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    • McAfee Real Time McAfee Real Time Bret Lenmark Recorded: Dec 11 2013 2:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • McAfee Real Time Advanced for ePolicy Orchestrator revolutionizes security systems management with rapid visibility into system data and immediate interventions. This powerful solution lets you use plain English within an ePO-based interface and workflow to find facts fast to exert control with confidence. From stalking worms and forbidden applications to large-scale remediation of noncompliance, Real Time Advanced empowers ePO administrators to proactively manage incident response, outbreaks, and compliance.

      What does this mean to your customers?

      • Instant Queries: Query every computer in your enterprise and get the answers back within seconds to reduce audit and data collection bottlenecks and increase the number of events you can respond to
      • Instant Actions: Reduce costly incident remediation and software distribution timelines from hours to minutes
      • ePO Integration: Leverages the known and trusted ePO console and workflow – no new interface to learn or headcount to add.
      • Plain English: Use a Google-like natural language interface to issue queries—no scripting or special expertise required—permitting prompt data access for everyone, including auditors and novice administrators
      • Simple Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure: Install a single server and expedite time-sensitive processes across globally distributed networks and large organizations
      • Enterprise Ready: Leverage features critical to security and large scale: FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography, rigorous management rights, support for hundreds of administrators and hundreds of thousands of managed assets

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    • Adding Real Time to Deliver More Business Value from Your Data Warehouse Adding Real Time to Deliver More Business Value from Your Data Warehouse Alan Lundberg, Elizabeth Duke, Scott Hagan, Brandon Wyckoff Recorded: Feb 16 2016 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Historical reporting and analysis is not enough these days. Enabling “real time or right time” delivery of quality data, at the speed of your business ultimately enables better business responsiveness, agility and most importantly, better business results. PLUS, you may not know this, but you most likely already have most of what you need with the IT people, skills, processes and tools in place today.

      Attend this webinar to find out from experts and a customer about how to leverage your existing data warehouse to deliver more value to your organization with real time data.

      We will show what it takes to upgrade Data Warehouses with the Real Time capabilities. By attending, you can hear about industry best practices, what to do, and what to avoid when enabling your organization with real time analytics.

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    • Owning your moment in social media - don't be a real-time Charlie! Owning your moment in social media - don't be a real-time Charlie! Tom Ball, Director of Digital Recorded: Jul 27 2015 1:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Whether you are a B2B organisation looking to capture attention at an industry event or a consumer brand sweeping into a trending conversation - there is real value to be gained from engaging in real- time or "owning your moment" in social media.

      With the right approach, you can ride the wave of social conversation to increase awareness, engage a highly targeted audience, drive interest and ultimately sales!

      Learn from our own experience riding the wave at #SMWF, as well as case studies from our work with Interflora, Thomson Reuters and Southbank Centre as we explore how to:

      -Effectively plan to own your moment using social insight
      -Resource your teams to react in real-time and approve content fast
      -Leverage paid social to ride that wave
      -Equip yourself with the right tools (free, not just paid!) to maximise the opportunity
      -Measure the effectiveness of your activity and prove ROI

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    • Using real time data to optimize your customer journey Using real time data to optimize your customer journey Lara O'Reilly, Reporter, Marketing Week & James Niehaus, VP of analytics & digital strategy, Ensighten Recorded: Feb 19 2014 3:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • Marketers today want to use all their data to give richly optimized experiences to their visitors. Thought leaders in the space are achieving this via data layers to collect all sorts of data and push it in real time to their conversion solutions. Hear how these innovative digital marketing organizations are implementing real-time data layers across their websites in order to power their analytics and optimization programs. Also discover how digital businesses are accelerating their data and tag control to drive analytics and optimization success and therefore become far more agile.
      In this webinar, you will learn:
      • Best practices on how to implement a custom data layer for your site
      • How to use it to transform your data into actionable marketing initiatives
      • How digital businesses accelerate their data & tag control to become agile

      Speakers: James Niehaus, VP of analytics & digital strategy at Ensighten, Adrian James, managing director EMEA at Ensighten and Richard Clogg, Director of Data and Integration Services at Acceleration

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    • The Key to Real-Time Marketing: An Effective Marketing Technology Blueprint The Key to Real-Time Marketing: An Effective Marketing Technology Blueprint Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer, Tealium and Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Oct 22 2015 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • It’s a cold, hard fact: embracing real-time customer engagement and adopting a unified marketing strategy is no longer an option. Fragmented data sources mean fragmented insights, making it impossible to develop a holistic view of your customers and provide meaningful, consistent customer experiences. But selecting the right marketing tools and applications is just the first step: the key is aligning your strategy, resources, and processes with the goal of becoming a customer-obsessed organization.

