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    • Architecture, Process, Platform: A Model for Modern Application Development
      Architecture, Process, Platform: A Model for Modern Application Development Mike Piech Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat JBoss Middleware Recorded: Mar 16 2017 7:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • As organizations move past the hype surrounding digital transformation, they face the complex realities of implementation, from introducing new digital technologies and applications to adapting or replacing core systems, infrastructure, and processes. Enterprise application development has shifted toward a modern development model that rewards speed, flexibility, and open collaboration.

      Watch this webinar to examine why traditional application development methodologies, platforms, and underlying architectures are not sustainable in a competitive environment defined by continuous, rapid change. We'll cover:

      - Why apps are more relevant than ever today and why you should modernize
      - The architecture, process, platform model of modern application development
      - Use cases of the role of new technologies and approaches in application development
      - Modernizing applications the Red Hat® way

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    • Managing Digital Applications for rapid growth: CIO’s nightmare
      Managing Digital Applications for rapid growth: CIO’s nightmare Janaki Jayachandran: Technology Director, Jothi Rengarajan: Principle Architect Recorded: Jun 21 2017 3:30 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Almost every Enterprise is in the middle of digital transformation wave spanning across the landscape of social media, mobility, Analytics and Cloud. However, Enterprises have a big challenge in managing the digital applications built across this landscape comprising of both custom built and out of box solutions. While the number of applications grows rapidly there is also an increasing demand from the business which puts Enterprise IT under constant pressure to improve their agility and provide faster response times to meet market demands. Therefore, Enterprises are in dire need of a solution to simplify the development and management of digital applications with little to no operational overhead.
      In this webinar, we will be focusing on how to address the challenges of managing multiple digital applications and bring in standardization in the way they are built and managed.

      Join the webinar and learn how effectively you can improve business agility and achieve faster time to market through simplifying management of Digital Applications.

      Key Takeaways:
      •Challenges in managing diversified applications
      •Features of a Digital Management Platform
      •Building blocks for rapid development of new digital applications
      •Digital Management Journey of a Fortune 400 company

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    • The Application Lifecycle Model is Changing - Don't Get Left Behind!
      The Application Lifecycle Model is Changing - Don't Get Left Behind! Craig Sproule, CEO, Metavine Recorded: Aug 1 2017 6:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    • Your application's customers are facing unprecedented competition in their businesses. To win, they need you to help meet this challenge by delivering exceptional digital solutions faster than ever before. In order to achieve this digital agility, you must rethink your application lifecycle model and adjust how you are currently developing your enterprise applications. Join us for this 20-minute briefing to learn:

      • How industry dynamics are driving a change to the approach to application development
      • Why today’s application lifecycle models can no longer satisfactorily meet demand
      • Why next-generation application lifecycle models are needed and and how they work
      • How a real-world enterprise system achieved these goals

      Speaker Bio
      Craig Sproule is the founder and CEO of Metavine Previously, he had founded a successful systems integration firm that completed hundreds of enterprise-class development engagements in various industries over 17 years. From these projects, he developed Metavine Genesis that delivers an innovative approach to the application lifecycle that enables companies to achieve cloud-first digital agility. With more than 30 years experience in enterprise software sector, Craig has also held senior technology and management positions at several leading software companies.

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    • How To Transform Your Applications Experience with Applied Innovation
      How To Transform Your Applications Experience with Applied Innovation Brendan Crowe - Moderator; Rod Fontecilla, VP Application Modernization; Darren McGrath, Global Director-Mobility Solutions Recorded: Sep 10 2014 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • The rapidly changing technology landscape is creating a paradigm shift in the way end-users access, experience and consume enterprise applications. This change is being driven by a number of elements that merge together in creating an applications estate that is characterized by its moving pieces. Mobility, Big Data and the Cloud have significant ramifications for Enterprise Applications that need to be addressed in order to create a dynamic, scalable and future ready experience for your end-users.

      Doing that requires you to answer some very important questions:
      How do you offer the most relevant applications and cater to the unique role requirements of your users?
      What are the applications from your portfolio that can be most effectively transitioned to the Cloud?

      How insights into your end-users behavior, accepted response times and commonly used devices and platforms can help in creating the most optimized experience?
      How can insights into your end-users behavior, accepted response times and commonly used devices and platforms can help in creating the most optimized experience?

      Join Brendan Crowe, Global Solutions Director, Application Managed Services at Unisys as he hosts a discussion between Rod Fontecilla, Vice President of Application Modernization for Unisys Federal Systems and Darren McGrath, Unisys Global Director, Mobility Solutions on how Mobility, Cloud and Big Data are driving rapid changes in your Applications Environment and what you can do to stay one step ahead.

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    • Performance Management of Virtualized and Cloud Based Applications
      Performance Management of Virtualized and Cloud Based Applications Bernd Harzog, Analyst, The Virtualization Practice & CEO, APMExperts.com Recorded: Nov 15 2012 3:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • The demand for business functionality implemented in software is infinite. This creates an infinitely long applications development backlog. These factors combine to drive innovation in application development processes (Agile) and tools (PHP, Ruby, Python, Node-JS, Scala). As a result of these process and tool innovations more rapidly changing applications are being put into production at a faster rate then ever before. And these rapidly changing applications are being deployed on new dynamic, virtualized, scaled out and distributed infrastructures. The combination of rapid application development and dynamic execution environments create a brand new application performance management challenge. Attendees to this webinar will learn how to approach managing these new types of applications, how to approach tool selection, and how to organize successfully to manage these new applications in production.

