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    • George Kinder on Work-life balance - Life Planning & Mindfulness
      George Kinder on Work-life balance - Life Planning & Mindfulness George Kinder Recorded: Jan 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • The #1 question for people everywhere:
      How to design & deliver a work-life balance that maximizes our best efficiencies at work and our most meaningful life outside work?

      George Kinder has specialized in delivering work-life balance to consumers and professionals worldwide through Life Planning and Mindfulness trainings and workshops for 30 years.

      The world today requires commitments in more areas than ever before. The requirements for work have been continuously expanded with new daily technologies, constantly competing with family time and lifestyle choices. Balancing a healthy lifestyle is critical for the future success of everyone in the workforce today.

      Combining thoughtful financial Life Planning with Mindfulness delivers work-life balance to everyone. Mindfulness gives you the ability to recognize where you sacrifice your work-life balance. Life Planning defines the balance you really want and the financial elements needed to secure it. Join this webinar and learn how to design the best of lives for yourself, your employees or your clients that simultaneously maximizes efficiencies at work.

      You will learn:
      1.How to deliver work-life balance to yourself, your clients and your employees
      2.How Mindfulness & Life Planning are key elements to your work-life balance
      3.Learn how to begin the process of creating a financial Life Plan to support your work-life balance
      4.Strategies for finding more time to support a good work-life balance

      Can’t Miss Takeaways - You will:
      1.Do the famous GK 3-Questions facilitated by George Kinder
      2.See and receive access to a Free consumer Life Planning website
      3.Receive a Free “Life Planning for You” book by George Kinder
      4.Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.

      Who should attend?
      Anyone seeking to improve their personal work-life balance or to help their clients or employees improve their work-life balance.

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    • George Kinder: Attract Clients with Life Planning on the Web
      George Kinder: Attract Clients with Life Planning on the Web George Kinder, author Recorded: Feb 9 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Can you do Life Planning on the web as well as an in-person interview? What are the essential elements of a web based Life Planning Service? What is essential for the intimate, personal process of Life Planning to be delivered and how could it be approached through a computerised process?
      Receive a free e-book for attending: "Life Planning for you", the companion book to the LifePlanningForYou.com website.

      Attendees will learn:
      -To what degree can you computerise the Life Planning process within your own firm and is it advisable?
      -What are the advantages of having it on the web?
      -How to attract clients with web based Financial Life Planning
      -How to ask effective, meaningful questions through technology interfaces
      -Interpret client responses and understand personal communications over the web
      -How to keep the flow of intensive two-way reciprocation using technology

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    • Serenity Financial Planning
      Serenity Financial Planning Serenity Financial Planning Recorded: Mar 9 2013 10:10 am UTC 2 mins
    • Introduction to Serenity Financial Planning. Never before has managing your money and planning your financial future been as important as it is today - but most people find it hard to know where to start.

      At Serenity, we believe that it starts with discovering what’s really important to you in life – whether it’s your family, your business – or even exciting goals that you have for the future.

      Whatever ambitions and plans you have, our proven ‘financial life planning’ services are helping people just like you to better manage their day-to-day finances, to grow and protect their wealth and to get on track so that they really can live the life of their dreams.

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    • SAP Planning & Posting with the Ease of Excel
      SAP Planning & Posting with the Ease of Excel Richard Sampson - Managing Director Europe, Simon Parkes- SAP Solution Specialist Recorded: Apr 26 2017 11:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting processes are critical to the success of the business and key in aligning day-to-day activities with long-term strategy.

      Creating and maintaining your Plans manually in Microsoft Excel® is highly popular with many SAP organizations, but requires considerable time and effort. Rolling forecasts are an additional challenge when using Excel, again due to both the time and costs involved. Tight budgets, reduced funding and the prioritisation of resources and assets add to the complexity of the overall challenge.

      In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate live how you can now connect Microsoft Excel directly to SAP to make your Planning process far easier and be better prepared for uncertain business changes such as Brexit.

      What we will cover:
      •Understand how the Excel4apps add-in enables direct plan posting into FICO
      •Retrieve financial and non-financial data from SAP in real-time to report on actuals and budget via Excel
      •Shorten the Planning Process by automating the distribution of plan templates and real-time actuals
      •Achieve Rolling Forecasts with the tools you already have.

