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    • Align your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy Align your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy Arturo Bentin, Optymyze, VP Professional Services Recorded: Jul 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • Incentive compensation plans need to embody strategy in order to align sales force behaviors with the corporate strategy. What are the best practices for aligning your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy?

      Join this presentation to hear Arturo Bentin Optymyze VP Professional Services discuss:
      • The sales force and their requirement to understand their role in accomplishing business strategy
      • How the dedication of a team to continually review comp plans and establish indicators of misalignment can help your business
      • The reinforcement of the compensation plan in addition to using contests and SPIFFs sparingly.

      SPEAKER: Arturo Bentin, Vice President Professional Services, Optymyze

      Arturo has 16 years experience leading the development and delivery of technology related services.

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    • Measuring Your Plan with a Tabletop Exercise Measuring Your Plan with a Tabletop Exercise Tony Kirtley, Senior Incident Response Consultant at Dell SecureWorks Recorded: Feb 16 2016 7:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Ensuring your CIRP is a plan for disaster – not a disaster waiting to happen.

      Most organizations establish Cybersecurity Incident Response Plans (CIRP) with great intentions of leveraging them during security breaches. The reality is, many times once a CIRP is established it gets filed away to collect dust on a shelf until a breach occurs, leaving it out of date and out of mind. If a breach occurred tomorrow, would your organization know the proper steps and procedures to eradicate the threat... who the key stake holders are and the communications flow... when and how to reach out to a third-party for support?

      All of these are included as a part of your CIRP, but using a dusty CIRP as a guide for the first time during a breach is not a plan – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Testing your plan prior to an incident is the key to minimize the duration, impact and cost of a breach to your organization.

      During this interactive webinar, Tony Kirtley, Senior Incident Response Consultant at Dell SecureWorks, will share the importance of testing your CIRP plan through regular tabletop exercises to help identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and further the development of your proactive security capabilities.

      In addition you will learn:

      - What makes an effective tabletop exercise?
      - Real stories of how organizations benefited from tabletop exercises.
      - The benefit of bringing in an objective third party to facilitate your table top exercise.

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    • How to translate your strategy into a meaningful action plan your team "gets." How to translate your strategy into a meaningful action plan your team "gets." Ben Ridler, CEO RESULTS.com Recorded: Dec 9 2015 7:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Besides not truly understanding what constitutes a company strategy, most strategies fail because employees don’t feel connected to the plan or get how their role contributes to its success. The stats are alarming:

      1). Only 5% of employees understand their company's strategy
      2). about half of middle managers can name even one of their company’s top five priorities
      3). 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution
      4). And so 71% of employees are "disengaged"

      Get ahead of 2016 and ensure your strategy is on track for success. Grab your team and join this learning session where we’ll provide you with best practice on how to:

      1). Define what a strategy is and is not
      2). Uncover the requirements for creating a successful strategy
      3). How to choose the key strategic projects that will drive your success in 2016
      4). How to align your team to the vision and drive the execution of your strategy

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    • Employee Share Plans - Engaging your best Assets Employee Share Plans - Engaging your best Assets Craig West Recorded: Sep 7 2015 2:30 am UTC 51 mins
    • Businesses with engaged employees outperform their competitors by 6-11% on average. Getting your employees to think and act like business owners drives productivity, engagement and profitability.
      In this popular seminar we’ll show you new thinking on how you can;
      •attract and retain high calibre staff by offering a direct stake in the business
      •increase profitability and productivity through engagement strategies
      •save tax by making deductible payments into an Employee Share Ownership Plan
      Hosted by the team from Australia’s largest firm specialising in succession planning.

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    • What DC Plan Participants Want May Surprise You What DC Plan Participants Want May Surprise You Jim Danaher and Susan Czochara Recorded: May 19 2015 4:30 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Northern Trust DC Solutions experts discuss the results of our 5th Path Forward survey of DC plan sponsors, investment consultants and DC plan participants.

      The research findings provide plan sponsors with recommendations for real-world actions they can take today to help improve the DC retirement system and create better retirement outcomes for American workers.

      The team discusses 5 ways that plan sponsors can help participants improve their retirement outcomes:
      - Step it UP
      - Set Auto Features at Meaningful Levels
      - Provide Projections
      - Streamline Investment Menus
      - Introduce In'Retirement Options

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    • Resolving the Big Data ROI Dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown Vs Executing a Plan" Resolving the Big Data ROI Dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown Vs Executing a Plan" Anand Venugopal, Senior Director of Business Development, Big Data (Impetus Technologies) Recorded: Jan 24 2014 6:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Businesses today are struggling to resolve the Big Data dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown for Hidden Insights Vs. Executing a Well Defined Plan with Clear ROI"

      One view point presents the opportunity of Big Data in the (unpredictable) journey of exploratory analytics to uncover hidden insights; and on the other side, the demands of fiscal prudence require justifying the value and ROI upfront, for securing the budget.

      This webinar for CIOs and IT leaders will explore potential approaches for a Big Data rollout plan for all stakeholders, based on real life experience at several Fortune 500 and market leading companies.

