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    • Virtual Reality is About to Change Everything: Developing VR Innovation Strategy
      Virtual Reality is About to Change Everything: Developing VR Innovation Strategy David Mullett, Virtual Reality Content Innovator, Virtualize: david@virtualizevr.com Recorded: Sep 14 2016 3:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • We are on the doorstep of the biggest tech revolution in the history of the world. This new digital universe is a virtual reality ecosystem that is a convergence of a range of exploding technologies - virtual and augmented reality, AI, cloud computing, nano, wifi penetration - to name just a few. The radical toolkit provided by VR will transform every industry and sector across the board and even create new ones along the way.

      Every brand and company needs to start thinking strategically now about how they port their existing business into the new VR computation platform.

      - What is your VR strategy?

      - How can you bring VR to your business to create profound solutions that will define a next generation of your companies offerings?

      This talk will be big picture thinking around how you can 'virtualize' your brand and company with strategic VR innovation. We'll talk the types of things you need to be thinking about as we make the leap in the new virtual world web and beyond.

      Contact us: david@virtualizevr.com

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    • [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality
      [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality Amandine Flachs, Realities Centre; Tom Evans, Trojan VR; Komal Sable, Tengio & Doug North Cook, Decoder Recorded: Apr 27 2017 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • Join us April 27th for a panel discussion on how to put the human first while creating for Virtual Reality. Part of the VR/AR BrightTALK Summit, our panelists will exchange on how to take user and audience in consideration during the Virtual Reality creation process.

      As Virtual Reality is getting more and more exposure, it is time to highlight the right practices of designing a Virtual Reality project and see what we can do to put the human first.

      - Do Virtual Reality creators consider the audience they address before/while developing their projects? Why is this crucial? How and when to do so?

      - Are we more careful today to offer more accessible VR experiences than a year ago?

      - How is this evolving? Do studios and creators tend to integrate more the human in the creation process?

      The panel will be led by Amandine Flachs, Events and Communication manager at the Realities Centre. She will be joined by a variety of Virtual Reality leaders, including creators, game developers, agency and B/B professionals.



      - Amandine Flachs, Events & Comms Manager, Realities Centre

      - Tom Evans - CEO and co-founder at Trojan VR

      - Komal Sable - COO at Tengio

      - Doug North Cook - Creative director and co-founder at Decoder.

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    • Rapid Shopper Validation - by Kantar Retail's Virtual Reality team
      Rapid Shopper Validation - by Kantar Retail's Virtual Reality team Alki Manias (Senior Director, Research – Virtual Reality) Recorded: Sep 21 2017 3:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • No one wants to invest in, or propose a losing shopper or category solution, but it happens.
      Investing in a failed execution is usually due to hope and opinion rather than facts. Someone came up with an innovative idea, but no one validated how the retailers’ shoppers would respond. – Will it actually result in increased sales for your category and brand?

      Shopper Research for Today’s Budget and Time Constraints
      Rather than risk investing in failure, you can now get shopper research results that address today’s time and budget realities.
      • Just 3 weeks to predictive sales and shopper attitude results
      • A price point that turns shopper research into inexpensive success insurance
      • Using virtual store environments, online research, 100s of category shoppers and standard metrics is how you gain shopper validation for your project
      • Pre-launch results at category, brand and sku level!

      This webinar will explain how you can use Virtual Store Research to prove your retail ideas before launch. It demonstrates both the virtual shopping experience and explains the variables that can be tested. We will also showcase the actual sales and shopper attitude report that comes with every Rapid Shopper Validation project.

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    • The Social Future of Virtual Reality
      The Social Future of Virtual Reality Alice Bonasio, Technology Author and Journalist Recorded: Sep 13 2016 10:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • VR is sometimes perceived as an isolating technology, where the user is cut off entirely from the real world in order to be fully immersed in the virtual one. Yet this doesn’t take into account how much of our lives are lived online, and how our identities and relationships are already built in connected virtual worlds. The Internet and social media have transformed every aspect of society by connecting people in ways that were previously unimaginable. Virtual Reality will build upon this interconnectedness, while at the same time making those connections much more compelling, meaningful and emotional. This introductory webinar will look at the unique aspects of the medium and ask how VR content producers can best leverage them to engage their audience.

