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    • Top 5 Things Marketers Need to Understand about Location and Privacy Top 5 Things Marketers Need to Understand about Location and Privacy Greg Sterling, Opus Research; Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum Recorded: Jul 2 2014 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Consumers are ambivalent about online privacy. Some surveys suggest outright hostility to mobile-location tracking; others argue users are happy to share personal information for clear rewards and benefits. Consumers also express a desire for greater personalization of online, mobile and shopping experiences. How can these contradictory positions be reconciled?

      The privacy landscape is evolving rapidly with Apple making location privacy changes in iOS 8 and state governments getting involved in regulating privacy in the absence of federal action.

      Rather than an “issue that will blow over,” privacy has become a central discussion for marketers and brands. It’s the flipside of “big data.” But timidity, passivity and denial won’t work. Stakeholders must proactively tackle the issue head on.

      Join Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst with Opus Research, and Future of Privacy Forum founder Jules Polonetsky for an informative, interactive webinar about the latest developments in location and privacy on Wednesday, July 2, 10 am PDT /1 pm EDT.

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    • Challenges in Achieving Global Privacy: Latest Compliance Changes Challenges in Achieving Global Privacy: Latest Compliance Changes Jan-Boris Wojtan, EALA Data Privacy Lead, Accenture Recorded: Apr 8 2010 8:00 am UTC 48 mins
    • This session will look at some of the recent changes in the regulatory landscape as well as what we can anticipate in the near future. We will try to discern any trends in these developments and discuss how a global company could respond.

      Boris joined Accenture in April 2007 and is Responsible for data privacy compliance in the EALA (Europe Africa and Latin America) region. His duties include helping to establish and maintain a progressive Client Data Protection Programme, advising on client and vendor contracts, carrying out privacy impact assessments on new client offerings or new internal systems, managing a network of DPOs, liaising with regulators, promoting Accenture’s BCR application, anticipating regulatory changes and making sure the business stays compliant.

      Before moving to Accenture, Boris spent three years at the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner, looking at the world through the eyes of the game keeper, where he advised on data privacy and freedom of information case work and liaised with other European regulators to kick start an unprecedented approvals process known as ‘Binding Corporate Rules’.

      His other experience includes six years in private practice as a commercial lawyer specialising in Data Privacy matters and three years in Brussels including spells as press officer of a parliamentary group, an assistant to an MEP, a paralegal at Lovell White Durrant and a stagiaire at the Internal Market Directorate General of the European Commission.

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    • Practical Privacy Impact Assessments – Tips and Traps for Privacy Practical Privacy Impact Assessments – Tips and Traps for Privacy Toby Stevens, Director, Enterprise Privacy Group Recorded: Aug 13 2009 1:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Privacy and Data Protection have risen to the top of the Information Governance agenda, yet the processes to ensure compliance and proactive risk management are poorly understood by many organisations. This problem is compounded by the explosion in Web 2.0 and cloud computing: it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what data is under the control of an organisation, let alone where it is or how it is being used. Organisations that fail to address privacy-related issues risk regulatory punishment and media censure, and a privacy compliance strategy is now as important as any traditional security strategy.

      In this session Toby Stevens, Director of privacy think-tank the Enterprise Privacy Group, will share his experiences on how, why and when to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment; what the complications are for cloud computing and Web 2.0; and what traps await organisations when they first tackle privacy problems.

      TOBY STEVENS BEng(Hons) FBCS CITP MIoD is an acknowledged identity, privacy and security expert with strong leadership and project management skills. Currently the Founder and Director of the Enterprise Privacy Group, a think-tank for identity-related issues, he has worked in a range of management roles across the financial services and internet sectors. He specialises in facilitating debate about the implications of managing privacy and personal information, but has also worked in security management research, Year 2000, euro implementation and broader IT project management roles. Toby sits on the Department for Transport’s Road Pricing Advisory Forum, and publishes a privacy blog for Computer Weekly. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, where he chairs the Information Privacy Expert Panel, and is a CLAS consultant.

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    • Navigating Data Privacy in Virtual Environments Navigating Data Privacy in Virtual Environments Edna Kusitor, Global Data Privacy Compliance Counselor, Accenture Recorded: Aug 13 2009 9:00 am UTC 37 mins
    • Edna Kusitor advises on Global Data privacy matters as part of the Data Privacy Compliance Team within Accenture. Her global remit includes countries as diverse as Argentina, the Philippines, India, China and Australia. Edna has 5 years experience in data privacy and was previously responsible for data privacy within Centrica Telecommunications Ltd. a large telecommunications provider. She is an expert in UK Data Protection Law and data privacy in relation to electronic communications. Edna holds the ISEB in data protection and has a 2.1in Law LLB. She studied the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, London. Her previous experience includes company and commercial law matters for Nexen, a Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company.

      Edna also has a passion for charitable work and in addition to mentoring young adults, she currently leads one of the corporate citizenship activites for her workforce at Accenture. In the past she has acted at a trustee for a London Community Development Charity.

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    • Will you be FINED under the new General Data Protection Regulation Will you be FINED under the new General Data Protection Regulation Steve Wright – Chief Privacy Officer at Unilever Recorded: Oct 21 2015 3:30 pm UTC 32 mins
    • When you’re the Chief Privacy Officer of a company as large as Unilever and the EU is threatening fines of up to 5% of turnover if you don’t meet the rules of the new General Data Protection Regulation then you need to make it your business to understand the rules inside and out! Needless to say Steve has spent over a year getting to know the implications of the regulation on a company the size of Unilever and will impart his pearls of wisdom in this webinar so that CISO/CIOs and other IT security experts can understand how the regulation will impact on their business when it’s introduced next year and will offer 5 key actions that need to be taken to make sure you are complying with the new privacy laws.
      Steve believes that big data (governance), cyber security and privacy are all inextricably linked as they share common objectives and principles, and therefore, require satisfactory safeguards and assurances. From a business perspective, this can be achieved by building ‘data trust and assurance’ programmes based on the fundamental principles of transparency, accountability, protection, integrity, confidentially and availability, accompanied by clear policies and delivered through comprehensive training, integrated procedures and a robust compliance regime.
      This is where Steve’s role as Chief Privacy Officer at Unilever is particularly relevant because Unilever’s digital ambition, to connect with one billion consumers around the world, pushes the boundaries of functionality, connectivity and personalisation. Steve’s role is to work collaboratively and integrally with the business, to help steer and shape the digital conversation and leverage the power of data analytics, while also ensuring that the business remains compliant with laws around the world but still competitive, and acts in a moral and ethical way in relation to the rights of the individual.

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    • Protecting Privacy: Evolution of DNS Security Protecting Privacy: Evolution of DNS Security Michael Kaczmarek, Senior Director of Product Management, Verisign Recorded: Nov 5 2015 4:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • The Domain Name System (DNS) is involved in nearly every transaction conducted on the Internet. It translates your online requests into a set of navigation instructions to get you to the right location. It is also one of the richest data sources about online activities. Recent enhancements to DNS continue to extend the privacy protections enabled by this fundamental Internet infrastructure service. This session will survey these enhancements and discuss the appropriate role of the DNS in an organization’s overall privacy and security strategy.

      What you’ll take away:

      · The Domain Name System—the fundamental service that enables applications to connect by name to services, devices and other resources—is both a critical control point for information exchange and a building block for improving privacy and security

      · Enhancements to DNS over the past decade, and especially the past year, continue to improve both the privacy and security of the service itself, and its contribution to privacy and security overall

      · Because of its key role in an organization’s Internet infrastructure, the DNS should be an important part of an organization’s privacy and security strategy

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