      In order to tackle this significant feat, it’s imperative to gain a clear understanding of your marketing technology maturity level to then identify gaps, prioritize your requirements, and create an action plan. Join Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer at Tealium, and guest presenter Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to understand how to develop an effective enterprise marketing technology blueprint and accelerate your evolution into a real-time marketing organization.

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    • Are your Real-time Payments Happening in Real-time? Are your Real-time Payments Happening in Real-time? Jamie Pearson - Senior Product Manager, IR Recorded: May 26 2016 2:00 am UTC 44 mins
    • As immediate and real-time payments initiatives sweep the banking world, financial institutions are having to reconsider the architecture of their largely legacy back-end application environments. For many, this means the introduction of newer technology like a Payment Hub, that can orchestrate the payment flow through those legacy systems, while incorporating payments from newer channels.
      These changes can present a number of new risks and challenges, as well as new opportunities for service improvement.
      In this webinar, IR will share their thoughts, and the experiences of their customers, on ensuring that availability and SLAs constraints are met, and the overall health of the real-time payments ecosystem is maintained.

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    • 360° Real-Time Business Insights with Native Hadoop Big Data Platform 360° Real-Time Business Insights with Native Hadoop Big Data Platform Teddy Rusli, Senior Product Manager; Ian Gomez, Audience Marketing Manager at DataTorrent Upcoming: Jun 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • To achieve excellence in customer service, you will need to gain a thorough understanding of customer behaviors and usage patterns. Real-time streaming technology can be used to not only capture the customer data from various sources as it's being created but also delivers faster time to insights and action for an improved customer experience. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how DataTorrent’s real-time native Hadoop stream processing platform enables telco providers to conduct a detailed real-time analysis of Call Data Records (CDR) to obtain deeper visibility of customer usage patterns and customer service intelligence. Those real-time insights can then be leveraged by telco providers to enhance the customer centricity program, improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

      You will also learn how DataTorrent’s real-time analytics platform can help telco providers to:

      • Quickly ingest large amounts of Call Data Records
      • Perform forensics on dropped calls by zip code for a given region
      • Reduce customer wait times for service calls
      • Maximize average revenue per user (ARPU)

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    • The Digital Transformation:  Building Real-Time Operational Data Intelligence We The Digital Transformation: Building Real-Time Operational Data Intelligence We Chris Tsilipounidakis, Tegile and Shaliesh Manjrekar, SanDisk Upcoming: Jun 7 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • How can you take advantage of new insights to transform your organization?

      The IT landscape is changing. Devices and applications generate data every millisecond of every day. The Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-Generated Data (MGD) and the 3rd Platform are changing the datacenter game for new crops of applications when it comes to accessing valuable business data. The push to support this digital transformation requires different mechanisms to consume and deploy data services in new ways. Traditional data analysis, infrastructure and management solutions are not engineered for this high-volume, high-velocity and highly diverse data.

      Join Shaliesh Manjrekar, Director of Big Data Products, Emerging Storage Solutions at SanDisk and Chris Tsilipounidakis, Manager of Products and Technology Evangelist at Tegile as they discuss the ways that customers can take advantage of new insights to transform their organizations and create new business value like never before.

      In this webinar, you’ll learn:

      · Pain points associated with traditional data analysis approaches
      · What is big data analytics and why its important for organizational success
      · Real-time analytics as an operational intelligence data platform
      · SanDisk and Tegile’s jointly developed IntelliFlash HD platform

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    • Connected Collaboration: Share files and collaborate together in real-time Connected Collaboration: Share files and collaborate together in real-time Mark King Recorded: Dec 7 2015 10:20 pm UTC 52 mins
    • In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced workplace, connecting and collaborating with others has never been more important. Providing users with access to information globally, on any device, is something that can really change how your users collaborate with each other.

      Join Microsoft Technology Center Solutions Architect Mark King as he takes you on an interactive journey through Microsoft’s newly updated Connected Collaboration stack. In this session you will see how Microsoft is making it even easier to connect and collaborate with colleagues faster than before.

      Services, solutions, and products to be covered in this session include:
      •Enterprise social connections and machine learning
      •Advanced collaboration within email and Outlook 2016
      •Scaling real-time connections, from one-on-one to thousands, with Skype for Business 2016
      •Office 2016
      •Contextual conversations with enterprise video in Office 365
      •Best of breed groups
      •Rich media production with MIX, Snip, and PowerPoint 2016
      •Easy multi-modality corporate news and event capture

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