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    • Focus on the Right Stuff – Agile Metrics Matter
      Focus on the Right Stuff – Agile Metrics Matter Andy Jordan, Project Management.com Upcoming: Mar 20 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • There could be many reasons why you started down your Agile journey. There will be many more reasons why you continue with that journey today and in the future. But ultimately you have to deliver meaningful business results, and that requires you to validate your achievements and adjust as needed.

      In many organizations this requires change. You might not be measuring the most important factors, which could result in a misunderstanding of the value of Agile.

      Join ProjectManagement.com SME and industry expert Andy Jordan to discuss:

      -The importance of tying Agile performance to business results
      -Establishing the right, business focused metrics
      -How customer focused metrics drive business performance
      -The need to evolve and mature your metrics over time

      As always in one of Andy’s webinars he will not only make you think and challenge your assumptions, he will provide a tangible plan to help you take the concepts of effective metrics and measurement into your organization to drive even greater Agile success.

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    • GitHub Driven Project Management
      GitHub Driven Project Management Andrew Homeyer, Waffle.io Recorded: Apr 12 2017 2:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Engineering teams are empowered to adopt the tools and products that help them succeed, like GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. What does that mean for your project managers, who still need insight into what work is being done, but engineers are frustrated by status updates? At Waffle, we’re reinventing how project management works by building it for engineers first, and still enabling management to track status and make decisions. Learn from our experience helping thousands of teams adopt modern agile project management methodologies without making it harder to actually get work done.

      In this session you will:

      • Be challenged to re-think how you define engineering team success
      • Learn the concept of DevPM and how it relates to rapidly delivering customer value
      • Learn how some of the most productive and innovative engineering organizations in the world think about project management

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    • Product Portfolio Management
      Product Portfolio Management Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Upcoming: Mar 21 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Industry expert and ProjectManagement.com contributor Andy Jordan was recently told by a client that today’s fast paced business environment makes product roadmaps redundant. That inspired him to develop this webinar where he chats with CA’s Jim Tisch to explain:

      •Why product roadmaps are more important than ever in an agile operating environment
      •How roadmaps can be leveraged to develop proactive solutions that guide industry trends
      •The importance of integrated product and project portfolio management
      •The need for active roadmap management across the entire product portfolio

      This webinar will not only challenge your assumptions on modern business management, it will provide you a tangible action plan to improve your success through better product roadmap management. Don’t miss out, sign up today.

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    • Struggle Between Agile and Project Management
      Struggle Between Agile and Project Management Rick Morris, R2 Consulting, LLC Recorded: Apr 12 2017 9:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Agile is not a fad, it is a reality. In today’s application economy almost every company is a software company. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Agile is new. However, there is a struggle that seems to be happening between the understanding of the Agile world and the Project Management world. What does it mean to be Agile? If we are an Agile company, do we need Project Management? Is one better than the other? Can the two exist with each other?

      As organizations are looking to eliminate the barrier between ideas and outcomes the impacts of how to prioritize, execute, allocate funding and resources, and embrace change amplify the need to understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone.

      Join Rick Morris, a certified Scrum Agile Master, consultant, best-selling author, mentor, and evangelist for project management as he shares his real life experiences and even how his own thinking has been transformed in what will be an entertaining, enlightening, and lively discussion.

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    • Fix your Project Management Processes for Better Collaboration
      Fix your Project Management Processes for Better Collaboration Ken Jones, Consulting Director, Project Made Easy Recorded: Oct 11 2016 8:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    • Breakthrough project performance improvement comes from redesigning work on an end-to-end basis. Just implementing the MS Project technologies won't get you there.

      Using the Project Management Institute's Organizational Project Management Maturity (OPM) model, we will explore strategies to assess and then systematically improve real project performance by focusing on project management processes enabled by information management technology.

