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    • How Containers Promote Rapid Application Development
      How Containers Promote Rapid Application Development Julian Fahrer, Software Engineer, Hover, Inc. Recorded: Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • This webinar focuses on the aspects of Docker and Containers that can help you in the development lifecycle of your applications. By utilizing containers you can save time and simplify your development workflow. The benefits you will learn about range from frictionless onboarding of new developers, consistent environments, saving time in managing workstations and dependencies to quickly adapting to new requirements. You will understand the challenges of developing applications within containers and techniques to overcome them. After this session, you will understand:

      - How to utilize containers to speed up your development process and free up resources
      - Where to start and how to drive progress on integrating containers into your development workflow
      - Challenges you might encounter along the way and techniques to overcome them
      - The ways containers will shape how you think about application and infrastructure design

      Julian is a Software Engineer, Online Educator, and Container Enthusiast. He automates all the things and containerizes Ruby applications at day. At night he sleeps. In between those times, he is busy climbing, hiking and teaching people about Docker and Containers at LearnDocker.online. His current life goal is to drastically reduce the time he sits per day.

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    • Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Extend SAP with Rapid Application Development
      Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Extend SAP with Rapid Application Development Simon Black Recorded: Sep 7 2018 8:15 am UTC 30 mins
    • Extend the power of SAP® by creating web and mobile apps 10x faster with Mendix. The platform also features extensive governance and control over projects, collaboration tools that bring biz and IT together as well as one click deployment to SAP Cloud Platform.

      Mendix is the only low-code platform that:

      • Supports the entire Application Lifecycle.
      • Fosters collaboration between Business & IT.
      • Facilitates no-code and low-code development for Citizen and Pro Developers.
      • Is cloud native and highly scalable out-of-the-box.
      • Offers deep and rich integration with SAP products and services.
      • Runs on SAP Cloud Platform with 1 click.
      • Is Open, Extensible and Secure on all levels.

      Try Mendix for Free: https://signup.mendix.com/

      Guide to Low-Code Development: https://www.mendix.com/low-code-guide/

      Latest News: https://www.mendix.com/blogs/

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    • Web Apps vs Native Apps - Will Progressive Web Apps Dominate in 2019?
      Web Apps vs Native Apps - Will Progressive Web Apps Dominate in 2019? Michael Facemire, Alex Cobb, & Ed Gross Recorded: Nov 1 2018 4:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Don’t miss this webinar with guest speakers Michael Facemire, VP, and Principal Analyst from Forrester and Alex Cobb, CTO from Vestis, as they join the Kony team to discuss a hotly debated topic in the industry - Web Apps vs Native Apps.

      Up until recently, the pros and cons behind building native mobile apps versus mobile web apps were well understood. But the rapid evolution and adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is leading many to believe the need for building native mobile apps is diminishing. The state of digital technology is at an inflection point, with wide implications for the future of your next app development project.

      Join us to learn:
      •Is the debate around mobile still mobile web app vs. native app, or are there new options that change this dynamic?
      •If you already have a native mobile app, should you get rid of it to build something new?
      •What is a Progressive Web App, what makes it different than existing web assets, and different than the apps we’ve currently built, and what tools do we need to build them?
      •Key considerations for selecting the right app development strategy based on specific needs
      •How do hybrid app technologies like Cordova / PhoneGap fit in the picture in the future?

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    • Architecture, Process, Platform: A Model for Modern Application Development
      Architecture, Process, Platform: A Model for Modern Application Development Mike Piech Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat JBoss Middleware Recorded: Mar 16 2017 7:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • As organizations move past the hype surrounding digital transformation, they face the complex realities of implementation, from introducing new digital technologies and applications to adapting or replacing core systems, infrastructure, and processes. Enterprise application development has shifted toward a modern development model that rewards speed, flexibility, and open collaboration.

      Watch this webinar to examine why traditional application development methodologies, platforms, and underlying architectures are not sustainable in a competitive environment defined by continuous, rapid change. We'll cover:

      - Why apps are more relevant than ever today and why you should modernize
      - The architecture, process, platform model of modern application development
      - Use cases of the role of new technologies and approaches in application development
      - Modernizing applications the Red Hat® way

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    • Managing Digital Applications for rapid growth: CIO’s nightmare
      Managing Digital Applications for rapid growth: CIO’s nightmare Janaki Jayachandran: Technology Director, Jothi Rengarajan: Principle Architect Recorded: Jun 21 2017 3:30 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Almost every Enterprise is in the middle of digital transformation wave spanning across the landscape of social media, mobility, Analytics and Cloud. However, Enterprises have a big challenge in managing the digital applications built across this landscape comprising of both custom built and out of box solutions. While the number of applications grows rapidly there is also an increasing demand from the business which puts Enterprise IT under constant pressure to improve their agility and provide faster response times to meet market demands. Therefore, Enterprises are in dire need of a solution to simplify the development and management of digital applications with little to no operational overhead.
      In this webinar, we will be focusing on how to address the challenges of managing multiple digital applications and bring in standardization in the way they are built and managed.