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    • Virtual Umbrella: Why We Chose Virtual Reality
      Virtual Umbrella: Why We Chose Virtual Reality Samantha Kingston, Founder, Virtual Umbrella Upcoming: Sep 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Samantha Kingston will explore why she bet her career on virtual reality and what it’s really like running a marketing company solely for VR, looking at trends and what challenges are ahead for 2018.

      Virtual Umbrella is an award-winning marketing consultancy specialising in Virtual Reality. Virtual Umbrella has worked on a number of notable projects including creating a virtual reality cinema in Cannes, curating and running a technology hub as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and providing immersive experiences along the BBC and Imperial War Museum.

      Speaker bio:

      Samantha Kingston is the award-winning client director at Virtual Umbrella. Virtual Umbrella is a marketing and PR agency specialising in virtual reality. Samantha fell into the VR industry by accident but has spent her time in the industry building up her own company and working with the VR industry in the UK, Europe, and US. Samantha is an advocate for Women in tech and VR and she is often found moderating panels on equality in the workplace. In 2016 she won the regional and national ‘New Business’ award at Venus Awards, highlighted as one of MCV 30 under 30 and one of the rising stars of BIMA100 2016.

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    • Forging our Future with ARKit: Balancing Tech Investments in Augmented Reality
      Forging our Future with ARKit: Balancing Tech Investments in Augmented Reality John Buzzell, Ricardo Olivo Upcoming: Oct 3 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Apple and Google have joined the call for an Augmented Reality future, bringing hundreds of millions of users with them. Given multiple visions for the massive opportunity ahead, how should we divide our efforts? In this webcast, you’ll hear expert opinions from a group living this challenge. VR/AR Association Marketing Committee Chair John Buzzell and YOU ARE HERE technology lead Ricardo Olivo will reveal their journey – from Vuforia and HoloLens to ARKit and beyond – covering use cases, technology insights, hardware challenges and more. You’ll learn where to place your bets, and how to make the most of this transition. This session will also include 30 minutes of Q&A to help you make sense of your VR/AR options.

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    • Virtual & Augmented Reality with Robert Scoble hosted by the VR/AR Association
      Virtual & Augmented Reality with Robert Scoble hosted by the VR/AR Association Robert Scoble Recorded: Jul 18 2017 5:00 pm UTC 85 mins
    • Spend 1hr with Robert online and ask any question you want! Robert will present the latest industry information and give you insights into the present and the near-future.

      Robert Scoble is on the Advisory Board of the VR/AR Association and is an authority on what's next, particularly when it comes to VR, AR, and MR. Partner at Transformation Group, Robert helps companies deal with the disruption that next generation augmented reality, AKA "Mixed Reality" represents. In his book, "The Fourth Transformation," he details how it will change everything from retailing to education to sports. Robert received several endorsements: Time: One of the top 140 Twitterers! FT: One of the five most influential Twitterers! Inc.: Top 5 on list of Tech Power Players You Need to Know. Next Reality: Top 50 AR influencer.

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    • Making Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality a Profitable Endeavor
      Making Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality a Profitable Endeavor Jay Samit, Disruptor, Author (Disrupt You!), Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur & Professor Recorded: Apr 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Augmented, mixed, and virtual reality compose a spectrum for next-gen computing that is disrupting or accelerating the business objectives of companies across almost every industry. With an ever growing number of pilots and available solutions, it is imperative that businesses develop a strategy of where to play and how to win, while avoiding technology for technology’s sake, in order to create new value.

      Jiten Dajee is a subject matter expert on digital reality technology spanning the entire value chain of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Jiten has been involved with Digital Reality technology since his first joint-venture in healthcare wearables in 2011. He joined Deloitte Consulting Innovation to lead the rapid commercialization of digital reality across industrial and commercial sectors. He brings an end-to-end understanding of how optics, networks, semiconductors, platforms, products, and will interact in the next-gen computing medium. Jiten specializes in market intelligence, technology adoption, solution integration, and strategic growth planning of digital reality in enterprise.

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