      You will receive:

      - A low risk adoption pathway for Big Data Analytics, balancing exploration and execution
      - Key factors involved in producing a Big Data Business case
      - Best practices in executing a proof-of-value project
      - An approach to solve the business, IT and corporate ownership dilemma
      - A plan for on-going and long term data innovation program

      ---------------- Celebrating the Data Innovation Day 2014-----------------

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    • How to Plan & Manage Work as a Highly Regulated CRO How to Plan & Manage Work as a Highly Regulated CRO Kael Pratt, Senior Principal Consultant Recorded: Aug 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • As a Clinical Research Organization, you likely collect large volumes of data to price out and manage your clinical trials. But, with the new revenue recognition regulations that went into effect earlier this year, the way you plan and manage your business is fundamentally changing. Are you ready for it? Join this exclusive webinar for an overview of how the new regulations may affect you, and how you can be prepared to:

      •Manage your revenue recognition properly
      •Maintain control over your projects and increase profit margin
      •Align your accounts with the proper regulations
      •Ensure you are utilizing your employees in the most effective manner

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    • 5 Steps to Building Your Data Governance Plan 5 Steps to Building Your Data Governance Plan Chris Slovak & Maltie Maraj, Tealium Upcoming: Sep 21 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Three-quarters of Americans believe that control over their personal data is very important, but only 9% believe they have this control. Up until now, data governance and protection have been a low priority for brands, but the long-term impact of a data breach can lead to a loss of consumer confidence – not to mention massive financial implications. How do you balance the opportunity to provide the best customer experience with the increasing responsibilities in data privacy and security?

      In this webinar, we’ll discuss five industry best practices for building an effective data governance plan. From the vendors you choose to work with, to the policies and practices in place today, learn how to make sense of the current legal landscape and how Tealium’s solutions allow you to provide these safeguards to your customers.

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    • How to Successfully Plan Your Migration to the Cloud How to Successfully Plan Your Migration to the Cloud Cloudamize and Google Cloud Platform Recorded: Jul 12 2016 6:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • There a number of major decision points in the journey to the cloud that can have a substantial impact on your success. In-depth, granular analytics are the only way you can make those decisions with ease and confidence. Capturing the right insights will ensure you know which cloud configuration is optimal for your workload, and how you should go about migrating your infrastructure to the cloud.

      In this webinar, you’ll learn:
      The top questions to consider when assessing your cloud options and planning for migration
      How to take a strategic, data-driven approach to moving to the cloud
      Which analytics are essential to choosing the right cloud configuration for your infrastructure
      How to successfully plan your cloud migration

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    • Plan, teach and assess the new Maths GCSE Plan, teach and assess the new Maths GCSE Ben Stafford, Qualifications Manager Recorded: Sep 21 2015 2:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • A repeat of our popular webinar before the summer break, find out more about our new specimen papers and see the great resources we have in place to help you plan, teach and assess our new Maths GCSE.
      Get the detail on:

      Our new papers: understand the latest changes, and learn about the key features of our assessments
      Ready for first teaching: why we’ve got the best resources package you can get from an exam board, what it can do for you, and how to get started quickly and easily
      Plan: how our route maps save you time and effort when writing your schemes of learning
      Teach: how the route maps link your planning to practical classroom resources and lesson plans
      Assess: measuring progress for the new GCSE, topic tests, mock exam analysers and more.
      How our maths team can support you and who to ask for help

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    • Virtual meetings: How to plan your digital corporate access strategy for 2017 Virtual meetings: How to plan your digital corporate access strategy for 2017 IR Magazine, Norges, ELITE Connect and OpenExchange Recorded: Aug 25 2016 2:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Thursday, August 25, 2016
      7.00 am PST / 10.00 am EST / 3.00 pm BST / 4.00 pm CET
      Duration: 30 minutes

      All you need to know from the CEOs of two leading virtual meeting service providers who have identified major changes in approach to investor relations and corporate access. Using advanced technology solutions, virtual meetings are now serving as a valuable tool for investor relations officers to maximize their investor marketing outreach. Joining the panel will be the head of corporate access from one of the world’s largest asset managers with almost 9,000 companies in its global portfolio, who will participate in the discussions on how virtual meetings have been an important factor in his firm’s interaction with its portfolio holdings.

      Results from a recent survey of public companies show strong support and further demand for virtual meetings as we approach 2017. Ipreo’s corporate access survey found that 94 percent of respondents who used virtual meetings in 2016 plan to increase or maintain their level of activity going forward.

      In this webinar we will discuss:

      - Being more efficient with senior management time
      - How to incorporate virtual meetings into your IR program
      - Using digital services to improve efficiency and reach new audiences
      - The potential impact of Mifid II on meeting practices
      - Virtual meetings as a cost-effective solution for evolving IR activity in the context of budgeting for 2017

      Speakers include:

      - Mark Loehr, CEO, OpenExchange
      - Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE, London Stock Exchange
      - Hugo Sanders, head of corporate access, Norges Bank Investment Management

      ELITE Connect and OpenExchange have recently partnered to boost video conferencing across Europe and US. Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, this webinar will get you up to speed on these critical issues in just 30 minutes.

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