Process, Not a Task 1PMI PDU Portfolio Planning is a Process, Not a Task 1PMI PDU David Werner & David Ore, CA Technologies Recorded: May 30 2013 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • A number of market forces are making the world a tougher place in which to be successful as a business. Globalization, consumerization of IT, competition from startups and the rise of new technologies are changing the rules. In order to remain competitive, you have to transform the way you craft your enterprise portfolio to meet the demands of the future, and make sure you don’t become a brand of the past. This webcast will focus on why it’s important to plan your portfolio constantly, making it a process that is constantly in motion rather than a once a year task. We will also review some of the foundational features of portfolios within the CA Clarity™ solution that most organizations can immediately utilize in their implementations including portfolio creation, portfolio evaluation, setting constraints, prioritization, waterlines, and load balancing as well as advanced features of portfolios that mature organizations can utilize in their implementations including advanced priorization rules that govern constraint-based planning, and generating and comparing scenarios. We will also review how these features can be used to manage non-project based investments like applications, assets, and services so you can better meet the demands of the changing marketplace.

      *All attendees will be eligible for 1 PMI PDU

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    • Retrait de l'algorithme SHA-1 : ce qu'il faut savoir Retrait de l'algorithme SHA-1 : ce qu'il faut savoir Frank Agurto-Machado, Symantec Trust Evangelist Recorded: Jul 29 2015 1:40 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Présent sur un grand nombre de certificats SSL, l'algorithme SHA-1 est aujourd'hui en proie aux compromissions par des cybercriminels. Face à ce danger, Google, Mozilla et Microsoft ont annoncé la fin prochaine de la prise en charge du SHA-1 dans leurs navigateurs, qui se traduira par l'affichage de messages d'avertissement en présence de cet algorithme.

      Avec Symantec, vous pouvez d'ores et déjà remplacer vos certificats actuels par des certificats SHA-2 plus résistants pour votre site Web. Profitez de notre webinaire pour faire un point complet. Au programme :

      Les dates clés du remplacement de vos certificats SHA-1
      Comment obtenir des certificats SHA-2 sans aucun coût supplémentaire
      Le processus de remplacement de votre certificat

      Vous découvrirez également comment Symantec vous aide à garder un coup d'avance pour protéger votre entreprise contre les cybermenaces.

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    • Opportunities within Africa’s Mining Sector Opportunities within Africa’s Mining Sector James Fungai Maposa, Program Manager Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Apr 30 2013 1:00 pm UTC 13 mins
    • Africa hosts an estimated 30 percent of the world’s total mineral reserves. Key commodities found within Africa include deposits of platinum, coal, gold, copper, iron ore, nickel, manganese, cobalt and diamonds. Increasing global demand for mineral commodities such as coal, uranium, iron ore, copper, gold, platinum and nickel has resulted in a rise in investment within Africa’s mining industry.

      Highlights of the briefing:
      - Discuss key challenges of doing business in Africa
      - Outline growth drivers of Africa’s mining industry
      - Provide an overview of key countries investing into Africa
      - Provide an outline of the opportunities that are relevant to stakeholders with a vested interest in Africa’s mining industry

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    • Holistic solutions for mine tailings and water Holistic solutions for mine tailings and water Jason Palmer, Commercial Product Manager, Dewatering Recorded: Dec 22 2015 7:00 am UTC 34 mins
    • Almost all mines have waste streams from overburden through tailings to excess water and as the mine life develops these streams require storage or treatment. While some may have acid generation potential or heavy metals contamination much of the waste is inert and can be safely stored in stacks or dams that are stabilized and revegetated at the end of the mine life.

      Advances in technology are enabling changes to the way dams are managed, increasing the solid content of the tailings stream decreases the size of the storage, increases the water recovery, reducing risk and enabling simpler closure. Advances in filtration have made the stacking of tailings an alternative in arid regions or areas where a tailings dam may not be acceptable.

      The technical feasible solution with the lowest life of mine cost is typically influenced by the source material availability, geographic conditions, production rate and local legislations. Analyzing the available technologies to arrive at the best holistic solution requires a deep understanding of the available technologies combining process, geotechnical and strategic planning.

      This webinar introduces the technologies and services that Outotec has developed to respond to the evolving industry needs for safe and effective management of tailings and mine water.

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