      Topics that will be covered:

      1. What do I get if I invest in project management? Feel good exercise or a real money maker?
      2. What is the OPM model?
      3. What processes count the most toward improved performance?
      4. How to perform an organizational assessment.
      5. Defining the gap and getting buy-in for change.
      6. It's not just about training! It's not just a software implementation!
      7. Building a change roadmap and making it happen.

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    • Delivering Leading Edge Products in Leading Edge Ways
      Delivering Leading Edge Products in Leading Edge Ways Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Recorded: Dec 5 2017 9:15 pm UTC 52 mins
    • New product development or NPD has never been more important. In today’s technically driven corporate environment the ability to launch the right products, with the right market positioning, at the right time and at the right price point is critical. But how do organizations ensure they can do that consistently well? Join industry expert Andy Jordan and CA’s own Jim Tisch as they consider:

      •How to leverage Project Portfolio Management or PPM concepts to improve NPD
      •The importance of whole lifecycle management
      •Active pipeline management to ensure optimal alignment
      •The importance of resource and project management to drive results

      Don’t miss this engaging and thought-provoking webinar and improve the most critical aspect of your business today

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    • Put Your Application Portfolio Management Strategic Initiatives into Practice
      Put Your Application Portfolio Management Strategic Initiatives into Practice Mark Feher, Director of Portfolio & Project Management Services, Empowered Networks Recorded: Oct 28 2015 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • As companies grow and change in today’s dynamic business and technical environment the need to control and manage application(s) investment and usage is increasingly critical to an organization’s success. How to get this control and management becomes a pressing issue for many companies whether their applications are on site or cloud based.

      Using a tailored enterprise specific approach, EmpoweredAPM expands CA PPM to provide clients with deep insight into how their application portfolios are performing, including an application’s business capabilities, value, health, risks, inter-relationships/dependencies, supporting products, total cost of associated services, and other key information related to their current and future software applications.

      Please join us for a webinar on Wednesday, October 28th where EmpoweredAPM will demonstrate how enterprises can leverage CA PPM (Clarity) to provide effective application portfolio management through the integration of control and management.

      At the end of the Webinar, you will be able to answer the question: How can your business achieve control, management, and cost effectiveness or your suite of applications, now and in the future to reduce you total cost of services supported by SW Applications?

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    • Mythbusting Project Management
      Mythbusting Project Management Rick Morris, R2 Consulting Recorded: May 28 2015 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • There are many myths that project managers and executives simply accept about project management. Dates are mandated. Project managers own the project. Resources are unlimited. On the other side, there are many excuses such as things will never change here. You don’t understand our corporate culture. Our organization can’t work like that. If you have heard any of this or believe any of this, than this session is perfect for you. Come hear world renowned speaker Rick A. Morris, President of R2 Consulting, LLC Mythbust Project Management for you! Rick is an expert in down to earth delivery of simple and executable tips and tricks to get you on a path of powerful change! In a quick hour, walk away with some simple facts and stories that can change the way you think about project management.

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    • Building a Roadmap: First Step to Successful Project Portfolio Management
      Building a Roadmap: First Step to Successful Project Portfolio Management Ben Chamberlain, Chief Product Officer, UMT360 Recorded: Nov 15 2016 7:00 pm UTC 65 mins
    • Does your Project Management Office (PMO) have what it takes to orchestrate business transformation?

      To truly lead business transformation, you’ll need to get the most from your Microsoft PPM platform. But first you must understand where you are on your PPM journey. Have you established the right foundational capabilities? Are you able to generate the visibility and insight needed to drive better decisions? How much more effective could you be if all portfolios were connected across the enterprise?

      In this webcast, we’ll ask questions designed to help you gain a better understanding of your own current PPM capabilities. Explore how building a roadmap can help identify powerful PPM capabilities you may be missing. Learn how this roadmap can help drive your PMO’s maturity to the next level, making you more strategic and better able to demonstrate the value your PMO is delivering to the organization.