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    • Five Major Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and How to Do It Right
      Five Major Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and How to Do It Right Dr Philip Bonhad, Design Director Newt Idea Recorded: Sep 20 2016 2:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • We often talk about rapid prototyping mainly in terms of cost benefits. Despite this being one of the reasons for the technique’s increasing popularity , rapid prototyping has many other benefits for design teams and clients who need quick and effective results.

      At first, rapid prototyping was mainly used within the engineering process of manufacturing and required specialist technical knowledge. However, its versatility and benefits made it spread to other fields. Prototyping is not a matter solely for engineers anymore; UX Designers have turned it into a powerful and, most of all, more accessible technique.

      We'll show you some key benefits of rapid prototyping and some tips and tricks to integrate it efficiently into your development process.

      My bio

      Driven by curiosity about how people and technology interact, Phil has designed ultra-friendly tech for more than 10 years. A true technologist with a passion for inspirational design, Phil previously led the UX client engagements for multi-million pound projects at Accenture. He loves rapid prototyping.

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    • Effective App Security Testing at High Velocity: Keeping up with Agile/DevOps
      Effective App Security Testing at High Velocity: Keeping up with Agile/DevOps Cindy Blake, HPE Recorded: Feb 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Is your business challenged with competing priorities and resources when it comes to application security testing and the need for more rapid application development? Are you impacted by costly and cumbersome remediation of security issues? In a world of competing requirements, how can your application security keep up with the rapid pace of development, while remaining effective?

      Using lessons learned by working with some of the most advanced and innovative application security customers / programs, this webinar will cover:

      Automation - where modern security tools are being included in the “treat infrastructure as code” mantra.
      How development organizations have made static and dynamic analysis of applications more efficient and effective.
      How to integrate application security throughout your software development lifecycle and the DevOps tool chain of automation using the Fortify Ecosystem.
      How to gain visibility into production application behavior and exploits via low-impact Continuous Monitoring.
      How to protect security flaws in production to buy time for true remediation.

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    • Practical Tips For Defending Web Applications In The Age Of DevOps
      Practical Tips For Defending Web Applications In The Age Of DevOps Zane Lackey, Founder and Chief Security Officer, Signal Sciences Recorded: Aug 10 2017 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • This encore of Zane Lackey's Black Hat presentation covers the most effective application security techniques, helping you avoid development bottlenecks while staying secure.

      The standard approach for web application security over the last decade and beyond has focused heavily on slow gatekeeping controls like static analysis and dynamic scanning. However, these controls was originally designed in a world of Waterfall development and their heavy weight nature often cause more problems than they solve in today's world of agile, DevOps, and CI/CD.

      This talk will share practical lessons learned at Etsy on the most effective application security techniques in todays increasingly rapid world of application creation and delivery. Specifically, it will cover how to:

      * Adapt traditionally heavyweight controls like static analysis and dynamic scanning to lightweight efforts that work in modern development and deployment practices
      * Obtain visibility to enable, rather than hinder, development and DevOps teams ability to iterate quickly
      * Measure maturity of your organizations security efforts in a non-theoretical way

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    • Specialized Applications Using the Corning® Spheroid Microplate
      Specialized Applications Using the Corning® Spheroid Microplate Hilary Sherman, Applications Specialist & Audrey Bergeron, Application Specialist Recorded: Apr 22 2016 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture models, which offer significant improvements over traditional two dimensional monolayer cell culture in terms of maintaining morphological and functional characteristics of tissue, are increasingly being incorporated in drug discovery as model systems to study disease or for screening for chemotherapeutic efficacy or drug toxicity. This presentation will demonstrate the use of Corning® spheroid microplates to culture and assay spheroids in a rapid and highly reproducible format that enables the formation of a single multi-cellular spheroid, centered in each well.

      Corning spheroid microplates are multiple well, cell culture plates with opaque walls and unique clear, round well-bottom geometry that utilize the Corning Ultra-Low Attachment surface coating. The coating is hydrophilic, biologically inert and non-degradable. Representative data will be shown exhibiting the use of the spheroid microplate in more specialized assays including the formation of neurospheres from neural stem cells (NSCs), a valuable model to study neurogenesis and neural development, as well as analysis of NSC proliferation and migration. We will also demonstrate the formation of hepatospheres using Corning HepatoCells, an immortalized alternative to primary human hepatocytes, in combination with the SCREEN-WELL Hepatotoxicity library from Enzo Life Sciences for 3D hepatotoxicity screening. Finally, we will show the use of the Corning spheroid microplate to generate spheroids comprised of multiple cell types, demonstrating the impact that including multiple cell types in 3D assays can have on therapeutic outcome in a chemotherapeutic assay.

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