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    • Bring Agile Planning to the Whole Organization
      Bring Agile Planning to the Whole Organization Harvard Business Review Recorded: Jan 27 2016 10:10 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Most organizations today say they practice “agile” methods, but that agility typically begins and ends with software engineering teams and doesn’t extend to areas such as finance or HR. Agile processes can be used to help organizations plan, develop their strategies, refine their budgets, and make decisions. Agility provides speed, flexibility, continuous learning, and improvement; it provides resilience in how organizations make decisions.

      If your business effectively uses agile planning in software design, but isn’t yet using it more broadly, join lean evangelist Jeff Gothelf and Harvard Business Review, in partnership with Anaplan, for a live webinar that will explore the organization-wide benefits of agile planning.

      Watch this webinar and walk away with an actionable understanding of:

      How agile planning can be applied to all aspects of business operations, particularly the finance function
      How agile planning can enormously impact the bottom line
      How you can begin to apply agile planning principles and methods across your organization today
      Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your whole organization can benefit from agile planning.

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    • Tax Efficient Investment Planning
      Tax Efficient Investment Planning Obi Nnochiri Recorded: Apr 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • At NonExecutiveDirectors.com, we work with leading companies and expert advisors to bring you business information and insight. Our latest free webinar, ‘Tax Efficient Investment Planning’, is brought to you by St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

      The webinar will be presented by Obi Nnochiri, Head of Private Client Consultancy at St. James’s Place. Obi is a Chartered Tax Adviser and responsible for advising clients on a broad range of financial and tax issues, as well as trust and estate planning matters. Obi regularly speaks at client events and seminars and formerly proved a popular speaker at Investors Chronicle roadshows.
      During the 45-minute seminar, Obi will cover:

      ·         The ‘four pillars’ of tax efficient investing
      ·         Making the most of your annual allowances
      ·         Retirement planning and pension protection
      ·         Trust and estate planning, including inheritance tax mitigation.

      There will also be a 15 minute session during which you can raise any questions you may have for Obi.

      The live webinar will take place on Monday 24th April from 6-7pm; alternatively, you may watch a recorded version any time after the event by registering on the link below.

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    • Resource Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials
      Resource Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials Rick Morris, President of R2 Consulting & Edward Davis, Director of Advisory & Solutions at Kforce Inc. Recorded: Nov 11 2015 6:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Clinical Trial planning and resource management can be one of the most complex management challenges facing life sciences organizations and CROs. Often these organizations are managing hundreds of studies across thousands of sites and investigators making it extremely difficult to understand how and where to deploy costly clinical resources. With the variability of the studies and the massive competition in the industry, finding a solution to understand how and where all clinical resources are being utilized and a solution with the ability to perform predictive analysis on this information to improve site and investigator selection can give companies a competitive edge.

      CA PPM for Clinical Research Planning from R2 Consulting gives you all of the tools needed to perform predictive analysis, plan and manage resource utilization, lower costs on expenses, and gather valuable information to assist in recruitment planning for sites and investigators.

      Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, 11/11 to learn how several life sciences and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) have been able to leverage CA PPM for Clinical Research Planning to lower the complexity associated with clinical trial design resulting in reduced costs and more effective clinical trial management.

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    • Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning in Omnichannel Retail
      Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning in Omnichannel Retail Geoff Nairn, Hicham Lahlou, Maarten Tromp Recorded: Dec 1 2016 10:30 am UTC 37 mins
    • Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning are now critical activities for retailers that want to succeed in today’s omnichannel world. Rapid changing customer tastes and behavior, intense competition, and rising costs associated with labor, real estate and more complex fulfillment options force retailers to optimize their capacity to forecast and plan in order to improve margins while ensuring an excellent customer service.

      In this webinar we explain the main challenges facing retailers who wish to improve their current demand forecasting and inventory planning capabilities, how to assess these processes, and what best practices and initiatives they can implement to improve them. We explain the importance of advanced planning software in producing more reliable sales forecasts and optimizing the allocation of inventory in retail supply chains.

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