      Join the webinar and learn how effectively you can improve business agility and achieve faster time to market through simplifying management of Digital Applications.

      Key Takeaways:
      •Challenges in managing diversified applications
      •Features of a Digital Management Platform
      •Building blocks for rapid development of new digital applications
      •Digital Management Journey of a Fortune 400 company

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    • The Impact Of Enterprise Web Application Trends Going Mainstream
      The Impact Of Enterprise Web Application Trends Going Mainstream Saikrishna “Sai” Chavali, CA Veracode Product Manager Recorded: Oct 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Software is increasingly the lifeblood of every organization. We are faced with managing the rapid proliferation of web applications and services on which they rely to run their business. The mainstream nature of APIs, standalone and behind web apps, and DevSecOps practices are dramatically changing the potential attack surface for hackers and other threats.

      Watch this webinar to hear more about these trends and assess how you need to work within your organization to ensure the security of your application. Specific topics to be discussed include:
      •Single Page App-ish (SPA) Architecture to rule enterprise web apps
      •Rise of DevSecOps and how its practices demand even faster performance and security testing cycles
      •Standalone APIs are valuable attack surface for hackers

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    • Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
      Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Ivo van Barneveld, Krishna Sunkammurali Recorded: Oct 31 2018 3:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • For many organizations, work is now untethered – business is conducted everywhere from taxis to client offices to mountaintops. To reap the benefits, and stay competitive your customers need to access live business data on a secure mobile platform, wherever and whenever they choose.

      Learn more about building and monetizing mobile cloud-based applications built on SAP Cloud Platform. With the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS you have the tools needed to create, deploy, and manage powerful mobile apps combining the latest features from the iPhone and iPad with enterprise grade requirements like secure access to business systems and offline synchronization.

      Please join us to learn about this exciting opportunity. SAP Cloud Platform is the enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows you to simplify open, agile business application development:

      * Rapidly build business applications in the cloud that mobilize business processes taking full advantage of iOS device features
      * Securely integrate with your SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises systems for greater agility and productivity
      * Benefit from SAP enterprise-class support, high platform availability, and access to the SAP ecosystem
      * Leverage SAP Digital Channels and the SAP ParnterEdge program to market your packaged solution to over 380,000 SAP customers

      Hear from SAP executives as they discuss the benefits of the Build engagement model of the SAP PartnerEdge program, SAP Cloud Platform, and the latest SAP Cloud Platform mobile tools and technology.

      Discover the opportunity and let us help you speed your time-to-market, mobilize your customers and grow your business.

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    • How the OWASP Top 10 can Secure your DevSecOps Initiative
      How the OWASP Top 10 can Secure your DevSecOps Initiative Katy Anton, Principal Application Security Consultant @ Veracode & OWASP Bristol Chapter Leader Recorded: Aug 9 2018 10:00 am UTC 43 mins
    • This session will be led by Katy Anton - Senior Application Security Consultant @ Veracode, OWASP Bristol Chapter Leader & Project Co-Leader for OWASP Proactive Controls Project. Katy will take the audience through the ins and outs of the OWASP Top 10.

      As software becomes increasingly complex, the difficulty of achieving application security increases. With the rapid pace of modern software development processes, securing the software from the beginning can be challenging.

      -How can developers write more secure applications?
      -What are the security techniques they could use while writing their software?

      These are hard questions, as evidenced by the increased cyber breaches. This session will explore the OWASP Top 10 (2017) and will identify the security controls that can prevent these vulnerabilities in which developers can use in the software development lifecycle. By the end of the webinar, you will have an arsenal of security controls that you can start using and apply them while writing your software applications.

      Register to this session to find out how the OWASP Top 10 can secure your DevSecOps Initiative!

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    • Secure DevOps: Application Security from Development Through Runtime
      Secure DevOps: Application Security from Development Through Runtime Nathan Dyer of Tenable Recorded: Jun 5 2018 4:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • DevOps has become a competitive advantage for organizations competing in the new digital era. Increased speed, rapid experimentation, and continuous change are now guiding operating tenants to win in this market. Unfortunately, cybersecurity has been largely absent in the DevOps conversation despite the growing risks and high profile breaches over the past several years. Cybersecurity must adapt to DevOps, not the other way around, to overcome challenges relating to speed, poor visibility, and limited resources.