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    • Reconcile Agile and Traditional Project Management: A Hybrid Approach
      Reconcile Agile and Traditional Project Management: A Hybrid Approach Jim Patterson, Director of Business Development, Tivitie Recorded: Jun 20 2017 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • What could a hybrid PPM approach do for your organization?

      Gartner reports that 75% to 80% of organizations are using some form of agile project management process.

      Although agile project management has been around for many years, the way we adapt it has changed significantly, especially as project portfolio management (PPM) practices have evolved.

      In today’s businesses, technology plays a crucial role in our success, but technology can also make things more uncertain. This uncertainty has given us the motive to be more flexible and requires a “think on your feet” mentality. For this reason, we've seen a big spike in Agile PPM over the last few years. So how do we continue to deliver stability and efficiency, the result of traditional style PPM, while also giving in to necessary risks that lead to innovation and competitive edge?

      It’s simple: accept the value in each method, avoid the inevitable pains that may develop with segregation, and opt for a unified agile and traditional PPM model.

      Join this webcast to:

      - Understand the evolution of project management
      •- Gain an overview of agile project management
      - Learn the benefits of hybrid/unified PPM
      - Discover hybrid project management tools to support today's PPM

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    • People, Projects and Performance – What’s Really Going On?
      People, Projects and Performance – What’s Really Going On? Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com Recorded: Apr 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Project management is becoming an increasingly complex aspect of how organizations operate. Projects are the vehicles by which strategy is delivered and the largest element in determining whether goals and objectives are achieved. To learn more, CA Technologies commissioned ProejctManagement.com to explore the most common challenges organization face with project execution as well as the factors that lead to organizational success. This global survey examined numerous elements of project delivery – PMOs, resource management, budget and benefit tracking, contributors to and detractors from success, project types and methodologies. Most importantly of all we analyzed the results against our survey respondents’ identification of how successful their organizations were at delivering success through projects. The results are comprehensive and in this webcast, Andy Jordan will present some of the key findings including:

      · The common traits of high performing organizations

      · The most impactful improvements your organization can make to increase success rates

      · The key behaviors successful organizations have adopted – and avoided

      Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a unique insight into one of the broadest surveys of project execution we have ever been a part of. The results will shock and inform and the takeaways will help you grow and improve. All attendees will also be given exclusive access to the full research report. Register today!

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    • How to Streamline Negotiation for Resource and Project Managers
      How to Streamline Negotiation for Resource and Project Managers Prasanna Adavi, EPMA, Inc. Microsoft Project MVP Recorded: Apr 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Take a deep dive into Resource Engagements to clear the confusion and streamline the resource engagement process.

      Resource Engagements is a recently introduced feature in Project Online, and also Project Server 2016. In a typical organization, resource managers and project managers find it challenging to agree on and assign resources for specific projects and tasks. With no clear way to track who's working where, who's over-allocated, and with crossed lines of communication, the process can start to break down.

      Resource Engagements aims to clear the confusion and help streamline this process.

      Join this webcast to:

      - Understand the difference between Resource Engagements and Resource Plans
      - See how Resource Engagements and Portfolio Analysis work together
      - Learn how to report on Resource Engagements

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    • What to Look For in a Project & Portfolio Management Solution
      What to Look For in a Project & Portfolio Management Solution Lynn Reling Recorded: Mar 7 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Companies invest in Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions because they are looking for a central platform to gain visibility on projects, track and report on progress, and align their strategy to execution. But with so many options in the market, it’s hard to know if you are investing in the solution that is right for your current and future business needs. Join this webinar on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 for an inside view into the key features and functionality to look for in a dynamic PPM solution.

      Whether you are new to PPM automation, or looking to replace a PPM solution you’ve invested in already, this webinar will discuss:
      - Best practices for researching and selecting the right solution for your unique needs
      - Must haves and deal breakers to look out for during the selection process
      - Critical differentiators that will determine your success

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