      Join Tenable as we talk about new approaches to secure applications across the entire software development lifecycle with specific examples along the way.

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      REGULATORY STRATEGIES FOR RAPID STERILITY TESTING OF GENE & CELL THERAPY Dr. Michael J. Miller, President of Microbiology Consultants, LLC Upcoming: May 23 2019 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    • Gene and cell therapy products, also known as advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), present unique challenges for Quality Control release testing due to their very short shelf life, fast medical need for dosing patients and limited availability of product for sterility testing. As such, meeting the requirements for existing compendial sterility test methods is often difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.
      This webinar will focus on recent regulatory policy changes, compendial recommendations and industry best practices for alternative approaches to sterility testing of gene and cell therapy products. A review of Ph. Eur. 2.6.27 (Microbiological Examination of Cell-Based Preparations), USP informational chapter (Rapid Sterility Testing of Short-Life Products: A Risk-Based Approach), EU Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice Specific to ATMPs and FDA’s Guidance on Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) Information for Human Gene Therapy Investigational New Drug Applications will be provided.The information provided will be supported by case studies on selecting a relevant sterility test sample and an appropriate sample size for the release of gene and cell therapy products.

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    • How to Achieve a DevSecOps Culture Using a Lean-Agile Approach
      How to Achieve a DevSecOps Culture Using a Lean-Agile Approach Larry Maccherone, DevSecOps Transformation Leader at Comcast Recorded: Sep 27 2018 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • There are a lot of DevSecOps offerings that are just DevOps lipstick on a traditional security-as-a-gate pig. Also, security specialists, especially at large organizations, believe that better security comes from robust independent gating. On the other hand, DevOps has proven that you can safely deploy an order of magnitude or more faster than human gating can achieve.

      What's needed to add security to DevOps are tools that work well with rapid-cycle CI/CD pipelines and an approach that reinforces the DevOps culture and process changes. This requires that security specialists become self-service toolsmiths and coaches and stop thinking of their jobs as gatekeepers.

      Join Larry Maccherone, an industry-recognized thought leader on Lean/Agile, Analytics, and DevSecOps, as he introduces a framework to accomplish this mindset shift. It includes guidance on the characteristics of tools compatible with DevOps. It has been successfully used in a large DevSecOps transformation at Comcast and has gained recognition in DevSecOps circles as a leading framework.

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    • Securing Enterprise-Level Cloud Deployments
      Securing Enterprise-Level Cloud Deployments Kinnaird McQuade, Senior Consultant, Synopsys Software Integrity Group Recorded: Oct 23 2018 8:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • When you’re operating in a cloud environment, access expands, responsibilities change, control shifts, and the speed of provisioning resources and applications increases—significantly affecting all aspects of IT security. Security must keep up with these demands without compromising on auditability, least privilege, and secure development practices while receiving the benefits of automation. In cloud environments, security must be built in with configuration management and infrastructure as code. This talk aims to piece all of it together while providing practical guidance (and examples) that will help your organization operate safely in this age of cloud computing.

      Topics will include:
      - Building security in with infrastructure as code
      - Pipeline-friendly OS hardening
      - Vulnerability scanning considerations for building cloud applications
      - Migrating to the cloud with rapid deployments in mind

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    • Explore data management platform as a service for packaged application offerings
      Explore data management platform as a service for packaged application offerings SAP Recorded: Sep 18 2018 3:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Build Intelligent Enterprise solutions with SAP HANA as a Service

      The same reasons that motivate an organization to adopt a data management platform as a service should also be explored by independent software vendors (ISVs) and solution providers for their packaged applications.

      Whether you’re extending an existing application, building new applications, or modernizing your software offering, transitioning to the cloud with a platform-as-a-service solution will enable you to reduce your infrastructure expenditures while bypassing the effort and resources involved in configuring, provisioning, and updating infrastructure.

      In addition, with a reliable, scalable in-memory data-management platform as a service and intelligent technologies, your packaged software offering can enable:

      • In-memory analytics on live transactions
      • Connectivity to all data with data virtualization
      • Advanced analytic processing
      • Next-generation hybrid transaction and analytical processing (HTAP)
      • Advanced security with real-time anonymization

      Join us September 18 to learn how SAP PartnerEdge − Build, SAP Cloud Platform, and the SAP HANA business data platform ‒ the most advanced data platform technology that is fully managed across multi-clouds ‒ can support you to break cloud boundaries, innovate with intelligent technologies, and rapidly deliver business-ready cloud applications.

      Featured Speakers:
      - Scott Harrison, Sr. Director Global ISV Program, SAP
      - Teri Bean, SAP Channels & Platform GTM; SAP HANA, Database and Data Management Solutions, SAP

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